“The Magic of The Journey.”

The magic of the journey is that I am on it.  On it, just as I am on this man’s trapezius muscles and his levator scapula.  I find the photo most interesting because as I was sinking into his shoulders with some pretty deep pressure, I was actually going into a slight meditation looking out the window at the World around me.  I found that even in a team training you will find moments where you “notice” that you are on a path to change the lives of others, as well as yourself.

My evolving journey has been exciting.  I have endured some hectic criticism but that is only because God knew that if I was not challenged enough on the journey I would quit.  This coming from someone that has had 5 secular jobs in three years.  But leaving those places in my life was necessary to advance me into my true path as a natural healer.

It is the people who know you best and that watch you the most closely which become confused on what you are doing when you no longer conform to general standards.   Generalize Standards are only meant to provide boundaries to protect you from harm.  The speed limit says 25, and that protects you from wrecking or hitting a child in a crosswalk.  Or, the morphine pump only gives you enough medicine to alleviate the pain from surgery until you can withstand the healing process.  Or, when the curriculum in our scholastic society is only meant to guide you into finding your true calling so you can decide on what career path to take as mature and self-preserving adults.  But if you ask me, general standards do not make us feel “accomplished” or better yet, “complete” until you can see the Magic of the Journey.

I am thankful to know that my path is heading toward a very interesting completion.  I have no doubts that my skills as a therapist are going to be effective.  I have no doubts that God will bring me the right clients, at the right moment for the right reasons.  I see the magic in my journey as a practitioner unfolding like the creases of an origami returning to it’s natural shape.  I, am shaping my process of becoming a caregiver just like pliable pottery.  And, Jeremiah 18:6 reminds me that God said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the LORD. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.

This is such an amazing scripture and these words should always encourage you to use your hands to shape your World.  These words come from an Old Testament reading of the Bible.  And it is true that I have consciously tried to remove the taste of religious dogma from my life, I cannot remove the source of healing from my practice because the knowledge and the expertise I am using to work on others comes from the practice of using Wisdom.

More than ANYTHING in this World, I can only hope and pray that people will realize the magic in their journey when seeking their destiny.  We are all not called to do the same things.  I find it even more magical to have surrounded myself with light workers and body workers that do so many wonderful and different things than I do.  I am overjoyed to realize that I am not alone in this quest for wellness and healing for both the Body and the Mind.

In a few more weeks I will be nestled comfortably in my first studio.  It is a very overwhelming feeling to finally reach a point of completion and open up your own therapeutic practice especially when you still fight untrue feelings of inadequacy and humility.  However, the humility is required to actually be successfully because no one wants to be around rude and condescending people.  Those uncomfortable qualities are all too prevalent in our current American healthcare system.

I hope that you will stop and take a moment to listen to your body and what it is hungry for when it comes to finding ways to heal.  If I can give you any advice as a graduating therapist it would be this.  “Florence Nightingale knew exactly what she was doing to try and help heal and save the soldiers and common folks from disease and discomfort.  She required rest and plenty of natural food and water as prescribed.  She honored the outdoors and the magical remedies that Mother Nature provided in order to heal our bodies.  And Florence was not afraid to work with the Spirit of the person in need.”

May we be wise enough to reinstate her philosophies when it comes to healing and wellness and may we be strong enough to have the courage to say “No” to things that do not serve us.   If you say “No” long enough to that Twinkie, that poisonous diet soda or even no to old and stuck emotional pains, you can then say “Yes” to the divine magic that your path brings you during the journey.  Being pottery in the hands of God and watching everything unfold as it should is the way to live a long and happy, healthy life.   At least that is how it works for me. 🙂



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