“Like A Pocahontas! A Woman’s Friend.”

Photo on 11-7-13 at 4.06 PM.jpg

Good Morning and Greetings Reader.  This is me.  Little.

This is me looking like a bag of potatoes because I WAS in a potato sack.  That thing would make a great skirt.

But this little girl became a Spirit Warrior.  One who KNOWS.

One who sees life become brighter and happier when we keep on trucking.

Driving through my life is such a priceless experience.  I get to FEEL.  I get to work within my own Shadow and my shadow is sometimes this little girl.  There was much happiness in this photo.  I “felt” innocent.  I get to be a Pocahontas.  Just look at that Hair!

But then the Big Bad Wolf In My World came in and I married, and married, and married, (no this is not a repeat word on an accidental.)  And now, since Deeeee-voriced.  And it has sucked.  Just saying.  But………………

Now since, becoming a STRONG and Engaging Prayer Spiritual Friend and Warrior for the cause I have become  A Woman’s Friend.  Once who can say, “Yep, girl, I feel that.” And then we hug.


I announce to be a Single now.  A FORCE of Nature I cannot control.  So don’t ask…….My Spirit Requires me to do work that will help to go back and heal this little girl.  The girl I knew before daddy left.  No man is safe in these waters.  Until, she reads Carl Yung.  😉

I guess that is why I love Elizabeth Taylor.  She is adorbs……

The moral of the story is this.  Yesterday, I (WE) ladies in our circles lost a good friend.  Not to a good way out.  But is there ever a good way out?  Regardless, the drive through life you see on social media isn’t always in real time.  Slow down and smell the roses.

May God and Goddess Bless and Love us here in our HomeTown.  The hometown that Holly Drove Through and we will miss you gurl. Praying for all involved.


Holly King


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