Sometime’s I Don’t Know What To Title My Blogs.”

Cool Breeze

Maybe it should be “Cool Breeze”.  Or “Warm Tea”. Or, “Morning Meditation.”  No matter what name I put on this moment, it is me.  Sitting outside a busy hotel .  This is the FIRST morning I have been able to have my breakfast outside because I am not a fan of cold mornings.  I love cool afternoons, but mornings, I don’t like to be cold.  My bones ache to much when I rise so cold mornings are hard for me.  Unless I am bundled up like a cozy camper I don’t do cold mornings.  And right now, I don’t have the desire to throw on arctic gear during a Memorial Day Weekend Morning because it just ain’t right!   Thank you Kentucky!

But aside from the weather, and the fact that the pair of crows which greet me every time I take Tanner for a morning stroll are cawing at me, I really have being mindful of my moment.  When my feet hit the floor today, it was noticeable that I really am not as young as I look.  (Thank you cocoa butter).   I am almost 44 years old.  My childhood heroes are are now pushing it into their 60’s and before long, Lynda Carter and Cher will be dancing with the stars one day in Heaven.   My parents are in their 60’s now too, however, my mother will dare admit we are really twins switched at birth. 🙂  And it was when I struggled to stretch my joints upon rising this morning, that I knew, every movement I make from this day forward should be as mindful as possible because I KNOW it is what you do in your 40’s which will determine your health should you be lucky or blessed enough to live another 20 years.  I think the secret to wellness, is started in your past.  The past may be as recent as yesterday or as distant as your evolution from diapers to drawls.   But hear me this, if you are entering a career such as a Massage Therapist or any type of physical job, in your 40’s, you better make dang sure you are ready to take care of your temple.  I Corinthians 6:19 says I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.  That’s a big deal.  And also living in this wrinkling old flesh, is MY soul, my mind, my spirit and a bunch of electromagnetic data that forms my words, expressions and thoughts as well as actions!

However, I Corinthians 6:19 did not advise me that upon waking every morning after the age of 40 you will enter into the “achy bones” stage of life and you need to prepare for the journey.  So, I dance.  I run.  I drink 64 ounces of water a day.  I eat very little toxic food and I take hundreds of deep cleansing breaths each day as I work, and work and work my way through life so I can keep being “me”.  Dare I say, if it were not for the reminders of Spirit, that I would crash and burn each moment as would about 98% of the rest of you out there.  We pretend invincible but the truth is we are mere mortal and we would do well to begin to bond with your tribe mates and support one another as MUCH as you can, while you quest for wellness. It appears in our more recent times, we are heading toward a society which promotes the survival of the fittest and it remains a mystery how much of American’s future will turn out with our looming political campaigns getting ready to mud-sling like we have never seen.  Poor Politicians.  I bet there were sore when they woke up too. 😦

Listen, the moral of this blog of which I have to title for is this.  Whether you decide to eat a hard boiled egg this morning or a bowl of fruttie tooties, only matters in your own temple.  Your temple is where you grow, cultivate, challenge and expect to find peace after a long hard day’s work.  But don’t be fooled by thinking you are the only one in there making waves about your journey.  Being a human is exceptional and we have many unseen forces cheering us on.  It is hard.  But it is an exceptional expereince if you will keep looking at life with a happy heart!




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