Two Spots? A Possible Diagnosis.

Before you read this blog let’s understand that when someone blogs, it is a public view into their secret thoughts publicly.  Sometimes they are offensive to you as a person but you have to understand the audience reading any Blog should be sensitive to this and if anything does offend, then in Love, gently click the close button on your browser.

So, let’s get to business.  I have been waiting for over a week on results from a mammogram and like a good girl, I went at age 40 and did the booby squish.  So I called yesterday to see if my second test results have been read and the answer-“No.” I know they will cal me back so I am not overly alarmed.

But as any women can image or HAS experienced, it is quite the wait.  I would never in a million years expect I would have to deal with a breast cancer possibility in the slightest realm.  And most likely, I am not.  I don’t look sick!  I don’t feel sick and I certainly DO NOT act sick. 

It was really quite the experience this week, being in the medical system and literally walking into an imaging center and it was FULL TO THE MAX.  The room was so FULL of women!  I wondered were they battling, were they getting a follow up based on physician recommendation?  And are those prepared for the wait for results w/o living in FEAR? Either way, there was a very face paced shuffle of X-Rays, Ultra-Sounds, Techs and just buzzing about in that place.

After spending 15 years discussing with clients and employees and friends and family on how important the preventative exam is, I now sit and wait myself wondering.

So I am I bitching about the process?????  NOT AT ALL!  I am going about my day and in the back of my mind is this Question.  But I choose to go through my regular (mostly) healthy routine of the day.

 Yoga, Clean, Pray, Write, prepare for upcoming events, pay bills, clean, clean (who said there was so much cleaning being unemployed). But nar’ a complaint about this wait I assure you,  just a tiny lump in the throat CHAKRA (Blue).  

If by some unfortunate event, I had to make the battle as so many million other women have done, I would HOPE to MY GOD Almighty I would have an ounce of endurance to fight as I have seen countless women and families do.  

I would hope that I would make a stance to retain and hold each measure of Peace and Happiness that I now possess.  To manifest a true nature like I try to do in the light of an EveryDay’s Ok Day.

So, Yes, I will share whether or not this waiting has had concerned results with you….  I just don’t think I have anything to worry about.  But neither did millions of others.  My love for each of you as my reader is a TRUE Love and I don’t just say that.  As materialistic as we can become, appear or lead on to be, my heart tells me that Men and Women alike, know when they are being SNOWED and I am not doing that….I love to see people share their hearts desire and send Love to someone they knew needed a prayer.  

If you have need of or know someone in YOUR life that needs a prayer, take this moment and close your eyes and SEND LOVE!  It is boundless!  And If You share this with me on this Post, I promise to write down that you asked, and put this with my prayer needs.  This to you I commit.


Look OUT! Contagion!

I have noticed that conversations about how we feel tend to be pretty standard these days.  When we ask each other how we feel, we typically say “Fine” or “I’m Ok”.  But just being Fine and Ok, leaves us wondering if that is REALLY acceptable?  Are you spreading a form of Dis-Ease by not being positively contagious?

What I’d like to know is during your time alone, do you ask yourself how you feel and evaluate your own mannerisms and how they affect others?  I mean, If I answered another person on that subject and said “HAPPY” verses “Fine” or “I’m OK” I would probably even get a little chuckle out of them.  It is such an unusual answer and I like to see people laugh WITH me.

Are you not answering the question at hand because your not ready to say your are happy and if so, why?  Does it feel awkward to say “I’m Happy”?  Does is seem unrealistic to answer that question if you really are Happy or do you just go with the Hum Drum answer not providing a serum of Light to the world with your Loving Happy Self?  I know YOU’RE IN THERE!

 If you are NOT happy, what are you?  If these key words come to mind, I suggest Self Intervention quickly and maybe find some advice….

  • Depressed
  • Tired
  • Aggravated
  • Pissed OFF!
  • Emotionally a Wreck!
  • Nervous
  • Confused 
  • In Chronic Pain
  • I DUNNO What I AM?

Happiness is defined as many things but it should be a very important factor in your daily and even your hourly life.  

You will face multi-faceted things in life.  Good, Bad, Ugly and just plain “WTH”!  But those examples I described above should never be a part of your daily, hourly and important moments in life long term.  There is no event so defining that it should rob you of a lifetime of Joy, Peace and Happiness.  

Facing and Conquering self destructive demons and altering life events and rolling through them with a tenacity to reach harmony and bliss should be a priority.  It is proven that if you work at becoming Whole and at Peace, Disease will lessen, stress will lessen and your family will relax and become a benefactor of your Happiness.  

I don’t want to be Happy because I am selfish, I want to be Happy because it IS Infectious.  This is the only contagion I care to spread!



“ARE WE THERE YET PAPA SMURF?”-Cartoon Confusion…..

Are we there?  Are we there?  And on and on they go……  

Kids….. youngin’s….. the old folk called them.  I see now that many of them appear to get on their parents nerves.  It is quite sad.  But do you not remember being a child?  What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memories of being a kid include the one’s when I just knew life was safe.  I knew there was always going to be a box of cereal or a pack of bologna in the house even if we had nothing else.  And that I could watch those fun loving cartoons that once were- Fun.  What the heck happened to Looney Tones and The Smurf’s in Technocolor?  I saw the movie The Smurf’s but for me, it was not the same….

Now our kids just seem a little glazed over when they watch cartoons. I don’t get the plots anymore I am not sure what is happening.  I cannot even stomach about 90% of them when they come on.  The weird thing is that I can’t even put my finger on the format of what the kids are watching now but I just don’t hear that same Humor that I laughed at.  They seem more criminal now…..more draining.  Where is the enjoyable Laughter (with the exception of Sponge Bob and that one is not enjoyable to my ears)!?!  

What I loved most about my cartoons as a kid was that I could repeat and imitate what was being said.  You know, those coined catch-phrases that Bugs said like-“What’s up Doc”? or Porky Pig’s “Th’Th’That’s all Folks” and the Kid Smurf’s consistent question to Papa Smurf of “Are We There Yet?”  It gave me the opportunity to pretend, safely.

Now, I feel like confused Chaos is infiltrating our children and again maybe I just don’t get it but where did the comic relief for a child go?  The laughter and creativity and colors used by the cartoons of older days just doesn’t feel the same now.  Everything seems more muted, more depressed, more combative.  

With an exceptional Barney or Dora flick, I just turn the volume down or off when some of these things are playing for the kids which pass my way.  

My answer to Papa Smurf’s looming question….. is that “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Pops”.  I am lost on where we missed the turn at Albuquerque!!!

Monitor what you children are watching while you still can.  Under the age of 8, if it smells or sounds or seems “strange”, divert them to something more ColorFul.  Or better yet, play some music and get up dance with them.  Kids love that!  Give them an outlet for Laughter and Happiness.  You will reap the reward too!



A Seven Day Challenge in 9 Days! The Color Purple!

Well, I did it!  I completed a self challenge.  I did not do a perfect job but I have seen this to completion! In 9 days I have blogged about Colors.  Rainbow, Chakra, Crayola like colors.  And even though I did not complete this in 7 days, I give myself a passing score that even in the midst of daily challenges, I did come back to my goal.  I classify this as finishing a race in 3rd. 

But how may of us don’t even try to finish the race and just quit?  It happens to us ALL the time.

Today I implore you to not give up on your goals….much less your Dreams.  Those Dreams you had as a little child.  Because you are never too old to see something to the finish.

Your body may slow, your speech may slur and you may have to face an event in life that is devastating to the soul, but I encourage you to keep running the race with perseverance!

So, last but not least, the color is Purple.  Violet to be exact.  It is the Color of All Divine Wisdom and the Color of the Crown Chakra.  This is where God Speaks.  He will give you knowlege to press into your existence with gladness.  Purple is the Royalty of Life.  Kingship.  Queenship.

Use your imagination today and think of what Dreams you have then, well, think of The Color Purple.  Oprah Did.


Indigo! Ohhhhhh La La!

The Color of the Day is Indigo.  This one represents Meditation and Wisdom, Spirituality and has a cooling effect on your psych.  In the 98 degree Louisville Weather, yeah, I am thinking Indigo.  Where else can you find it?  In the Sunset when you look in-between the colors of orange and red.  It’s there.  Just like when you are not paying attention to all you are doing in a moment, you are still being lead by one of your greatest teachers.  Your Intuition.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s a great thing!  I like to be forewarned from a potentially bad event or excited when I realized ‘I knew That!”

Color Therapy is just that.  Therapy with Color.  I think most of us would rather have MASSAGE Therapy but Color Therapy is Nice too!  Find some Indigo today in  your environment.  I bet you can!


Let’s Talk About Responsibilities! (Rated: C for Crass Humor)…..

Have you ever been unnerved at something?  Or Maybe Somebody and not even know why?  Chances are you are listening to your own voice rattle around in your head.  As much as you love to hear yourself talk, (:-D) it is most likely you having an argument with yourself on whether what is going on is right or wrong.

Well, that is what happened to me yesterday when I was running my “bleep” off doing stuff yesterday.  Then it hit me I failed to keep my 7 Day Challenge to Blog about Color.  If you are tired and and stressed out and halfway reading this because you have a million other things in your head, then you are missing my point.

I missed out on one day of my goal.  Normally, I would then just forget day 2 and so on and so forth.  But not this time!  I may have missed out on Blogging yesterday but there is no way that I am going to let missing a small detail get my Goat and make me go humf.

Let this be a lesson to Self that things do not always go as planned and when you take a very quick step to reconcile, you will see a major improvement in your Happiness.

Thanks for Reading my Blog!

A Mid-Week Color Challenge Tip! – Rainbow Eating!

Much of diet and exercise basics are common sense if we look at the colors of the rainbow. Eating at least 7 colorful natural foods can certainly start stimulate a reverse effect on chronic obesity. There are 7 colors in the rainbow and 7 colors of the light spectrum as well. By using Color Therapy in food choices makes looking for fruits and veggies a fun and exciting game especially with our young children. Apples- RED, Blueberries- BLUE, Oranges- ORANGE of course, Banana’s-YELLOW, Broccoli- GREEN, Grapes- Purple or Indigo, and Eggplant-Violet or Purple. The more we can add the Rainbow Effect in our diet, the better our bodies will react to any hormone deficiency.

“Live life when…

“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it.”

Florence Nightingale

In my studies this summer for Holistic Health and Wellness, I have noticed a resounding tone about the Health Care System at large.  In keeping the level of politics for this blog to a bare minimum it prompts me to say “No One Person is to Blame for the Mountain Such as This One We May Climb”. 

Florence Nightingale’s way of viewing an approach to healing is quite the story.  It is funny to recall, in the 4th Grade, I did a report on her for one of my class projects.  

The Rub?…..I don’t recall much of it then except that I loved her last name and it reminded me of a songbird.

Florence believed you must look at healing the whole of the person, not just tackle the acute illness.  Back then, when admitted into a facility, the more the facility took care to use natural light, lush garden areas, Art and Lit, and provided fresh air for the patient, the faster the recovery.  Diet, exercise, natural light and harmony did WONDERS to balance the energy around the sick and lessened recovery times.  

Have you noticed?  Certain people are very sensitive to feeling one’s infirmities. When one of my two children were younger, she would enter a health care facility, slow her walking, become pale and slouch low.  I thought it was just physiological “weirdness”.  Well, I had the psychological part right.  The Empathetic response of a 12 year old showed me that something was quite wrong about the “feel” of the place.  The Sterile and Cold environment did not do anything for my child’s energy much less could you imagine the effect on patients who must remain indoors in such as sterile, cold facility.  I keep the tone here light to say….. I understand isolating pathogens which would harm others and much of what needs to be contained and destroyed is quite necessary.  

But mind you, isolating and targeting disease vs. giving someone a path to think, see and imagine themselves better is different.  Our energy patterns DO MATTER…..The “POINT?”- Integrating Holistic Practices along with acute clinical treatment will start a revolution for a better way to think about how we treat a disease.  Not all disease is self inflicted but much can be reversed or avoided in using Holistic Techniques early in life.  

Just as I was a child and had NO IDEA what I was writing about during my project on Florence Nightingale at the time, had someone taken the time to show me the simplicity of which she was trying to explain, I may have avoided a lifelong battle with Childhood Obesity.  

Is there ONE Small thing you can do today to help your Mind, Body or Spirit?  I bet there is:)

And the Color Is………..Blue! Like my Toes!

Today I dressed myself as I normally do as a grown Adult, and I noticed I had picked Blue for my Toenails, a Blue Shirt and Blue Drwals.  (Only Country Gals Know how to Say that!).  

And then, as I marched my way through the morning, and I realized my Color for Today is Blue.  And off I went on a journey to do ‘the day”.  

As events of the hour passed one by one, my list of to-do’s keep growing.  I pull out a Post-it, I write down the chores, I go to the store, I come back, and have missed a thing or …..yup…two.  


Well, then I pull out another Post-It and Begin Again.  Round and Round the day just goes and we huff and puff but do we Blow the House Down?  

What if Blue, which is also spelled Blew, Was a Sadness.  There are many people in the world who are just Blue.  Not Horrible…. just Blue or down.  But Depression creeps in over time and then we are more than just Blue, we are Mad!  Not just a little Mad but Angry.  But for what?  

Today Blue- is going to represent to you a new thing………Relaxation, Serenity.  Blue also brings us Spirituality and Calmness, Loyalty and images of the Ocean or Sky.   Blogs may be short and soon there will be Many but I hope that ONE person reading this understands the difference in being Blue and Depression.  Because you can reverse bad thoughts and feelings with just focusing in.  Focus on the Color Blue now…..and jog a memory of fun times.  


Blessed Be!

Day 4 Crayon Reference! Um’ My Favorite!…….GREEN!

Do you every look at a word such as Crayon and really look at the Letters?  What is sound like????  Cray-un?  I think virtually all of us say it that way South of the Board.  Mexico?  No-No……Ken-tucky!  This part of the Year Kentucky is beautifully Green.  Green like Money???  YUM.  Like the Yum Center?  No-No- GrREEN LIKE GRASS!  Lush, Rich, Descriptive, Healing, Peace and Balance, and even a reliever in Tension.  Focusing on Green makes you squint just a little as it darkens from the Yellow to the Blue Hue.  Can you see it?  Close your Eyes……How bout now?  Follow me Below if you want to join tomorrow and get a class A description of a Color!  Caio!  Thank you for Reading!!