Day 4 Crayon Reference! Um’ My Favorite!…….GREEN!

Do you every look at a word such as Crayon and really look at the Letters?  What is sound like????  Cray-un?  I think virtually all of us say it that way South of the Board.  Mexico?  No-No……Ken-tucky!  This part of the Year Kentucky is beautifully Green.  Green like Money???  YUM.  Like the Yum Center?  No-No-Continue reading “Day 4 Crayon Reference! Um’ My Favorite!…….GREEN!”

It’s the Yellow House!

Louisville Kentuckiana’s know today is a HOT HOT Monday.  But along with the heat is the bright Sun.  At times, the Sun’s heat can be a misery especially for those working outdoors.  But the Color Yellow is more to us psychologically.  In our thoughts, we can focus on the Color Yellow to strengthen us.  YellowContinue reading “It’s the Yellow House!”

The Color of the Day IS…………Orange you wanting to know?!?!

Well, as I depart from the Minot Airport in ND, it gives me opportunity to write.  Such a bitter sweet departure and as I look out the window and it is cloudy.  So, I pull out of my little orange handbag, an Orange.  (well, ok, a clementine but let’s not get too caught up onContinue reading “The Color of the Day IS…………Orange you wanting to know?!?!”

7 Day Color Challenge!

So, during my new studies of Holistic and Integrated Wellness, there is a chapter on Color Therapy.  As many of you may know, Colors invoke certain brain responses based on mental emotions and was used in Ancient Egyptian times within their healing temples.  So for the next 7 days, consider this your 1 minute class on “colors.”Continue reading “7 Day Color Challenge!”

Sunset in North Dakota Wheat Fields!

I have met some incredible people in this small town of Landsford. Being in a town of less that 100 people, sitting in a Motel room ALONE for days while Hubby grinds his heels to the bone walking the land, it has humbled me as well as refreshed me to think about Happiness and MyContinue reading “Sunset in North Dakota Wheat Fields!”