Two Spots? A Possible Diagnosis.

Before you read this blog let’s understand that when someone blogs, it is a public view into their secret thoughts publicly.  Sometimes they are offensive to you as a person but you have to understand the audience reading any Blog should be sensitive to this and if anything does offend, then in Love, gently clickContinue reading “Two Spots? A Possible Diagnosis.”

“ARE WE THERE YET PAPA SMURF?”-Cartoon Confusion…..

Are we there?  Are we there?  And on and on they go……   Kids….. youngin’s….. the old folk called them.  I see now that many of them appear to get on their parents nerves.  It is quite sad.  But do you not remember being a child?  What is your fondest memory? My fondest memories ofContinue reading ““ARE WE THERE YET PAPA SMURF?”-Cartoon Confusion…..”

A Seven Day Challenge in 9 Days! The Color Purple!

Well, I did it!  I completed a self challenge.  I did not do a perfect job but I have seen this to completion! In 9 days I have blogged about Colors.  Rainbow, Chakra, Crayola like colors.  And even though I did not complete this in 7 days, I give myself a passing score that evenContinue reading “A Seven Day Challenge in 9 Days! The Color Purple!”

Indigo! Ohhhhhh La La!

The Color of the Day is Indigo.  This one represents Meditation and Wisdom, Spirituality and has a cooling effect on your psych.  In the 98 degree Louisville Weather, yeah, I am thinking Indigo.  Where else can you find it?  In the Sunset when you look in-between the colors of orange and red.  It’s there.  JustContinue reading “Indigo! Ohhhhhh La La!”

Let’s Talk About Responsibilities! (Rated: C for Crass Humor)…..

Have you ever been unnerved at something?  Or Maybe Somebody and not even know why?  Chances are you are listening to your own voice rattle around in your head.  As much as you love to hear yourself talk, (:-D) it is most likely you having an argument with yourself on whether what is going onContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Responsibilities! (Rated: C for Crass Humor)…..”

A Mid-Week Color Challenge Tip! – Rainbow Eating!

Much of diet and exercise basics are common sense if we look at the colors of the rainbow. Eating at least 7 colorful natural foods can certainly start stimulate a reverse effect on chronic obesity. There are 7 colors in the rainbow and 7 colors of the light spectrum as well. By using Color TherapyContinue reading “A Mid-Week Color Challenge Tip! – Rainbow Eating!”

“Live life when…

“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it.” Florence Nightingale In my studies this summer for Holistic Health and Wellness, I have noticed a resounding tone about the Health Care System at large.  In keeping the level of politics for this blog to a bare minimum itContinue reading ““Live life when…”

And the Color Is………..Blue! Like my Toes!

Today I dressed myself as I normally do as a grown Adult, and I noticed I had picked Blue for my Toenails, a Blue Shirt and Blue Drwals.  (Only Country Gals Know how to Say that!).   And then, as I marched my way through the morning, and I realized my Color for Today isContinue reading “And the Color Is………..Blue! Like my Toes!”