From the impoverished southend of concrete city life to the corporate existence of the “American Working Girl’s” Dream, Holly went from one end of the spectrum to another by choosing to consciously make a change in SELF.   After struggling through childhood obesity, a blended family, bouts of low self-esteem and depression and two divorces, only to THEN made her way into corporate America, decided that a mountain of debt and stress was not worth the checking account it was deposited in.  Upon deciding that money and prestige was not the driving factor for living Whole chose to make some significant career and SELF evaluating changes!, She hopped on the fast track to Mind, Body and Spirit studies looking for the TRUE-TRUE definition of Happiness and Wholeness.  Through much ridicule and scoffing, Holly set out to read, write and study all she could about Happiness while hanging securely on her traditional Christian upbringing.  Leading to a bright new awakening of how we, in America, are failing to see the truth behind our fast paced unhappy lives and allow confusing DOGMA and lack of understanding, to keep us sick mentally and physically!  Come join her in celebrating the new views on well-being in America and how driving on through this human existence can bring harmony, hope and a new freedom to enjoy life in the American fast lane.  Most are here by default so why not choose to drive-thru HAPPY!

2 thoughts on “About

    1. @psychologistmimi,

      This is so true. It was like a fast track progression that life placed me on to seek out happiness but more so, to TEACH people to be happy. Happiness has so many open meanings but bliss is one of them. The word Bliss is fun and whimsical and refreshing. Mountains of stressful activities in one day can distort our view of the meaning of life. My quest, BE HAPPY! And shall ye’ be too!

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