“Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.”

Greetings Reader.  Welcome to My Story.  My story has continued to reach readers since the summer of 2013 and I am shocked to see how time as flown looking back now at my drive thru life.  (Can I get fries with that shake?)


You see, dear reader, I have had many epic transformations these last 7 years, from my unexpected exit from my thriving career as a life and health insurance account executive to a tiny little market on the planet, in a field called the healing arts.  And of course also, one big bad wolf came to the door in 2018 and granted me the hardest thing of all these last sever years.  One big fat ugly partially blindsided thing we in America call, A Divorce.

I have found myself recently staring in the magic mirror many a day wondering where things went haywire.  I have yet to fully figure it out but in the meantime, my Fairy Godmother reminds me that I am safe, secure most days and, that I am still loved.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist slash Yoga Instructor slash Reiki Master Teacher slash Universal Life Minister, I went from pantyhose to yoga pants in the blink of an eye, or so it seems and as each day passes by post transformation, I am grateful for the magic that spawned all of the changes in my life and it is time for me to realize that even though I am now alone……..I am not really alone.  My Fairy Godmother is always with me and she effects me in a positive and a nurturing way.

And now, as we quickly jet forward toward the EPIC new year of 2020, I am going to introduce you to what I call, “The Fairy Godmother Effect” and how it changed my life.

And remember, this is My Story and My Happily Ever After that we speak of so any and all references to another party in My Story has the first right of refusal on how they perceived that the Story goes but I assure you after twenty years of journaling, I may have a few of the hard core facts dated and jotted down in a few inconspicuous places.  🙂

So what is this Fairy Godmother Effect that I speak of?

Read on to learn more.

During the summer of 2012, I was up early on a Saturday, kneeling on my knees cleaning around the kids toilet on a cold, ceramic bathroom floor.  I had my cleaning cloth in one hand and my spray bottle of cleaning solution in the other.  As I was wiping up the urine around the kids toilet (as any good mom of teen-agers who do nothing for you should do) I was frantically trying to clean up the home early in hopes that I would knock out my chores in time to spend some quality time with my mate.

I was sullen and frustrated at all of the mommy slave things I had to do and I was excessively tired from yet another 60 hour work week.  I was as drained as a working mom could be and I just wanted to get it all done so I could only hope to enjoy a day of self care and relationship balance.  I was tired of the same old cycle.  Work, Eat, Sleep, Clean, Repeat.

As I leaned in deep with my head pressing against the side of the porcelain johnny, I heard a voice coming from my OWN head that sounded much like an old women.   “Do not worry dear, I am your fairy godmother and I will provide for you a New Kingdom in which one day YOU will be able to Enjoy.  Just keep working.”  I could see her in my Third Eye as plain as day and I started laughing at my symptoms of madness and out loud, started chanting:

Cinderelly, Cinderelly Night and day it’s Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping…….

You get the picture.

My anger and frustration slowly disappeared as I sang and I just continued to clean receiving a download of memories that Walt Disney intentionally planted into my childhood think tank.  It was then that accepted the fact that My Fairy Godmother was what skilled bloggers and writers would call, The Muse. 

The download of information about my life on this earth came pouring in and the thought patterns on who I could eventually become was incredible.  I had a futuristic glimpse of what it would be like to be crowned as a vocal woman willing to stand up for the sad truth that most of us were really bitter and tired of the lies about what the perfect picture of happiness should look like.

As recent as 2012, we ladies tried to thrive in a society that expected women to work long hours as corporate executives, holding massive amounts of responsibility all the while we were expected to clean, cook, take out the trash and create a sacred space for her home mates to enjoy, deal with the kids games, pay the bills and proctor daily routines.

Women have long since been viewed as an equal living partners with this perfectly MALE matched up mate, and without the help or consent of anyone or anything, have been given the authority to control absolutely….NOTHING.

It was in that moment that Fairy Godmother clearly had shown me, the Pumpkin Coach had not quite yet arrived and to listen to her when things got rough because no matter how much Walt Disney told me there was a once upon a time, he failed to capitalized on the pain of getting to the happily ever after.  Not until he released the details of the hard working efforts of his beloved Cindy back in 1950.

Cinderella was a product of abuse.  Family Abuse.  Cinderella was blindly hopeful that ONE DAY her Prince would come and swoop her away with such love and care that her rags would turn to riches and her ripped out converse would turn glass and sparkle like the crystal boots she had always wanted.  Oh, eventually He Did.  He came.  But I have to ask my Fairy Godmother a new question.

Did he really hold his end of the bargain up?  We do not know.

The story ended with her dancing her way into the Castle in her beautiful blue dress expecting to live happily ever after.  However, if she were American, I have a feeling she still had to clean up after their kids and pick up that blue toilet brush all over again.  No one really tells us what happens after the Mr. Prince on the White Horse comes to take her away from such morbid family abuse.  Chances are, they got a brutal divorce and their kids end up fighting over their public property and settlement agreements demanding the life insurance be left equally to them postmortem mom and dad.  Bummer.

Now, in answering your question, what is the fairy godmother effect?

A Fairy Godmother effect is the voice in your head that comes through as a magical figure with a job designed to mentor a young child’s life and give them a sense of guidance and direction when the parents are out and about doing Kingdom stuff.

When there is no one there to help you get the job done, FGM encourages us to keep working while the day of light and light of day exists and effects us in a positive way when things are not going well.

FGM reaches deep into the heart of the virginal one and protects the innocence of the heart when others do not.

FGM relates the chore to the reward and keeps the child focused on the prize.

FGM reminds the child to see beyond the rags of now and find truth in the natural side of life ensuring there is abundance.

FGM brings the birds and the bees to the ambrosia.

FGM speaks to her tender sacred offspring as if she truly birthed the child from the enchanted place in her heart and gives her hope that one day she will have a Beautiful Palace of her own.

FGM’s effect on a human being is priceless.

When the child is older, and cannot see FGM anymore, one of two things will happen.

Either the child will become morbid and dry over the loss of youthful spiritual guidance or something magical will happen and the Child will reconnect with the innocent spirit of FGM having lasting effects of hope and embellishment for the future Kingdom.   This is the effect of FGM.

So, in closing as I rewrite the story of my life in 2020 I am going to reestablish my relationship with my FGM because she lives inside of my heart and she clearly knows how hard I have worked for the purpose of the Kingdom.  The Effects of FGM started with me somewhere around 1976 and she returned unto me in 2012.  Now, she is back again seven years later and with seven dwarfs may I add. 🙂  Sweet!

Tonight, I am very grateful for that fateful day around the Porcelain Queen slaving over the urine my son dropped all over the floor.  It was the day I met My FGM.  She helps me with My Story Designs and I need her mentorship now more that ever.

And even now I can say, if my happily ever after pumpkin ride tumps over again and I have to return to cleaning toilets for a living should anything happen to me, I will just call an UBER and settle for a guy in a Ford Focus to pick me up and take me to a land far far away once my work here is done expecting nothing from him but a tote.

No matter where I go.  FGM will be with me hammering out these stories, help me to find healing light in my past and I am so grateful for FGM which is now the Muse in Me.

The End.




2 thoughts on ““Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.”

  1. My FGM, I believe is the reason that I’m ok today. Thank you so much for this beautiful message! I was so entertained and connected to it so much! I actually read the entire thing out loud and sang “Cinderelly Cinderelly….”

    1. We are all mirrors of the same universe and I appreciate your comment sister! My childhood healing progress continues as I write about my emotional journey and how I use my Muse to soothe my pains. 🙂 Much love to you!

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