Sunday Morning!

Yes, it is Sunday Morning and many of you ready for worship.  I too, ready my mind.  The best most wonderful moments in time when you sit quietly and just look at life as it proceeds for you.

I am now working full time, working part time, caring for loved ones, pets and the all the finances and home life responsibilities like a big girl.  I am still studying Meditation and Reiki and what prompted me to write you was how my mind started thinking about MY LIFE when studying about Meditation this morning.

The Mind, The Breath, The Beauty of Natural Creation.  The Beauty of God’s Spirit and his Dove like qualities.  Soft Music in the background and today, Rain.  Lots of Rain!  Kentucky Rain.

Can you smell it?  Can you possibly feel it on your face?  If you are a Monday-Friday go all day kind of girl, then take Sunday and step out in your “night” old clothes and feel the rain.  Close your eyes, even for 30 seconds!  Take in your NOW Moment!


Looking Up! Yoga, Bar?



I titled this picture “looking up”!  Why, because things are great?  Well, yes they are but it is more than that.  

Looking up to me means I can count on God to help me when I am not “looking up”.  Those times when I am walking head-down because I either cannot see ahead of me or that I am just thinking.  But if we think with our heads up, we actually receive a clearer signal from God.  Straightening your spine and breathing in, helps your mind to OPEN and when you open, you do hear your Beloved Savior!  


So each day as you ready for work, school or just another drive around the block, tell yourself to “look Up”.  It will also straighten our your NECK: STOP SLOUWCH-ING P!  

As I ready for ANOTHER day of work……I don’t stress my brain on all the things which must be done.  That will all be there and if you do a good job and your best effort, then no guilt!  Work is hard but we can do it.  Hecki, I got three jobs now…no wait four…… WAIT A ga-zillion!!!!

Bless you Today!  Share this Blog and Blessings!


Holly Polly Positive!  Thanks for the nick name CHW!

Fall Fun Has Begun!

Fall Fun Has Begun!

I cannot get enough of Fall! The apples I made with a friend last night. Nice!

While Cleaning this morning one last good clean before back to work, I Had such a neat morning conversation with my SELF! I noticed I felt like Cinderella on my knees scrubbing the bath floor. But the smell of cleaner was nice and fresh. Then I saw the biggest pic in my mind. “The Fairy Godmother”. Floating about and singing with her magic wand over my head. It made me giggle and sing the Cinderellie’ Song!!

Remember now , if you take time in the Silence to listen, even while cleaning, it might make you chuckle. Now I know why women were supposed to be a true homemaker at one point in time…….Most enjoyable at times!

Working for the Weekend!

Yes, it is a Loverboy song but I am happy to sing it.  My summer vacation is now over.  I am returning to work Full Time and am excited about the energy I missed in doing so. But really it is bittersweet to lose the home routine I have made for my self.  Do you want to know what it was?  No clock!  

Well, a few times I had appointments but no work clock.  It is really hard to fit all these home responsilbilites into one day.  

I thought staying at home would be a breeze.  I saw myself with the morning sun in my face and doing Tai Cho on the deck.  

I did manage to pull out a few mornings of it as such and my Yoga postures were actually quite good on those days.  Other times of the day, I was clumsy.  Hum?  Moon Void of Course maybe?

Anyway, my blog today is to send out a very happy sound about going back to work.  If any of you have experienced HealthCare Reform on even a fraction of the note we insurance peeps do, then you know, my tone for the bloggy should be light and airy!  LOL!

But here is the real daily kicker.  I have self taught myself to use better judgement on my SELF!  I am too hard on me, and even others when I don’t get my way.  Ya’ll say “no, your not!”  Yes….., you cannot read my thoughts!  LOL!  I have blocked you…….Tee Hee.

Is the way you think is right no matter what?  That way of thinking really needs to be set aside on a regular basis.  There is a difference between opinion and being dug in!  

 I relish in the fact that I had a whole summer to myself to do what I needed too.  I spent a lot of great time with family and friends and learning about the Human Being.  I made goals, broke some, kept a few.  And am making new!

I pray today you see a pattern in your life that will help you with the season to come which is Winter.  Fill yourself with Love and Grace this Winter and you will see a seed of growth in the Spring.  I assure you on this.

And P.S.- I took FB off my iphone.  I like to FB FAST.  Makes me excited to catch up on those followers……


Holly G.

It’s like Christmas in a big box today! Understanding Body Work.

Many of us have heard of Tai Chi or Yoga or Holistic Wellness.  I hope to simplify some of what I see (my op) as using positive energy in very few words for those who do not know what Reiki is or energy work is classified as.  

Now, KEEP IN MIND, I am a student to these areas and profess in no way to give any medica’/legal/ counsel  advice.  That’s what Dr. so and so is for.  Strictly commentary.

And since my table arrived today and I will be taking a workshop this month to increase my level of understanding of Reiki specifically, I wanted to encourage you to know a little more about your body.  I know Reiki is Japanese. 🙂

We are all made up of energy.  P-E-R-I-O-D!

Most all of us have a model of worship and I am conformable in saying I am a Christian.

I am comfortable in saying I LOVE Science and Nature and History and Art and Music and Dance and Good Business Skills and People.  Darn right!  I really do love people.

I love thinking about about how to be a better consumer in the world and how to send a loving vibration to others even when I know I have a trigger point of “meanness” that is is in the  works. (But I really ain’t mean!)  Working on Patience, Grace, Attitude, Moral Standards,  and I am really working on trying to keep my Prayers up for our Youthful generations.  

So, back to why I bought a table for Reiki.  Most of my friends know I am not going to massage school.  The Back may be a bit to old for that.  

I believe that when you send love and relaxation to others, it forms a moment in time where we/they can begin to scan “selves” not only for ills physically but mentally and especially emotionally.  The emotional beings we are, conflict in all areas of our life if we let it.  ALL of them do!

Emotional beings love and feel love.  They feel everything.  They are emotional.  

Humans are emotional.  Finding a place to calm one’s MBS and receiving Divine Energy through Reiki or any positive laying on of hands for prayer and intention, leaves one looking and searching for answers.  Well, who has the answers?  I think you know and through relaxation, your fellowship can be with God and Onesself to find healing.  Understanding your body and how you work is the best method for healing all ails.

That is all for today.  More soon.


Holly (Polly Positive).  Nickname…lol!

Think Back, Long Ago in a Land Far Away. Reflect!

Think Back, Long Ago in a Land Far Away.  Reflect!

“A picture of the tombs of Mordecai and Queen Ester according to Wikipedia”.

I have not had the opportunity to blog much this month. In taking a dose of my own medicine, slowing down to reflect even for a moment is important. I have many changes happening so fast but I am EVER so grateful for these challenges. When you make major changes in life, and you live completely on not knowing if you will pass or fail the test of time, can leave one bowing down to the throne room of the King begging for his extended hand of mercy to save one’s people. And sometimes to just save us from egotistical selves.

I have spent several days reflecting on Queen Ester and envisioning her approach to the King of Persia and then setting my thoughts fixed on the image of her dignity and success while she sits atop a white stallion. I know that my Creator God would never want me to lend my thoughts to die a horrible death or to perish feeling unloved but when you feel like you are alone in your mind, it tends to make one either stronger or stuck. And, even in Death we are taught to ask “Oh Death, where is thy sting?”
Me, I choose stronger ways today. Stronger to know I can believe on what truths become me and what identity I choose to hold as a person, can certainly determine the outcome.
My identity? To be Valiant, Strong and of Good Courage and to ask for an extension of HIS Merciful hand while new decisions are handed to me.

We know not much about the remainder of the life that Queen Ester lived but I can only suspect it was happily ever after. To see her resting place with her uncle portrayed here as this photo shows me, such beautiful care was taken to give her reward for a long hard life of sorrow and success. Do not give up your journey! Drive on Thru the hard places. Your Destiny Awaits!

“God Allow’s U-Turns!”

I am so very happy to be writing again today.  The pace at which I have been going the last two weeks has been quite the overdrive.  In such a way that I have possibly missed a turn or two I am sure!

But not to worry, My God Allow’s U Turns.  Now depending on what track you are driving on, it may be harder to find a way to “turn around.”  But today’s thought has me wondering, did you miss something important in your scuffle to start the day, again?

Did you miss a small kiss on the cheek while dropping your child off to school?

Did you miss eating a healthy breakfast or any breakfast for that matter?  Did you know Milk DOES a body Good? or Did you know that a handful of Blueberries in the morning will give you enough stamina to start your engines?

Did you miss someone’s birthday or someone’s gathering and instead of acknowledging it  later in the week, just keep on driving?

Or more importantly, did you miss the sunrise this morning?  (I am watching for right it now!!)

A fast paced way of life should include a set mind to be present in your moments no matter how short they are.  And if you feel you missed a turn or two because you were too busy to notice, just make a quick sprint back around to do what it is you need to do today.  I assure you, whatever you are darting along towards, will be there when you get there.  And even if your appointments are sitting waiting to the tick-tock of the speedy little clock, they too need to take that time of waiting and contemplate if they need to make a U-wey.

Make the time to take the Time!


“I always wante…

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific”.

Lily Tomlin


I love this quote from Lily Tomlin.  She is such a comical lady with a really interesting personality.  Dry humor is kind of fun if you think about it.  It makes people have to focus in on whether or not you are being serious.  And of course, we want to be sure the audience is prepared for any dry humor delivery but when you face an uncomfortable situation, you want to break some of the ice in the room with a hearty chuckle.  

I love to laugh.  I really really do!  Laughing truly sets in motion for a great Happiness experience.    When people don’t really know each other, they can connect through laughter.  

I really like it when my husband is in line at the store and everyone is just standing there bored or frustrated and he comes off with some corny joke.   At least people perk up and look over at us to see who it taking to them verses mindlessly waiting about.  And they see our big ol’ smile!

Specifically being who you are as a whole person should encompass all traits of humanity on some level.  Many times when we describe ourselves, we try to hone in on the most common characteristic we have or more adversely, only how we look.  

I would guess that a full description of a person would be a lengthy list.  But are we short cutting the most important aspects of who we are because we do not look deep enough or long enough at who we really are?  I can bet that you have not recently written down anything about yourself save for maybe a resume or a credit application.  

Are you too busy in life to journal about who you are, why you are and what you want to become, specifically?  You are somebody, but do you know thyself?  You are worth the ink and the time!

Take a moment today and grab a sheet of paper, (not a drive thru napkin unless necessary) and write out some things about yourself.  Make the list two sided.  Positive Traits and In-Process Traits.  (Don’t say negative things and don’t bring on harm to yourself)!  Then reflect.  Reflect as if you are looking in a mirror of life.  Truth be known… actually are!



Good News! And Boy, that it is!

Hello!  So I posted about a possible scare on my mammo a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, we got great news.  Just a cyst and we can keep an eye on it.  I KNOW that the majority of the issue is most likely my favorite addiction.  COFFEE!  Makes booby’s lumpy!

So thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and I ask Our Father above for a special peace and healing for anyone that has or will ever go through that experience.