“Purple Slim! Truth Behind The Slime.”

  Honestly, I am sensing there are a few things at work here.  One, that some people are SICK to death of my constant posting and have blocked my Facebook page because they just don’t want to here about The Reiki Station and Holly Goodyear, anymore!  I mean, I post constantly, I say some reallyContinue reading ““Purple Slim! Truth Behind The Slime.””

Humbled and Excited! Massaging It All Out!

May I take 30 seconds, yes, 30 seconds and say I LOVE YOU!  I love each of you that clicked like on my post yesterday about passing my finals.  You know NO idea how important this is for me and I had almost 100 likes……WOW!  I had no idea I was being watched like that!Continue reading “Humbled and Excited! Massaging It All Out!”

Embarking!! The Countdown Begins!

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I love when April hits because that means spring is in full force and manifestion is in full swing.  I am really excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am excited because I am seeing real “fruit” from my transformative lifestyle. I am rolling down the tracks full steam aheadContinue reading “Embarking!! The Countdown Begins!”

“The Sagittarian Moon Requires You Mix It Up!”

Yesterday, at 2:46am, the Moon made her transit into Sag.  Upon leaving my personal sign Scorpio, I must have been intrigued with other things because it was not until I woke up this morning that I realized, I am in a jumbled thought pattern.  I want to blog about everything.  I want to jump outContinue reading ““The Sagittarian Moon Requires You Mix It Up!””

“The Path of Inspiration. When Air and Fire Collide!”

You know, it is an amazing day when you are able to spend a few moments studying seasonal energy.  And since we just entered the Spring Equinox and the 1st sign of the Zodiac (Aries), and……we are sitting in the fullness of the Full Moon in Libra, it begs us to challenge when Air and Fire Collide!  Continue reading ““The Path of Inspiration. When Air and Fire Collide!””

“The Moon And The Mentalist! The Aquarian!”

Do you know what drives me crazy?   Using GPS when I know FULL WELL where I am headed and when I decide to take a nice shortcut, I cringe to hear my navigational system  yell at me repeating, “Recalculate!”  I freak out.  I start yelling back at her to “Shut up! I know where I am!”Continue reading ““The Moon And The Mentalist! The Aquarian!””

“A Forceful Awakening! The Moon In Capricorn.”

At precisely 5:01 am EST the Moon cycled into the star sign of Capricorn.  Ed and I were already awake discussing the challenges we face as American’s and Spiritual Beings.  And, since the BIG Move a few weeks ago, our 4am morning chat’s have been a little more conservative because we have lost our couple’sContinue reading ““A Forceful Awakening! The Moon In Capricorn.””

“The Pros and Cons of Being Random While Fighting Bullying In The Work.”

Sometimes I think my morning rants and raves during my “bloggy” time are random.  Then I realize, duh, they absolutley are.  Topically, I think about everything each day and as an over analytical person, I categorize my life.  And my style.  My life is full of important moments of which I tend to catalog inContinue reading ““The Pros and Cons of Being Random While Fighting Bullying In The Work.””