Day 4 Crayon Reference! Um’ My Favorite!…….GREEN!

Do you every look at a word such as Crayon and really look at the Letters?  What is sound like????  Cray-un?  I think virtually all of us say it that way South of the Board.  Mexico?  No-No……Ken-tucky!  This part of the Year Kentucky is beautifully Green.  Green like Money???  YUM.  Like the Yum Center?  No-No- GrREEN LIKE GRASS!  Lush, Rich, Descriptive, Healing, Peace and Balance, and even a reliever in Tension.  Focusing on Green makes you squint just a little as it darkens from the Yellow to the Blue Hue.  Can you see it?  Close your Eyes……How bout now?  Follow me Below if you want to join tomorrow and get a class A description of a Color!  Caio!  Thank you for Reading!!

It’s the Yellow House!

Louisville Kentuckiana’s know today is a HOT HOT Monday.  But along with the heat is the bright Sun.  At times, the Sun’s heat can be a misery especially for those working outdoors.  But the Color Yellow is more to us psychologically.  In our thoughts, we can focus on the Color Yellow to strengthen us.  Yellow is a color that can help raise your emotions to a higher state of clarity.  Yellow promotes thinking and happiness and removes apathetic or depressed thoughts.  

When an expecting mother-to-be and father-to-be decide not to find out the gender of the baby to come, they will use Yellow as the Primary Color to celebrate this new life.  For me, it is exciting to describe my home to new visitors, and say “It’s the Yellow House”!  What a warm and inviting color when mixed with several other colors of the spectrum so today, seek out something Yellow in a different way.   When our troops come home we find the Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree.  Yellow is welcoming.  Think about using yellow when decorating open spaces.  What do you see around you right now, that is Yellow?  Seek and Ye’ Shall Find!  

The Color of the Day IS…………Orange you wanting to know?!?!

Well, as I depart from the Minot Airport in ND, it gives me opportunity to write.  Such a bitter sweet departure and as I look out the window and it is cloudy.  So, I pull out of my little orange handbag, an Orange.  (well, ok, a clementine but let’s not get too caught up on semantics!)  

The Color Orange always excites me.  It is Fun and Vibrant.  I have found that in trying to combat stress eating out of boredom or moving through life too fast, that peeling a clementine or two and savouring that juicy inside is quite the combatant for craving sweets or carbs.  If you look closely at the pieces as you tear them apart you can see such a beautifully created piece of art work made by our Creator.  

Orange represents our Sacral Chakra.  (the lower belly)….The need for emotional expression, the need for warmth, courage and optimism.  The Color Orange can raise our pulse rate without raising our Blodd Pressure.  As you look deeply into the Color Orange, you can envision the beauty of the mighty Sunset.  Have you been able to close your eyes over the last few days and let the warmth of the Sun going down reflect on your face?  Next time you see the sun setting on your horizon, stop and ask yourself, how does this make me feel?  And if you start to get a sense of bubbling in your heart and tummy, know it is optimism rising or “setting” in your being.  Peel away at those negative emotions and embrace the warmth that Orange can bring.  HAPPY PEELING!

7 Day Color Challenge!

So, during my new studies of Holistic and Integrated Wellness, there is a chapter on Color Therapy.  As many of you may know, Colors invoke certain brain responses based on mental emotions and was used in Ancient Egyptian times within their healing temples.  So for the next 7 days, consider this your 1 minute class on “colors.” (especially you ladies who have more face products than Cleopatra:-)

RED- (YES!)- Sexual Passions, Excitement, High Energetic Output, and also…beware…Anger!  Red is the base color of the Light Spectrum and the Rainbow as well as represents our Base Chakra!  (your bum side!)  Red tends to activate all of your 5 senses.

So for those of you who love that Red Lipstick, beware when wearing….you may just end up kissing it off!  That, makes someone very HAPPY!  Enjoy!

Sunset in North Dakota Wheat Fields!

Sunset in North Dakota Wheat Fields!

I have met some incredible people in this small town of Landsford. Being in a town of less that 100 people, sitting in a Motel room ALONE for days while Hubby grinds his heels to the bone walking the land, it has humbled me as well as refreshed me to think about Happiness and My Life. Being in solitude for days reminded me that silence is indeed bliss. Once you get the tinnitus to settle from all the years of noise pollution you end up with a inward peace and can enjoy the stillness of your mind. At least for a moment. Thank you ND! I am sure we’s B Back soon!

Just One!

When we think of drive thru’s we think of biggy shakes and french fries.  Mind you, I love a hot Micky D’s french fry as much as the rest of us American hard working peeps.  But at what point does not slowing down and giving our body, mind and spirit what it craves excuse us from doing the EVERYDAY ron de’ vu’s (Spelling) of stress eating and allow us the right to cram ourselves with processed, fried, gluten filled, foods that are killing us much less our kids.

So, no, this first post is NOT about the Golden Arch’s (or Arch for that matter since lately I have noticed the maintenance around the McD’s has lessened and most of the Arch lights are out reflecting a single arch in the night sky…lol!).  But, my crucial point is that I too, have fallen prey to living life so fast, so MINDLESS, that I almost stroked the hell out!  So as my Scorpio passion grew to find ways to help other people PUSH through the pangs of life in our culture I decided to just stop the madness, get out of my corporate job and trust in the grace of God to come out from among them (or us) and be ye’ separate.  Or at least separate in the fact that I could encourage you just to make one positive change in your life at a time.  Just one!

By making one small change each day and relaxing your thoughts and emotions and maybe only having one fry vs. super-size or just taking one minute today to reflect on your heart center, your life line or your love and passion for others, you’ll get as excited as I am about finding a happy place in your life like the McD’s play land w/o the calories.  So, join me in the ups and downs of life experiences and let’s journey together for a change.  Who’s Ready?