“A Therapist’s Passion!”



Time is flying very quickly.  Just 15 days into January and I should be getting ready for taxes and Spring Cleaning, but not so.  I am swirling.  Great doors are opening in directions unseen.  You see, when you plant a vision and the seed is as big as a ostrich head, you prepare if you are smart.

When I first envisioned my “wellness journey” from a self sabotaging corporate mom, to a hip-hop wacky unicorn, I had no idea how I would get there except just show up.  And through ups and downs financially, spiritually and emotionally, I can see a horizon.

People like “me” (especially water signs) are fluid in dreaming.  I guess that is why I go to bed at 8pm and rise at 4am-ish.  Maybe 5am, on a late day, but I was told as a child, “the early bird gets the worm.”  Thats a metaphor.  Although, technically, this one is true.  Do you know what a metaphor is?

My blog spot has become my one place to just quickly unleash my thoughts, unabridged and move on.  I try to focus on some kind of spiritual harmony in order to put things happening down in writing and some people get my jargon and, some do not.  I KNOW I have offended a person or two in my writing times, but once the true heart of the intention is understood, misunderstanding leaves and great things unfold.  A true writer knows to leave an err of mystery to the written word so sometimes know, I type in riddle…..  Which brings me to……………

Passion.  Dreams are fueled by passions and all too many people have mistaken their daily opportunity to earn a buck at work is the identity which defines them verses, being and doing what you love finding passion behind all things, should be what defines you.  (jobs included).  In my job, as a therapist, I am meet new people everyday and the conversation begins by people noticing I am living my passion!  And, I say Yes to that but it has NOT been easy at all!  It takes passion to keep going and pick up the pieces when the chips have been low.

What about you?

Are you passionate about getting healthy or getting out of pain?  Are you passion about healing your relationships with your family, old friends or transgressors? Are you passionate about helping you community locally verses bitching and complaining about the state of political affairs?  Change it.  Seriously, you have the power.  You just don’t know it yet dear.

Our city has become a mix of modern day passions!  I see poverty and wealth.  I see art and conservatism.  I see local leaders wanting to make Louisville Unified verses extreme diversity and having lived in several parts of this city, I can say there is a change coming!  In my opinion, too much diversity breeds difference where the intention of unity says we are all human.  Maybe that is why they both have a U in them?  😛  It is up to you and I am here to tell you to watch out!  Louisville and it’s growth is showing great passion for helping small businesses grow and get started.  It takes Passion.

Look guys, I can’t even begin to share the amount of passion I have for my path as the a massage therapist and owner of The Reiki Station.  This company will stand for nothing more than a genuine article of the Author.  🙂  And, I recall the moment, in the shower soon after being attuned to my Reiki Mastery, when God said, open  “The Reiki Station.”  I replied to God, (yes in the shower as you all talk to yourself in the shower, I know you do……haha)………..and said, “What’s a train got to do with it?”  And as the gracious Master Voice humbly replied to me, “No, Stupid, a Radio Station.  You are all frequency.”  Oh, duh.  We are all made up of energy.  Thus The Reiki Station was born.  That was mid-2015.

Fast forward to today and as a passionate massage therapist with a heavy healthcare administration and sales background, I decided in order to develop my brand, all I needed to know how to do was to help people decide how they to channel their personal and physical energy.

After three solid years of study and finally officially making my way through Massage Therapy school, my passion for my purpose to help people find Mind, Body and Soul (or Spirit) help, became my Quest and MY BUSINESS!   That my friends, is what The Reiki Station is about.  It is about helping you develop a mindful practice for optimal health.  Whether I work with you for wellness coaching, astrology, aromatherapy, massage, accupressure, fitness or ‘other’ remedies for health, you can bet I have touched on the subject as a self- practicing provider.

My purposes on this planet is to develop a business model that will all me to help COACH, LEAD, DEVELOP, EDUCATE & TREAT you for the causes and symptoms within my scope of practice! Are there areas of your life that need attention, particularly if you are a woman???  As a Therapist and Reiki Master, I can help at least determine if there is a pattern behind your stress or pain.  But I cannot give you the passion to want to make a change whether physically or emotionally.  That is up to you.

As I do my own work, detoxing, praying, meditating, exercising, being open to change, trying new things, talking to new people, volunteering for organizations, work on bad hips and pay my taxes, I think I may have just tapped into a new flow and I need your help to spread the Word!  But first, check in with yourself!  Are you optimal today?  Do you need a quick work over, like a massage????  If you do, my table time is quickly booking up so please think about prebooking your spring session for a massage with me and a consultation session for “other” ways to make you feel better.  When we humans come out of harsh winter, our skin, muscles, bones, joints, emotions and checkbook are screaming for attention.  I can help facilitate movement and healing but you have to make the appointment and then, a plan to keep your life moving in the right direction.  (maybe that is where the train is coming from?)

Quickly, take just one moment and ask yourself are you living in your genuine passion as you should be, because guys, WE LOUISVILLIAN’S ARE SHIFTING TO A MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS SOCIETY!  And, I can tell you it feels great so come see me and let me help you find your passion too!   Come see me!




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