“Advocacy For A Universal Love Language.”

It is a crying shame that I wake up every morning questioning my skills as a motivator.  It takes me a few hours to sink into my daily purpose and realize that the clothes in the floor, the dishes in the sink and the make up all over the bathroom counter mean NOTHING when it comes to how humans express their Love for one another from a Universal level.   The more I march out of my house and connect with other people, the more inspiration and love and compassion I have as a student of the Universe.   And well, there is always a message for me in the mess.

Multiple times a day I am faced with a new pilgrims on my path so whether it be the bagger at the grocery or the man who cut me off in traffic and then gives me a dirty look. Or how about my deafened husband who now has reached a point of change by the transformation of hearing loss in his brain, in the way we communicate.  Wow, interesting at best!  How do we handle that?  By believing that Universal Love bears true in all reactions.   Based on body language and eye to eye contact he can read me more thoroughly than ever before.  It is kind of sexy:) 🙂 🙂

And my reactions to that?  My Facial Expressions?  Are……My responsibility.   Consciously that is…..

When I am conscious of my (root chakra patterns) in how I have been conditioned to react to another’s persons pilgrimage,  I am blessed to know I can bargain with my emotions and ask myself am I reacting in a way that will bring universal love to the matter?

Simple Examples……..

I am checking out at the grocery store and the bagger is a big, middle aged white man, with a speech impediment and a “tick” as the medical society would call it.  He doesn’t speak to me directly for whatever reason and eye darts me at the check out.  My reaction? (most of us would say the moment feels awkward).  I say “Terrence, how are you today?”  And I smile my big cheesy grin with focus toward his eyes so I can see his reaction to my question?  (of which he was not expecting.)  He jumps at the chance to talk and says, (in a mumbled and fast tone), “Oh Hot!  It’s Hot.  I don’t like Hot.  Snow.  I like Cold Snow.”  

He said it so fast that I had to dial back what I heard and interpret his response.  I mean, no one wants to say “huh” for fear of sounding stupid, right?”.   But because I forwarded all my attention to his body language and his energy, I caught every word he said and we kept the conversation going and laughed all the while he bagged my yogurt and my muffins. (gluten free).

So my friends, it is apparent I have reached a point in my life where not only have I established myself as a therapist (who needs a therapist I am sure:) and find myself waking up every day with less and less fear to try new things and I have become an advocate for universal love.  Period.

And as I try new things when interacting with others, I am challenged to become a better person.  I am becoming a better wife because I am setting the tone for the next round of challenges we wives as a whole face as a nation.   Talking about politics and all as we look to more than likely seat a woman into office it is down right crazy for us right now but we still need to pray for good intentions for all involved.  We women are really in the place of liberation right now so be wise in how you use your powers girls because even if Donald T. ends up in office, we would be wise to support and assist and teach him why we think The Pink Heart of a Matter is more important than all that other shit we are so confused about right now and take it back to a level of change that can be measured by the people.  We ALL need to gain some of our voice back without being hateful over color, creed, religion or brand of shoe and women are just the vessel to usher in patience and planning in hopes to heal our future.

And speaking of the future, and Love, and how this all plays out, I am in an awkward place right now raising my 17 year old son.  I leave his destiny in the hands of God because I was given great insight on his life before he popped out of my pouch so this unique experience of mothering a man child, is quite entertaining at best.  I am not so worried about him in this lifetime because he choose this path before he was born so I teach and hope he learns.  But you cannot make them drink the water!!  I can only have a hope that his expansiveness for Love and a better future will far exceed mine.   But it will not come until he decides to put down the video game “crack” and learn how to do something on his own. Do I remove the device or do I let him hang himself due to the deep resistance I am faced with as a mom passing the torch of adulthood to a man?  What would you do?  😦

As many of you know, (that read me) I am doing everything I know to do to be a genuine article of “what you see, is what you get” and I KNOW I do not align with everyone who reads my words but when I am face to face with people in real time, the sparks we create together by laughing and loving and reaching beyond the grocery counter lines, are exceptional miracles of Love.

Those moments have proven to me time and time again that I have no reason to even doubt why God decided to give me another day to go out and play happily with others.  There is no other reason to exist than to just be Love in all forms.  Know thyself!  Know how to Love!

My earthly mission today, is to accept my part as I keep writing about ways to show people how to know Universal Love and to figure out what they need to banish from their energy which destroys Love.

You see, there is not much I don’t Love especially when it comes to writing so things I “don’t love” are usually more mental in nature and come from the inner battle of loving myself unconditionally and controlling my emotions with words.

I don’t love to see someone degrade another human.   That makes me want to rip their face off.   Keeping my mouth shut.

I don’t love to see people hold onto their pain past the point of healing.  That makes me want to weep and sob for them and fix it, of which I cannot.  I don’t love to argue in circles after a situation has been exhausted.  That makes me what to go to sleep and lock out all of the world soaking in a pity of confusion and mental discord.  If I cannot control a situation, I stop.  This can be good and this can be a learning tool.  You cannot control others.  Only yourself.

I don’t love waking up every day and having fear about “what if” whisper it’s lies in my waking moments.  Trust you have the power to control your thoughts and not be controlled.

So, as I close this Sunday sermon on the blog in hopes you read this and it motivates you to look for closely at administering Universal Love to your situation I ask you this one thing?

“Where do babies come from?”


That is all.




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