It’s My Party and I’ll Blog If I Want Too!

Seek Out Your True Destiny with Yoga

This Brownie I just made for my Birthday Weekend is Exceptional!  None of us had time to bake me a cake for the Old 45th Celebration this weekend so today, after an intense day of administrative catch up, scholastic study and a deep personal yoga practice, I sealed my birthday vacation weekend up with a warm batch of Gluten Free Brownies From Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market and one shot of Bourbon to settle the soul.   I haven’t been using the Spirits (aka. wine, bourbon, beer, etc)….much lately so that I can be clearer in direction as we approach Hollow’s Eve and I set my intention for catch and release this Season.    (Pronounced Hallo…..weeeeeen for those less apt to understand the meaning of hallow behind the holiday.)

The fact that this Brownie was gluten free AND topped with Coconut Oil based Chocolate Frosting allowed me the nerve to have a larger piece.  More of a gluttonous advantage I suppose.  🙂 Ok, I had two of them.  I had two large brownies.  Not, one but Two….Large… Brownies……just now……Why?  Because when you have a birthday on Halloween Weekend, you PARTY!  You do! 🙂

And, because I could and they are so warm.  And, it’s a celebration of my life right?  And the one shot of Bourbon gives me the courage to wear my heart on my sleeve and write blogs, just for the sake of doing so, as in therapy, so it all just kicked in along with that warm, hot brownie experience and this shit is worth talking about.

These Brownies are rich and moist, and the edges are so perfectly crispy that once you get the right amount of sink in your teeth when you bite into them, you come to the truth that Brownies, are the saving grace of all guilt and sorrow.

The Coconut Oil Frosting was scary at first.  When I went to eat out of the organically marketed can, (like I did in the old days of Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines days), the newly formed Frosting just kind of chopped out of the plastic can and broke into dry, un-silky-smooth pieces.   I cringed at first but I waiting for it and used the frosting on the experiment in the kitchen.

There was indeed, a significant difference between organic Coconut Oil Frosting and the “traditional” mass manufactured frosting from a can I used to eat out of back in the 1980’s.  I must say, I was heart broken at first, but I waiting to put the coconut oil Frosting on the hot baking Brownies and as they cooled, it actually melted into the perfect layer of chocolate and sealed the core of the gluten free Brownie like Magic,  offering me the perfect bite each time.  Just sayin’……..BLISSED OUT ON BROWNIES!  (No Pot Included).

Now you may be asking is this blog going to be all about my immediate trending Brownie experience?  Well, duh, no……It is about me.  It is about the amazing time I just had over the last 4 days being on a “4 day vacation” time from working at all…..  Now, for those if you that read this that know me well, you KNOW, I am obsessed with my career.  Like, O.B.Sessed…….I love what I do.  But blogging for life is my real goal and it is so freeing for me so, well here we are!  Blogging about Life…..

You see,  if I don’t take little breaks in-between to set my karmic energy in place and revisit all my cosmic karmic intentions, I jeopardize my own personal health and wellness practice.  I would do YOU (my clients and family) no good at all if I did not take time off to recharge and revisit where I am in my life!  Writing gives me the freedom to do so.

Being a full time, Licensed Massage Therapist, and being in School for Yoga is a lot.  Being a mom, is a lot.  Being a helpful and patient wife is like………………….holy shit, I think I plane just crashed on top of my house.….yeah, it’s like that sometimes.

Owning a business and being a responsible LLC who pays their taxes is a lot.  Promoting a Brand and Supporting Yourself and others on Social Media is a lot.  Giving back to the community with charity and ministry because you know you have the power to help……..  It’s a lot.  Being a visionary and a fore-runner to try to change the minds of the sick and unhealthy when it comes to balancing their Doshas, yeah, it’s a lot.  Being Patient and Humble and Fun at Heart at the same time, it IS A LOT!

Taking a risk with your hard earned money and using your fierce passion and reputation for seeking ultimate transformation and change in healthcare under a resistant society and by using your testimony as a poor, fat, uneducated white girl in a broken down region of American Society, is going a bit rogue, and is against the grain of security and popularity and well, it too, is a lot.

Need I say more?  You see, I decided to take this weekend and I use it to change those things in life that separate me from Higher Learning and Higher Vibrations.

Traditionally I have hated my Birthdays.  They have brought on some highly charged emotional episodes.  This year, I decided to align myself with the right energy and BAM, it has been full of excitement, from being baptized in a cold water cave to experiencing one of the most loving and true birthday parties with friends that I have ever had; it all turned out just perfect and tomorrow is going to seal the deal for me.  Halloween is here!  The Door to Change is OPEN!

Something very powerful is about to take place in my life.  I know it it coming and I am taking the time to write out a letter of Gratitude to the Universe for what is about to happen in my life.  Tomorrow,  I will write a letter of intent, on paper and burn it in the caldron of my Heart.  It will be a sacrifice to burn out the old and start again anew…

The last three years have been the hardest for me yet and now, I am happier now that ever and more prepared to move into Sanctum Sanctorum with Grace and Ease.  I have found more support in my open vulnerable state of mind, during these last few years, than had I been a fraud and hid my struggles from my circles, like I had done so in the past.  My open door policy for Truth in Action is paying off because we all have skeletons in our closet.  But, what does this all mean??????? ……….

Ground Control to Major Tom.   The Scorpio has Left The Building.  She Now has Her Rocket Back on Course.  The Phoenix is Ready to Land.  And the Brownies, well are just so Damn Irresistible and rightfully so!  Happy Birthday.  1972.

In Love and In Written Mystery…..

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix



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