Sunday Morning Fire.

As I sat and watched the sunrise top over the trees it once again, reminded me of Fire.  Viewing the orange and red sky out my 3 by 5 glass window is none the less magical than Glenda the Good Witch.  The glistening and glowing embers behind the treeline stopped all morning conversations and thoughts right in their tracks.

“Get up, Get up” shouted my muses!   But I am tired I need some time to stop thinking!!  Holly has had quite a lot going on but does all of the rest of the world.  God has been showing me through so many amazing little syncronicities from my past lately and I now know that every morning I will wake with an anticipation of a new event or excitement for the day at hand.   I used to think, today is going to be the day that the shoe will drop and I always started my day with a little fear mixed with my Kcup.  The unsettling rational used to say I was never going to be good enough at anything and now I know that I can wake up and be the very best person I can be today and live judgement free and free of guilt.  I realized just yesterday that the fears of abandonment I carried my whole life were now gone.  I am blessed.

Do you know who else lived in fear with his Poetry and his Muses?  Poe.  That is right.  Edgar Allan Poe.  I was recently introduced to him again.  In the 11th grade, I think in school, my English teacher, Mrs. Roberts, had been the one to turn me on to the Raven.  She is the one teacher that stands out to me more than any others.  She taught English Lit.  Loved her!!  She taught at Iroquois in 1989.  (If anyone knows her please send her to me.)  Any hop…… reading those amazing old era1800 stories gave us a picture of what life was like before.  Before, Kcups and iPads and Apple.  Before General Mills cereal and social media.  Can you imagine for one moment that you are closely related to someone that walked this earth with those fashionable dresses and a miriad of Buttons and Lace?  I would love to see a box of old buttons.  I would love to run my hands through them and see which button would jump out at me.  Would that belong to a lady that had 4 children and was Widowed?  Would it have belong to a little servant girl with ribbons and bows in her hair.  They still existed back then you know.  Servents, Butlers, Porters (my maiden) and the likes thereof.  And Books…1800’s books are disappearing by the dozens.  Grab them up and find yourself a nice personal library of things that mean something to you.    For me, I choose books on history and metaphysics.  I think they are both just way cool!

As I finish my morning thoughts, among 4 dogs in my bed and a bearded King sipping his Kcup, I am reminded of Edgar, his thoughts and fears and how HE always thought that the Wolf was at the Door. (stated his wife Virginia).  I refuse to live that way anymore.  I refuse to live in fear that I do not have control of my own destiny in this drive through life.  My pains, frustrations and financial problems are NOTHING when you are facing greater terms.  There are universal terms which cause us to face reality and sometimes reality bites.  But, you can journey your way through this lifetime spiritually unscathed if you choose it.  Reading about our history and past is a good way to hear what the old folk had to say about survival.  George Washington even had to admit at one point, brining all those Englishmen over to start a new lad had to have been fearful.  Did he wake up every morning waiting for the shoe to drop.  On the days that he did, I am sure he had men and women around him of good courage to remind him of the greater destiny.  Well, American babies, here we are.  have you had a chance to look at the glass to see if it is half full or empty.  We all have struggles.  I have put a goal out there to not drink until summer.  Yesterday, I put a 6 pack of beer in my grocery card and wheeled it up and down 5 aisle telling myself the following……no one has to know…….there is no judgement……..stop depriving yourself……..if you do, it is ok as long as you get back on your greater purpose…..blah…..blah…..blah.  I took the beer out and left it on aisle 7 if you want to call the stock police.  I do not know if I will be as strong today, or tomorrow but yesterday, I made a beneficial choice.  Pray for me.  I am not a raging drunk but I love the taste.  My tastebuds find rich dark beer as a decadence.  I treat.  It is just the drunkeness that gets carried away.  Too much of a good thing is causing my liver to screech and my head to have oceanic swirls each morning.  And my pocket book to be drained.  Drinking is expensive.  Have you checked out the price of a six pack lately.  I could get two gallons of petro yah?

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and meeting with myself today.  The sun is well past the horizon now and I have a lot to do today. Why? Because, this IS who I am and we all have things to do…….  I am so thrilled to realize no matter what events take place in life, today is ALL that truly matters.  Tomorrow is either going to be here in the physical or gone into the layers of Spirit that we all search for.  I want to seek out the most important things in life.  For me, they are Reading, Writing, Reiki, my Family and my Truest of Friends.  And my Enemies.  (I don’t think I have any but I do have haters out there somewhere.  Some of them, rightfully so!  I have done some stupid shit.)  Please pray for my family today.  We have a need.  And tomorrow, Ms. Lola has her surgery.  My momma is the strongest inspiration I have.  She is the fortress of which I want to become.  I LOVE my momma!  She may not even realize how much but that is not because I don’t tell her.  It is because our busy lives pull us away from even the most valuable of relationships.  Pray for my family as I pray for yours. We are all highly emotional beings and until we get our emotions in order, we cannot see past our fears.  I hope my writing helps you with that too.  (You can do it!!!)

Until I see you!

Holly Goodyear




Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Kentucky Story Crafter



Detoxed for 8 Days and My Passion Increases!

So the last eight days have been really good.  I just started to slow down on the pure juicing and add in a meal.  (Of sorts).  I ate a very small helping of broth soup with some kale and squash and one spoon full of peanut better.  (Raw).  Tonight I am going to slice a very nice aromatic tomato and I will drizzle some balsamic and oil oil over it.  My vision quest is not going to cease just because I have been busy, random and yes, a little stressed.  Nope.  I am going to make a conscious effort to stay in perfect enlightenment and food is the best way to do that while you are making serious lifestyle changes.  This is the ONLY way to do it.  If you don’t feel well, do not tell yourself that their is nothing you can do.  It is not true.  Which brings me to………

My cousin.  Please pray for him.  I am going to reach out to them myself and see if there is anything I can do more than just pray like we all say we will when we see a post…..  This man is an amazing person.  He is raising lots of babies and his wife and family are amazing.  I realized today that I may be sitting here all nice in my pearly little home, (of which I am taxed to death.  No wonder it is called a mortgage…….:/  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint in the way that it sounds but I have recently realized that materialism comes in many shapes and forms and that after three months of a $400 LGE bill and a cold bottom floor, well, after a while, working and providing for such superficial things falls way down the ladder of importance.  I am grateful that I have what I have but man…….if I would have done things different.   And as I am sitting here cozy with heat and fresh water and healthy food around me I find out that all means nothing if you are sick.  We do deserve some comforts in life, true, but be careful what you do when you find out that someone needs you and you shy away when you could pay it forward.  It’s in the small stuff.  And don’t sweat it!

I put my stuff out here and write about deep stuff only because, my heart and my head know that there is a place on the other side of today that will bring us a magical day!  Heaven we call it.  Bliss.  For some, it could come faster than others.  We all have loved ones we miss.  and for my cousin, I do not want his time to be now.  My heart cries out for angels to minister to them. I write so that you will pray for them.  Place the need on your alter if you are familiar with it.

What brought all this to my mind was that I don’t really think he is too worried about superficial stuff right now and I don’t think his family is either.  They need a miracle and if I know them, they believe in one!!  And let’s just say it, I know one can be given.  When I pace back and forth in my kitchen, running back and forth in my busy obsessed life, I stop myself for a moment and I try to catch all the things going on in my head so it will stop spinning.  Some people receive shock therapy for this.  Well, did in the 60’s.

My book, my kids, my bank account, my health, my husband, my dogs, my mom, my mascara, my ministry…..blah….blah….blah.  We fail to realize is that when we offer a prayer up  to someone, and then move on about the day with work, rules, kids and school, doing nothing to really reach out to them then we are missing the point!  I am all for privacy and success in life but what if you were told life was going to end soon.  I am not 100% sure what I can do for them right at this very moment except make that one phone call to see what I can do.  ACTION!  Whether it is food, money, help with the kids or just to listen while they talk, (or not talk…) at least they know I LOVE THEM.  I know that I have a moral right to say it out loud and I do not care who reads my mail.  I love you cousin and I know that it will be ok.


Will call ASAP.



Confused but Happy!

Last night I woke up at 2:30a and laid here wide awake like a Zinger.  (Not that nasty nasty sweet cake we pay too much for but zinging with energy!).  I almost got up and ate a bowl of cereal but that would have KILLED my 6th day detox.  I cannot really call what I am doing a fast but I am not eating/drinking anything truly other than my fresh juice, an occasional smoothie, and a few bites of natural peanut butter, or an egg.   I call it, detox fast but really, it has been kind of slow, almost grueling.

What I mean by slow is that my body’s way of processing change is taking place almost in HD.  I can see my stomach shrinking, (bloating gone) and I can feel my intestines, colon and otherworldly parts, (lol) reacting to my movement.  My breathing is becoming more peaceful and my reaction to stress is SLOWLY lessoning.  I tend to be the type of person that will expel all my energy at work or in public society and then come home and sit and fear or wonder, what the next day will bring.  But the COOLEST, COOLEST thing is happening to me.  By making a new effort to release 2014 lessons exactly into the Hands of God, I am able to Let Things Be.  Laying in bed last night, with the moonlight brightly shining on my husbands face, was supernatural.  (Until he farted and then it became very much natural.  Phew!)

My point, Highly Energetic people generally have to be disciplined to stop the Monkey Chatter and now, I am allowing the chatter to be ONLY of productive quality or I will pull out my Sword of the Spirit and chop off those voices and SCREAM out my Scripture.  Rev 12:11.  Read it.

By taking in NO Alcohol, Eating 95% whole food and drink and spending time journaling, meditating and being patient, is supposed to bring me Good Tidings.  Isn’t that what we wish for at Christmas and don’t we try to pass that along to the World.  On January 14th (or is it the 15th) we are doing some kind of Facebook Pay it Forward commitment.  (Like the Ice Bucket Challenge).  It went viral.  I hope this does too.  I hope my blog will start to go viral but it will take a person with a True Heart wishing for change, to agree with me and be willing to share my Words with their circle.

Facebook has cut us off from much of the human touch.  As a Reiki Master and Devout Holy Rolling Christian, I know my hands seek to lay down on a beautiful creature of God and just let his Love and Healing flow into someone else’s energy field.  I do not take, but only give and if I do take some of their energy, it was only because they allowed me to connect with them.   It is harder to do with Facebook but I can say that almost everyone I have spoken to in the last 15 years agrees that a New World has emerged.  What orders are being placed at your table to sail into your eternity?

In my World, God is offering me Food as Medicine, Music as Bliss, Yoga to find harmony and balance and Friends to Show me Love. I have lost 4 pounds since Saturday, (I have lost 132 pounds in 20 years so do not say, you cannot change your lifestyle with ANY excuse). I have tens of female middle age friends that I see are so close to the bring of a POWERFUL breakthrough and it only takes them realizing that true SELF Care, starts with the Female Spirit.  Detoxing and Thriving in Good Health take SKILL and PLANNING.  It take time and yes, it takes money.  But you can even cut the fresh juice you make once a day with water and stretch it.  You can take that fresh juice and put some really tasty spices it it like Tumeric and Ginger and when you really drink it, the magic of physical change takes place.  Your taste buds perk up and “WOW”, and Ayurvedic reaction to change begins………What is that?  Google it.  Then come back and ask me questions!  🙂

I know I am different and I am very OK with that.  I spend my days and nights trying to figure out how to help others see what Life is really like when you Live.  I try and help provide for my family with dignity in an undignified world. And through all my painful 2014 experiences, mentally, it has made me more consistent in learning to trust God and my Gut.  Those lessons allowed me to release religion and judgement.  2014 allowed me to practice tradition and folk art.  It allowed my eyes to open more clearly to what is coming.  I see and hear Mother Earth’s cries and I hear the prophets of Old ringing in my ears.  My relationship with Mother Earth is undying.  (Until, I really die and am poured out over her surface as ashen dust, I will always be a part of the Circle of Life.)  Do you hear Elton John Singing????  I have to be at work, at my desk, in one hour.  I am not much different than the norm.  Ok, I am VERY different front he norm. Would you want to be unique and precious in the eyes of God.  You are delicate.  You are woven and some of us are Woven In Christ.  Everyone has TIME!

Edgar Allan Poe once said “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins”?

Namaste.  AND SHARE THIS BLOG FOR GOD’S SAKES!  Help me change the World People!!!!!  Pay It Forward! I love you!


Super Fruits Friday!

So with each New Year comes freshness.  Today, is the first Friday of the year and my fridge is full of fruits and veggies so that I can enjoy a nice friendly juice fast.  (Lots of F’s here!)  I am going to spend my weekend in hibernation clearing out my closets, diving in my old journals and releasing my body of toxins with a 7 day juice fast.  Now that I am on the 6 month trek to being free from my liver’s darkest enemy (strong drink), I wonder if I will make it to my goals with success? I need a cleansing! Our bodies are under such annihilating strain at times during the seasons, I think that we mortals fail to give ourselves much needed grace when we fall down.

Yesterday, during my New Year’s Day holiday, I spent a lot of time in the greenhouse repotting my garden herbs and potting my new houseplant, Jackie. (A surprise gift from Hubs!)  Jackie is a Black Calla Lilly.   Why did I name her Jackie? Well, when Hubs and I were taking a drive through Floyds Fork during the mid-morning looking for solstice, I stated to Hubs that Jackie O was coming to me in Spirit.  (We all have a touch of mediumship in us I think).  I felt her presence several times press in toward me and I know I am not completely nuts. I felt her energy.  It had not dawn on me that all morning, Hubs kept mentioning that somebody named “Johnny” was around.  Johnny Cash?  Johnny Carson?  I did not know what he meant.  Apparently, not those guys but JFK?  And Jackie?  Maybe.  So, I immediately decided that the deep mysterious beauty of my new houseplant had such perfect Poise and Mystery, so Jackie is her name!

Now, to my point.  With this new year I am certain that if I spend every day reconnecting deeper and deeper with my Spirit Guides and my Animal Totems, I can use these messages and turn my life into complete bliss.  I realized in 2014 that I had been blessed to experience such awesome super sensory experiences BUT, I failed to connect ALL of the dots and acknowledge that I am also what we consider a full fledged Empath.  What is an Empath?  “a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.”

Holy Crap.  That explains so much!  In picking up on mortal energy the way I do, I had failed to put up the right shield and defense up and I have been walking around like an electrical conduit receiving patterns of thoughts from other mortal beings.  Am I Mind Reading?  Not really, but I am sensing people’s energy patterns openly.  And, translation and intuition can be a very complex thing for someone who is not grounding themselves properly.

Our daily frantic formations around the world teach us to respond to others needs based on our interpretation and not necessarily their intent.   If Johnny asks us for an Apple and we do not have an apple, we can offer him an orange if we have it.  If Johnny refuses the Apple and becomes agitated that his expectation was not met, we tend to suffer in our mind with a feeling of insecurity.  The healthy way to compromise gets lost between the emotions of want and lack.  Johnny wanted that apple and I lacked it so we both were suffered.  An uneducated empath would possibly interpret this action as some type of personal failure.

A healthy energetic person would KNOW that it was just fine to not meet Johnny’s expectation and we would have if we could have.  Now, instead of feeling guilty that I could not help Johnny, I will just add Apples to my grocery list.  If Johnny decides that he needs another Apple, and I have the apple, then I can share my precious fruits with Johnny.  Should the event present itself again of course……..

I am confident that my tooty fruity detox will be of great help to my Mind, Body and Spirit and after the next 48 hours, I may emerge lighter, brighter and skinnier!   I hope you find your Spiritual Super Fruits in 2015!  Makes for Juicy Conversation!!!


Happy New Year’s Eve!

Stop thinking bad thoughts!  That is my main resolution.  And, well, to stop drinking for 6 months.  I have found that these two things are a negative in my life and in order to move ahead, they have to go.  For several years now I have been blogging.  I have relied on my blog to help me release thought patterns in my life and to help me find a way to succeed at mental health.  But!  I still have a lot of fearful thoughts when I wake.  MUCH OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH DRINKING.

I do not consider myself a “dredg-ey” (always drunk) alcoholic but craft beer, wine and especially bourbon, are my friendly spirits.  We are in Kentucky you know. 🙂 I did not even like bourbon until recently.

What I am finding that the days I do drink, I wake up and feel not only sick to my stomach, but fearful.  I start wondering if I am good enough, pretty enough or healthy enough to live my best life.  Joel Olsteen wrote about about living your best life and even though, you may see me as happy, healthy and whole, you are not seeing me age, cry or be angered.  Those feelings are for the close one’s in my life.  Even my close know that I don’t like to cry.  It comes out in rivers.

So let me make my New Year’s Eve Point clear. First, I hope YOU have a happy one.  I hope and wish that your New Year brings in a new energy, of which, you created.  Your destiny is dependent on what you intend, what you practice and what you preach.  Your profession is your “Key”.  (Can I get an amen from any Solomon’s out there!)  I have not been perfect in doing all the right things on 2014 but in 2015, I will be more determined to clean up my thoughts so that what comes out of my mouth is right.  Bhudda says to practice Right Action.  And in Right Doing, we will see right Living.

For those of you that have faithfully read my journey, thank you.  Another resolution. I will also commit to reducing my internet usage in 2015 as well.  There may not be as many blogs but in reality, I am sure there will be some.  But, if I am to write this story, then pen and paper it shall be.

One last thought of negativity stems from my heart.  “The loss of touch is primarily due to technology.  Put down your phone and touch someones arm or cheek”.  chefgoody72  

And for heavens sake, may sure you are hugging your kid today.  Life is precious and can be taken in a moment.  Ask a few of my friends.  Hug YOUR KID TODAY!  Even if you are 98 and have a kid.  Hug them.


Be blessed on 2015!




Merry Christmas Eve 2014!

Merry Christmas Everyone.  I know many of you are shopping frantically or going to the store for that last minute dish because you are clogging up the traffic pattern!  For any of those East Enders who enjoy the mall traffic, I suggest a shot of brandy and a Xanax when you are done.  LOL!

Honestly, I wanted to send out some love and prayers to my friends and family.  I have a cousin in the hospital right now and he needs love and prayers.  My Dad is far away and we don’t get to visit much so I send him love.  My Husband’s family is far away so we send them love and presents!  I have a few friends who are dealing with aging parents as well or having their first year without one. For that, I send love.  I KNOW that some of my single parent friends’, who are working it all out, deserve a BIG Shout out this Christmas so I send out a wish to Mr. Santa that he surround you with great loving people as you go through each day being “mom and dad” to your kids.   I have been a single parent two times, although for a very short period of time, but I KNOW how hard this can be. I send you love.

I also want to say Thank You to the people that had only come into my life this past year.  The girls at the salon.  I miss you terribly and I love you dearly.  I kneel at my mental alter and I ask God to bring magic into your lives everyday.  I am blessed to have spent the time I had with you.  To my Friends at Moonstruck.  I am not as close with you as I would like to be but I know how hard it is to run a business and find that balance between work and home life.  I ask 2015 to provide you with prosperity.  To my new friends at the Red Tent.  I am humbled to be with you and I ask for divine wisdom on how to be a light in the Red world!

I have a list of girlfriends of which I know love me and I love them.  I could sit here and write their names out but I don’t have time! However, there are a handful of you out there who I have known for a long time or very closely and I wake up each day and ask God to send you everything you need.  I think we all know that in each other’s presence, we live, laugh and love together and each of us understand one another in miraculous ways.

More so than anything and without introduction, to Edward.  My SoulMate and My Unified Lover and Husband.  I send you ultimate love.

So, if you had time to read this and you want to take 5 WHOLE minutes before you jet out busy today and think about who in your life you cannot stand to live without, send them love.  Write down their name and place it in your Jar of Hearts.  If you believe in Santa today, surely you can believe that writing out their name, will create a magical experience for all days to come!


Merry Christmas!


I really don’t know if I spelled the title to this blog right but no matter.  Today, I have been blessed to be awakened into this moment of PURE excitement.  It is almost Christmas and now that the entry into the Solstice is underway, I can see more clearly.  Last night, the dark moon put me completely out.  I was drained of every once of energy I had left and slept like a rock.  My body feel short of any movement and I know I was out in dream space for the last 10 hours.  But, upon waking this Monday, I am renewed Spiritually and even more amazing, my past ancestors are here in my HOUSE!!   My grandmother presented herself to me yesterday as my husband sang “Dianah Won’t You Blow Your Horn.”  He did not know that was the song my Mimi sang to me on road trips.  And Mimi always shows herself when I am in the kitchen.  Then, just a few moments ago, he rambled out the word Wanga and something about Green Carpet.  (And trust me, my medium husband had not had any coffee to wake up with yet so he was in sleepy mode so I know he was just rambling on).

Wanga, is my grandfather and his trailer’s carpet was gross green.  The ONLY real memory I have of him is when I was 7 and my mom took me to see him for Christmas.  As a child, I really did not get to see him.  It had been years since I saw him when we visited and I sat on his green flat trailer carpet, tracing out the lines in the floor with my toys.  That IS the memory I have always held when I think of him.  I am telling you all this because there is no better feeling than knowing you are surrounded by loved ones during the Holidays and that you can connect with their energies and receive their love, even when they are long since past.  Life is Good and Precious my Friends!

So, when I went to bed last night, apparently my hubby was watching Mary Poppins.  I had no idea because I was under the Dark Moon Sleep and when I had my early morning meeting just now, those magic words just came out of my pen on paper.  I am certain it was Spirits way of showing me childhood magic at Christmas.  Showing me it is ok to believe in transparent love!

My stuffy head and drippy throat today do not cancel out my excitement for the future.   I believe that a few clementines, some hot tea and hot yoga will soothe me during this new phase of the year and I refuse to go into it with sickness in my body.  Magic words.   Abracadabra.  Make me healthy and whole.   I take action over my next 24 hours and I choose Happiness!  I choose Gratefulness for this week!!

And, give something away to someone unknowingly!!  Be Elfy today!!

Dear God, I pray as I move into this new year of the wheel, that today, December 22nd I board a Glory Train headed toward success, healing and purification.  Thank you for showing me that we are not alone and we can celebrate in harmony all that it good!  May their be Peace (and fun):) on Earth and let it begin with me!!



Girls It’s Snowing!

Pretty!  The snow out the back window is fresh and pretty.  This third cup of coffee and all is well.  We are nestled in for the long winter’s nap.  Solstice.  The Darkest Day of the Year and this year, a New Moon will turn and blessings you create will abound.  If I told you exactly what you needed to do to honor this weekend, would you consider?

If you are a women, would you consider to find at least 30 minutes this weekend and write out your desires for the upcoming year.  Would you stop and look around your home for 60 seconds and contemplate your blessings and your need to purge?  I am now ready to Purge.  I am ready to purge the old which does not serve me and WRITE out the details to the universe so in 2015, the world as I see it will manifest.

I used to think, that behind my computer screen, I say say and feel anything I wanted and that I was protected by my constitutional right.  However, I must be sure that it keeps in line with WSIS.   It is the information society who constitutes right language.  Google them.   So now I know, that if I respect all race, creed and religion, I can be specific to express clearly to you how I manifest my dreams.  Women should embark on this beautiful thing that we call “goddessness”, and I want to share with you how I do it.   The Moon’s Cycle.  If we women would follow the moon cycle in order to live our lives holistically and that you are not considered a witch (unless you choose to be), you will tap into a magic of sorts that will open you up to a very POWERFUL and Peaceful World.   I was so afraid to follow the moon cycle publicly in my past or enlist my loving efforts in Reiki publicly because of the first 10 years I spent in the pentacostal church.  (Penta– 5.)  I thought, if anyone sees me with a Hindu or Goddess book or a stack of Tarot Cards, they would come and throw stones at me.  I was taught to Worship one way, and in one format.  But then I realized that when the Chakra of the Heart is  controlled what I processed on the inside and how I viewed Jesus in my heart along with my confession on the outside.  (A personal choice! that I could confidently break out of the religious box and do what it was I was being taught to do outside of a church wall.)  Church IS Good.  We should come together and find that cord that strikes God’s heart but what I am saying is that there are hundreds of ways to become healthy and whole and scientifically, following the Moon and Stars works. Try the Spirits.  They are of our Universal God if you Believe they are.

I view Jesus in my heart as my King as a Supernatural Queen, I established boundary.  I am no longer judging any belief system with condemnation, and I only honor the love that my King Jesus taught  me.  Just as a Queen a would value her King, I use Jesus’ example to be a STRONG women, so my husband, children and friends would benefit.

Remember in Old England when the women called the Kings Lord?  As a women, finding a man to call Lord in this century is almost impossible in the physical but we have no problem calling on Jesus in the supernatural.  I am calling out the guards of heaven to help us reconsider our definition of manship and I am not challenging you mens’ to be a better husbands but I AM challenging my sisters to be better wives and mothers.  As we HEAL, so does the Earth Heal.  (And Man Beards are Cool!)  “Manship is Key to Women’s Success!”  It is a circle of life.

Leaving the Red Tent last night allowed me to view women in such a wonderful light that even my own darkness frightens me no more.  My evolution in 2014 sent me on a spiral dance that seemed to go out of control only to throw me into the Heart of Fire, so that now I can burn away the old me and emerge as the new me.  I am still the same Holly Goodyear I was when I slept, but yet, I am different as I awake into this New Moon and New Year…..   So, I am asking my Girls out there, if you are inspired by the snow this morning and a Crow has “cawed” your way, maybe take that extra thirty minutes today and write out your journey for next year.  Are you worth it?

Then find a flame and burn the paper.  Burn your intention and watch the spark of live and divine begin to nurture your fem.  Everyone will benefit.  Even Supernatural Angelic Friends of God will turn their eyes to see your needs.    You have until Tuesday to complete your assignment.



“Oh Goodie!”

A Hot Toddy and Wrapping Paper are two of my favorite things.  LOL!  I have been blessed to have the afternoon off and I have been even more blessed to start in on the Christmas wrapping project.  My boss, ok, friend and I, had the blessed event of a company lunch in private and I love her!!  I was blessed to have some time with her outside of work today and we connected over a WONDERFUL cup of coffee and some Eggs Benedict.  I do appreciate the finer things in life and outside of pressing my way through work and home life stress, I am cycling yet again, with a new moon on the 21st and having felt productive and balanced and for that, I am happy.”  I shared with my boss today, my dreams, my goals and my promise to promote our new business venture with fervor.  (A positive attitude goes a long way!)

As we enter into this new season of Winter Solstice, I am able to say good-bye to the things that no longer serve me and wrapping presents gives you time to think….   I have learned that tactically, if you are not 100% honest and open with people about your dreams and your divine calling, you may just as well sit out of this game of life.  Tonight, I will enter into the Red Tent with the most amazing women and branch out of my insecurities in order to listen and learn from their experiences as well.  I will sense the new energies of the new moon and we will celebrate our feminine side as wives, mothers, soul mates and teachers.

I think 2015 will bring in a whole new road for me and in driving thru my life, I can now see through this metaphysical windshield with eyes wide open.  My Spirit Man is growing.  My humanness is becoming more easy to deal with and my emotional creativity is now heading in a better direction.  I am conscious of my surroundings.

I have met more exceptional people in just the last few years than I have met in all of my life.  However, I have reconnected deeper with the old friends which I had sustained throughout my life and I now trust in myself to say I am loved.   If I am loyal to my dreams and my true connections with others, I do not have to worry about holding up a false image of myself and I can be the real “Holly Goodyear” God called me to be.

As I wrapped presents for my closest family members and friends today, I thought about all the people out there hustling to survive.  I thought about those who have very little.  I have been introduced lately in my new career, to a different demographic of employees and a different thinking than I am used to.  I have come across people who need work desperately but may be having a bit of bad luck in life and cannot work consistently and I have met people who do NOT want to work, and only need a day or two of pay to make it to the next hustle.  I was shocked to see that I, this chick from the South End, had been so far removed from the “way” that I did not realize people are out there taking advantage of the system so badly and in turn, are not honest with me about WANTING to work or do not show up!!…..However, I will not give up that easily and as long as I show up each day and ask God to help us find the Right Path in our lives, I will no longer worry about my job or my greater destiny .  I promised myself I would only use my filter when appropriate and stating MY truth is the best way to fortify change so my blogs will be tactful, yet at times, remarkable brutal…..

I do not expect that my blogs will make me millions or that I will become that Movie Star I really want to be but it is NEVER too late.  Lynda Carter portrays Wonder Women’s legacy with beauty and class and have you seen that women!  DIVA!!!!    I strive to be Wonder Women in my imaginative dreams and one day, I will wear earn the Super Cape of Truth and open up a ministry of love for Women in my life.

My Pen, (Keyboard) and my Spiritual Sword, takes much pleasure in putting my thoughts on paper and in my blogs, I strive to encourage and promote wellness.  It is my hearts desire to minister through my trials.

I may not be in church every time the doors open, or even much at all, but my heart shines brightly in knowing that today, we as women, need to be much more attentive to our personal needs and in doing so, we will make happy homes, children and make strides to rise above statistical status quo.

Christmas is next week.  Give what you can to others and receive what is given to you.  Watch for signs and symbols of God and Nature work with you and your family this Solstice.  During your Christmas Holiday, remind yourself that Monday’s are inevitable but Sunday’s A’ Coming!   I only have a few bucks left in my bank account but I can give you the gift of writing!  I pray you seek courage, wisdom and truth in how you celebrate this season.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!  The Righteous Run Into It, and they are SAFE!


Express Yourself!

Express Yourself.  You’ve Got to make it!  (Says Madonna!)

It gets really hard sometimes to think that there is more out there than just our stressful lives.  Now, hear me before we get to far in this blog.  I just spent the last 10 minutes of my “morning meeting” typing the coolest stuff to post about stress and I hit a wrong key stroke so I lost it ALL.  This is the price we will pay for using technology verses the true art of writing.  Anyway, I digress, except to say that I was typing about the IMPORTANCE of understanding stress energetically in your life.

It is Wednesday.  I am faced with a new day at work in order to provide a happy home for my family.  I am blessed to have a good friend next to me who understands our reason for working.  I do not carry the weight of being a sole provider at home or at work but we all know that we need to work today because tomorrow, we may be gone.  And after spending time with our coffee in bed, and waking up after a great time getting my tattoo completed,(Kudo’s Dennis!) it made me realize that I must, must follow my dream to write no matter what I am DOING!  My tattoo is significant to the story I am creating.  When this blog entry failed a few seconds ago, my heart dropped and I wanted to cry.  That showed me that my inspirational writing is serious when it is happening in real time and it effects ME emotionally to loose it like that.

I have stopped stressing about becoming an Author.  I am an Author.  My blog is starting to reach people everywhere and I am starting to have communication with others.  That is ALL I WANT!  I want feed back from people of whom can resonate with me to say, we live, we laugh and we love and we are OK!  I want to hear people say “Stop being so STINKIN’ Happy!” when they disagree with me or if they are in a bad place in life and get mad at me so they can work out their issues too.  Nope.  Not on here I won’t stop being happy and even when I write pissed off stuff. I will still find my happiness…..  My drive thru expressions each day and each week are for fun for me!  They are healing.  They are my teachable moments!   If they become teachable moments for you too, well then more power to the universe.

I use the 8 blogs I have created to reach out to my friends and family when I know I cannot touch them physically.  Much of my high energy and stress is used up at work but I KNOW, that when I lay my hands on someone in love and gentleness and kindness, the human touch ZAPS out a lot of the stress going around the other person.  I have to be very careful carrying my gift of Reiki around into the world of business because I feel everyone’s emotions and I need to channel it PROPERLY with my Reiki.  Today, is Wednesday.  (I said that.) I am going to be a part of the Big Scary World outside of my safe walls.  I am going to meet many different energies in my role.  I am going to connect to them, and I need to learn to disconnect when I am done.  Based on the experiences I encountered up to today, energy workers love to be around others and their energy!  Give and Receive but only for everyone’s Highest Good.

Please find a way to ground today and when you do, you WILL find a new energy.  Try a different technic for communicating.  If you are with a coworker or a client and you are finding it a struggle to talk to them, pay attention to that.  Are you overwhelmed?  Are they?  Be kind today.  You can learn to heal from Worklife Stress.  You can work to heal from ALL stress.  Stress will not leave ever our human environment and it can be used like the clay on the potters wheel.