“Slight Dippity Doo! Hey, She Said Doo. Ha!”

Hey, first of all not a peep of this blog is coming from a place of Fear.  Fear Based Intentions will destroy you and as I come of age, I realize that thoughts are exactly what project Fear when the chips are down, but nonetheless.  I am still in the game, fighting, winning, although inContinue reading ““Slight Dippity Doo! Hey, She Said Doo. Ha!””

“Two Months Since I Have Blog Vomited About My Life! Whaaaat?”

Ok, so I just realized that I have not blogged (one of my personal therapeutic past-times) and well, it is time.  I do not count it coincidence that my morning appointment cancelled.  I think I need a hot moment of just being present.  Blogging really snaps me back into a beta state of mind (awareness)Continue reading ““Two Months Since I Have Blog Vomited About My Life! Whaaaat?””

“Exceptionally Tired. But Riding On With Greg Allman Radio.”

I love it.  I am now past the point of fear.  Past the point of worry and dread.  For months, I would wake with a sense of dread and it took quite the meditation in the morning to change my thoughts so I could get out of bed with the Fruit of the Spirit insteadContinue reading ““Exceptionally Tired. But Riding On With Greg Allman Radio.””

“Readings are not Dead. Finding Agelessness in Celebrating Mabon with Words and Symbols!”

Will it ever happen?  Will people ever have an awareness of cycles and how for centuries, most cultures have experienced exceptional turnover when it comes to knowledge of seasons and celebrations?  I hope so. Today, I take some time to sit and read.  Read about Mabon.  This Fall Equinox harvest is the representation of dyingContinue reading ““Readings are not Dead. Finding Agelessness in Celebrating Mabon with Words and Symbols!””

“When Waking Up Seems Too Much!”

Have you ever done it?  Woke up from  your dreams and been like “Oh no, not again?”  We fail to admit to sometimes but in the few few moments of waking up, most of us are under some kind of struggle.  Maybe it is pain from being stiff or maybe it’s that hot barbarian ChippendaleContinue reading ““When Waking Up Seems Too Much!””

“Advocacy For A Universal Love Language.”

It is a crying shame that I wake up every morning questioning my skills as a motivator.  It takes me a few hours to sink into my daily purpose and realize that the clothes in the floor, the dishes in the sink and the make up all over the bathroom counter mean NOTHING when itContinue reading ““Advocacy For A Universal Love Language.””

“Classic Morning Inspiration.”

Maybe it is the music playing softly in the background while I gather my thoughts? Maybe it is the deep and esoteric “universal love” conversations with my partner during the sunrise allowing me to bare my nakedness mentally and physically? Maybe it is the people that hop on my path as I understand my positionContinue reading ““Classic Morning Inspiration.””

“The Master Carpenter’s Advice.”

I woke up really emotionally today and I don’t care to admit it.  There is nothing wrong really although I could nit pick through my personal drama like anyone else and find something to focus on I am sure.  What I DO know, is that when I feel these intense emotions happening upon waking in theContinue reading ““The Master Carpenter’s Advice.””

“Ok, I spent the money!”

It is 4am and I am up.  Pacing the floor and holding space for my life and my future.  Am I freaking out?  Hardly.  I am thoughtfully contemplating. Last week, I contemplated terminating my blog because, well, quite frankly I did not want to spend the $99.  But today, I decided that it was notContinue reading ““Ok, I spent the money!””