“Here Comes the Summer Solstice Again.”

I don’t even know what to say right now.  I am home, in bed, listening to tunes from some of the greatest artists.  I have spent the last few hours trying to determine why I have such INTENSE Insomnia and it is because of the season of Son.  The Solstice has historically made it’s entry known to me as a time of change each year I have awakened   It is almost too crazy to be “so energized” after days of enormous physical and emotional purging but I like it!  Today, I spent over half the day in the bathroom after a round of monthly liver detox’s over and over, but for some reason, there was no real fear, pain or suffering surrounding the GRAND purge today AND I feel amazing right now!  Everyone has noticed a change in my person and I see it too.  It is wild.  I even see a new me emerging and I am so intrigued.  🙂

What is even cooler is this acute “issue” that has plagued me for months through bacterial host elimination is clearing up so fast after a matter days of asking for prayer AND after $900 in medical expenses and a round of tough mudder Steroids it has been tough, but I don’t care.  The host is leaving me, Praise My Jesus………

And although,  I am NOT a fan of steroids, I am a fan of shifting and healing and this last season of intense emotional release is showing me that these ROOT chakra fears I had about survival no longer serve me and the truth about working hard after personal change and healthy gain, is well worth writing about.

You see, we have new challenges in our lives here at the Goodyear Nomadic Mobile Mansion, and we don’t have time to be freaked out about all this “crap” going on in the bureaucratic world because we are learning to live in pure harmony with others in our own social world…… .  And, I have yet to make a formal comment on the recent events which have peppered out social media with frustration or social opinion about “right and wrong” but if I had one public statement to say about it all, it would be this.

“Did we not say this day was coming?”  And if you think that the racism is new, it is not.  Hitler, Stalin, Rome, Egypt, etc……whatever, we have alway had division.  Wrong as it be, it has always existed.

Now we can decided to just run it into the ground politically because everyone is connected at every move and we can send MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LOVE TO THOSE WHO HURT.

But none the less, I pray that those people affected by this heinous crime recently, come back to life in the resurrection and help “carve out” what it means to really love through the karmic balance of time and space.

These radical movements and haters of hate, are not all one organism either so don’t be fooled in thinking that all this stuff is targeted to making you think all Muslims are terrorist.  They are NOT!  And in the Words of John Lennon, “Imagine ALL the People, living together in perfect harmony, including loving caring brothers of another color……….  It is happening.  All The people are living as one.  It is the non-human form of humanity that has lost their marbles…….Dammit it is not one people against another.  It is a hot and disturbed energy that needs to be tampered with love and coolness.

Did we “Prophetic Pentecostal Holy Ghost Fired Up” people in the 90’s not say look up for the signs of the times were near?” Did we old school “Hot Tempered Pulpit spitting preacher and teachers say”, to watch and pray?  Yes we did…..but now that I am more like s “Buddah-costal”, I realize the old time prophecy was not be used to judge harshly my fellow humans but to help identify a source of global resistance against what we all need to embraces which should be a unity of true hearts……….. : \

Well, that is what I am doing now and I am doing it without hate and judgment over what seems to be like some perverted massive discord and TMI web techy, overload because really, the American people’s frustration and discord over all this killing looks not so much i”normal” nside the homes of the individual people we call American.  So much of this fear is a medioacraric alternative illusion on TV.  ( I think the Pleiadain’s were right…..TV is dangerous if you are not careful……)

This social broadcast of shit playing events over and over again in order to scare the common census is brutal but not effective anymore.  The FCC needs to wake up.

Almost everyone I run into is tired of the hate crimes and the newscast feeding of drama at hand. The inconsistent allowance of judgment and disbanding and disharmony of humanity is wearisome and we are a bit over it.  The facts are that because of a religious or social war the message is that life has become ludicrous.   Many of us common folk actually get along quite well thank you.

And even though my heart is aching for the loss of life in our Orlando Pride community, I can only hope that the strength it took the new generation of Pride community’s took to come out of the closet in this judgmental World, only begin to manifest as A Christ like divine forgiveness for this lost group of hateful people who think killing those that think differently is ok.

It is not ok AND the 10 commandment principle is clear on that!  We can debate and re-interpret and re-invent our belief systems over and over again for decades to come, but I am going to stand right here and say, it is the measure of judgment you use on others that you will be judged.  You can interpret the Word in any way you want and use scripture to your advantage or disadvantage depending on your boundaries……..

Let’s just Stop Killing PEOPLE and just love their energy and let our vibrations be the harmony behind the music of life and love!  Like, sing…..Seriously.  Ra, and Master Jesus and the Gods of the Sun and Moon and Planets and Stars would not have it perfected in any other way!   The veil is open……for now.  Can you see the Sun coming?


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