“Two Months Since I Have Blog Vomited About My Life! Whaaaat?”

Ok, so I just realized that I have not blogged (one of my personal therapeutic past-times) and well, it is time.  I do not count it coincidence that my morning appointment cancelled.  I think I need a hot moment of just being present.  Blogging really snaps me back into a beta state of mind (awareness) and for whatever reason I am called to do so, it may seem narcissistic but I assure you writing in any form, is a calling from a higher Spiritual Place.  And I have certainly been able to take off my masks during my writing time, albeit much of what I say makes people really uncomfortable at times for some reason.  Or it inspires people to drive harder and want to find personal healing.  In order to heal internally it does require some personal responsibility which is why I started this journey in the first place!  But, nonetheless, I have been giving feedback on both accounts, that sometimes I make people upset by my fierce Spiritual Warrior spirit but I just keep on being Me.  There is a handful of supportive people out there that allow me to help pray for them and share in their hurts and wounds so I can a.) be at throne room of prayer for them and b.) trust that when I say I hold space for their needs whether on the table or on my prayer board.  I really do hold space for them with a fierceness of fight that I  hope sends some demon like energies fleeing………Sound’s like a Pentacostal Revival to some but Spiritual Warfare  says “I am here to help you PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens.  (Action….again Throat Chakra Energy).

Guys, I am here to make you laugh.  I am here to help you check in on your emotions and I am here to help you release pain whether due to body mechanics or emotional blockages.  I am here to advocate for those that cannot or maybe do not advocate for themselves.  I am here.

Today is about Throat Chakra healing options and I try to only say what I think needs to be said so that “I find permanent healing in expression, therefore helping others to open their blue musical centers.

My public display of open discussion about my private affairs is not meant to frustrated others but to challenge you to connect with your body and your mind and live your life with the same Life Force energy available to all of us!  It is about using your own voice and finding victory over what stifles you.

My work here on Earth is meant to help liberate people from holding back on their truths granted, right now, people in society are doing one of two things…………Either vocalizing their distaste for the current state of affairs OR they are doing the RIGHT thing and keeping a watchful eye on where we are heading so that they can benefit naturally from the state of affairs as prosed to the World.   I am one who is trying to put Right Action behind my Words.  (Says Buddha all the day long………..)

And in my World, I am perfectly aware that really every ounce of energy I have is reserved to help people find healing, especially with massage therapy!  But there is more to it than this!

Of course, financially being of support for my family while we seek and wait for a door to open for my husband, is a taxing rite that is not pretty for us right now.  You want the truth???  It is a daily walk of faith right now for us and times are quite tough and massage is hard ass physical labor which is why I am strengthing my body and at my age, I will either head toward better health or quickly digress into the throws of age pissed off that my boobs are saggy and my butt may never completely round out……..LOL!  But I am trying!!!  It is a good game for me mentally to watch my figure shape shift after being a survivor of childhood obesity, if you want to tag it to some type of syndrome.  You know how we have to tag every issue in life as some form of disfunction! 😉  But does it pay the bills……..barely.  For now………….But I use my downtime in-between sessions wisely by further educating myself on my trade AND my journaling for my clients to outcomes and responses behind “touch therapy” and how it WILL affect us years from now.  I am tracking the effects of “living in a desensitized World” verses the Healing Benefits behind the art of Healing Touch.  It is amazing at best what I am learning about the human body.  What a beautiful mess we are!  🙂

You see, at every turn is that little dark spirit of Fear trying to lurk at my door to saying, “You won’t make it.” “You will be out on the streets.”  “Your LGE is going to get cut off.”   “You’re cell phone will get cut off and you will have no way contact clients and your business will fail.”   The truth is 60% of my appointments cancel, or more……..  Most of the time people cancel the day of the event so I do not have time to find new clients and ouch that hurts the pocket book terribly……  Now, granted life happens and at first glance most Massage Therapists like any other honored profession get frustrated at no shows or cancellations because the client forgot they had to make dinner that night.  You would be surprised at what people say………I only present this to you because I put massage on a pedestal and I also find that respect for anyone on that level is kind of a gimmie……(Insert I sound like a Bitch…….SORRY……I am not trying too!)  But you have to see, just like any traditional Scorpio Mind, we are a healing sign as in the Caduceus.)  It is an ancient thing and I did NOT make that up!

Our medical facilities are peppered with this symbol as in, “Come in.  Seek Refuse in the Medicine We Offer You.” But I ask you, take a moment and read the details of the above symbol.  Please open the link.

I think you will find healing is more than just a $40 copay and a prescription for Adderall.  (trademark).  Healing Energy comes from within first.  When are we going to get more aggressive in our approach for better mind, body and spirit health?  When?  Tomorrow?  January 1?  Never?  You choose.  But when you do decide a Massage Therapist is more than just a boojya’ spa experience with some lavender oil and a warm eye pillow, then come see me and let’s chat on it.  I don’t mean to sound belligerent.  I mean to sound truthful.  (Blue Energy Center=Thyroid Health)……but when you are educated to see the truth behind the practice (and it is a practice like other professionals) you want people to know the real deal behind the therapist.  I do not play when it comes to my work on the table.  It is an expression of my love to see people feel better if even for an hour.

Look, I am VERY protective of the trade of massage and know that with great knowledge and wisdom in how we use our hands, it is key to the success of this trade.  I KNOW this trade is an important resource that can help mitigate the rising cost of health claims and quite frankly, a profession, although it has miles and miles to go to be considered a priority for people, will help facilitate healing faster than so many traditional ways unlike pills or surgery.  

Traditional medicine and the people working therein, are now overwhelmed with every aspect of  helping us “Get Well or Stay Well” but why do people not see the correlation between being proactive in their “war on stress and pain verses reaching the point of no return, but it is not my journey to take on your behalf.”  I am virtually begging nurses to come see me because they are so tired and stressed out and because they are typically not cutting the emotional cords when working with their patients and need to know how!  I am offering great discounts to help nurses and only one or two are on my table.  I want to have a huge client base of RN’s and LPN’s on my table to help them cope with being a servant to our sick and unwell.  I ache to see them strong and active in the love for what they do!!!!

Being a Massage Therapist is one of the most important things in my life BUT it is not the ONLY thing.  Listening to the Spirit of God for guidance in our World each and every day is.  I can only pray the tenacity I have for being stronger, better and more courageous bleeds over and HELPS other people find their channel for total healing.  Therefore I write about it and be honest about my life rather than come across as a negative rant about my constant cancellations or no shows as a pain in my ass.  (Said no Massage Therapist Ever……..right…………)  Everything happens for a reason.  Learning Mindfulness and Body Awareness is the Key to Balanced Health!  Yeah, I am classifed educated enough to help with that.  🙂  Guys, it is time to quit pretending that integrated medicine is not important.  I dare say, it is crucial to our survival.

In Christ Heart Chakra Love,


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