“The Blog is Back! I Just Don’t Know What to Say, Yet.”

Happy Day after the Lion’s Gate Leo New Moon. Happy Monday. Happy take a break before jumping into another session coffee break I want to write and have been missing that art since the last time I hammered out a written thought. I love to write. I love to be able to sit down andContinue reading ““The Blog is Back! I Just Don’t Know What to Say, Yet.””

“Morbid Adjustments.”

Greeting Reader. It’s Saturday. Many moons ago I would be firing up the cartoons looking for a show. Bugs Bunny really. He was my favorite and I always thought I would marry him. Until I realized he wasn’t of my specific genetic make up. Damn. On this particular as I listen to Piano Man (BillyContinue reading ““Morbid Adjustments.””

“Organic South End Wellness Needed.”

Greetings Reader. I am not sure what the planet is doing in your life right now, but in mine, Mother Earth is completely asking for my attention.  Last night I dreamed there were plenty of TP packages in Meijer and I only bought one pack.  However, wink, It was a lesser quality, higher priced itemContinue reading ““Organic South End Wellness Needed.””

“Loki Moves On. Leap Day 2020 Is Here.”

Greeting ya’ll.  This one is going to be a doozy.  Sat Nam. It’sMe. Holly Elaine King Date Entered 2.29.20   It’s Leap Day. I am jumping over a broom.   Actually, not really. I am moving in with a man. A friend really. Gregory.   Gregory has offered to come in and save the dayContinue reading ““Loki Moves On. Leap Day 2020 Is Here.””

“High Noon on a Full Moon in Leo. That Moment of Truth In Your Life.”

Greetings Reader.  It’s Me.  Holly Elaine King.  And I am about to show you what it’s like to live a life of grace and ease in a vortex of uncomfortable flesh and I am about to come forth on some serious personal topics. In doing so, on this 2020 Full Leo Moon, may the UniverseContinue reading ““High Noon on a Full Moon in Leo. That Moment of Truth In Your Life.””

“2020 Will Not Be The Same As 2019. Learning To Mask The Pain No More. Raising My White Flag of Mercy, To God.”

Greetings Reader.  Greetings.  It’s almost 2020.  Do you know where you emotions are?  I do not.  They, are lost at sea. The next few sentences may or may not make sense to you, my reader. For most of you, it will make sense.  And for those that stray off in the beginning, keep reading.  ThisContinue reading ““2020 Will Not Be The Same As 2019. Learning To Mask The Pain No More. Raising My White Flag of Mercy, To God.””

“Like A Pocahontas! A Woman’s Friend.”

Good Morning and Greetings Reader.  This is me.  Little. This is me looking like a bag of potatoes because I WAS in a potato sack.  That thing would make a great skirt. But this little girl became a Spirit Warrior.  One who KNOWS. One who sees life become brighter and happier when we keep onContinue reading ““Like A Pocahontas! A Woman’s Friend.””

“Happy Autumn Readers! Are You Ready To Play Dress Up?”

Greetings Reader!  Happy Autumn!  My Favorite Time of the Year.   Welcome to the ritualistic abating of the setting sun. Are you ready for Halloween?  Are you Ready to Play Dress Up?  I am.  And I am a shape shifting phenom. What do you think about my costume?  Biker Babe Gone Mad Scientist Bonkers maybe?Continue reading ““Happy Autumn Readers! Are You Ready To Play Dress Up?””

“Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.”

Greetings Reader.  Welcome to My Story.  My story has continued to reach readers since the summer of 2013 and I am shocked to see how time as flown looking back now at my drive thru life.  (Can I get fries with that shake?) You see, dear reader, I have had many epic transformations these lastContinue reading ““Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.””