Merry Christmas Eve and Hello 2019! It The Year of the King! Saying Goodbye to a “Goodyear” and Hello to a New Life.

It ended as quickly as it started.  Or did it?  My marriage.

I look back at how fast I have processed the loss of yet a third marriage but yet, somehow, I have never been more secure, confident and sure in my life that a new day has come.  There are five years of posts here on my site and indeed, I have gone through multiple evolutions of learning with each passing gregorian calendar.  But make no mistake, in 2019, I am going to declare this new life, The Year of the King!  2018 was a good year ( and yes, pun IS intended…….) but it was THEEEE HARDEST ON RECORD IN MY LIFETIME to date but this year has been the one with the most growth and possibility for an exceptionally happy & new life.  Amen.

This is all not to say I do not have an astounding amount of “void” in my heart, because I do.   Astounding. 😦

The good news is however, it is fades more and more each passing day as I contemplate what my life possibly could look like.

Instead of washing my mind with fear and uncertainty on whether I will ever find a Loving Relationship again, and NOT compare it to the one just passed, would seem to be irrelevant said no Scorpio Women ever.  I will start a memoir.

But here is the scoop poop.  I did MY best.  I did what I knew to do with the cup of life I had not only been served, but has participated in ” Co-Creating” a life with another human partner.

Being a spiritual creature and living with another “party,” another human person, and having a crazy martial and spiritual experience, well, it is safe to say that behind closed doors, you NEVER know what one person is facing or even the other.   I have vowed to release any and all “ought and anger” towards another person who is just seeking the same happiness, so mote it be so know, I am happy the chapter has ended.

There.  “A public I forgive you now go be happy moment”.   I release all pressure in the Heart Cakra and I ask for universal mind to place an ending to my saga as Mrs. Goodyear, and as quickly as it began, give me courage on my journey as Ms. King.  Ms. Holly Elaine King.  A new story has begun.

Holly Elaine King has a purpose.  I think she may have located some of it.  At age forty-six and after being someone’s wife since the young and nostalgic age of 17, a new life has emerged.  What will the universe bring her?  What her intentions for success and independence and courage and well-being will be marketed towards others in order to provide a better quality of service for not only her life but life of her practice and clientele.  Corporate and Private.

How will SHE, Holly Elaine King, set her health and wellness success story apart from others who may grew up with access to poor nutrition globally and struggled with the way the public school educated an Empath back in the 80’s in the streets of the south end of the city?

Holly was an alley cat kid, eating corn chips and sugary toxic cereal and hormonally injected cow’s milk.  All Day.  Every Day.  Hey, don’t forget the kool-aide man.

Who could forget about that pancreatically toxic sugary esophogial construction daily dose of red kool-aid? A natural lip color indeed.  🙂

How will SHE, open up doors for others to see that they do not have to stay stuck, or imbalanced or unhealthy their WHOLE LIFE so long as THEY participate in the healing part of their practice.  And sometimes, that means ENDING TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS even when you don’t really want to.  And sometimes that means, you STOP drinking the Kool-aide.

You ka-peesh?  Yes.  You do.

The show must go on.

So I have updated the blog to my new name (and reconstructed my personal muses and want to say Merry Christmas to all.  2019 is going to be beautiful! And I will write on about it all.

Thank you for my family, my friends, my clients, my children, my parents and my loved ones for being so supportive of all my crazy ways and days of making this all work…….  And thank you to my Cats.  I consider myself a possible candidate for a sitcom called  “The Cat Lady King.”

So after a partial social media fast, (lol)…..and three cups of coffee, cheers to you all!  And Happy Birthday today to my Mother, the original Ms. King.  This one right here ya’ll.

Just saying!  I love you mommy!  May we help heal the matriarch line in our DNA and hold great space for the maiden’s in our bloodline.  Long live the King!


And, Here is to here Merry Christmas Eve blogging and for all the new stories, new poetry, new techniques, new lessons, new friendships and new journey’s that will be started because I threw my shit of life story into the wind and well…..I am still here…..and….  I want to thank Jesus and Santa for my new name for Christmas and Mom’s Birthday.  I love it!  It’s me!  Holly Elaine King.  Daughter of Lola.  Book of 2019 Reconciliations.

Merry Christmas all!

Holly Elaine King


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