“Protecting Your Belief System Through Renounciation”

I am typing this quickly as a thought for forgive the typos……..   The conflict between spiritual siblings is subtle but extremely powerful.  I think it is because of the power resting wholeheartedly behind our egos.  No one wishes to be viewed as a pontiff but if we were to call that same person aContinue reading ““Protecting Your Belief System Through Renounciation””

Moon In Capricorn Says “Make ME Feel Useful.”

Oh, how wonderful a day!  I was able to really dig deep into my craft today. And that, makes me feel useful, and productive.  Now, before you say, “There she goes again, trying to be worthy and blogging about what she did today because Holly has no…… inhibitions.  She is always talking about what sheContinue reading “Moon In Capricorn Says “Make ME Feel Useful.””

Manifestation of Money! Not a Pity Party!

So much of what I have grown into revolves around the gift of manifestation and conscious awareness. I wake up every single day asking myself “What could I possible manifest today?”  Even on those days when I am subject to an alarm clock or someones time clock, I start thinking right away, about the day ahead.Continue reading “Manifestation of Money! Not a Pity Party!”

Lower Chakra Awareness and The Gift of Waiting.

It’s 6am.  I hear the train down by the Waverley Hospital blowing it’s horn as I sit on my balcony in the dark, with five lit candles, two sticks of incense and a coal of frankincense and myrrh resins burring, ready to type.  The wind is kicking up, rustling through the drying leaves and thereContinue reading “Lower Chakra Awareness and The Gift of Waiting.”

“For Lolly and Her Amazing Gift of Silence.”

My Dearest Kim, I sit outside my little balcony, which has become my sanctuary as small and insignificant it may be.  The significance to me, is all that matters.  And today, you are my first priority.  You and your family.  Kenny, the girls, Terry Lee and I am praying that your strength and endurance is manifestContinue reading ““For Lolly and Her Amazing Gift of Silence.””

“Preconceived Notions of the First Day of School.”

So, what were my preconceived notations of the first day of Massage Therapy School?  That I was going to be one of the oldest people in the class.  Not even close!  Most of my student peers are my age and even older.  I was SHOCKED at how many adult students were in my class.  Continue reading ““Preconceived Notions of the First Day of School.””

“Quick and Dirty Whining!”

I am tired.  Whooped.  Pooped.  Exhausted.  I am hot, cranky and feel like my emotions are out of control.  So, I am blogging about it so I can just say I did.  No judgements right? Today was not at all a Debby Downer Day by any means, just tiring.  Maybe it is just the lingeringContinue reading ““Quick and Dirty Whining!””

“Let’s Hang Around People We DON’T Know for Once!”

Hi!  I am so excited about my up and coming day!  I will be attending WorldFest and honestly it is not something I normally do.  I very rarely get to go to large local gatherings and today I had to ask myself why I don’t. Maybe it is because I am so busy just doingContinue reading ““Let’s Hang Around People We DON’T Know for Once!””

“Contemplation of a Hard Thing! Another Facebook Hiatus…….Uh Oh!”

Yes.  Here I am.  Atop my computer setting personal public goals again.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it is time for another Facebook fast.  And my initial thought is to make it a long one?  Why, well, because when you are off the grid taking classes to study about the human dynamics andContinue reading ““Contemplation of a Hard Thing! Another Facebook Hiatus…….Uh Oh!””

“Some Accolades and Some Prayers.”

At this very moment I am blessed with about 30 minutes of morning free time.  So, let me paint you a picture of my moment so you can be sure that those of you I am thinking of, know, I love you and hold sacred space for you even in my blogging.  It just blowsContinue reading ““Some Accolades and Some Prayers.””