“The Blog is Back! I Just Don’t Know What to Say, Yet.”

Happy Day after the Lion’s Gate Leo New Moon. Happy Monday. Happy take a break before jumping into another session coffee break I want to write and have been missing that art since the last time I hammered out a written thought.

I love to write. I love to be able to sit down and a local coffee shop, grab a shot of caffeine and a buttery scone and just let my thoughts go by way of typing and thinking along and that my friends, is the reason why I blog. People like me just have to get it out.

But what is it that we have to get out? Well, for some bloggers it is all subject to a very disciplined content and they drill away their thoughts and expertise online regarding some type of crazy passion like food, fishing or fantasy. My reasons however, are quite different. It is like I was born with a muse inside my mind and she (Eleanor is what I named her) sometimes has to unleash the power of the purpose based on any subject matter really, so I guess that makes me a rogue blogger at best and, a novice. Ok, ,maybe an intermediate. 🙂

You see, people like me (classic empathic storyteller) notice the world around us so quickly, it is similar to how a laser light computer can pin point your chin hair and just blast away at the root of the matter and find a cure and a cause for almost anything but the person in the chair has no idea how fast that laser beam is really going.

As an empath the world around me is so intense, so heightened that by the time the next visual or thought comes around, 8 million other thoughts have happened and the light hasn’t even turned green yet.

I am always in wonder of what the person on the street corner is doing, thinking, saying or wondering themselves. I want to pick their brain. I want to pick the Mayor’s brain and the teacher’s brain and the brain of my best friend about any and everything you could possibly think of.

Now keep in mind, I do have specific professional and industrial issues I am more passionate about than others, but really, I like to talk about everything. I was born with a gift of gab. I also, drain and tire easily.

Blogging gives me a moment to decompress, see the world around me in a more compassionate way and it allows me the time to express and say what I want to say without someone else sitting across from me changing the subject.

Blogging let’s me be in control.

In the past, if you decided to read some of my earlier writings, you will see a lot of fear, stress, emotional outbursts and some anger. And for those who know me well, they know, I had every right as a human being to feel the way I felt about my life pre-pandemic.

However, here we are in 2021, and I am not sure how we leap frogged into another year bypassing what was supposed to be the best economical year of my life. 2020 was a fuck fest but I learned so much.

Stay tuned for more nonsense and blogging from me. I know that you know that I know a lot of stuff I know about but highly intelligent folks like myself get taking for idiots because of a typo, a subjective comment or worse, a personal opinion about society and it’s shortcomings.



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