“Hope Floats.”

Hope Floats.  And so does poop.  Sometimes.  Sometimes it is an indication that something is seriously wrong in the body and shows us we have to eliminate some serious toxins from the body.   Sometimes the body becomes under so much stress that our poop becomes very sick and we cannot hold our bowel.  This is an indication that the body needs rest.  From something.  A Detox is not a pretty thing.  Never was.


Today, I have been watching an incredible force of nature go through a transformative event.  It has impacted my body greatly.  I always tell people I am empathic and that is what makes me such a great therapist.  I can SEE how much pain goes in and out of our troubled waters (NO POOP PUN intended) but to really understand the physical, mental and spiritual transmutation of energy from one source of life-force to another is painfully incredible.

I find myself at times in so much shock at what the body and the mind are capable of, as an empath, like a mother trying to save a duckling she will walk precisely out in front of the oncoming car if she is not careful and BAM, Duck Roast.  (Sorry Vegan Fellowships).

You realize when you wake up one day how connected you are really to another human being and the art of human touch can pass on emotional responses to another just like a germ.  Or, like a seed.  I like the seed concept because as a massage therapist, I touch an average of 100 clients a month AND, I require much self care.  I get it.  I do my work.  So I can do good work for others but sometimes I have to hide and rest too.  It is normal.

Now, positively speaking God is working with me on a very large does of patience and trust and has offered me a deep spiritual awakening.  Through the maneuvering of events in the last 48 hours, and a lack of sleep and peace came by my door.  But what this lie of lack attack did not know is that I had an angel at my side all night as well and her name was Hope.  (Or is Hope shall I say.)

Hope is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Today, I saw Hope as I sat in my car and cried for over an hour and watched her fly by me in the form of a bird.  I saw Hope in several falling leaves.  One by one, I saw the leaves drop down, suspended in a whirl of golden color.  The leaves will fade soon and the colors will come but they will fade.  But do you know what will not fade?  Hope.

Hope floats through the air like the smell of poop I am sure.  I like the smell of Hope way better than I like the smell of poop.  It is just preference.

Folks, those who know know it takes a strength and a courage to be vulnerable in a mass production world of materialism.  Resources?  Where are they?  Hope and Help in Kentucky? Maybe.  We will see.

Or am I stammering around today by myself wondering if Hope really exists?  No.  I am not.  I KNOW Hope Exists.  I see her with me right now as I finish my pity party and get the f’ back out to fight one more day.

Hope Floats in the life of many.  And if your poop not nice and semi-floaty brown, then consider why?  Our body is a huge science project as is our mind sometimes.  That is if you live without Hope.

I think if we live one more day with Hope floating by our side, our Mind will precisely be prepared when the unhealthy thoughts of doom come.  Guess what, I am in shock, I am tired, I am decompressing from SPTSD and I have Hope.

Reader, if you find you are an empath and you touch an infirmity from a human which shares the same DNA as you, you too, can contract the pain.  (Almost always.)  This is science.  So, in saying that remember, to be mindful of the days when you don’t feel well so you don’t pass anything destructive to your receiver.  Hug someone in the name of Hope even when they are sick, but send it on to God to be cured and transmuted into His Divine Marvelous Light.  That is Hope.

Now, take that Lack.  No time for a Lack Attack.  It’s time to Float on Trust and Hope.


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