“Living an Unnatural Life as Naturally as Possible”.

Truth be known, humans ARE very resistant to change but naturally it is impossible not to experience change when you look at a life as it progresses from birth to death.   I am now three years in the making of becoming a “new creation” but I must admit, the daily progression to become “well” is still unnatural to me.

Getting up with a “happy” disposition many times is contrary to the ordinary course of nature or, typically abnormal.  That is to say, unless you are fully aware of your minute by minute play book and are watching your life unfold like the pages in a storybook, you may be shuffled into a lifestyle of unhappiness you cannot seem to unbind from.

So, I really want to ask you, do your feet hit the floor EVERYDAY and you feel like sprinting towards the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in hand, ready to face another day in your race?  Do you wake up, and immediately think “I get to influence someone today.  Especially myself!”

Does the alarm go off and you know you experienced 6-8 hours of refreshing sleep and even though your dreams may have been unnaturally wacky or your sleep pattern may have been disrupted by by a potty break or two because your bladder is waning but are you Happy with your sleep schedule?   Do you dread the fact that it is now a new day today and you have new things to accomplish or change, and are you willing to be present in your next daily adventure?

Well, I do.  I do.  I do have to say, I am excited about my day.  I have changed my thinking so much that every morning I get up so excited about that “next opportunity” that I can say, it has become the “magic” in my otherwise unnatural ability to be happy all the time.

This magical “Happiness” feeling no longer fluctuates into unhappiness when I am faced with a new challenge or another move.   And, if it does flux, I promise you will be the first to know because I typically share everything anymore.   No secrets!!!!  Expose the Muse!  Why???????

Because I know if I share my weight loss journey with “otherwise” embarrassing pictures of my imperfect body and I share my love for a great selfie someone will laugh or smile!  I know if I share my experiences with food, and people and Spiritual  Beings people are intrigued.   I know if I share my heart on my sleeve and my passion about music, massage  and The Reiki Station, I can inspire someone to dance.

Sometimes I even share my distaste about the political state of our country but that topic gets me upset, not unhappy.  Luckily, I have channelled that frustration into energy that I can use and do something about my place on Mother Earth’s Property.

I share my resources about living holistic as I can, and with applicable knowledge and experiences that are working for me and helping me to allow change to be a BIG part of my life.   I think sharing our journey is just as important as sharing our money.  Isn’t that what politics is really supported to about?  Money and Sharing?  So where are the political discussions about holistic health?  I guess they are coming soon.

How we are spiritually directed to share our money and our resources as community leaders is what should make up layers and layers of government who are supposed to be here to serve and protect us.  Naturally, politics was really meant to create amazing citizens so we can all get along right?  Right……..:P

Well, guess what???????  We really can change the ordinary course to be resistance to change if we decide to change ourselves FIRST!   And I know there are a handful of people out there that are perfectly fine with the way that they are.  That is Good!!!  But there are a haaa-zillion people out there living very unhappily with their circumstances.  It is like someone just blew up their banana and they cannot repair it.

But I am telling you, bad things do happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and it takes a very light heart to know it doesn’t matter really.  James 4:14 says our life is a Vapor, a Mist, A Fog.  Poof!  Gone!  If someone comes along and wrecks my banana, I just cling to the truthful words of my spiritual mentor (Jesus and his posse’) who says to me… let them have that banana sister!  I have way more bananas to choose from.  I am the living Word and I created the banana along with Mother Nature’s assistance!

Listen, you want change then stop being mad.  Being angry or hateful to yourself or any human is a waste of time.  There are very few instances where you need to be shitty with anyone.  Unless you are in a manipulating and controlling situation, stop fighting to make something happen that won’t and find the thing that will change for you!   Give up your BANANA!  IT MAY ROT BEFORE YOU CAN EAT IT!

And today, I am facing a new banana AGAIN and a new change!  I now get the amazing opportunity to learn sign language!  Bang!  Bang!

Many of you know my husband is almost clinical deaf.  He can’t hear shit anymore.  He is still abel to work and do his job thank God but we mostly lip read now and we talk very properly in our home because the droning sounds around us come against our speech and Ed cannot hear what I am saying unless I am in his face.   If the refrigerator or AC unit is running, He can’t hear me.  If his back is turned to me and I am 2 feet behind him talking and he does not have his hearing aides on, he cannot hear me.  At night, when the lights are out and there are dark shadows in the bedroom, he cannot hear me whisper “Good Night”.  Nope, not a real easy thing to deal with.

Our future is unsure when it comes to HIS working future but I do know that many deaf people do just fine in public jobs.  It is the Public that cannot deal with the deaf person because they do not know Sign Language.  But we get to HELP!!!! Yay!

Even better????……….. I am glad that I am such a demonstrative person because sign language is right up my ally!  I always talk with my hands!!!    This issue would normally scare the pants out of someone.  When you marrying a hearing person and then all of a sudden, you are facing someone losing one of their most important senses, it can make  you stop dead in your tracks.  Can you imagine losing the sense of sound?  Ouch!  BUT WE ARE NOT AFRIAD!

I am sure Ed is way more concerned of course because he is the one that is facing DEAF but he has a place of excitement in his heart that he can help someone else in spite of his unexpected change!   Give Ed some PROP’s PEEP’S!!!

I love him for his Magical Spirit, not his ears.  I see well inside his heart and he is a complete soul.  And for a man to experience hearing loss a second time in life is frightening at best.  When he was younger and married to his first wife he lost his hearing in the military.  For four years, Ed was completely deaf and studied at Gallaudet University to become functional as a deaf person.  This is where he learned the culture and learned to sigh.  He is VERY GOOD AT IT!   But over time, a surgery and a miracle allowed him to hear again.  However, now, he is almost completely  deaf at the age of 47 and is no stranger to what this does to a household.  We knew it was a possibility but this shit wasn’t expected but not for another 20 years.  Opps…..I guess we don’t get to choose when things happen.

So, it is very unnatural for me to say………… we are just going to roll with this new challenge with HAPPINESS!!!!

Whatever universal decision that decided to put a bomb shell in our banana tree did not factor in that I have done so much point work on my emotions that this little extra prize called “deafness” does not phase me or my MAN!!!!    Ed and I have been using a form of marital telepathy already so we decided that the hearing loss is just meant to increase our mind reading skills!  LOVE IT!  I am a Scorpio and I love to mind read!  It is sexy and cool!  And, it is necessary to help others remove thoughts of negativity that otherwise thought they were stuck with!  Nope, connecting third eye to third eye is wonderful!  It is how we intuitive’s help each other!  So many people have the ability to open their third eye and see life on greater terms and we are two peas in a pod when it comes to understanding that change happens and we are adaptable enough to roll with it.  Where was this taught in the Bible?  EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Daily Story Moral?????????

Surrounding your life with happy, unified circles of light is the most simple way to shine in a world that pretends to be full of darkness.  Most of the darkness is in our own minds and although resistance exists in the form of which you create it, you have the Power and Authority and  Ability to change anything you want to change.  It is all in your perception.  And as unnatural as that may seem, I promise it is as natural as water falling from the sky to quench our thirst!

Be Well Today!




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