“When Waking Up Seems Too Much!”

Have you ever done it?  Woke up from  your dreams and been like “Oh no, not again?”  We fail to admit to sometimes but in the few few moments of waking up, most of us are under some kind of struggle.  Maybe it is pain from being stiff or maybe it’s that hot barbarian Chippendale who was about to fly you off to New Zealand and you wanted to go.  Really, you wanted to see what New Zealand was like!  I mean, I KNOW that was the only reason why.


Me?  Well, I am usually awake by 4:45 and sometimes easier.  But I go to bed at a decent hour and I look forward to dreaming every night.  It is a release for me.  I can lay my head down and accomplish rest just by knowing I did my best the day before.  But after a few hours of crazy interpretive dreaming, I wake up and go, why did I dream that?  Last night, I dreamed I cut my hair in a mullet.  No, way!  This hair ain;t going until my next life project is accomplished! 😛

For you readers, I just wonder (as I type away still with sleep in my eye and thoughts after my dream start rolling through my head), does anyone else suffer from moment of dread when they first wake up?  Now I am not talking about deep unhealthy emotions like depression or addiction.  I am speaking about that moment when you open your eyes and feel nervous about going on with your next day.  I experience this all the time.  That is why my first waking hour is so important to me………..as it should be to you!

Every single one of us Westerners are waking to start of a new day.  Your patterns have been established and your role as dad, wife, mom, sister or employee are firing up again.   And for those of us parents who are raising children, the calling to jump on the “Stress-Less Express Train” can easily pass us by!  This new generation is a marvel all in it’s own.  And I would be lying if I said I don’t have great pleasure and pain in raising this new breed of “person”.  If you are over the age of 35, you know what I mean!  There is a gap between us and “them” just wide enough to establish a marker for miscommunication.

Teen agers (unless strictly regimented) are saturated with electronic devices and negative comments about race, religion and right now, our dreadful political agendas.   We “half tech-ammiture half tree hugger” generation of adults would do well to realize that our advice to the post-millennial generation is really not sticking in their brains.  90% of them now suffer from some form of ADD.  Ask anyone you know!  I am finding it harder and harder to get though the negatively ionic charged love barrier with my Son and it stinks.  It is like I see a good boy go numb.  When he becomes reckless with his body and eat nothing but shit or sit on his X-box eight hours a day while I go off and try to make a new business and his dad works his ass off sweating in the fields, then I have to just say, I am concerned with the World to come.  Thus, the reason I stress the moment I wake up!   The mom in me wants to run to his recuse and nurture him by fixing him three healthy meals a day and stroking his little curls all the while reading to him fiction by E.W. White as he dreamily tells me how he is gong to become a brain surgeon or an astronaut because he has big dreams and can’t wait to grow up!  Nope.  That is not how this is playing out.  I am good to get a hug or a handshake once a quarter if I am lucky.  Don’t get me wrong.  My little boy deeply loves his momma but I am angrily trying to teach a 17 year old to look for himself much less come out of his room and be a part of the family topics.  He may join for a moment but like a moth drawn to a flame, once the “one sided” conversation is over, the boy’s bedroom door is shut again and Houdini has left the building.   It’s like Magic how fast he is sucked into a vertical battle field or a cosmic dungeon.

So what is a mother to do?  Well, I think going back to New Zealand would be good for starters but this mom has chosen to blog at 5am.  There has got to be someone else out there dealing with this issue.  The question is what are we doing about it?  Well, for now I am praying and I am about to take the old X box and trade it in for some healthy fiber.  Not only are these video games causing ADD they are causes mal-nourishment.   I won’t get on my soap-box about teen agers and dietary intake today.  That is another early morning.   But listen, if you read this blog and have anything similar going on at your house, please comment.  I would love to hear how other people are dealing with waking up and facing the challenges of their day.  I hold space for you that whatever it is that tries to get your goat upon rising, disappears like a donut at a police station and you convert that moment into a positive situation because the only way this world will transform for the better is if we the people become responsibly for ourselves first.  Then we can worry about our kids and the state of our country more affectively.


Eleanor Writing Today. 🙂


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