Life in the Fast Lane….. Day 11!

I am pooped. Whooped! But man, O’ Man do I not have the best life.  I have to say that this week has been FAST, Furious and Acceptable in my book.  Now, I talk about not living too much of a drive thru life with out guards but there are times, when we all like gettingContinue reading “Life in the Fast Lane….. Day 11!”

Words of Encouragement! Day 10

Yesterday was a mentally taxing day. I felt my emotions really being pulled in many directions but I kept my cool about me. Nothing really catastrophic happened to knock me off course but the usual day to day things I am working through. Our family is going through a lot of changes faster than theContinue reading “Words of Encouragement! Day 10”

From My Lessons on Creative Writing- Day 6

The candle flickering on the center of my kitchen table is quite nice. Especially since the weather out tonight is frightfully cold. I have closed the shades to the window seat in the dining area since the cold air from winters chill tends to freeze my finger tips and my toes and still feel theContinue reading “From My Lessons on Creative Writing- Day 6”

Today’s The Day I Became Cremated. Day 5

The night before last I had a dream that God’s loving Spirit come to my family to say I was going to be leaving my body tomorrow and to not be afraid or sad, since I was not dead the way they thought, only transformed.  And they could very happily let me go since itContinue reading “Today’s The Day I Became Cremated. Day 5”

“Teens”- Day 4

Teen-agers are interesting little creatures.  I was lucky enough to have one of each.  So, I get the expanded difference between boy and girl teen hormones.  Boys, typically are way more moody and self-“wondering”?  Girls, on the other hand are much like firecrackers.  “Pow, Sizzle, Pow, Fizzle”! I haven’t written much about mine since inContinue reading ““Teens”- Day 4″

December 4, 2013- Day 3 “progress”.

Good Morning to everyone and Happy Hump Day!  I am happy to be up and productive and looking forward to what new things can come my way today.  The To-Do list is done and we are off and running. So, for my practice today of writing, I am going to list a few of myContinue reading “December 4, 2013- Day 3 “progress”.”