“Happy Thanksgiving Pal”. “Gratefulness.”

Today, it is Thanksgiving.  This blog will come with quick keystrokes and a heartfelt message.  A message that says, “I love you.”  It says no matter who you are and where you come from, I know you have value and I am thankful for our journey.  I believe that we are all connected and that in time, our consciousness will guide us to a better tomorrow.  I am thankful for you.

Now mind you, today is not going to be horrible.  Today is already just bliss.  Today is jammed packed full of fun activities with my “pals.”  Or in my case, my siblings, who are my “pals” and my foundation.  Mother, will be expecting me and, my tofu like dish.  Ok, not tofu, vodka infused lemon glazed roasted veggies.  How does that sound for Thanksgiving?  😛

So what am I Thankful for this year?  I am thankful that I have grown.  I have grown, precisely into a practicing massage therapist and a teacher.   Albeit my marketing strategies have been a mess but when your hands are in demand, you flip a Facebook post over, like a burger, well, you just keep going.  I struggle to dig out of voicemails and emails, not to mention text messages.  (Keep sending!!) They are presents of joy on my phone!

Oh and, did I mention, I am a part time student at an amazing school on Yoga.  The type of school that teaches you from the Heart of Yoga and helps you establish your practice as a lifestyle.  Hey, learning Sanskrit after learning ASL will blow your eff’ing mind, just saying.  So, not only do I have to work hard to run a business, study a new concept of “being” and show up to class,  I must apply this education to my lifestyle so I can share with my family today and others around me.   How sweet is this Thanksgiving Day?????!!!!  I get to have so much fun today!

You see, I am tired.  I manufacture my own flyers and wash my own linens and I struggle to get up at dawn and find time to either workout, do yoga or meditate.  I get stuck in the bed having dreamy time with my dreamy man, and we talk about all of our castles that were built on sand and we just take the time to connect.   Then, I hop up, get a move on and put on some music to start my day.  And all day long, people ask me “How do you do it?”  “How do you get fit, lose weight, work triple time as a massage therapist, do sales, booths, pay your bills and eat “fairly” healthy and still want to build an Empire that will change how we look at healthcare all at the same time, brushing your teeth?”  The answer.  You teach.

Teaching others to do what I say AND DO, is the key to a successful massage therapy practice.  I could go on and on about how passionate I am about Body work.  My own, included.  And now, I am now going to share with you the one magical key to having a wonderful life in the midst of internal stress breaking loose on the home front, (as happens to all of us,) and I am going to tell you how to be Happy and have a great day today.  Here goes.  It’s because of Gratefulness.

Have Gratefulness for every hard spot in life, every child that is on drugs, every broke down bank account, every flat tire, every stolen purse, every last dollar for pet surgery,  every misspelled word, every fever blister, divorce, death and resurrection you can think of.   Just say, “I am Grateful.”  Even really when your heart is broken and you are not.  And you are missing your mom or your brother.  When you know that someone from your past may want to jab a fork into your smashed potatoes.  It’s only because they know your boons from childhood.  Get over it.  Pass me the mashed potatoes.  I’ll eat some today.  I am Grateful to see my family.

Loved ones, listen, I blog and share my life with you because I am open.  I am open to all who ask me how I stay so happy and energetic.  I do my WORK!  I teach people to do their work.  And when I need to do blog therapy, I write about it.  So, if you read this post and want to share with others how you are changing your life for the better, at least click like so I know you read it because you are the one I am praying for.  My Universally Connected Reader.   Today is not easy for all.  Be mindful of those you love.

Look, if only one person knows I love them and that this inspiration is for them, then I am Grateful.  I love my life, my friends and my lessons.  I love my family and I love YOU! I love ME too.  Now, I have said my peace.  Let’s go have Thanksgiving!

Gratefully written,

Mrs. Goodyear


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