“I Don’t Have Time For This!” Uh, Yeah Ya Do!”

Five thirty am.  FIVE-THIRTY!  That is me screaming in caps that is it really early and I really don’t have time for a blog right now but if I do not do it, it will eat at me for days and require me to journal anyway.  So, why do I do it?  Because I know there is someone out there that reads this and says, “you go girl!”  The support of sisterhood and family I have in my life is the most incredible fuel.  The cheering from the Facebook stands says “Hurray, Open Your Space!”  And that is so helpful to me.  And it is not that I need approval from anyone to follow my dreams but seeing those beautiful photo faces behind the screen tells me that there really is a world of people out there that love, serve and support another.   And of course, I am going to need clients.

So why would you want to come see a massage therapist who blogs about all of her measures and feels that open communication is the most real and affective way to live a happy life?  Isn’t that violating HIPPA?  The answer is NO!  HIPPA is about your privacy not mine!  And more truthfully, it is about protecting your health records and your identity from theft.  HIPPA has nothing to do with why I write like a journalist and use my hands to massage another.  I do it because I love.

Yes, I love the path I am on but today, I am tired and sore.  I drive to Louisville 4 days this week and I have the next 7 days under the wheel as well, for one reason or another.  Building a space takes time, money and determination.  Because believe me, I am on my third set of curtains and I am tired of taking “stuff” back.  My QL is killing me.  My erectors and tight and my right supraspinatus is cranky.   I have a quiz on Monday of which I have not studied for and I am about to embark on a huge event tomorrow with my peer, down on Louisville’s Water Front.  I don’t know how I find the time to do laundry, dishes, take the dog pee, exercise and stay away from unhealthy foods.  And to top it off, I have realized how wheat sensitive I am and I have a rash that is taking forever to leave.  Boo Boo’s hurt:(. (No it is not contagious).  It is from a serious liver detox.  And, I am safely reducing my intake of alcohol, caffeine and white refined sugar.  And wheat.  Do you know how hard that is in today’s society?  Oh, and I am becoming fluent in sign language.  That is not an option now and my son well, I try and talk deep to him but he is a boy you know???

But I chive on and with Ferver!  My passion for life is unquenchable and my drive for excellence in my career is immeasurable.  I am the underdog!  The small business that starts with nothing and will be measured by the success by a worldly ratio.  “Will she fail?  Will she take this brand of Reiki understanding to the next level?  Will she compliment her company one day with middle aged women fitness techniques and cool and jazzy marketing and brand and household products that scream, wellness! Will she help create awareness of harmful environmental stressors and reduce the use of harsh chemicals at home and teach you how to channel stress out of your life!  Will Holly help people learn to mindfully reduce obesity and limit their risk of disease? (notice I said risk of disease.  Only doctors can prescribe and diagnose.  We holistic people just try to prevent the disease from happening but sometimes it just does.)  Will she …….make it?”


Will I be able to get my butt up out of this bed and close this laptop so that I can go take back curtains again?  In Louisville!   Will Lola be able to set a straight iron curtain rod and I can learn to use a drill again?  Will the carpet in my office match my things?  Will the money be there to support all off this cray cray?   Will my husband lose his hearing completely and will I be able to fund us at home while he seeks change and will I be able to support a new business?  Will I grow old?  Will my kids ever have grandchildren?  Will my stories ever amount to anything?  Will I be a good massage therapist?  Oh, wait……I know the answer to that one!  YES I WILL!  I am pretty good at this and I can safely say, if you have had one session with me, it would help me if you had another:)

My Massage Packages will be very affordable.  I want as many people on my table as willing to try massage therapy!  So many people have NEVER had a massage!  Send me bodies!  My practice massage scheduled is almost full!  (Which is why I drive home so much!:)

The space will be pleasant and inviting.  My logo is wild and crazy, just as I am but my new space will make feel like you stepped into a place to sit and relax.  To take the edge off for a day.   That is just how it goes!

My Interior design specialist guru says it MUST be inviting……And besides, my lava lamp looks better at home so I can keep dancing as a work out my busy home days………so the intense color has to stay out of the studio room.  It is invigorating and stimulating! “I love my logo!”

BUT LISTEN, I need your help!   If you are seriously considering a massage gift for a friend this summer or Christmas buy them a gift certificate to the The Reiki Station!  Because as booked up as I am now with free massages, if I can get 1/3 of what I am doing know on the table as a new client, I will set the tone for success and happiness to come.   You see I am scared a bit.  Being a single entity business owner is scary and responsible.  It takes skill, effort and sometimes your life.  (I don’t want that but right now, this business is my life as of today and I am so happy it is a good one!)

My frans and loved one’s, I know that I could just move on and not write a blog on here when I have so much to do but I tell you this…..  I don’t recommend everyone go out and try to start a business on their own because it is not for everyone.  But if this blog reacher one person who is trying to find their way in life and you need someone to remind ou how human and challenged we are really are, and it helps you, then I have served well.  Sitting here alone, reminds me that we are not alone.  And I have to give THANKS and GRATITUDE for everyone and to God that he has told me I can do this!

So, in all sincerity peeps, whether you ever schedule a massage with me our not, know that I love you and are in my heart and my prayers.  Whether you agree with what I am doing or not, I hope you can see past the insanity of it all and realized I am dealing with hundreds of people a year and every time I think about quitting all this mess, I think of you.  I think of Us.  I think that we can all find our channel and freedom from stress.  It comes in ways we do not understand but if you will set a course of action and at least try something new, you may just find life to be music to your hearts.



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