“Readings are not Dead. Finding Agelessness in Celebrating Mabon with Words and Symbols!”

Will it ever happen?  Will people ever have an awareness of cycles and how for centuries, most cultures have experienced exceptional turnover when it comes to knowledge of seasons and celebrations?  I hope so.

Today, I take some time to sit and read.  Read about Mabon.  This Fall Equinox harvest is the representation of dying as in “falling into winter’s sleep.”  And my first desire is to be sure that people have knowledge on what is to come.  Fall, brings in harvest.  It brings in cooler weather and a a change of season.  It does require that we increase in production for one last push but it is time to wind down a bit and enjoy the celebrations going on around us.  It is the time when you let your mind go into auto-pilot and slow down with worries to the degree that Worry makes you sick no more!

Do you need money?  Then sell some old records or books?  Have a yard sale.

Do you need to lose a few pounds?  Try losing 5 by walking outside in the next few weeks.  If you can.  If you know someone that cannot walk outside easily, offer to help them.

Have you been stressed out mentally?  Start a Fall Journal.  Make yourself write.  So many of us have such great voices but we keep our throat chakra closed for fear someone will laugh at us.  I implore laughter!!!!! 🙂 :0)

When this season comes around I decide to use all my efforts to remind myself I have run a good 2016 summer race.  I have accomplished much.  I did NOT meet all my goals but I met some really important ones.  I have hope that 2017 will become more prosperous for me physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.  I have worked the system of seasons.

But, yet, I still have fears and worries like everyone else.  Will the VA come through?  Will we be homeless or will I end up in critical care because I had to do massage 10 hours a day to feed us.  Will Loki keep waking me up at 1am, 3am 4am walking on my head and attacking my feet?  How will I restructure The Reiki Station?  It has so much potential!  Will I ever get to Chapter 5 in my book?  Will I offend somebody with my raw, candid camera life?  Will I ever get to be on Ellen?  These, y’all are the plans of a mad woman! LOL!

But right now, it doesn’t matter.  In a few weeks the dreaded argument will arise!  The argument over the word Holiday or Christmas is getting ready to surge again.  What a dumb thing to argue over.  But this is my moment to write and ask you to notice the changes of season around you not drama of semantics!

Listen more closely to the crows as they share their message.  Recognize the fantasy in making corn dollies and scarecrows with your children.  Hear the mighty Judaic Roar in your bonfire.  Sip slowly on the cider that makes you see spirits.  Plan for steady evenings with family and rest when the sun goes down so you can continue to wake before the sun and be productive for baking, singing Caroles and celebrating whatever you celebrate.  And get a card reading!  For Fun!

Lastly, in keeping theme of harvest time and yes…..Halloween!!!  (And my winter business plan,)  I want to be sure to say…if any of my friends who read this decide they want more information on seasons and symbolism, I do card readings for $20 at The Reiki Station.  Thirty minutes so you are in and out!  I do Natal Charts for $50.  These take a wee bit longer!

This is an inspiring two hour look into the moment you were born.  If I you can’t get in with me, I have plenty of people who can do readings for you!!!  I say this because it was when I did my natal chart and I understood how God had designed me, it made me stronger.  It made my love for Him stronger.  It allowed me to see the Goddess in me!  I started to see God in everything universal which is why I studied Astrology and Symbolism so much.   Then there is Reiki.  Reiki practice gives me powerful symbols to work with in order to help facilitate a healing session for my client, and myself.  I may be wild and crazy on video y’all, but my Reiki Sessions are precisely guided by God in stillness and peace.  I hope to grow this business which customizes sessions for anon to be able to find body.mind.spirit awareness.  I want to share great tips on energy manifestation and clearing for those that will come!   So if you want to see me for some amazing fall fun stuff, Message me!  Call me!  Text me!  Y’all know where I am!  Get a Mabon Card Reading now!  Let’s help you bring in some fall intentions!  What do you say?

And as Bon Jovi sings in the background and I get up to go to work, I leave you with this song…….(It’s my blog)…..I mean…..”It’s my Life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m Alive!”



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