“Almost a Massage Therapist!”

The rules today say that I am ripe for success!  Yes.  I am following a path that squares up with my spirit and I am almost to the home stretch.  I am almost, a massage therapist.  Now, being a therapist holds a big responsibility in all respects.  It means, I have clients, expenses, taxes and credits.  It means I have to market my mission to willing listeners and invoice a small fee in order to feed my family and grow my practice.  It means, there will most days, be a human on my table or chair.  It means I promote my story behind office chairs and massage chairs, selecting carefully how I recommend treatment for their ailments.

I am not a doctor Spoc, but I am almost a massage therapist.  As a massage therapist, I get to blend aromas and temperatures and provide you with beautiful sound in order to help you relax.  As a massage therapist, I get to help you remember that there are birds out there and the sound of water is not deafening like our environments and the use of technology that pierces our ears.  As a massage therapist (and a late bloomer at it) I get to squeeze your traps and remind you to put your scaps in your chaps.  As a massage therapist, I better learn to love what I do because I will have hundreds of clients to keep a record for and doing it with HIPPA privacy is critical in our sue-happy world.

But the best news of all, as a massage therapist, I get to be me.  The really Holly Goodyear. Who pretends to be multi-personalitied for fun and make you laugh, cry, dance and sign, when life throws you a bowl of dung, or you just don’t feel well.  My practice will always promote a mission of well-being.  And there is not one method or channel that will fix us, but it is about listening to your body.  I will be honest about what I think.  I will not talk in your session unless you choose it.  But I can listen.  I can share with you what helped me become stronger and more willing to take personal responsibility for my health.  I can list you a thousand things that get me moment by moment through my day.  Much of it, I share on social media.  I don’t care.  It is my screen.  I always wanted to be an actress.  Just ask that little girl from Parthenia who danced in shiny outfits and sang Kiss songs into her hairbrush.  I get to push aside things that do not serve me and I get to learn how to open my heart towards a society that is nothing more dramatic than a hot mess.

I am almost a massage therapist and I am going to make a suggestion.  If you want to book an appointment with me you might want to do it now.  With all these hundreds of student massages I have done, I have a feeling I am going to be real busy!  Look out Louisville, it is time our people find their channel and find their freedom!  Let’s become the healthiest city within in the sickest state and make a difference!


Holly Goodyear

Reiki Master and Student Massage Therapist

ULC Minister

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