“The Master Carpenter’s Advice.”


I woke up really emotionally today and I don’t care to admit it.  There is nothing wrong really although I could nit pick through my personal drama like anyone else and find something to focus on I am sure.  What I DO know, is that when I feel these intense emotions happening upon waking in the day, I start to move the energy around by lighting candles, burning incense and putting on some meditative music.  I take really slow cleansing deep breathes and I look for nature through the window of my little home.  I try to remember to cherish this quiet little moment.  Well, at least my outer world is quiet.  My inner world is “doing something.” (I could blame it on that mysterious woman thing I guess……………….ah “hem.) 🙂

However, it was just like that, I when I said something to Ed about Jesus giving us the tools to build our own lives and even though we Christians profession to have “obtained salvation” and sometimes think our Spiritual Life is “complete” we still need to reach further than we think we can and access the Tools that the Kingdom of God offer to us NOW as we build our story.  I had a flash of all of these tools hanging in a man’s garage and it was evident by the vision I knew it was time to write.  But do I really have time?  That is a touchy question but I am making time to do so now………

Since I was taught that Jesus is the Master Carpenter of my life, I envision this to mean that he has perfected and performed the manifestation of humanity in the form of skin.  Jesus had eyes and hair and feet and kidney’s.  He had blood flowing through is veins and may have even had a bunion or two on his feet.  (Although I am not sure that would be true since the earth was not so flat with concrete walks and our feet bones had a natural way of acclimating to the earth back then.  Now we walk in high heels and on hard cold broken ground so our feet are less tolerant to the unnatural elements than in the days of old.)

But as Jesus’ role as carpenter, in His message states clear that he knew how to build so then that must be a guy thing right?  I mean guys love tools.  If you walk into Home Depot, there will be a hundred ratchets to choose from.  You can hammer a nail manually or you can use a nail gun.  You can rough sand with a sheet of 320 grit or you can move your choice into a 180 finer grit if you need to smooth out some of those lines in your sand.   (Ah….maybe tools are not such a guy thing after all……I mean how do I know about grit?)

As a woman, it is my job to watch and learn how things are built.  Friendships, Homes, Community, Career.  Well, the last one here, career, has changed in the last 50 years and now women are really grabbing so many more tools than before our intense requirement to earn money and prestige became so important.  In 1802 would a woman have need for so many screw sizes or tape measures?   Nope.  Most of her tools were in the kitchen and in the classroom feeding and nurturing her children from the  breast and the hearth.  A woman’s sense of purpose was to have a healing and teaching identity but not in the aggressive way that today’s society now stigmatizes women.  Heaven forebid you have an outburst of crying at a board meeting or in the grocery store when you are supposed to be shopping for food or school supplies.  But let me tell you, it happens.  It happens to all of us women.  I just get the sanity of writing about it then moving on with great Wisdom to say there is BIG Universal Garage of Tools available to me spiritually and I am going in after them ……thank you Jesus for the vision today.

So when I tell you that I called on specific Angels to help me out this morning, or I forcefully chanted an OM or I whispered a silent, “Help me Jesus” while making hub’s lunch choking back a trail of tears from vunderland….., it is not exaggerating.   Not sure why except to ask am I tired?  Maybe so but I still keep going.  I am just more open about it now…..And as I easily pull an inspiration card or bible verse or tarot card and by looking at the image alone, seem be lifted from sadness in a moment’s time.  (Why would a Christian TOUCH a Tarot Card?  Because I am educated on what their purpose is and why they really exist.  I am not frightened by mislead connotations of such petty worries that I will blow up into a million burning pieces because I see love in all things.)  Just the image alone of Jesus having a huge toolbox of resources for me gives me great hope that my emotional awkwardness is nothing more than an exchange of knowledge.  Knowledge that says, crying is healthy.  Knowledge that says, you can let go of past wounds and really leave them with Him.  Knowledge that says don’t give up your right to stop trying to build your business stage by stage………….or stop making lunch or stop wiping pee off my commode or or toothpaste out of the sink, or stop doing the Laundry, or blah…blah…blah to all the things that we women really hold space for on a given day.

It comes down to concepts.  It comes down to imagery and not trying to over think your body’s mechanisms.  When you are tired and overwhelmed tears are used to refuel you.  When you are insecure and jealous, diarrhea serves as a reminder to let that shit go.   Chakras=Hormones=Healing.  I should get credit for a new concept of meditation.  The CHH method of meditation.

Know what is happening in the chakras and what system relates to your body.

Know your Chakras and what each color is for.

Know your Chakras and Elements of Earth, Air, Water Fire, Metal and Spirit.

Know some symbology whether it is Stoic or Modern.

Know when you have had a Spiritual Vision and from where they are Speaking to You.

Have some favorite Scripture.

Have an accountability for turning to the Master’s Garage and find the tool you need for the day.

Build your Way out of Sadness and Fear!!!!!!

When Jesus came and went, he left us instructions on how to handle the building of this life which are pretty clear so let’s stop complicating it.   I felt shitty when I woke up.  I took control and used tools to bring me back to awareness.  Simple.

And I don’t just leave it up to one method of construction when it comes to building a unique and inspiring life.  Even if I am weeping for a moment or two….It will pass..  I decided to share my moment in the greatest hope someone else needs this vision of Jesus Christ, Master Carpenter as well.

And for those people who think crying is stupid and if looks a little different than how you woke up this morning, don’t judge it.  People who live in glass build houses should never throw stones.




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