“Is Sniffly Season Over?” Stop Crying Girl and Wipe Your Nose.

Magically, We Move on.  And, well, this message is partially encrypted so only a few know how to follow my ratings for this Super Sunday Musing Mission, welcome April 7th.

Wiping our Nose, from?  Allergies.  Right.  

Allergies onset by Whipped Cream.  And Hot Cocoa.  And tears.  Lots of biter winter tears.

The crying (belly-aching) ensued on or about’s January 5th and, stopped yesterday.  Yesterday, all my trouble’s seemed so far away and it almost felt like Spring.  I noticed my post nasal dripping had begun to slow down.  And my balance and pain and heart rate is wee better.

Now if we can eliminate the belly pain and the tinnitus, we will be just fine.  A bayer aspirin a day helped.  NSAID.  Said What? N- Said What?

Vagus Nerve #10.  Something is wonky with my brain……:)  Duh.



Girl, Blow your knows.  Nose, I mean.  Stop crying over what has been discontinued and start wiping the floor with your #badass-ness.  Did someone say New York City?  New York City.  Grab some TP.  The PTSD will settle over time.  But, it still is a bitch and I could have a bite.  SWEAT TIL YA BLEED

Ok, so nothing Ms. King said above may have made sense to most but the moral of the story is, I have been crying over my divorce and hurt my body emotionally but the healing needs to come so, we are moving on to say, I want so much to go on and on about what happened and why, but it matters no more and if I keep picking at the wound, thinking I will never survive without “him”, then I limit my next chapter.

Therefore, if you want to know the real story you will have to buy my autobiography and by the time I write it, I will be somewhere doing massage in New York.  The book will cost $29.99 with partial proceeds benefiting addiction recovery.  (how is that for specific intentions? 9O)

I want to write more in order to heal.  But my hands are in the practice daily since this is how we pay the bills and make that massage table all cozy for you, blog time is limited.  I am in school.  I have two cats.  I am trying to heal my relationship with my adult children. (Their mom is a Scorpio and Rising.) 🙂  However in the meantime, here you go.

The truth is, the first part of 2019, I have been fighting off some serious heart chakra blues ❤︎ my friends.  I am dreadfully happy to say, my life as a holistic practitioner is remarkable.   If you ask me anything about the body, I am gonna tell you.  Or find out.  I will exercise my way to the top or fall off of Yoga Mountain.  Savasana, IS my favorite pose and I do rest in between working and I have been doing more and more yoga to ease my emotional stress.

As the circle in my life begins to change, I will change also and let go.  I have to start over this April and April is about planting where you are bloomed.  And I am bloomed at home, but would like to travel at some point and share my story of life.

My passion is to see people NOT HURT.  And post-divorce thrice, to say I do not hurt in my heart chakra, is to lie.   But I have to see the bigger picture and some big things are about to change for my office and my health.  I am learning as I go.

I will not let in so easily with Love next time, nope.  But I am currently surrounded by fierce friends, families and clients, who know, that what does not kill you makes you stronger.  Dating is a choice and “I” will be more selective with whom, I spend my time out with.  And besides, I am busy.  I am a fierce protector of my practice and will be focused on the healthcare ladder climb.  Raise the Emotional Flag Ya’ll!  You all know I about died in the pain of all this stuff.…….past tense.

Life is full of blessings.  Our country has the finest people in this city, but we still have much work to do if we are going to identify with wellness.  Your markers matter.  And for me to help folks understand that everyone has stuff to deal with and as a therapist, this I know.  I make a good therapist because I live and authentic lifestyle.  It is called IMPERFECT!

Where are you in life? Are you Imperfect?  Are you selective of where you share your energy?  I am.

Do we feel safe and able to make it on our own?  I have to.  Do we know how to share our thoughts and emotions online in order to help understand the wave of how our children now communicate?  ONLINE!

Do we own a gun?  (Yes, a nice one!).  Legally to and I will be re-upping my carrying permit this next year too.  I like to gun range shoot! 🙂   We still have to interact with humans.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you that have stood by me for three years, in tragic circumstances, I thank you.  For those, I have had to distance from, in spite of Love or willingness to want to see you, I thank you.  For my clients who watched me ebb and flow and are now booking out a year to make sure you are here with me as I with you, I super thank you because you help me pay my bills and budget my time and efforts into downsizing my drama and upsizing my goals.

I always had a vision of a half-way mission.  Half-way to stardom, and all the way to successful.  In doing this, many will reap of the harvest.  Plant where you are welcome in 2019,  and I am going to start planting my ass behind this blog in order to make my next chapter better. I can track it and I can review and learn lessons well earned.

Happy Sunday.  Rain is expected.

In all my Love and Hopes and Wishes, in House 11.

Ms. King




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