“Organic South End Wellness Needed.”

Greetings Reader.

I am not sure what the planet is doing in your life right now, but in mine, Mother Earth is completely asking for my attention.  Last night I dreamed there were plenty of TP packages in Meijer and I only bought one pack.  However, wink, It was a lesser quality, higher priced item but I was able to spare a square for a neighbor.


Sexy Me Red Dress Halloween

And no, it’s not Halloween but it sure feels creepy out.  Please are wearing masks.  The planet is purging us.  Why?  Did we do something she did not like? (This photo is just for show). I like to dress up you know.)

But why is Mother Earth Mad?

Did Earth Day pass and I forgot to put out a flag in my yard in the South End.  They do that you know.  Hang flags.

But as an organic south end girl, that has lived in every part of the county, including Bullitt, Spencer and the crack of land in-between, I feel as if my titles have nothing to do with my journey.  I am just plain and organic.  Born and raised in America.  And I am saddened by the horrific conundrum of the virus notoriety and it’s enormous outlet.


Wondering if the economy will move, my predictions will be accurate and that when the wellness practices reopen there will be a flood, knocking us over so we can take away their trapezoid pain and their anxieties.


But what do I know?

I am just a south end business who cannot get a response to a loan let alone a loan and I am making serious changes in my daily practices.  I am trying to keep some type of connection with my clients, (many prepaid) and trying to zoom with them, get myself back to a wage where I no longer need to draw UI.  What a mess.  Millions no work.

I am however, watching the locals, doing my best to serve and offer free meditations online as well as stay at home and as far away from humans as I can. I have had the need to see Mother, Daughter, Son, and only two co-working humans.   I got to the grocery looking like Batwoman, in Plexus Gloves and rat-ta=tan masking. I am suited for battle.  And I carry Rubbing Alcohol. EVERYWHERE.

I am trying to do my part.

Now, before I go too far let’s come back to the virus because that is the swarm of telecommunications feeds today.   We want numbers.  We want answers.  We want party lines to matter.  We want to be able to buy TP and vegetables and corn.

We want to eradicate this virus and stop the mutation.  We want a cure.  An outlet to blame and more TP.

But listen to me. I am a body worker and I know for a FACT that we humans typically carry several active human Virome at one time so Corona is just a new mutation of something already happening many times a year. Think Herpes and HIV. Ok? Ok?

I am not a doctor but, when you look at our risks and the fact that MOST deaths ARE from other side effects, it just begs the question of the extension of the situation.

MY FIRST RIGHT IS TO ASK YOU HERE, do we think that MOTHER EARTH has a hand in checking in with our human immunity and is there anything we can do organically to shift the body system into Red ALERT and help the human host get free from the virus while building our immunity?


Is this natural selection? Or did someone make this virus in a lab? The President is looking into it.

I do not know. I DO care.  As the President mentions, we are being “attacked.”  So, I say let’s look at all modalities now that we are flattening the curve Louisville!  Just a few more steps until May.  Derby Love.  Parties.  Toilet Paper price reduction.


How do we fight this war?

In prayer.  Lot’s of prayer.  I want to know who hates me enough not to let me hug my momma?  Apparently they (the germs) do not like the human touch.  It, the virus, must have special powers to kill the virus and that is the trick in the treat.  Do we even know if a hug brings down a fever or offers some breath work that had 02 and Co2 exchange capabilities?

With Comedy.  I want to help you laugh like a medicine so you (and I ) do not loose our minds.  I will use You Tube to express myself as a person and still ask the questions as a curious little south end girl digging in the piles of junk day looking for a dolly or cigarette.  (When I was 12).   This is where YouTube comes in.  Think Kevin Hart or Robin Williams. GTHS.

I want to ask you questions.  Pose topics.  Listen to my medical muse.

Do we need to organically and slowly detox?

You tell me?

I lost 140-150 pounds over 25 years. It hurt. And no, I am not 100 perfect. I suffer from chronic Autoimmune. It happens in my skin. So, no, I do not want to get this damn thing either. No. No. And I do not want your people’s to get it either.

I am not the enemy, I am the prayer warrior waiting in the wings and to have the medical community allow us (holistic care takers) back in to help the doctors and nurses unwind from this messy outbreak, is something worth considering.

We can be tested. We can follow rules. We can make notes on the changes of our clients. We can take your temp, your BP, your height and weight and your energy readings. We can make notes. We are therapists.  We took Anatomy class. College Level. It is required in our license.

Listen, I don’t want to get it either.

And I do not want to pass it to anyone, but we are stopping the one thing that healthy people need to stay strong and that is wellness.

I have no more fat to keep me warm.

I stay cold.

I also have a mental drive and passion to find ways to help other live well, so yes, I work a lot which sets off my triggers.

But this is more than just about making money for me this is about learning our body systems and how to build, build and rebuild our immune system when it is down.  and, maybe not just with a steroid pill.  Please, no more pills!!

Brass Covid

Let’s stop wasting our synthetic prescriptions and look deeper for one minute shall we?  If we are not cross referencing our meds and our supplements with someone professionally, we may be REALLY messing with our brains.   Mother EARTH HAS OUR ATTENTION, let’s listen to her.  Can we do this more organically and not pass COVID 19?

Are you finding the data on whether CBD works?  If not, please go here!  The research is happening.  https://502hemp.com/


Guys and Gals……Ya’ll know me.

I want our community to see that living organic is possible and we are all about surviving. So, are your grandmother and her daughter. Are they stressed? Could they use a little yoga or downtime? Is grandma zooming? I would love to make her laugh and smile and not live in fear that this virus will kill her.

If we can build a good ph and immunity for grandma she will be here tomorrow. In most cases. But as a holistic provider, who has helped with many deaths, both as an ear and hands on person, there is a way to add us back to the mix and get us off UI. We can become sideline caregivers even to the hosporus cases if you will allow us back in. Families can barely hold a funeral. What if we helped them zoom one as ministers of the arts? There are other ways to help folks feel better.

So, what is one person, like me, a holistic provider to do?

Well, I do not know about you but I am heading to The Reiki Station to talk about what I see.


I will move my market ability. I will talk and try to form a channel, that channels information by way of comedy verses tragedy and I will post there.   I will be my own medical muse.  

I will have no claims to healing your or curing you on YouTube. Nope.

Just sharing my concerns. The bible said this day was going to come and now we act like it is not here. It’s here.

But we cannot blame or hate or conquer everything at once but we can hold a case by case argument that healthy lifestyle plays a part in getting us back out social especially if I am already carrying 18 viruses in my body daily like my neighbor. We always have. Novel Corona is just a new case so let’s try some clinical trials of bodywork and see what happens.

And we can talk about that stuff on You Tube. We can be our own medical muse.  I know I rattle on when I blog about personal and practical experiences and have walked out some painful shit, but now that I am safe and home and trying to listen to my own mind I have to ask myself, what is blowing up inside of all this white wind?  Where will we find the answers now?  Stay tuned.  I am looking……..

Holly King Author

THIS BLOG HAS NO INTENTION ON HEALING, CURING OR DIAGNOSE YOU AND IS MERELY THE OPINION OF THE AUTHOR FOR PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL RECORDS. This is not medical advice supported by the AMA. All opinions are listed as observations from one person, myself, Holly King in the first right amendment action.

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