“New Moon in Cancer! A Deep Independent Awaking!”

Our modern times tell us that tomorrow is the day we gather for celebration with family and friends and honor our Nation at the moment of it’s true birth!  On July 4th we celebrate independence and we marvel at the stars and stripes which hang in our doors, windows and yards and we say “Happy Birthday America! Now Let’s Eat!”  But I would like to bring a deep awareness to another possible “birth” tomorrow and ask you to look at the whole of the picture when it comes to Family, House, Country and Home.

Today, the Heavenly Moon (Home to Cancer) entered her Transit through the current Sun Sign of Cancer at precisely 9:20am Eastern Standard Time.   I actually set my alarm at 5:00 am this morning in hopes that I would take a peek at the crescent moon sliver I had seen yesterday when I awoke.  But the clouds were too thick this morning so Mother Moon’s beautiful vision was not visible to me, the seeker.  However, I am conscious enough to know it really is not always about what you see, but it has much to do with what you know. (or think you know.)

For me, I know that having the Moon in her Native sign of Cancer, precisely on Independence Day during the Sun Sign of Cancer makes for a ton of Family magic!  I already have spotted some great photos on Facebook from my own loved ones who stated the celebration early by gathering and laughing and treating each other with respect and reverence.  (Ok, maybe a few jib-jab jokes and corny childhood stories but I wasn’t there albeit I wish I could have been.)

You see, moving back home this week has been so tiring!  SO, SO tiring for my 43 year old person BUT………………….as you all well know, this chick does not go down easily!  In fact, I worked on several practices for my studies, I unpacked almost everything I had in storage and I erected my sacred space once again for my family, and as Dorothy very well stated, “There is no place like HOME!.”  This my friends, is the energy that tomorrow should bring to you.  And although I was not able to attend our first family function of the weekend, I was able to send love to them even if they did not know it was coming.  I enjoyed the thought of knowing, everyone was having fun and was ok.  I understand I still have a work to do and I cannot be all things to all people and part of my path as an intuitive healer sometimes means I am separate from the moment, however, I am still universally connected when it comes to Love, Home and Family.

This current Cancer Moon and Sun energy is here to represent a host of aspects that Independence Day rings true to.  And in obedience of following my path to write, let me list some great tid-bits about our current astrological placement on July 4th so you don’t think I am just full of burnt hot dogs………:)

  1.  Cancer Sun Astrology focuses on Family.  Point Blank, Family Matters most.  Foundation.  Security.  Sharing.  Unadulterated Loyalty.  Cancer Sun represents a generous portion of Sensitivity and Complexity because you can barely scratch the surface of Cancer Energy.  It is deeper than ANY water sign, including us Scorpios.  (I thought I was deep but now that I am raising a man child with a Cancer Sun Sign and a Scorpio Moon sign, I have realized I am much more shallow than he.) Cancer Sun energy brings a warmth in the room that would make Betty Crocker happy!  It is like the country cooking, scrambled egg eaten’, sweet tea kind of day that makes you want to enjoy the company of others even if your mundane life has been bitter and foul.  It’s a peaceful easy going feeling being around Cancer Sun energy.
  2. Cancer Moon Astrology teaches us that Cancer energy also bears witness to Frailty and  Unpredictability.  Cancer Moon energy can be a bit moody and critical and this should remind you of how you react at family functions when you have a relationship crisis in the immediate family.  On the bright side of the dark side of the moon energy of Cancer however, the pureness of the Cancer quality brings forward the desire to not offend anyone and comes across with a breath of fresh air when rekindling chivalry to function.  Cancer Moon energy provides refreshing harmony with others, and deflects discord just by the nature of a smile or hug.

So, can you see the correlation to tomorrow’s celebrations and how such a day of importance in American society really should be valued not only for establishing independence from Old English societal retorts, but should be remembered as being “The Holiday that Establishes Home.”   I can’t even begin to tell you the emotional reactions I have had since the Sun has entered Cancer back on June 22nd.  What drives me to stop everything and journal my journey thru my drive-thru American life has so much to do with my passion for my fellow men and women, not just in my community circle but I am passionate as well for my country and for our planet.  And if I may I be very blunt……….it seems as if most “generic” days of the year, we are somehow are conjuring up a negative mental connotation of the status of America when we starting talking smack about politics, religion and our state of affairs.  It is quite apparent to me where all of that stems from and so for today, I am asking those that read this blog to join me in spinning your awareness when it comes to celebrating your 4th of July with Family and Friends this year. What if for one minute, you pretended that all that social drama did not exist at your party and focused deeply on what is most important and that is your Core Circle and It’s Branches.  (Big Tree or Tall Tree, it does not matter.  What Matter’s is that you Honor Your Tree no matter how narl’d up those branches become!)

It does make me sad that I don’t always see my family, Father, Mother In Law, Sister in Laws, Nieces, Nephews and the likes there of on a regular basis but don’t think for a minute I don’t have the skills to remote view in and send Lots of Love to each and every person that I have a connection too.  Reiki teaches me fun and technical ways to send Distant Healing and Love to others when I cannot be in their presence. Jesus taught me that I can transcend the restriction of the fleshly body and be in more than one place at once, when he spoke directly to Mary M on the Day of Resurrection then decided to ascend into Heaven and still communicates with us through the Holy Spirit and I don’t see him live and in person much 🙂  Buddha teaches me to ask myself, “How Much Did I Love. How Gently Did I Live? And, How Gracefully Did I Let Go of Things Not Meant for Me?”  The Moon and Her status this holiday weekend reminds me to allow my need to family and nurturing to be met, even if I am a million miles away.

I am just so thankful for my life now.  I am thankful for my knowledge and patience with myself and with others.  I am thankful most today for my Freedom from things that do not serve me.  Today,  I am able to sit in this quiet room, listening to my meditation music, wearing pink lipstick and a pencil in my hair and type, “I write because I love to do so and I love the complexity and courage of those who walk this land with me.  And, even when you (my brothers and sisters) make me mad or sad or act out in the most heinous of ways, there is still a deep love and bond that Americans have together when it comes to protecting our family and our homes, I can still consider myself a loyal and faithful American.” (Thank you Cancer Sun and Moon Energy).

And as a writer, one day when I am dead and gone, maybe just maybe, these heart-felt words I spew will become just as inspirational to unification as are these words so deeply written years before me…………………….

Oh say can you see,
By the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed,
At the twilight’s last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
Through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched,
Were so gallantly streaming.

And thy rocket’s red glare,
Thy bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through thee night,
That our flag was still there.

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


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