“Happy Autumn Readers! Are You Ready To Play Dress Up?”

Greetings Reader!  Happy Autumn!  My Favorite Time of the Year.

Sexy Me Red Dress


Welcome to the ritualistic abating of the setting sun.

Are you ready for Halloween?  Are you Ready to Play Dress Up?  I am.  And I am a shape shifting phenom.

What do you think about my costume?  Biker Babe Gone Mad Scientist Bonkers maybe? 😛 

Actually, I had to shift my shape shifter into this powerful little leather and lace dress I found at a local consignment store for the low low price of $20.  I could not believe it.  All my life I wanted to wear a sexy little black and red roses leather dress with spaghetti straps and there she was.  Hanging on my face.  I took the little piece into the dressing room, tried it on, then squealed!  It worked!  I manifested my dream.

It wasn’t that I was trying to look like a street walker, or a trailer hoe, it was about looking like me.  (I had never street walked in my life but I did grow up 15 years with my kids on a house with wheels.  Who ever knew there were trailer parks on Taylor Blvd.?)  There are.

So here we are 20 years plus a 160 pound weight loss and my $20 prize was all mine to play dress up in and so, we photographed it.

I was so nervous to put something like “this” little get up on, and wear it in front of my camera man.  I think the sweaty goop I manifested that day under my armpits is still drying in his studio.  But, I was brave and at age 46 I did it.  I sported my shape shifted body after all those years and I started really thinking about myself and what I really wanted out of my story at this point in life.

I still do not know.

I am still shifting every day.

One minute I want stardom.

One minute solstice.

One minute I want to become more open about my views on life and human rights and the next minute I do not feel worthy to even vote because in the big picture I am not sure it matters.

We say it does.  But, does it?

2020 American culture clubs are all wearing their masks day in and day out trying to figure out where to punch the eye holes out for the upcoming Presidential elections.

And now, entering into the great and powerful millennial age of youthful executive bargain hunters, I have decided to take on a new challenge in 2020.

One that takes bravery.  It is called……………being myself.  Every day.

The joy of waking up each morning knowing that I am the master of my own messes and that I, and I alone, have the ability to remove any and all emotional disabilities from my path, so long as I focus on the potential positive outcomes. (PPOS)

It is time we “X” Gens begin to remove the masks we are wearing when it comes to empowerment and acceptance and show our millennials that we really do love them and we really do care.  But, they too, would do well to take some notes, that some of us are here to help guide them and they too, will become older and ill of health if they are not careful.  M’s are going really really fast into the future of technology and artificial intel.  And, I am trying to keep up.

So what is it I am really trying to say?

To be 46 years old, and post a picture like this while running a very busy Mind, Body, Spiritual Practice takes a lot of guts.  You are working with people from very different backgrounds and belief systems about our World.  My God, My God, yes, I am wearing fishnets.  Real live state of the art fishnets.  Someone call the yoga police.


We are all trying to figure out what we should eat, what we should drink. who we should hang out with and how much energy should we give to our our dreams and personal self care verses extending our light to others in an unlikely enigma such as co-dependency or totalitarian abuse.

To be so theatrical in my practice is on purpose not to frighten my audience but to enhance the power of creativity.

I am asking the M’s to see us crazy folk and listen to us open hearted X’s before we are all globally economically screwed because of the intense amount of stress produced in our daily lives.  We all need to lighten up.  We all need downtime and playtime.  We all need love.

We old folks can indeed be brave enough this Halloween season and play dress up with the young kids so we too, can find positive positioning for our future generations at let them see it’s to see it is ok to play when you get “old, right?”  (Ok, no I am far from old but tell that to my aching aging joints but those red heels were worth the sacral adjustment I had to have the next day from my Massage Therapist……)

Can we be sexy? Yes we can.

Can we be fun?  Yes we can.

Can we non-marrieds be safe in our dating relationships and extend laughter and mirth to others without being falsely judged on our appearance?  Yes we can.

To be quite honest, I see more femmie skin showing in high tower executive bargaining committees than I am showing in this pickle of a picture so take that…… haha.

I had the best time with my photographer making this photo shoot happen.

And I am so excited about the change of season so I can dress up when I want and not be seen as a kook or a hooker. :/

Reader, welcome to the best time of the year!  What will you be for Halloween?  Will you be Brave?  Will you Be Yourself?







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