“The King is Coming Soon.”

When I look back and I see how long it has been since I have really posted in my muslin passion, aka, my blogs, I cringe.  But, I know that in the last calendar year, I,  have been, trying.  Here is what I have been trying at:

Saving a marriage that no longer is salvageable and it is OK!  We, The Goodyear couple, aka… Ed and Holly or, Holly and Ed… are no longer a couple.  The Divorce is in progress. Paid and, In Progress.  It is Over.

And with “said” situation, The King IS coming soon.

Many of my followers, whether friends, family or “other”, have had a pretty good indication that our marriage has been on the rocks in the last few years and we have officially rolled off the “Mountain” and decided a dissolution is best.

Ed, will move to Montana and live his new life, as a Deaf Man, not married to me, and happily ever after.

I, will not move to Montana and will keep my Louisville Roots, rooted in my mission and continue to do what God and the Universe, has called me to do.

Many are in shock of how the perfect couple for 10 plus years,  could reach year 16 and collapse.  WE GREW APART.

What I mean is, I,  have spend the last 5 years doing immense self work on my shadow and my purpose.  He, man with a really misunderstood invisable disability, has desired to be back home, away from “said city”, with his blood family, and “said martial” energy for YEARS has been OFF.

We, have fought and fought and fought to stick a round peg in a square hole and with one faithful swoop of a pen, have decided to call it quits. You can call it Divorce.  I call it Dissolution.  I am happy for him to go home.  He, is happy for me to stay home.  How rare is it for two people to have shared so much time together to realize, it is over and done like a burnt piece of toast in a Hamilton Beach Classic Toaster? BURNT OUT! 🙂

No arguing.  No contest. No Blame. No shame.

Am I hurting?  You fucking bet I am hurting.  But I am healing and so is “He.”

Am I shocked at the last 5 years of how the energetic blood-bath behind closed doors happened but we were both mature enough to stop it..  Yup.  We stopped it.

Then, we woke up and saw each other in a compassionate light and decided to SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS!

Do I dare Lie and say, I have not had my moments of rage over the last three to five years and how we have had to struggle over money and medical issues and communication barriers and mediumship struggles and Big Fucking EGO’s and marital rights and well, being honest about the whole damn TRUTH, about what make the other one happy?  We both know, no one is at fault.  Ha ha!  A divorce worth fighting for!  Nice one!  THAT WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY!

I have expressed before powerful rage toward things that are unseen, unexplainable and “un-funny” when it comes to the path we have engaged in.  Many have ignored the cries.  And now, the rage is gone, the powerful egotistical emotions are GONE and PEACE is here.  Oh, the Joy of a New Beginning. Whoop Whoop da Whoop!

So, Couples.  Here me.  What’s Love Got to Do With It?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing! It is about the Soul Contract.  Nothing More.  Nothing Less.  Let Freedom to be the King Ring!

So, my wish is that you wish HIM well on his new path and my other wish is you will respect the decision from both of us and know, we are not at ODDS but that the story-of how a deaf man and a hearing women could NOT survive the pain and anguish of mental hell over a fucked up governmentally run Veteran owned psychologically mental infused Medical system, the drastic difference in a hearing world and a deaf culture even when they are a LDA (Later Deafened Adult) and. a lack of emotional communication between two parties who no longer jive, when mountain of financial and physical problems seep into a marriage, you have to decide, do you save it and societally,  what is healthy?

Feel me.  We have not been healthy until NOW.  NOW.  We are ready.

You feel me when I say, we, cut the cords of an unhealthy relationship and moved on past the petty, infantry pestilence, that caused two people to stay together over reasons that no longer serve.


Thank you God, for 16 years of fun, and learning and excitement and learning.  Did I say Learning?  Yes, Life lessons learned by that beautiful mother we all can call, KARMA.

So, who is the KING?  I am.  My Mother’s Maiden name was King.  And I, being ready for a new day and a new way, will be taking my Mother’s Maiden Name and I will be changing all things to be the New Person I will be, for now and for long time to come.

Holly King.  My new name to be will Be, Holly King.


There is a great genealogical spiritual significance in my upcoming legal name!  Yowzer!

Again, no harm.  No foul.  Wish him well.  I am out.  He is out.

We are not in any way shape or form mad or pissed or ugly and we, will be friends but, my new life as Holly King is going to come with a huge blessing at hand.

New Friends.  New relationships.  New Kingdoms.  New Loves.

It is good to be King.  The domain name will change as soon as the paperwork is done.

You will not want to miss the coronation!

In His Love,

Holly King.




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