“Classic Morning Inspiration.”

Maybe it is the music playing softly in the background while I gather my thoughts?

Maybe it is the deep and esoteric “universal love” conversations with my partner during the sunrise allowing me to bare my nakedness mentally and physically?

Maybe it is the people that hop on my path as I understand my position and my place on the planet?

Maybe it is the thought of realizing I am just a vapor and am learning to value every moment, every conversation and every inspirational idea as a collection of thoughts applying it to the principle of Mindfulness?

Maybe it is the fact I am learning to see people for the Good and not for the Bad?

Maybe it is the fact I can speak my truth and not feel condemned or challenged although a little challenge is good for the soul at times?

Maybe just maybe, my classic morning inspiration will inspire someone else to leap out of the nocturnal darkness of the dream state each day only to find that the morning light at  is not a train waiting to run you over but a warm and enveloping hug from God.

Maybe my classic morning inspiration will not be seen as neurotic or strange, although the definition of strange can be countered.

Maybe it is the fact that I do push myself harder and longer than most.  Is that a course others would benefit from or do we call motivated people overachievers?  None the less, I am on the road revving up my engines for a fun and fruitful life.

Regardless of the reasons I stay inspired as a woman, most of the time, it is so I can watch myself grow and see other women (and men) grow along with me.  My morning muse is so inspiring so with this moment, I say thank you Momma Muse.  She may be a little misunderstood but aren’t they all? 🙂


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