2015 Mental Health Campaign “All is Well!”

“All is Well!”  That is what my mom Lola says every time I call her to whine or vent!  I mean what daughter does not call up her mom and say “Why Mommy?”.  Ok, well some don’t, but I do.  I don’t try and dump too much off on my mom since she has a life of her own and right now, she should be the one being tended too.  The last few weeks in a wheelchair have been hard on her but man, Lola is a trooper!  I had the best time last week visiting with her and we spent a few hours just chatting.  It was a priceless moment!  We even covered her grey’s!!

Which brings me to today!  Another PTO day for me.  Unauthorized.  But hey, I am two and a half weeks away from unemployment again and I earned those PTO, right?  They don’t pay them out so in the case where half of the city has shut down, I think taking a day off is acceptable.  Well then, what is the plan?  For today, I am going to shovel my driveway again with the help of my muscle man, Zach and I am getting ready to hit the cold garage and put some logs on the fire so that LGE does not annulate my bank account for the 4th month in a row.  Long Term, I am going to start forming a plan.  I mean, the moral of this story is that I am going to take my chance as a communications specialist.  (Passion Writer Extraordinaire, for those of you who dare to foliow me onward during these consistent changes in my life…..)  I have already spent the last three hours, writing a short story (or at least the middle), writing out all of the wonderful things I am thankful for and I wrote my heart a love letter.  (Edward).  It was a long one too.  It first said, “I am sorry”.  And then is said, “We can do this”.  And then it ended by saying…………..”nun-ha”!  LOL!  My business right?

I am going to need to surround myself with very loving, compassionate people over the next few months.  Some of them are right here beside me in person but many of you are not.  We see each other through the window of the web.  I have come to realize that a New World Audience is upon me and that not every idea, topic or blog site will be attractive to everyone.  We all have to start somewhere.

For me, all I know is that I have such a passion to write that this time, I have to give it a shot.  I cannot let paying the bills or having the best cars or the biggest house, rob me of my opportunity.  God has given me a devoted husband that believes in our cause and one of our causes as a unit, is to LIVE THE DREAM!  You don’t believe me?  Then look up Proseer1 on You Tube.  His last, most best tagline is to “Live the Dream!”  My dream is to become a very well know (fill in the blanks)…..author, actress, communications specialist, motivational speaker, woman minister and all around one dang Happy Person!  If I cannot write, I will not be happy.  And as God may have it, I could be required to go around the same old mountains again and again and at some point and get a job but WHY CAN’T I work from home and be successful as an Entrepreneur?   People will pay for advice, articles and efforts that they believe in.  My question to you today is “Do you Believe in Happiness?”  If you say yes, you must act upon that.  If you say No, we need to talk face to face.  I am not afraid of confrontation any more!  I am NOT!

May we all exude the same amount of passion and compassion that we hope to gain from others.  We all love to be around the life of a party.  So, Let’s Party!!  All is Well in the World.  At least in my world, for today it is………..and ITF it too!



2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign. A Snow Day!

Hello!  Happy Snow Day!  Can you believe the depths of this beautiful wintry day?  It is what I call the most perfect Snow Day in all of history!  To wake up on a Monday in the middle of February and be able to relax into the day is Priceless. I really enjoyed my time on Facebook during the Valentine holiday so I have decided to go ahead and break my monthly fast early.  Why, because in two weeks God has shown me how to be more responsible for my actions.  I battle mentally with a severe MUSE which teases me on how to live a life of great power through social medial and how to live a life of great power through human interaction.  (Did I say I love Hugs?)

It is no secret that I share such deep emotional comments at times that the lack of response to my Blogs shows me a lot.  Sometimes I worry that people get sick of hearing all about me.  But here’s the deal……I am still going to blog about Holly Goodyear.  And I am going to absorb every moment possible working my craft into existence.  I am an author.  A story teller.  No more, no less.

Today, having this EPIC snow day gives me real time to evaluate LIFE.  I am at a place where I am going to embrace my New World, while I remain conscious that when I am in the presence of Family and Friends.  The New World is here and that I do believe but it does not have to be Fearful by any stretch.  I should work diligently on having a healthy heart chakra and breath Truth and Light through my Solar Plexus so I am a bright shining star in the world……  During my personal time this morning, I sat quietly and contemplated my next Call to Action!   Here goes……..

By Disconnecting completely from Social Media for two weeks, it limited my audience and it limited my connections those I greatly care about.  Many of you are online.   I have very close friends on Facebook that decided to share their precious moments with their Friend List or their Business Associates and as long as we careful monitor our time online, I think we can reach a happy medium between personal invasion and proper communication.  My Personal Facebook Friend List contains both friends and business opportunities for becoming a writers so it is sometimes difficult to disseminate between the two Worlds.  My Facebook ALSO contains a handful of people that have moved on from me personally and I should probably let them pass on.  So If I hide your feed please do not take offense!!  I just need to drill it down a bit!  One of the hardest things I have had to learn in the last two years is that when  you remove yourself from a situation you have been so tightly holding on to, you do not carry on properly and I fight just like everyone else between spending time online vs. in quiet.  So, I am going to carry on with a light heart and stop worrying so much about it………….

Which brings me too………the words”Carry On.” When you say Carry On, can you  say it your mind with an English accent?  “Carry On.”  Because many a great Story Teller has a British Accent and when I write my blogs this is what I hear………..My own Voice that is very UK.(United Kingdom)  🙂  Mrs, Doubtfire for example was famous for her Word: “HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO!”

Do you remember when Robin Williams had to dress in that Old Lady costume and hold up six pounds of Fake boobies?  I mean, what man really was brave enough to be filmed in some F.W. Woolworth’s brand support hose and a grey and silver wig, sporting a moo-moo.  Not my kind of Swagger but I miss those five and dime kind of days. Which also brings me too………

My morning today was filled with great healing energy and I had to write about it.  I spent time in my bedroom today, watching the accumulating snow develop on my greenhouse.  It was again, surreal to see this picturesque event out my window at the Goodyear Mansion.  To find yourself at a divine cross roads ever few months really does wreak havoc on your psyche and today is no different.  My Snow Day consists of Scorponic change at times.   The memorable moment of today day was when I was visited very clearly by my Mamaw in the Spirit .  Yup, no holes bar she came right into my meditation clearly reminding me that when I was five she had prophesied over me that I would be a teacher.  It was here with Red Hair and All.  🙂

Flossie W. King expressed to my mother that I would be a great teacher!  I remember that moment in time.  I swear it!   I was sitting in her living room floor playing with this white and pink stuffed poodle.  The Poodle wasn’t furry, like our modern times stuffed animals, but she was plastic and fun.  Her shell was something like a paper mach and her hair was some type of weaved strong plastic.  Like a Glad® bag.

Here is an Example….. .72a39b94f195a4bacb2e0bd5d7a57186 The Pink and White plastic toy was such fun.  It did not give you that feeling of wanting to cuddle with the toy but to “respect” it.  Let the Plastic Poodle have it’s space!  What I would not give for a Plastic 60’s Retro Poodle doll.  She comforted me with her delicate nature.  Shall we search Etsy to find one???

It is more clear now to me that I really was trying to follow my life’s destiny as a youth to become a teacher.  Not a traditional teacher like in the schools, but a life teacher.   I had such an excitement at age 17 entering what considered one of the most prominent schools in Louisville.  Spaulding University accepted me into the Teaching Program in 1990.  I was stoked!  I entered into college hoping to find that degree in  English Lit and my very Favorite teacher there was Ms. Egan.  I can still see the dark trim around the classroom windows and was so elated to get back my first major composition with an A- grade on it.

It was the story about when I was lifted across the sky in the Astro Jump at St. Simon and Jude’s picnic.  What happened you say?  Well, I remember “someone” saying that teachers do not make very much money and that I should switch my major to Nursing.  (Right, I faint at the sign of ANY deep cut).  So, I did.  I quicky made a decision to change my classes to Nursing and my the first semester, I was failing Chemistry and Pre-Algerbra, and I was pregnant.  🙂

Well, before I get to pissy about my life, let me just tell you, I am more grateful for my daughter than any tassel a college could have given me.  Seriously!  I would NEVER change the experience that God gave me by becoming a mother at 18.   Emily is hands down the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.  And I am sorry if I sound a little prejudice on that but it is truth.  Emily Jomes has the most beautiful skin, hair and eyes across all the land.

During her first day here on Earth, her Big Brown Eyes were the one feature that I cherished most the moment she was born.  You see, today, during my mediation I stepped back in time to the moment that they brought me Emily. I had had a terrible labor.  They did not come near quickly enough in my opinion with my epidural.  I am very pro-Natural child birth but for us teens in the 90’s, we were not bout to face the cracking of hips willingly!! LOL!  I shit right on that table and Emily’s dad left the room in a near vomit.  (As much as I can recall.)  Hee Hee. Once I delivered I was hit with PPS (Post Partum) within minutes.  The fear of having another person solely responsible to you was more than my 18 yer old body could bear.  So, the nurses took her and wrmed her up in a nice incubator and everyone went home to let me sleep.  I think they gave me a Percoset.  I was crying uncontrollably.  However, come 12 hours later, I jumped up wide awake and hit that nurse button like there was no tomorrow.  i said quite abruptly to the attendant, “I want my baby!”  There was this rush of ownership or protectorship or something that hit me and all I wanted to do was protect my child. I liken it to a Mother Gorilla!  If those nurses would not have jumped to bring her too me, I think I would have ripped the TV from the wall!  (Damn hormones!!!) As soon as they wheeled her in the room and I saw that little pink hat and that gorgeous tan skin, I knew, I had birthed “A Princess!”

My Fav Pic of Me and Emily

To this day, I know she is a Princess and I am starting to think she knows it too.  And I quote, for my young Princess Emily……….” You’ve Always Had the Power Dear, You Just Had to Learn it For Yourself.) -Glenda. The Good Witch.™ So, I commenced to telling this fresh smelling, soft, bundle of Joy, that I would always “Protect Her.”  I vowed to Protect her with all my Might.  Now, Ms. EJ may tell you a different story about some of the times I may not have “seemed” so protecting.  Like the time I pitched her AND her Little Tykes Doll House out the trailer door.  “Be Gone, BeasTie!!!!! (Just kidding!!)  I mean have you ever had a moment when your three year old KNOWINGLY pushed your buttons?

The age of three is quite powerful, especially for little girls.  And Age, 6 and Age, 12 and 16 and so on and so forth, women grown into their Powers!!  EM-J stands a change to become the most Perfect Emily Jones I have ever met!  She is skilled, transformative, and she is Dynamic.  Emily has potential to change the ENTIRE world with just one Word.  She just does not know it yet. 🙂

So, for today, I have decided to cherish those moments Spirit gives me and going back in time reminded me our our first conversation as Mother and Daughter.  I stopped all that I was doing today and I reconnected with that energy.  The Snow Day Reminded me to do so………  I imagined the clock on the wall in the hospital room and it illuminated in my minds eye.  I imagine that I heard the metal cart enter my hospital room and I recall, this Big Brown Eye’d Girl nestled in my Arms.  And instead of insinuating to her that I would be never let anything happen to her (which is what I said), I changed the conversation.  I TOLD her today, she had the POWER to do LIFE herself.  And that I know, she chose to be here for a purpose and I will never stand in the way of what God has in store for my daughter.  She is my Joy and My Strength!  And should it come to pass that we both become really “Kardashian-like” rich, then Cheers tot he World MAN because  we can share our story with the World!!  Why not us girls?? In closing, (Sorry, this one was long….),

I want to be very clear in saying, I have not ONE single regret for quitting college or that I am disappointed that I did not get that English Lit Degree like I had intended. Today’s Snow Day was enough to show me to look deeper onto destiny and aside from a few Mommy Dearest roles over the last 24 years, I think I raised a pretty awesome kid!  You see, it is never too late to follow your dreams and raising children is just a part of life for many of us.  They are a treasure to value until the day we die but we have to let them grow up……….. Hum?  I just may go back to school (online of course) to inspire us college drop out’s to say, “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYTHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE FOR!  So, Welcome back Friends!  I really have missed you! Follow #mydrivethrulife to find out if this really works or subscribe to http://www.hollygoodyear.com! 🙂

Namaste! Holly Goodyear, Passion Writer Extraordinaire.

2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign. (Making Emotions Work.)

I have decided to share some things today that will show women how to grow.  I hope the content will give hope to the Millennials.  You know, the generation born from the 80’s into the early 21st Century.  

I am heading up the roller coaster toward age 43.  I have written a lot about my personal experiences and it has been in hopes that someone out there will be helped.  You see, Powerful Women have dark places and no one wants to admit it.   I guess I am the only one, right?  Hardly.

I am bullet proof with nothing to lose so fire away at me…….

This week I gave my termination notice at the staffing agency.  Helping people find labor jobs has been an eye opening experience.  And, I have decided instead of fighting off the desire to write professionally, I want to be a an experimentalist and just go for it!  You know, people love to read stuff that proves theories like Alfred.  Jung.  and even Brown. (Sylvia).

In the past two weeks  as I have been dark on Facebook and it has been nice but I realize if you pull it back up you feel like you missed two weeks of a series saga. Now please don’t take that offensively (My friends are more than a TV show to me) but when you are trying to follow 600 people at a time socially it can be taxing on the ADD portion of my brain.  One of my tips for treating symptoms of TechnoStress is by Turning it off even for a few days!

You see, my determination to disconnect from being overly “social” has proven very spiritual.  From the core of my Second Chakra (Orange), I have been exercised down to the roots. (I think someone threw Holy Water at me.) LOL!

But God’s merciful Spirit came down and ripped the core of Fear right out from under me.  I was holding that Fear as a Security Blanket for other defense tactics.  Things like Jealousy, Materialism and Suspicion live in that Chakra and should anyone get TOO close, you know, we are at the emotional place of survival and sometimes that means war.  But, only if you allow it.  I have found through the powerful exercises called “Faith Talkers” making final decision to change your daily routine takes a shaking!   Faith Talkers are people who talk to Angels.  God’s perfect Employee.

My Angel has been Michael for sometime now.  When I get afraid of ANYTHING he reminds me he stands to the left of my left shoulder.  He is too bright for me to see so I have to “Know” he is there.  He comes in the name of Yahwah.  My current FEAR is stemming from several common issues and a couple of others that I am facing which require drastic change.  My family and I have moved 6 times in 12 years.  It may happen again real soon.  And that move, may be Epic!

So with this new profession change I have decided (for now) just be Holly Goodyear.  I need to learn to be a confident women who is not afraid of a good challenge and start finding career success.  I want to be a Teacher.  And, Mrs. Holly Goodyear will have several roles at my company.  Here are the rules.

Rule #1: She will first need to show up.  She will need to report to her central office and urge the Mind, Body and Spirits to align with the Mission Statement.  (TBD).

Rule #2: Create a Mission Statement.  A Mission Statement is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.  It is time to organize my emotions.  I am going to treat this like a real business.  And by Freelancing, Writing, Speaking, and Believing that one day, I will publish and I will be a Powerful Women Speaker.  Being a Blogger/Writer takes a lot of ingenuity.  I have hired myself to be a professional emotions inspector.  I inspect my Emotions and connect enough with them to tell the story behind it.  Self Evaluation has many benefits and someone should teach it to our Millennials.  

Rule #3: Create a Job Title.  Passion Writer Extraordinaire. Being passionate about everything is hard so channeling it through educational topics like dealing with our emotions is our goal.  Finding a way to share it with girls and women is my hope.  Genesis 34.

I have been keeping my eyes on how the younger girls are now handling stress and most of them in our general areas are turning to drugs, sex and music before they turn age 17..  (These are Patterns…..)  Some of them find destiny early and heed their call toward professionalism and some of them, heed the call to the Hustle.

As an 80’s teen ager, I know how influential it is to be doing what everyone else is doing. And I know the impact of anger, hurt, rage and stress and not releasing it when you enter your 20’s.  It destroys relationships.  It creates FEARS!   I am grateful that there are some very driven 20 something’s in my daughter’s life and let me tell you, I know a few of them will keep her pressing on!  I am proud of them all!  However, we cannot deny that there is population of young girls out there struggling out on the street.  So many of our youth end up having to hustle to survive.  (Root Chakra).  I don’t think some people even realize what it truly means to Hustle. Girls need a Mother Figure.  A Teacher.  (Someone to teach them Cycles and Moons.) 🙂

You know, I miss Robin Williams a bunch.  It is hard to think that such a very powerful icon could have checked out voluntarily.  His energy is still left behind and we all need to take a moment and realize that not everything is as it seems and if we do not address people that have Mental Health issues in the “Real World”.  Does that frighten you?  It should.  There are millions of ways to have Mental Health and not succumb to depression, pills and drinking.  There is a time and a place for all of those things.  But do not let them live in your SELF.  We all need to Campaign for Mental Health Awareness so let me begin.

My 2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign will be around if you want to join and follow it.    As I sneak onto Facebook just for Cupid’s Arrow today, I ask you this….  If this one blog really could help girls stop cutting, crying and dying, would you forward it?  If this one blog started an outreach for a calmer mind and more peaceful journey, would you share it?

I vow to be less bitchy and more effective.  MY personal sagas are now turning into teachable moments.  And when I am famous, some of you will be mentioned in my Book when I go on Ellen. 🙂

I am excited about seeing all the Posts about Happy Valentine’s Day! I think I just made this my new Favorite Holiday. :):)

It is fun, warm and exciting.  I miss my Sweetheart today.  He is very much in my heart though.  NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD AND ONLY GOD COULD LOVE HIM MORE!!!  If it were not for my Husband’s Love and his Support, I could never do this.



Emotional Wreckage.

Don’t you hate when you have one of those days where your emotions have a wreck.  The kind where you start to take a step back into your past to figure out where this long term problem came from.  The damnedest thing is that it most likely stems from another lifetime so I cannot do anything but grin and bear it.  Grin and Bear it.  Ugh. My Poor little Cancer Moon, Scorpio Sun heart has just been tagged as just plain doubly emotional.

I did not realize until a few months ago that I was a Cancer moon.  For some reason, I thought I had a Leo Moon sign because I was so tenacious at acting on things quickly, but no.  I am a Cancer Moon.  Double water signs make for one splash of a mess when you have to cry.   It is really not easy to control simple emotions when you are this way.  Ultimately, I would not change it for the world only because I am blessed to “see” what others cannot.  I see good and I see bad and I have to make my own personal “good or bad” choices when I feel I have been wronged!  That word, feel.  When I feel like someone has hurt me, did they really?  I guess that depends on whose side of the fence you are on.  That is just a side note here however for future ref……..

Well, today, I decided the best method for healing was to take a drive.  A loooong drive.  I decided to retrace my steps in the city. I decided to drive as fast as I could legally go right to the south end and make a lap around all the places I had left my energy.  I needed to remember that I once did this.  Or that I once held that so dear.

I drove down past Valley Station and Fairdale.  I drove up St. Andrews and over past Iroquois Park.  Then I lapped down Old Third, Palatka and Taylor and Hazelwood Ave.   I blew a kiss to my past memories of living in the green trailer across the street from Iroquois High School.  And I mourned for the fact that my grandfather lived about 500 feet from me and he died without my saying Hi more than twice while I lived there as an adult.  (Or what was supposed to be considered an adult.)  He was a little “tied” up when I tried to visit.  But what I choose to recall in that is that I know that he loved me.  Even though he could not spend ANY quality time with me, He Loved Me.  I remember seeing it in his eyes when I did see him.  My fondest memory of Wanga, was when my mom decided to take me for a visit after my parents divorced.  I sat in the floor of his trailer (yes, on Taylor Blvd) and he gave me a few toys.  I remember sitting in his floor tracing the green lines in his carpet and feeling, safe.  Then I lapped down Old Third, Palatka and Tayor.  And as I turned next two the 3rd Precenct I made my way, slowly, to Parthenia.  Well, here it is.


My childhood house.  FOR SALE.  I have longed to buy that house back.  Even in it’s poor state with an unkempt yard and tall trees with broken branches taller than I ever remember.  I got out.  I walked all around the house and the yard and I stood in the most surreal place that I have felt in a long time.  All of my precious childhood memories were buried so far beneath the tiny, changed house, I felt like I had just experienced death more than life.  I even started to wonder if my moment in time was real.  It was almost ironic to be sitting right here in my car, staring at my little broken house and in that very moment, receive a text from my sister to ask if I was ok.  Now granted, she lives in the area so maybe, just maybe she saw me driving around.  But, even if not, it was a kick in the gut to get out of the car and just feel, what I feel.  At the point I thought I would break down and cry uncontrollably, I saw this cute little girl walking down the side walk alone.  She reminded me, that that WAS me 30 years before.  I could not bear to cry so I l just left.  I found the house on Craig that I lived in for about 2 years after I was born and then I parked Matilda in the back of Jacob.  That poor building.  To me, it is a castle and if I knew I would have not been arrested or mugged, I think I would have walked through the hole in the fence and went into the broken window.  I picked up some vibes from that place that were screaming to be let out.  Old memories crying to be heard.  The Character of the building must feel much like the solemn way that Nehemiah felt when he had rebuild his city of ruins.

I think I drove back up Carlise and Woodruff in still time.  By the time I exited over my the strip club I wondered what it would have been like, had I stayed there.   But I did not.  And the magnitude of change in 30 years was a rude awakening for me.  I must live in a bubble.  Maybe not, but when I had to squint and take deep breaths looking for that little girl I left behind, it hurt.

People think I am really over the top in how I “do” life but I do not think so.  Not when I can made the journey down memory lane to find emotional healing.  This adventure had a purpose and as long as the car was moving, I felt, safe.

This month I will be fasting Facebook.  I am a little scared to do it.  I mean, the world is going to go on without me on there and I will miss so much information that I have access too.  Everyone can just reach out and poke people anytime they want.  And truly, I don’t think there is anything we can do to fight unwanted Pokes.  Fine.  Then I am going to work with my Holy Angels for 28 days so that they can teach me to be sure I take time to look around the real world if I am going to endure a technological poking……

Pray for me as I pray for you.  My days are mostly filled with MASSIVE joy and on the slight occasion I have a bad day, I may write about it, but I assure you, it has not destroyed me.

And any female double water sign in perfect control, is a force to be reckoned with so any Evil Spirits need to back off!  Just saying…..:)

Good Night.

P.S.-If anyone wants to by my house back for me feel free. I would appreciate it.  I think it has much potential for someone……….It did for me.

Thank you for the Help!

To everyone that took the time to send me messages about my Teen Age Mutant Ninja, thank you!!  It is funny, he came to me when I got home last night and we spent hours talking about everything. His choice.  We did pull the video games for a while, since he wants to make sure his grades are up to par and I see him wanting to become a man.  I have a GREAT kid.  Messy, but GREAT.  So, on a partially different note……………..

My eyes were opened a little more to what our young people are facing today.  All I can say is that in the last few months, I have come across many people who are really concerned about the world at large….My son has concerns too.

My dentist even stopped this week to have a 10 minute conversation with me about the nature of our Global Economy and the world at hand.    I think I have made myself very clear that I am a Fair and Just person (most of the time) and when I am not, it is usually because I feel pressed in a situation and I usually come out kicking and screaming (Spiritually) when I cannot see a positive outcome for a greater good.  Now, for someone with my intense emotional capability, I am sure even my writing seems a bit trajectory.  (All over the place).  And, well, it is.  That is because, when I sleep, I dream big stuff, and when I wake up everyday, I realize the power of dreaming and even more so, I realize the Power of Being Human.

My personal relationships with my mother, children and husband are amazing.  We see hold each other dear and we know why.  For Love and Other Unconditional Things………….

My interactions with any other younger generation is usually limited.  But, I want to change that……………I see the ladies in my circle group emit some TRU TRU Power.  Emotion.  Love.  They emit the desire to change their destiny for their Highest Good as well as everyone else’s. Most of them are at least 10 years younger than me.  They know, we have to do the Work.

When I come across younger folks who have an entitlement mentality, it makes me C-R-A-Z-Y!  I love gifts and giving and getting but this entitlement mentality creeps into our Nation, and everyone pays the price.  Middle Class, Working Class, Teachers, Doctors, CHILDREN and yes, even the politicians will be suffering because of someone else taking advantage of another.  BUT!!!  If we who know their is a better way and do not teach out younger kids how to balance their emotions and listen to their Spirit, (And the Holy Spirit) my dentist very well may be right.  And I quote...”I think we are in trouble.”

I am thankful that I am staying on this course.  I have Spiritual Trust in God.  I may use angel cards or candles or incense or the Wheel of the Year or I may use the Joys of Christmas, to celebrate all things good but I am not going to hide my eyes from the real obstacles in this world and I am certainly not going to stop writing about it.  The bible puts it very plainly.  There are seven deadly sins.  Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Slothfulness and Envy.  Now that is some ugly shit!  Right?  Most of us do not wish to carry around any emotion that that would symbolize these dreadful things.  But, I ask you to check your Chakras today and see if when you read those words, anything happens.  Any tummy twinges or lumps in the throat?

There is a great awakening happening all around.  And the entitlement issue in our country will be eliminated one way or another.  For those who are seeking full on light and love, it will not affect you.  For we war NOT against Flesh but Princes of the Air.  This means, you are in a WAR.  All of us are fighting for ultimate survival.  I want to start teaching more of this……..I have had to survive many things emotional.

Now you may see a bit deeper of why I get sideways when I see LAZY Actions…………I will not allow that curse to rest on my Teen ager.  It is one of the Seven Deadlies!!  I break that curse off of my Son in the Name of Jesus.  And I also ask Thor to come in as well and use his Thunder and Lightening to come in and destroy anything trying to bind my son from his destiny.  He is a Royal over his own life. A Spiritual Blue Blood.  And what momma would not feel that way about her child????  Right?

Thank you all again for helping me through yesterday.  May my passion for protecting our kids bleed through my words and may it cause you to fight with me for a better World.


Help!! Need Teen Boy Age Advice…….

UGH…….And after just yelling at my son to get the bus, I realized that I am struggling with something.  I feel like that I have to micromanage everything my son does when it comes to responsibilities.  I know he is a brilliant growing young man but I swear, unless I stand over him and remind him to do the simpler things, they DO NOT GET DONE!!  Over and Over and Over again, for years now, I have been trying to get him to pay attention to the little things.  He is ignoring me on really goofy stuff like flush the toliet, shut the shower curtain, pick up your wet towels and make your bed.  Or, rinse your dishes and stop throwing clothes all over your room and pick up dog poop or take out the trash when it is overflowing.  Instead, he shoves in the Fruity Peebles box and it hangs half way out of the can……….  My son, does not back talk, and he does not get into much, if any trouble.  He is very low key and did I say quiet?  But what do you about someone that just will not follow the simple instructions in life without me micromanaging him and becoming a DRILL INSTRUCTOR??  HELP!!

I need some advice from Mom’s of Teen age boys.  I don’t want to be emotionally angry at him for his apparent laziness. It sounds awful to say that about your child but SHIT!  I mean, I get to spend at best, and hour a day with him, and that is usually right after everyone has gotten home after a hard day of working and school.   So who wants to fight and bicker?????

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that he is at school interacting with a whole bunch of other energies but I am ready to resort to some type of consequence about our internal issue here at home.   Anyone out there been through this?  If so, take the wheel and send me some advice!!!


Mean Mommy

Faster, Faster!

Get up.  Get a Shower. Go Be Successful.  Bring home the money, eat your dinner and do it again.  Are you good with that?  I am good with That.  But do not forget, as fast as we humans are moving through this little thing that we call life, we MUST remember to take charge of our thoughts, emotions and our learning experiences as soon as they happen.  I am getting read to take a 28 day Facebook Fast and take charge of my retina and my ADD problem…… 😦  I feel like the month of February is the month to do this and while I celebrate the Great Fire of God this month, I will be attentive to nature more than technology.  I am going to stop hating on technology but I do need a brain break every once in a while.  Every Personal event should have different timing for different people but after taking a few other fasts this past New Year, this one will be different for me AND it is necessary.  I do not think I will miss TOO much stuff (for their is PLENTY) and it is up to my Friends to call me if they really need me.  We are all so independent of one another but in times of need, calling on someone for help is so important to our humanity.   You got my number…….

We Humans pretend we are so strong and that we rule over the darkness which creeps into our skin almost daily.  I think about TOO much and now I have to slow down and relax for a moment in time…..Do not forget, we to recognize the deepest of human layers when we are quiet and we can see way beyond what you may show other people.

We should all take the time to cherish and praise our closest loved ones because it is their energy and presence that bring us joy.  GREAT JOY!  Just think.  A new baby, brings us great joy.  The peaceful energy of a sleeping newborn is intoxicating.  The pure and fresh sound of their little breath keeps us hoping that human life will go on and that we will birth more children to carry on our legacies for years to come.

Have you ever wondered however, what would happen if God said, “My baby making Days are Over.”  What?  No more births??  All of a sudden that still portrait of the newborn no longer exists and we now face a society of surviving.  That would be scary!   Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it probable?  Well, more so now that ever but we may be a long way from it.  Surely God will mercifully give us new life.  It just is up to God where that will be.  Heaven or Earth?  His call…….

Why do I bring up such points?  Because my head has been swirling with energy and I am trying to bring it on down.  I have an anticipation of things to come.  I look toward new things for my family, and myself in 2015.  I have great hope for my Husband and my Parents.  And for my Dogs (of which two are still here) and for most of all, great hope for my Children.  I hope that those two rug rats get everything in life they manifest. I ASK God to let it be for their highest good!!  And when they turn and look at me in 10 years (with my grandchildren) they too, will see what it is like to want to leave on a legacy.  I am a women.  That I know for sure.  Everything else is contingent on something else.  I hope that the day will come very soon that I can minister to women and show them GREAT POSITIVE energy so that their sense of negative emotions will release back into Mother Earth from wince it came…………Is that something you could do?  Release stale and blocked energies.  (Reiki, Reiki Reiki!)  I hope for you, the answer is a BIG YES!!!!!  YES!!!!! YES!!!!

..It is Tuesday.



It’s in the Cards!

So, today, Ed and I decided to have ourselves a reading.  We are really good at the intuitive stuff but sometimes the student-teachers, needs a bit of encouragement.  I mean, as Christians, sometimes people get real squirmy about cards since they are not of the local tradition of practices for us Holy Rollers.  The bible belt has divided about our practices in American and it needs to stop.  I had the best experience in reading cards today and it was completely safe!!  Not one Zombie or Hexen-beast came and grabbed my leg while he shuffled….It was all about Symbolism..:)

My Reader told me specifically to officially stop thinking!!!  I mean, once you have a Mental Scorpio who wants to save the world on a tangent, you may as well move out of the way because Her WILL WILL BE DONE.  Just saying.  Then he said, I probably would not do that (Stop thinking) but I need to be sure to understand the difference between Thought and Feelings.  PERIOD!

And he encouraged me to keep pressing to work with my shadow-y side.  This is good for me!  It releases energies that I do not find helpful for the Great Casue and he said that I should embrace my darkness.  Yikes!

Many women RUN from this important journey in life but I assure you, if you know when to make time for a hot bath and a white candle, a powerful women can surely make anything happen. 🙂

You see, I am tired of thinking about the ramifications of whist I might say, might do or even believe.  I am a follower of The Christ and I am guarded.  My reader saw a very scary Angel of Fire who Guarded me in the name of Yaweh.  He agreed that I was very monotheistic and that I would not veer from my Dedication as a Follower of Christ therefore, do not try and convince me that I cannot create my own destiny and be a child of God……   Whoa!  A firey Angel of the LORD???  Michael?  Jackson?

Nope, Michael the ArchAngel! He is my protector.  Hot Damn!  I will take it!!!!!!!!!! With Michael by my side I shall never fear.  No depth, nor height or breadth can keep ME from the Love of GOD!   And all this time, as I travailed, as I continued to fight for Maternal energies. (Mother Goddess), My Reader tells me, I am Masculine Energy.  Wow.  I have a Masculine Warrior energy and I am a Women?  Hello?????

However, their is a catch 22…….I may end up doing exactly the opposite of what I want because I THINK TOO MUCH!  Me, think too much????? Not Holly Goodyear?  I mean who has not been around me and said, “Oh, how funny you are?.    And who around me has said, YES!  I resonate with that”.  But hear this…………..I am nothing without God.

And if I spent a thousand years trying to convince everyone how much I loved them, to me, it would never be enough.  I let go of some very hard things tonight.  IT IS NOT ABOUT ME…….. It took a lot of courage to walk into the office of a person and ask them to view the possibilities of MY life.  I NEVER take everything that someone tells me as unchangeable gospel.  But take the  advice, I take the Energy and I take thoughts and suggestions as a source of Wisdon.  Signs, Symbols and Connections are help make us evolve into higher beings.  It is SOOOOOO Hard to Trust anyone, much less those of “the World”.  Am I of the World?  Well, maybe a little.  But I breath the Oxygen afforded to me my the Powers that Be.  I Drink Water the from the Streams of God which replenish here on Earth……  I Listen to the Sound of ALL Music provided by the Birds and the Bees and even Alicia Keys……….:).  I follow a heart after God.  (That would be my heart.)  And I trust that if I cannot see signs of equal Justice, for the lack of Mercy, then I just look out for the Seven Pointed Star and set my Sail West……….

I may not make ANY sense to you, but to me, I make perfect Sense.  Readings, Writings and Reiki…..THAT’s what makes my World Go round.  And……Look out World.  Here I come.


Eleanor.  Ah. Hem….

“Not my day to go!”

That is what my dog is saying right about now.  I am sitting her with borderline emotions of anger, angriness and and I think I am stuck on the “avenge me” setting.  You know how we all have those moments of “Why God?”

After weeks of trying to get someone from our local pet care agency, I finally had to resort to being assertive to get someone to call me back.  I left three messages on their old school answering machine and only once in three weeks did someone call me back.  Twice on the answering machine messages, I had referenced the dates of which  my husband and I were needing to take off in order to put little Beansey to rest.

Beans has had liver cancer for a while and in the last 4 months we have watched Brusier turn from a chunky little Chihuahua into a frail little skeleton.  He is so skinny and his ribs are sticky out.  He wobbles when he walks and he pees in the house on average 4 times a day.  Not good.  If I have to go to work and kennel him, he urinates in his kennel and has to sit in it.  He is NOT going to get better.   Every vet we called in town wants an average of $400 to test him before they can “guarantee” me they will put him down.  Well, Mr. and Mrs. Vet, I am sorry but I do not have that kind of money and if I did, you are still not addressing the point that my dog is dying.  I am asking for a simple day to celebrate with him a day of crossing over and you want to rape my bank account.  Our own vet even make a smart ass remark that we had not been their since 2013.  Really???  I haven’t had my wellness since 2012 and you want to balk about that???????  Dogs are not the ones eating the GMO’s.

Well, to exasterbate today, we get there promptly at 10:48 am today and the little lady informs me that it is tomorrow at 11?  “Uh, no, we confirmed on the phone at 4:20pm last night you were going to see him today!!!  I even told the very attentive “receptionist” I had left the date on the machine and mentioned that we WERE on the same page.  Apparently not!  So, I asked her to please let him stay overnight and she said nope.  They don’t house euthanasia patients.   “Why not”?  I pay my taxes to the city so they can fund this facility so why is it I have to take this pet, all the way back home and bring him back?  They have plenty of room.   I have seen the renovations on the place lately and I highly doubt there is not a place to let Beans sleep.  Give him a pain pill.  He is crossing over.

So without luck, we trek our asses back home and my emotional husband has to go back to work and then do this all over again tomorrow.

So now, we are going to get to a deeper reasons of why I am writing all of this out.  I am OVER Social Stupidity!  This common mistake regarding this customer service “faux pya” has ripped out my heart and I am going to write.  (Did you expect any different from me?)

People, hear me out.  I am all for the world we live in but right now I am angry.  I am releasing this anger on a scale that is more Spiritual than I am able to disclose in the physical scale.  I have not thrown any TV’s lately but I can say, the more I look through my Third Eye at the world, I have to choose who I am able to  help, and who I am not.  And after today, I am no long going to let rude people or lazy people, hurt my Spirit Man.  People choose to be they way they are.  Just notice the inequality.  Can you see where all your security lies when it comes to your future?

I sit at work every day and I process people to find a job.  My findings in doing this are that only 15% of the people I get jobs even bother to show up.  At first, I thought I had not done a good job of explaining how great it will be to have a job.  I mean, everyone needs a paycheck and an opportunity to move into a company and be successful.  The American Dream.    But then I quickly realized how little people really did want to work and that I am killing myself to pay for THAT!!!!  I am paying for the imbalance.

Guys, Gals, LISTEN to me!  Working is not a negative but you got to realize you have to come to an interview without booty call pants on and your ass snagging the ground you are probably not going to get that office job.  Or if you are going to sport your Nazi tattoo at least be respectful because it does hurt some people and that is obvious.  Corporate America is no better.  And if you are one of the lucky one’s who work in corporate America, then you may be blessed enough to even HAVE internet so you can see my adverse reaction to my pain so know this.  At some point, Karma comes a calling’.  I have to stop being angry about the great divide between the socio-economic issue and just jump out there and start loving on people………… , Well all know the welfare system and the school system is broken.  The religious system is broken too.

Ya’ll see I don’t hid shit and when I am happy, I write, when I am mad, I write and when I am hurting, I definitely am going to write.  I hope it TRULY helps the masses someday.  I am vowing to go out into the streets soon and begin to do my work.  I want to do Readings, Writings and Reiki.  I want to be a Children’s Story Teller and eventually, I want to help people cross over.  I do not know what that looks like or when.  And 20 years from now, we will see if that is what happened.  All I know is I need to show up everyday and pray that I can be a good person.

In the very background of my sill cold house, the Dali Lama is saying “To Heal and Restore Broken Bodies.”  He is repeating it.  “To Heal and Restore Broken Bodies.”  What is a broken body?  Someone not full of happiness.   I am not happy at all about what happened to my family today.  My daughter has already pic stitched my dog and immortalized him on Facebook. She gave a beautiful speech “good-bye” and tonight he is going to actually be sitting in the kitchen chowing down on s STEAK!  The Irony of it all.  Oh, and Oreos.  I read in Silver RavenWolf’s book that I should honor Bruiser Beans with Purple Candles, Holy Water and Oreo Cookies.  We are just going to add a little steak to the ritual……..Zach even said we should buy two boxes but that would make me binge later on……..so, one box of Oreos.

Pray for me if I have not pissed you off or offended you in any way.  I NEVER mean to hurt anyone but God showed me I am an Avenger of Sorts.  I think it comes from working with the Angels.  Today’s lesson:

I have to channel my anger toward the Great Deception and not let isolated events rattle me from the Deeper Calling.


What is happening to the World?

Well, here we are!

Well, here I am.  A New Day, a new Blog.  I appreciate the opportunity to have an audience relate to my words.  However, I deeply wonder if you are indeed anything like me.  When I am cooped up in my silence, I hear the voices of many a dream.  Sometimes I feel like my dreams turn into mini nightmares because it is hard to control the many sounds of fear, anxiety or even control the faith in what I call “not knowing.”  Trust and patience are characteristics which are formed in a person after the trial.  Right now, I sit amidst a messy house, four dogs, muddy shoes, and a draining bank account.  I have been disciplined enough to filter some of my true feelings about the World because I try really hard to bring forth a Spirit of Compassion when dealing with others.  As I sit on my porch in the freezing cold, I let the sun and the wind remind me that feelings are also physical and not just emotional.  Our bodies are the most important key components of riding through this little thing that we call life.  My fingers are frozen from the wind but I peck away at my keyboard, hoping for a place to release my thoughts.

I have created for my self certain goals for this new year.  I am slowing way down on the drinking, vertually removing all of the processed foods from my diet, taking full charge of the mental self-mutilazation I have been notorious for doing since I was a small child and now I am going do something about this anxiety toward technology.  Yep, I said it.  Technology makes me very anxious.  In fact, I have such a mental war about these machines and the man in them, that I am fasting Facebook.  On February 1st, I am shutting down Facebook and Instagram for 28 days.  No one is mad at anyone.  There are no infidel issues at home and, No, I am not drunk.  I am putting a reign on my time and the quality of time I spend with people and nature.  My dogs suffer, my husband suffers, my children most definitely suffer and my humanitarian goals suffer the most.  When I spend too much time on my phone or on my computer it makes me irritable.  I can’t explain it.  But I don’t think I am the only one.

I want to be a better Human.  I value my humanness although I am going to be the first one in line when the Rapture hits.  I assure you my wings will sprout with forth and I will fly off into lands that are lush, divine and green.  I will reconnect with people from my soul groups and get to live a new life with them all over again.  I do not fear death in any way shape or form and I no longer fear where I am going.  I know during the great trumpet sound that my transformation will transcend all this pain and suffering and my mortal being will once again, be immortal.  My drive through life will have become a forgotten legend and if I am careful enough to be brave enough to keep in the heritage my of motherly sages, then I may just arrive on Jubilee’s doorstep.

I plan on entering into eternity by dancing, singing and of course, with a pen in my hand.  I really don’t care for the keyboard approach.  It just seems counter-productive.  Technology has consumed so much of my time I am now waging a little battle of the wills with Mr. Apple.  My will, is that I take some time off from Social Media (and the need to know everything so I can fix it illness…….) and I am going to focus the last of the Winter Days moving into Imbolc.

Imbolc rests with the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  The Fire is what quicken inside of us in order to transform us into a healthy person.  And as much as I love to research, blog and stare numbingly into my plastic computer screen watching all my friends, I need a break.  If you are close to me and do not read my blog, well, I am sure you will be alarmed that Holly Goodyear turned off her feeds.  “Is she ok?”  Yup!  Damn Straight I am ok.  I will return as strong as the Bionic Women.

My marketing skills may improve.  My happiness may excel.  You may be more cognoscente of my communication skills and you may find you really do like what is being said and mention me to a friend who in turn could be a really nice local book editor and see that my writing is “catchy” and my goofiness is actually quite attractive.  You may decide to join some of my future classes once I have paved the way to be a Women’s Minister one day.  I will write my book.  (Eleanor!!)

God has pointed me to a few good books lately and the Facebook fast will give me time to read them.  I am learning more about our American History and our Rights and Roles as Women and if I could start again, I would get a PhD in English Literature.  I am ‘et up with history and power packed fore father stories which show us how we got to where we are today.  I mean, who does not love hearing about all that??  Especially when you realize just how sick those people really were.   Sick, as in Mentalists.   Sick as in people who had slaves, bags of money and hordes of control.  Sick as in our country was built on patriarchal drunkeness which covered up the PAINSTAKING truth that Women were Magical. Women should be of full supportive reign in order to raise, rear and create sons and daughters that will eventually harm none.  That’s right.  HARM NONE.  No race wars, no social wars and no entitlement.  I am sick to death of the red tape rhetoric in corporate society and how we are taxed to death both mentally and physically and I sit and watch the lowest wage earners in society, try to survive.  What the Hell is happening People????????  The great and powerful Oz is actually right under your noses and you are stuck on your Feeds and Selfies.  Just saying.  (Because I too wear the Scarlet Letter!)

The bright side of my argument is that Freedom of Speech protects me to state my opinions.  Does it?  Where is our constitution and have you read the documentaries on the original people who wrote it.  Rebellious children of Kings and Queens.  Bright, don’t you think?  But listen to me!  If you are a women or young women who is tired, misunderstood and lost in a sea of thinking, them read this book.  “Little Women.”  I am starting to read it today.  If a handful of women opened up these historical words and began to pray for our country in order to BIND PAST CURSES, then we just may sail into the next Millennia with a Dali Lama approach.  We will always have an enemy but I almost all cases, it is ourselves.

Women are peppering the earth sitting in cubicles and popping pastries in the toaster so little Johnny can grow up bing and strong.  What happened to Earth based healing and beauty?  Just open your eyes and you will see it.  But I doubt I AM GOING TO SEE IT ON FACEBOOK without joining my sisters in the natural!!

So, good day, until next time, and if you want to follow my blog you will have to sign up outside of Facebook.  I really am full of compassion about all of this and you will be able to catch more real truth in my book.  I just know we have more behind our stories than what meets the American ALL SEEING EYE.