“A Therapist’s Passion!”



Time is flying very quickly.  Just 15 days into January and I should be getting ready for taxes and Spring Cleaning, but not so.  I am swirling.  Great doors are opening in directions unseen.  You see, when you plant a vision and the seed is as big as a ostrich head, you prepare if you are smart.

When I first envisioned my “wellness journey” from a self sabotaging corporate mom, to a hip-hop wacky unicorn, I had no idea how I would get there except just show up.  And through ups and downs financially, spiritually and emotionally, I can see a horizon.

People like “me” (especially water signs) are fluid in dreaming.  I guess that is why I go to bed at 8pm and rise at 4am-ish.  Maybe 5am, on a late day, but I was told as a child, “the early bird gets the worm.”  Thats a metaphor.  Although, technically, this one is true.  Do you know what a metaphor is?

My blog spot has become my one place to just quickly unleash my thoughts, unabridged and move on.  I try to focus on some kind of spiritual harmony in order to put things happening down in writing and some people get my jargon and, some do not.  I KNOW I have offended a person or two in my writing times, but once the true heart of the intention is understood, misunderstanding leaves and great things unfold.  A true writer knows to leave an err of mystery to the written word so sometimes know, I type in riddle…..  Which brings me to……………

Passion.  Dreams are fueled by passions and all too many people have mistaken their daily opportunity to earn a buck at work is the identity which defines them verses, being and doing what you love finding passion behind all things, should be what defines you.  (jobs included).  In my job, as a therapist, I am meet new people everyday and the conversation begins by people noticing I am living my passion!  And, I say Yes to that but it has NOT been easy at all!  It takes passion to keep going and pick up the pieces when the chips have been low.

What about you?

Are you passionate about getting healthy or getting out of pain?  Are you passion about healing your relationships with your family, old friends or transgressors? Are you passionate about helping you community locally verses bitching and complaining about the state of political affairs?  Change it.  Seriously, you have the power.  You just don’t know it yet dear.

Our city has become a mix of modern day passions!  I see poverty and wealth.  I see art and conservatism.  I see local leaders wanting to make Louisville Unified verses extreme diversity and having lived in several parts of this city, I can say there is a change coming!  In my opinion, too much diversity breeds difference where the intention of unity says we are all human.  Maybe that is why they both have a U in them?  😛  It is up to you and I am here to tell you to watch out!  Louisville and it’s growth is showing great passion for helping small businesses grow and get started.  It takes Passion.

Look guys, I can’t even begin to share the amount of passion I have for my path as the a massage therapist and owner of The Reiki Station.  This company will stand for nothing more than a genuine article of the Author.  🙂  And, I recall the moment, in the shower soon after being attuned to my Reiki Mastery, when God said, open  “The Reiki Station.”  I replied to God, (yes in the shower as you all talk to yourself in the shower, I know you do……haha)………..and said, “What’s a train got to do with it?”  And as the gracious Master Voice humbly replied to me, “No, Stupid, a Radio Station.  You are all frequency.”  Oh, duh.  We are all made up of energy.  Thus The Reiki Station was born.  That was mid-2015.

Fast forward to today and as a passionate massage therapist with a heavy healthcare administration and sales background, I decided in order to develop my brand, all I needed to know how to do was to help people decide how they to channel their personal and physical energy.

After three solid years of study and finally officially making my way through Massage Therapy school, my passion for my purpose to help people find Mind, Body and Soul (or Spirit) help, became my Quest and MY BUSINESS!   That my friends, is what The Reiki Station is about.  It is about helping you develop a mindful practice for optimal health.  Whether I work with you for wellness coaching, astrology, aromatherapy, massage, accupressure, fitness or ‘other’ remedies for health, you can bet I have touched on the subject as a self- practicing provider.

My purposes on this planet is to develop a business model that will all me to help COACH, LEAD, DEVELOP, EDUCATE & TREAT you for the causes and symptoms within my scope of practice! Are there areas of your life that need attention, particularly if you are a woman???  As a Therapist and Reiki Master, I can help at least determine if there is a pattern behind your stress or pain.  But I cannot give you the passion to want to make a change whether physically or emotionally.  That is up to you.

As I do my own work, detoxing, praying, meditating, exercising, being open to change, trying new things, talking to new people, volunteering for organizations, work on bad hips and pay my taxes, I think I may have just tapped into a new flow and I need your help to spread the Word!  But first, check in with yourself!  Are you optimal today?  Do you need a quick work over, like a massage????  If you do, my table time is quickly booking up so please think about prebooking your spring session for a massage with me and a consultation session for “other” ways to make you feel better.  When we humans come out of harsh winter, our skin, muscles, bones, joints, emotions and checkbook are screaming for attention.  I can help facilitate movement and healing but you have to make the appointment and then, a plan to keep your life moving in the right direction.  (maybe that is where the train is coming from?)

Quickly, take just one moment and ask yourself are you living in your genuine passion as you should be, because guys, WE LOUISVILLIAN’S ARE SHIFTING TO A MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS SOCIETY!  And, I can tell you it feels great so come see me and let me help you find your passion too!   Come see me!




“Slight Dippity Doo! Hey, She Said Doo. Ha!”


Hey, first of all not a peep of this blog is coming from a place of Fear.  Fear Based Intentions will destroy you and as I come of age, I realize that thoughts are exactly what project Fear when the chips are down, but nonetheless.  I am still in the game, fighting, winning, although in this battle I have to let go of a few attachments first.  But, on the bright side, I still have my health and my optimism.  My natal chart shows my Jupiter was in the Sign of Capricorn which tells me that materialism in my journey will ebb and flow but as long as I show up and stay in the game, downfalls only provide me resourceful ways of making things happen and eventually, my luck will turn around and I will always Land On TOP!  Capricorn is the great Mountain Climber.  Ahhhh…….rest my mind, it is designed as such so with knowledge, I dispel Fear. Bye Felicia!  🙂

As you all know, it is Christmas season.  The hustle and bustle of parties, year end reports and work-home-stress overload become primary.  We hear half of what is said to us and better yet, if we are working in a large corporation, dealing with someone else’s drama is too much to bear.  We leave charity up to the Ministries.  Which brings me too……..

We Broke.  Yep. Our expected income this month is at best going to be 2/3rd’s of what we need to upkeep this lavish lifestyle in the Ghetto.  LOL!!!  And I say that with complete humor.  I have decided that for the last three years since I “left my career” I have pretty much figured out the patterns of finance in MY life and every time I get afraid the bottom is going to drop out and we are going to be homeless, prosperity gets blocked, my closest friends tell me to snap the fuck out of it and I usually have a mental breakdown.  Let’s be honest, how many of you are worrying to the point of sickness about things that have not even happened yet.  THAT IS THE REAL LESSON AT HAND!  WE ARE WORRYING ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE NOT HAPPENING YET!!!  Now, I could stop right there and be done with my blog, but Nope, let me further explain.

Factually, when you start your own business, it take a while to grow.  You are lucky to buy bread most days and keep your doors open.  Owning a business (or being a sub-contractor) still has it’s costs.  Marketing yourself not only takes finances, it takes up ALOT of Time.  And what I do is very specialized so some education and serious self care on behalf of my need to be authentic is an all consuming measure.  But here is the DEAL………….What I am building with my new choice of career should not be tossed aside just because of a one or two month shortfall.  Even big businesses ride out a few months in Red before they consider closing the doors.  Listen, running a household is a very delicate business and too many marriages end up in Divorce because the couple doesn’t consider a home, a business.  Why, yes it is!  It’s Your business!!!!

So, did we plan properly?  You decide……

1. Dave Ramsey Game.  Well, we have exhausted our 6 mo. savings.  When Ed was working on the “ah’hem” controversial pipeline projects’, we did establish a great amount of savings in a short period of time.  However, the expenses in his job, well, let’s just say, LORD JESUS!  They taxed us to death, it costs us an enormous amount of money to set up too households and like all good mommies, dun pled every bit of household responsibility on me down to the stinky laundry.  (I hate laundry.  Hell is in the Laundry room! Satan is the god of Laundry……..) BUT……..it afforded me time to re-educate myself and go to school.  And when the times of unemployment drained us needless to say, we learned to work with it.  Then, Ed went Deaf and it sent quite the ring a dig dong upheaval to anything we were consciously trying to accomplish as a household unit.  He lost his hearing in April and I graduated in August.  Great timing………:P

2. We have no real line of credit and are not trying to use it.  How many people FREAK out and start putting groceries and pay bills on credit cards instead of asking for Help.  This, my friends is the biggest lesson of all in this.  I hate asking for help.  It is MORE than  embarrassing it is viewed as pity if the wrong internal lens is shining on it.  No one wants to imagine themselves so poor that they have to ask for help, so we typically don’t.  And then we are frustrated when someone they love says to them, “I am so sorry you are going thru this, I’ll pray”.  And to that I say, “Thank you for praying!  Can I have a bite of your pickle???”

No seriously, we are not starving yet but it is getting scary!!!!  The cost of for is outrageous!  I have enough to last about three days.  Maybe a week if the Zombies hit and I have to barracade in,  but after that, I need supply!  And now that we are at the choice of keeping our cable or buying groceries, I think the food comes first!  I did just complete my food stamp application, I just have to find a day to waste and sit down there all day only to be told I need more documentation and then when I go back that next day to submit more documentation and I wait some more, I have to wait thirty days to get a card.  Zombies…..someone please send the Zombie’s!!! 😛

3.  In being honest and accountable for my own personal development I have to tell you what I am doing so maybe you can direct me in a different manner.  I am not saying I am playing all this out correctly because I really don’t have time to manage my business the way I should, I just know we are empty and the math doesn’t match for the next month.  I have terminated my OBAMA care plan because I can’t pay my premium.  I have put my daughter’s student loan repayment loan into forbearance.  I am trying to buy food that doesn’t spoil in small quantities and be very mindful with the grocery bill.  I can’t turn off my cell phone and wifi yet because if I go into the dark, this will bring up a whole other issue for not staying in the hole.  The only way to stay connected is to be online.  I do have the free public library of course.  It’s not the same thing though.  So, the cable TV is next.  Then Netflix goes next and so on and so forth as we cut costs to survive.  I have terminated my gym membership and am trying to keep my cost for self care to a minimum.  Forrest Gump ran his ass off outside so I can too!  I am doing an early termination on my space lease in Jtown because of the lack of business so I will owe this guy a lot of money.  I need prayer that he will work with me and no sue me.  He sees our situation and has sympathy but I don’t think he is going to let me out gracefully.  This dude is about money.  It’s ok.  I understand.

I think you get the picture without me giving you my check register……things are tough for us right now.  Really really tight!  What did you expect when I said all this mess with the VA is a nightmare…….all we can do now is wait????  Hello.

So what do I need??????  Mostly, for you to know the truth.  If you need some cleaning done first of the year.  Let’s book it.  If you think you are going to want a massage in the next 3 months, let’s book it.  Every wondered about YOUR natal chart.  Let’s get in on the calendar!!!!  It affords me some much needed hope as I project for my career and it may just keep me from being forced into the drive thru at McDonalds.  Or serving drinks at a bar at night.  There is nothing WRONG with these jobs……..right?  I mean, people do it all the time.  They get behind the cash register of a massively chaotic environment and hustle their ass off for minimum wage.  Would I do it?  I already HAVE DONE IT!  FOR YEARS!  I have hustled my ass off my whole life!  Jupiter in Capricorn.  It is a part of the plan!   I raised my daughter in a ghetto trailer with roaches crawling all over her bassinet.  I walked my 21 year old ass to the gas station in the middle of the night in search of Kerosene and put $4.00 on the tank because it was 20 degrees and it was all I had to heat my trailer.  But I kept working so yes, I would do it.  I am not a stranger to hard times.  What I am a stranger to is “Letting go of attachments!”  It hurts but I am doing it!  And I am telling you publicly about our hardships because you have been with me in the GREAT TIMES TOO!

I am telling you all this so that you too, can make it through the hard times and be able to ask for help!  I don’t want money out of pity so please do not take this as such…..I am looking for right work?   Use me!  Experience Me!   I need your understanding of where I am personally so you can help me professionally help others.  It is a domino effect…\  Open Throat Chakra!  Blue……………..Sing!  Dance………..Play.  #lmt

What I want to know for now, is while I wait on my Food Stamp relationship to start, do YOU know if you know of any ministries in my area that can help with fresh fruits and vegetables so we can stay healthy through the hard times?  I have reached out to a handful of people for help but, well, they are busy……it is busy season.  Busy. Busy.  

All the resources I have come across want to give me boxed potatoes and old canned goods.  No offense but my body rejects that stuff in mass quantities.   My son has been very sick internally for a while because of the processed foods he has ingested since childhood but we are slowly healing him with better choices.   I may need a little help with FRESH groceries until we can figure this out.  If they LGE’ sends us a brown bill, we can get a once in a time LIFETIME help of $250 from the VA to pay a few days before disconnection……..ok……..but why don’t I be proactive and ask for help BEFORE THE SHIP starts sinking……….DUH! :/ That is not how the system works….But…if it comes to disconnection I will ask because it is cold up in this drafty apartment……..at least Tanner and Loki warm me!  ( My heart too!)

My therapist calls it enabling when I cut up an apple for my grown son and it is, but then the fierce protective nurturing spirit kicks in and I see that he doesn’t want to be sick and he is hurting. He has been programmed to eat Fruity Pebbles.  Some of what he is ingesting is now rotting his brain. (GMO’s?)  No…she wasn’t going there.  I can slice an apple on occasion until he heals into himself.

You see, I have had several emotional and physical detoxes lately and the brain has to go thru a series of re-programming cycles in order to release what has been ingested and this is where the depression and fear comes from when you have to make lifestyle changes and we don’t want to give up our curses.  It is a grueling process to reduce our intake of process foods and people are being poisoned to death slowly.  (not to mention my previous post about the flu injections……..).  And..well…. I would rather be considered a fruity pebble myself then act like everything is ok, when it is not.  (materiallistically speaking………)  Moderate.

Guys, I am in this fight for the long haul!  but I am not sure if you understand that truest vision of The Reiki Station is more than just you coming to get a massage.  My hands are here to serve like Christ and in more ways than to just rub out your big toe pain.  This organism is about offering knowledge about how we change our body, mind and spirit in order to raise our vibration so that the Spirits of Fear, and Lack and Scarcity loose their grip on our society.  (i.e., Ministry)………You see, I THINK, people think, if you are not in church doing community with the private sector of religion, you are not privy to receive charity when you have a need.  Hey, fill out this application.  Then wait……….Been there before. Now I see why evangelist stay in the organized religion. It gives them a chance to do certain things so long as you conform to the rules…… I choose not too conform backwards but forwards…….  so I need to know where the community resources are locally and I have a specific need.  I don’t need a lot.  Maybe just some fruit, nuts, rice and pickles………And if you need a hard working person handy woman for the next few months, I do clean cat litter boxes but I’d much rather be doing my heart’s work.  Anyone for massage now?  LOL!!!!

Seriously, I write this in fun and I do have work this week but it makes it no less true that I need more clients. I can’t do this without them.  I am trying to pound through hard winter time here at home and being this naked in front of the screen can look like begging to some but to me, it is saying hey…over here…got a lifejacket?……..(poor Tiny Tim)!!!!  So, Flood me with advice!  What would you do?  Sync with me on this would ya?  If you feel called.  (Goddesses)……….Or at least send the intention to see this storm quickly pass so that I learn exactly what I need to learn out of it.   Letting Go!

If you are praying for us then thank you and please don’t stop!   I know who “gets it” and who doesn’t and that is perfectly ok! Edward and I are holding space until the VA makes a decision to rehab my husband and give him a new chance verses mutilating each other.  We tried.  It doesn’t work for us.  And Hell, if it all crashed right now, my Phoenix wings would just resurrect somewhere else, in the another time and place. 🙂 I will not live in Fear ANYMORE and I believe that God’s Universal Math does not match up with my material checkbook!! It is time to manifest true true and trust, and teach, and watch it all unfold so that I can be a strength to another.

With Love During Growing Pains,


“Two Months Since I Have Blog Vomited About My Life! Whaaaat?”

Ok, so I just realized that I have not blogged (one of my personal therapeutic past-times) and well, it is time.  I do not count it coincidence that my morning appointment cancelled.  I think I need a hot moment of just being present.  Blogging really snaps me back into a beta state of mind (awareness) and for whatever reason I am called to do so, it may seem narcissistic but I assure you writing in any form, is a calling from a higher Spiritual Place.  And I have certainly been able to take off my masks during my writing time, albeit much of what I say makes people really uncomfortable at times for some reason.  Or it inspires people to drive harder and want to find personal healing.  In order to heal internally it does require some personal responsibility which is why I started this journey in the first place!  But, nonetheless, I have been giving feedback on both accounts, that sometimes I make people upset by my fierce Spiritual Warrior spirit but I just keep on being Me.  There is a handful of supportive people out there that allow me to help pray for them and share in their hurts and wounds so I can a.) be at throne room of prayer for them and b.) trust that when I say I hold space for their needs whether on the table or on my prayer board.  I really do hold space for them with a fierceness of fight that I  hope sends some demon like energies fleeing………Sound’s like a Pentacostal Revival to some but Spiritual Warfare  says “I am here to help you PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens.  (Action….again Throat Chakra Energy).

Guys, I am here to make you laugh.  I am here to help you check in on your emotions and I am here to help you release pain whether due to body mechanics or emotional blockages.  I am here to advocate for those that cannot or maybe do not advocate for themselves.  I am here.

Today is about Throat Chakra healing options and I try to only say what I think needs to be said so that “I find permanent healing in expression, therefore helping others to open their blue musical centers.

My public display of open discussion about my private affairs is not meant to frustrated others but to challenge you to connect with your body and your mind and live your life with the same Life Force energy available to all of us!  It is about using your own voice and finding victory over what stifles you.

My work here on Earth is meant to help liberate people from holding back on their truths granted, right now, people in society are doing one of two things…………Either vocalizing their distaste for the current state of affairs OR they are doing the RIGHT thing and keeping a watchful eye on where we are heading so that they can benefit naturally from the state of affairs as prosed to the World.   I am one who is trying to put Right Action behind my Words.  (Says Buddha all the day long………..)

And in my World, I am perfectly aware that really every ounce of energy I have is reserved to help people find healing, especially with massage therapy!  But there is more to it than this!

Of course, financially being of support for my family while we seek and wait for a door to open for my husband, is a taxing rite that is not pretty for us right now.  You want the truth???  It is a daily walk of faith right now for us and times are quite tough and massage is hard ass physical labor which is why I am strengthing my body and at my age, I will either head toward better health or quickly digress into the throws of age pissed off that my boobs are saggy and my butt may never completely round out……..LOL!  But I am trying!!!  It is a good game for me mentally to watch my figure shape shift after being a survivor of childhood obesity, if you want to tag it to some type of syndrome.  You know how we have to tag every issue in life as some form of disfunction! 😉  But does it pay the bills……..barely.  For now………….But I use my downtime in-between sessions wisely by further educating myself on my trade AND my journaling for my clients to outcomes and responses behind “touch therapy” and how it WILL affect us years from now.  I am tracking the effects of “living in a desensitized World” verses the Healing Benefits behind the art of Healing Touch.  It is amazing at best what I am learning about the human body.  What a beautiful mess we are!  🙂

You see, at every turn is that little dark spirit of Fear trying to lurk at my door to saying, “You won’t make it.” “You will be out on the streets.”  “Your LGE is going to get cut off.”   “You’re cell phone will get cut off and you will have no way contact clients and your business will fail.”   The truth is 60% of my appointments cancel, or more……..  Most of the time people cancel the day of the event so I do not have time to find new clients and ouch that hurts the pocket book terribly……  Now, granted life happens and at first glance most Massage Therapists like any other honored profession get frustrated at no shows or cancellations because the client forgot they had to make dinner that night.  You would be surprised at what people say………I only present this to you because I put massage on a pedestal and I also find that respect for anyone on that level is kind of a gimmie……(Insert I sound like a Bitch…….SORRY……I am not trying too!)  But you have to see, just like any traditional Scorpio Mind, we are a healing sign as in the Caduceus.)  It is an ancient thing and I did NOT make that up!

Our medical facilities are peppered with this symbol as in, “Come in.  Seek Refuse in the Medicine We Offer You.” But I ask you, take a moment and read the details of the above symbol.  Please open the link.

I think you will find healing is more than just a $40 copay and a prescription for Adderall.  (trademark).  Healing Energy comes from within first.  When are we going to get more aggressive in our approach for better mind, body and spirit health?  When?  Tomorrow?  January 1?  Never?  You choose.  But when you do decide a Massage Therapist is more than just a boojya’ spa experience with some lavender oil and a warm eye pillow, then come see me and let’s chat on it.  I don’t mean to sound belligerent.  I mean to sound truthful.  (Blue Energy Center=Thyroid Health)……but when you are educated to see the truth behind the practice (and it is a practice like other professionals) you want people to know the real deal behind the therapist.  I do not play when it comes to my work on the table.  It is an expression of my love to see people feel better if even for an hour.

Look, I am VERY protective of the trade of massage and know that with great knowledge and wisdom in how we use our hands, it is key to the success of this trade.  I KNOW this trade is an important resource that can help mitigate the rising cost of health claims and quite frankly, a profession, although it has miles and miles to go to be considered a priority for people, will help facilitate healing faster than so many traditional ways unlike pills or surgery.  

Traditional medicine and the people working therein, are now overwhelmed with every aspect of  helping us “Get Well or Stay Well” but why do people not see the correlation between being proactive in their “war on stress and pain verses reaching the point of no return, but it is not my journey to take on your behalf.”  I am virtually begging nurses to come see me because they are so tired and stressed out and because they are typically not cutting the emotional cords when working with their patients and need to know how!  I am offering great discounts to help nurses and only one or two are on my table.  I want to have a huge client base of RN’s and LPN’s on my table to help them cope with being a servant to our sick and unwell.  I ache to see them strong and active in the love for what they do!!!!

Being a Massage Therapist is one of the most important things in my life BUT it is not the ONLY thing.  Listening to the Spirit of God for guidance in our World each and every day is.  I can only pray the tenacity I have for being stronger, better and more courageous bleeds over and HELPS other people find their channel for total healing.  Therefore I write about it and be honest about my life rather than come across as a negative rant about my constant cancellations or no shows as a pain in my ass.  (Said no Massage Therapist Ever……..right…………)  Everything happens for a reason.  Learning Mindfulness and Body Awareness is the Key to Balanced Health!  Yeah, I am classifed educated enough to help with that.  🙂  Guys, it is time to quit pretending that integrated medicine is not important.  I dare say, it is crucial to our survival.

In Christ Heart Chakra Love,


“Exceptionally Tired. But Riding On With Greg Allman Radio.”

I love it.  I am now past the point of fear.  Past the point of worry and dread.  For months, I would wake with a sense of dread and it took quite the meditation in the morning to change my thoughts so I could get out of bed with the Fruit of the Spirit instead of a negative point of view.  I had recently decided that I would keep going with my story and share with friends and others, the passion behind my everything.

Last night, I dreamed I had some wicked super powers.  If you have seen the Netflix show Stranger Things, it was just like that.  Now, on the flip side of dreaming, I wear my Wonder Women costume in reality since it is the super power  I admire.  I love the women in my life.  Women who are full of Wonder.  It really has nothing to do with being Powerful as much as it does confidence.  Confidence breeds bravery and skill.  We women all have a skill.  Even the Men, well, they have amazing skills too and I have met some of those guys ready to stand up and stand in the gap for what they believe in and they too want to see a more hopeful World.  Most of them, are doing yoga.

You see, I am now working day and nigh shifts to help pay the bills.  Today is my 12th day of work in a row with the exception of last Tuesday.  And that day, I spent hours on the phone and emailing the VA.  Am I tired.  Yes.  Do I practice what I preach about self care?  Yes.  As soon as I finish my blog, I will be off to do three loads of family laundry, work out in the laundry room as stinky as it is…..haha….and try to find time to shower and then work night shift today and I am grateful!  I have a full book today Praise Jesus!  But my Hips are killing me!!!  But, that means surviving another day with groceries and gas!  Whoot!   Yay Massage Therapy and Reiki!  The work is slowing coming in and becoming more steady. But I have three tables and one AWESOME Massage Chair to manage across this city.  You do what you gotta do and I am so grateful I LOVE what I do.  It keeps me going and I know eventually it will settle!  So come see me!  Come consult with me or get a massage or reiki session with me and see how I just keep up the fight!!!   It is all this self care that is working and my table is open for you guys!  East End.  J-town and Downtown!  I am everywhere at the moment!

So, how do I keep going?

Lots of Water

Lots of 10 minute yoga poses or stretches

Walking around A LOT!

Some weight lifting treatments a couple times a week.

Good Foods more than bad foods.  I am about 70/30 on a good day.  It is better than nothing!

Dance.  Reikirobics.  Dance.  Move.  Dance!

Massage or Reiki at least once a month.  Some how.  Some way.  I usually trade with amazing practitioners!   What a support our community has when we are at our lowest.  Brings you right back to square!  But I will pay for a good massage.  Yes, I will!

Essential oils.  I have them everywhere.  In my bath (when I get one), in my car, in my diffusor, in my studios.  I clean (when I can anymore) with them.  I have not been sick as in a cold in over 2 years.  And I plead the blood of Jesus over my body that I do not get sick because I acknowledged this.  That would just be rude. 😛

Sleep.  Like when I go to bed I just shut it off.  I dream some wild stuff, but I do get good rest.  It is that waking moment when the 5 am train starts blowing her whistle outside of my apartment I realize, it is almost another day.  I am deep.  I love to dream.  But I have work to do on this side of the Delta state of the brain:)  (I will save that topic for a mother chapter of teaching later!)

And, Love.  OMG, lots of Love from friends and family who just see past my frazzle dazzle videos, blogs and Facebook posts.  Really when I do these, it is to get you to laugh or cry or at least understand some kind of emotionally intelligence in your life.  Most of us do.  We just don’t know how to channel it.

And Music.  OMG!  I cannot imagine my life without it.  It pangs my heart to watch it slip away from my husband’s ears but I can only mourn one thing at a time.  Right now.  It is Greg Allman Radio, and a cup of hot tea, watching the cat run in and out of a paper bag on my floor and the fresh air coming in my door.  That my friends, is this moment.  Along with my blog therapy!  Try it sometime.  Or at least on a napkin.  Write out some amazing thought or word and then read what you wrote.  It may inspire you.  To do something new, exciting or change an old habit.  Words.  They are magic.  Put them with Music, they come alive.  People, Let Your Soul Shine!  Its Better than Sunshine.  Better than Moonshine and Damn sure better than Rain!  LOL!

I know some people get really uncomfortable when you express about being so weary in a  World where we see enough negativity at the traffic light to feed a small village.  But this morning, my blog is to remind you to keep pressing on.  Find some way to channel your emotions and create an environment of Love and Change and Transformation in your Life.  Many of us are having a rough time right now.  It is the resistance to the shift from moment to moment that makes it just that much harder.   Keep ON Chugging!

Love You!



“Readings are not Dead. Finding Agelessness in Celebrating Mabon with Words and Symbols!”

Will it ever happen?  Will people ever have an awareness of cycles and how for centuries, most cultures have experienced exceptional turnover when it comes to knowledge of seasons and celebrations?  I hope so.

Today, I take some time to sit and read.  Read about Mabon.  This Fall Equinox harvest is the representation of dying as in “falling into winter’s sleep.”  And my first desire is to be sure that people have knowledge on what is to come.  Fall, brings in harvest.  It brings in cooler weather and a a change of season.  It does require that we increase in production for one last push but it is time to wind down a bit and enjoy the celebrations going on around us.  It is the time when you let your mind go into auto-pilot and slow down with worries to the degree that Worry makes you sick no more!

Do you need money?  Then sell some old records or books?  Have a yard sale.

Do you need to lose a few pounds?  Try losing 5 by walking outside in the next few weeks.  If you can.  If you know someone that cannot walk outside easily, offer to help them.

Have you been stressed out mentally?  Start a Fall Journal.  Make yourself write.  So many of us have such great voices but we keep our throat chakra closed for fear someone will laugh at us.  I implore laughter!!!!! 🙂 :0)

When this season comes around I decide to use all my efforts to remind myself I have run a good 2016 summer race.  I have accomplished much.  I did NOT meet all my goals but I met some really important ones.  I have hope that 2017 will become more prosperous for me physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.  I have worked the system of seasons.

But, yet, I still have fears and worries like everyone else.  Will the VA come through?  Will we be homeless or will I end up in critical care because I had to do massage 10 hours a day to feed us.  Will Loki keep waking me up at 1am, 3am 4am walking on my head and attacking my feet?  How will I restructure The Reiki Station?  It has so much potential!  Will I ever get to Chapter 5 in my book?  Will I offend somebody with my raw, candid camera life?  Will I ever get to be on Ellen?  These, y’all are the plans of a mad woman! LOL!

But right now, it doesn’t matter.  In a few weeks the dreaded argument will arise!  The argument over the word Holiday or Christmas is getting ready to surge again.  What a dumb thing to argue over.  But this is my moment to write and ask you to notice the changes of season around you not drama of semantics!

Listen more closely to the crows as they share their message.  Recognize the fantasy in making corn dollies and scarecrows with your children.  Hear the mighty Judaic Roar in your bonfire.  Sip slowly on the cider that makes you see spirits.  Plan for steady evenings with family and rest when the sun goes down so you can continue to wake before the sun and be productive for baking, singing Caroles and celebrating whatever you celebrate.  And get a card reading!  For Fun!

Lastly, in keeping theme of harvest time and yes…..Halloween!!!  (And my winter business plan,)  I want to be sure to say…if any of my friends who read this decide they want more information on seasons and symbolism, I do card readings for $20 at The Reiki Station.  Thirty minutes so you are in and out!  I do Natal Charts for $50.  These take a wee bit longer!

This is an inspiring two hour look into the moment you were born.  If I you can’t get in with me, I have plenty of people who can do readings for you!!!  I say this because it was when I did my natal chart and I understood how God had designed me, it made me stronger.  It made my love for Him stronger.  It allowed me to see the Goddess in me!  I started to see God in everything universal which is why I studied Astrology and Symbolism so much.   Then there is Reiki.  Reiki practice gives me powerful symbols to work with in order to help facilitate a healing session for my client, and myself.  I may be wild and crazy on video y’all, but my Reiki Sessions are precisely guided by God in stillness and peace.  I hope to grow this business which customizes sessions for anon to be able to find body.mind.spirit awareness.  I want to share great tips on energy manifestation and clearing for those that will come!   So if you want to see me for some amazing fall fun stuff, Message me!  Call me!  Text me!  Y’all know where I am!  Get a Mabon Card Reading now!  Let’s help you bring in some fall intentions!  What do you say?

And as Bon Jovi sings in the background and I get up to go to work, I leave you with this song…….(It’s my blog)…..I mean…..”It’s my Life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m Alive!”



“When Waking Up Seems Too Much!”

Have you ever done it?  Woke up from  your dreams and been like “Oh no, not again?”  We fail to admit to sometimes but in the few few moments of waking up, most of us are under some kind of struggle.  Maybe it is pain from being stiff or maybe it’s that hot barbarian Chippendale who was about to fly you off to New Zealand and you wanted to go.  Really, you wanted to see what New Zealand was like!  I mean, I KNOW that was the only reason why.


Me?  Well, I am usually awake by 4:45 and sometimes easier.  But I go to bed at a decent hour and I look forward to dreaming every night.  It is a release for me.  I can lay my head down and accomplish rest just by knowing I did my best the day before.  But after a few hours of crazy interpretive dreaming, I wake up and go, why did I dream that?  Last night, I dreamed I cut my hair in a mullet.  No, way!  This hair ain;t going until my next life project is accomplished! 😛

For you readers, I just wonder (as I type away still with sleep in my eye and thoughts after my dream start rolling through my head), does anyone else suffer from moment of dread when they first wake up?  Now I am not talking about deep unhealthy emotions like depression or addiction.  I am speaking about that moment when you open your eyes and feel nervous about going on with your next day.  I experience this all the time.  That is why my first waking hour is so important to me………..as it should be to you!

Every single one of us Westerners are waking to start of a new day.  Your patterns have been established and your role as dad, wife, mom, sister or employee are firing up again.   And for those of us parents who are raising children, the calling to jump on the “Stress-Less Express Train” can easily pass us by!  This new generation is a marvel all in it’s own.  And I would be lying if I said I don’t have great pleasure and pain in raising this new breed of “person”.  If you are over the age of 35, you know what I mean!  There is a gap between us and “them” just wide enough to establish a marker for miscommunication.

Teen agers (unless strictly regimented) are saturated with electronic devices and negative comments about race, religion and right now, our dreadful political agendas.   We “half tech-ammiture half tree hugger” generation of adults would do well to realize that our advice to the post-millennial generation is really not sticking in their brains.  90% of them now suffer from some form of ADD.  Ask anyone you know!  I am finding it harder and harder to get though the negatively ionic charged love barrier with my Son and it stinks.  It is like I see a good boy go numb.  When he becomes reckless with his body and eat nothing but shit or sit on his X-box eight hours a day while I go off and try to make a new business and his dad works his ass off sweating in the fields, then I have to just say, I am concerned with the World to come.  Thus, the reason I stress the moment I wake up!   The mom in me wants to run to his recuse and nurture him by fixing him three healthy meals a day and stroking his little curls all the while reading to him fiction by E.W. White as he dreamily tells me how he is gong to become a brain surgeon or an astronaut because he has big dreams and can’t wait to grow up!  Nope.  That is not how this is playing out.  I am good to get a hug or a handshake once a quarter if I am lucky.  Don’t get me wrong.  My little boy deeply loves his momma but I am angrily trying to teach a 17 year old to look for himself much less come out of his room and be a part of the family topics.  He may join for a moment but like a moth drawn to a flame, once the “one sided” conversation is over, the boy’s bedroom door is shut again and Houdini has left the building.   It’s like Magic how fast he is sucked into a vertical battle field or a cosmic dungeon.

So what is a mother to do?  Well, I think going back to New Zealand would be good for starters but this mom has chosen to blog at 5am.  There has got to be someone else out there dealing with this issue.  The question is what are we doing about it?  Well, for now I am praying and I am about to take the old X box and trade it in for some healthy fiber.  Not only are these video games causing ADD they are causes mal-nourishment.   I won’t get on my soap-box about teen agers and dietary intake today.  That is another early morning.   But listen, if you read this blog and have anything similar going on at your house, please comment.  I would love to hear how other people are dealing with waking up and facing the challenges of their day.  I hold space for you that whatever it is that tries to get your goat upon rising, disappears like a donut at a police station and you convert that moment into a positive situation because the only way this world will transform for the better is if we the people become responsibly for ourselves first.  Then we can worry about our kids and the state of our country more affectively.


Eleanor Writing Today. 🙂


“Advocacy For A Universal Love Language.”

It is a crying shame that I wake up every morning questioning my skills as a motivator.  It takes me a few hours to sink into my daily purpose and realize that the clothes in the floor, the dishes in the sink and the make up all over the bathroom counter mean NOTHING when it comes to how humans express their Love for one another from a Universal level.   The more I march out of my house and connect with other people, the more inspiration and love and compassion I have as a student of the Universe.   And well, there is always a message for me in the mess.

Multiple times a day I am faced with a new pilgrims on my path so whether it be the bagger at the grocery or the man who cut me off in traffic and then gives me a dirty look. Or how about my deafened husband who now has reached a point of change by the transformation of hearing loss in his brain, in the way we communicate.  Wow, interesting at best!  How do we handle that?  By believing that Universal Love bears true in all reactions.   Based on body language and eye to eye contact he can read me more thoroughly than ever before.  It is kind of sexy:) 🙂 🙂

And my reactions to that?  My Facial Expressions?  Are……My responsibility.   Consciously that is…..

When I am conscious of my (root chakra patterns) in how I have been conditioned to react to another’s persons pilgrimage,  I am blessed to know I can bargain with my emotions and ask myself am I reacting in a way that will bring universal love to the matter?

Simple Examples……..

I am checking out at the grocery store and the bagger is a big, middle aged white man, with a speech impediment and a “tick” as the medical society would call it.  He doesn’t speak to me directly for whatever reason and eye darts me at the check out.  My reaction? (most of us would say the moment feels awkward).  I say “Terrence, how are you today?”  And I smile my big cheesy grin with focus toward his eyes so I can see his reaction to my question?  (of which he was not expecting.)  He jumps at the chance to talk and says, (in a mumbled and fast tone), “Oh Hot!  It’s Hot.  I don’t like Hot.  Snow.  I like Cold Snow.”  

He said it so fast that I had to dial back what I heard and interpret his response.  I mean, no one wants to say “huh” for fear of sounding stupid, right?”.   But because I forwarded all my attention to his body language and his energy, I caught every word he said and we kept the conversation going and laughed all the while he bagged my yogurt and my muffins. (gluten free).

So my friends, it is apparent I have reached a point in my life where not only have I established myself as a therapist (who needs a therapist I am sure:) and find myself waking up every day with less and less fear to try new things and I have become an advocate for universal love.  Period.

And as I try new things when interacting with others, I am challenged to become a better person.  I am becoming a better wife because I am setting the tone for the next round of challenges we wives as a whole face as a nation.   Talking about politics and all as we look to more than likely seat a woman into office it is down right crazy for us right now but we still need to pray for good intentions for all involved.  We women are really in the place of liberation right now so be wise in how you use your powers girls because even if Donald T. ends up in office, we would be wise to support and assist and teach him why we think The Pink Heart of a Matter is more important than all that other shit we are so confused about right now and take it back to a level of change that can be measured by the people.  We ALL need to gain some of our voice back without being hateful over color, creed, religion or brand of shoe and women are just the vessel to usher in patience and planning in hopes to heal our future.

And speaking of the future, and Love, and how this all plays out, I am in an awkward place right now raising my 17 year old son.  I leave his destiny in the hands of God because I was given great insight on his life before he popped out of my pouch so this unique experience of mothering a man child, is quite entertaining at best.  I am not so worried about him in this lifetime because he choose this path before he was born so I teach and hope he learns.  But you cannot make them drink the water!!  I can only have a hope that his expansiveness for Love and a better future will far exceed mine.   But it will not come until he decides to put down the video game “crack” and learn how to do something on his own. Do I remove the device or do I let him hang himself due to the deep resistance I am faced with as a mom passing the torch of adulthood to a man?  What would you do?  😦

As many of you know, (that read me) I am doing everything I know to do to be a genuine article of “what you see, is what you get” and I KNOW I do not align with everyone who reads my words but when I am face to face with people in real time, the sparks we create together by laughing and loving and reaching beyond the grocery counter lines, are exceptional miracles of Love.

Those moments have proven to me time and time again that I have no reason to even doubt why God decided to give me another day to go out and play happily with others.  There is no other reason to exist than to just be Love in all forms.  Know thyself!  Know how to Love!

My earthly mission today, is to accept my part as I keep writing about ways to show people how to know Universal Love and to figure out what they need to banish from their energy which destroys Love.

You see, there is not much I don’t Love especially when it comes to writing so things I “don’t love” are usually more mental in nature and come from the inner battle of loving myself unconditionally and controlling my emotions with words.

I don’t love to see someone degrade another human.   That makes me want to rip their face off.   Keeping my mouth shut.

I don’t love to see people hold onto their pain past the point of healing.  That makes me want to weep and sob for them and fix it, of which I cannot.  I don’t love to argue in circles after a situation has been exhausted.  That makes me what to go to sleep and lock out all of the world soaking in a pity of confusion and mental discord.  If I cannot control a situation, I stop.  This can be good and this can be a learning tool.  You cannot control others.  Only yourself.

I don’t love waking up every day and having fear about “what if” whisper it’s lies in my waking moments.  Trust you have the power to control your thoughts and not be controlled.

So, as I close this Sunday sermon on the blog in hopes you read this and it motivates you to look for closely at administering Universal Love to your situation I ask you this one thing?

“Where do babies come from?”


That is all.




“Classic Morning Inspiration.”

Maybe it is the music playing softly in the background while I gather my thoughts?

Maybe it is the deep and esoteric “universal love” conversations with my partner during the sunrise allowing me to bare my nakedness mentally and physically?

Maybe it is the people that hop on my path as I understand my position and my place on the planet?

Maybe it is the thought of realizing I am just a vapor and am learning to value every moment, every conversation and every inspirational idea as a collection of thoughts applying it to the principle of Mindfulness?

Maybe it is the fact I am learning to see people for the Good and not for the Bad?

Maybe it is the fact I can speak my truth and not feel condemned or challenged although a little challenge is good for the soul at times?

Maybe just maybe, my classic morning inspiration will inspire someone else to leap out of the nocturnal darkness of the dream state each day only to find that the morning light at  is not a train waiting to run you over but a warm and enveloping hug from God.

Maybe my classic morning inspiration will not be seen as neurotic or strange, although the definition of strange can be countered.

Maybe it is the fact that I do push myself harder and longer than most.  Is that a course others would benefit from or do we call motivated people overachievers?  None the less, I am on the road revving up my engines for a fun and fruitful life.

Regardless of the reasons I stay inspired as a woman, most of the time, it is so I can watch myself grow and see other women (and men) grow along with me.  My morning muse is so inspiring so with this moment, I say thank you Momma Muse.  She may be a little misunderstood but aren’t they all? 🙂


“The Master Carpenter’s Advice.”


I woke up really emotionally today and I don’t care to admit it.  There is nothing wrong really although I could nit pick through my personal drama like anyone else and find something to focus on I am sure.  What I DO know, is that when I feel these intense emotions happening upon waking in the day, I start to move the energy around by lighting candles, burning incense and putting on some meditative music.  I take really slow cleansing deep breathes and I look for nature through the window of my little home.  I try to remember to cherish this quiet little moment.  Well, at least my outer world is quiet.  My inner world is “doing something.” (I could blame it on that mysterious woman thing I guess……………….ah “hem.) 🙂

However, it was just like that, I when I said something to Ed about Jesus giving us the tools to build our own lives and even though we Christians profession to have “obtained salvation” and sometimes think our Spiritual Life is “complete” we still need to reach further than we think we can and access the Tools that the Kingdom of God offer to us NOW as we build our story.  I had a flash of all of these tools hanging in a man’s garage and it was evident by the vision I knew it was time to write.  But do I really have time?  That is a touchy question but I am making time to do so now………

Since I was taught that Jesus is the Master Carpenter of my life, I envision this to mean that he has perfected and performed the manifestation of humanity in the form of skin.  Jesus had eyes and hair and feet and kidney’s.  He had blood flowing through is veins and may have even had a bunion or two on his feet.  (Although I am not sure that would be true since the earth was not so flat with concrete walks and our feet bones had a natural way of acclimating to the earth back then.  Now we walk in high heels and on hard cold broken ground so our feet are less tolerant to the unnatural elements than in the days of old.)

But as Jesus’ role as carpenter, in His message states clear that he knew how to build so then that must be a guy thing right?  I mean guys love tools.  If you walk into Home Depot, there will be a hundred ratchets to choose from.  You can hammer a nail manually or you can use a nail gun.  You can rough sand with a sheet of 320 grit or you can move your choice into a 180 finer grit if you need to smooth out some of those lines in your sand.   (Ah….maybe tools are not such a guy thing after all……I mean how do I know about grit?)

As a woman, it is my job to watch and learn how things are built.  Friendships, Homes, Community, Career.  Well, the last one here, career, has changed in the last 50 years and now women are really grabbing so many more tools than before our intense requirement to earn money and prestige became so important.  In 1802 would a woman have need for so many screw sizes or tape measures?   Nope.  Most of her tools were in the kitchen and in the classroom feeding and nurturing her children from the  breast and the hearth.  A woman’s sense of purpose was to have a healing and teaching identity but not in the aggressive way that today’s society now stigmatizes women.  Heaven forebid you have an outburst of crying at a board meeting or in the grocery store when you are supposed to be shopping for food or school supplies.  But let me tell you, it happens.  It happens to all of us women.  I just get the sanity of writing about it then moving on with great Wisdom to say there is BIG Universal Garage of Tools available to me spiritually and I am going in after them ……thank you Jesus for the vision today.

So when I tell you that I called on specific Angels to help me out this morning, or I forcefully chanted an OM or I whispered a silent, “Help me Jesus” while making hub’s lunch choking back a trail of tears from vunderland….., it is not exaggerating.   Not sure why except to ask am I tired?  Maybe so but I still keep going.  I am just more open about it now…..And as I easily pull an inspiration card or bible verse or tarot card and by looking at the image alone, seem be lifted from sadness in a moment’s time.  (Why would a Christian TOUCH a Tarot Card?  Because I am educated on what their purpose is and why they really exist.  I am not frightened by mislead connotations of such petty worries that I will blow up into a million burning pieces because I see love in all things.)  Just the image alone of Jesus having a huge toolbox of resources for me gives me great hope that my emotional awkwardness is nothing more than an exchange of knowledge.  Knowledge that says, crying is healthy.  Knowledge that says, you can let go of past wounds and really leave them with Him.  Knowledge that says don’t give up your right to stop trying to build your business stage by stage………….or stop making lunch or stop wiping pee off my commode or or toothpaste out of the sink, or stop doing the Laundry, or blah…blah…blah to all the things that we women really hold space for on a given day.

It comes down to concepts.  It comes down to imagery and not trying to over think your body’s mechanisms.  When you are tired and overwhelmed tears are used to refuel you.  When you are insecure and jealous, diarrhea serves as a reminder to let that shit go.   Chakras=Hormones=Healing.  I should get credit for a new concept of meditation.  The CHH method of meditation.

Know what is happening in the chakras and what system relates to your body.

Know your Chakras and what each color is for.

Know your Chakras and Elements of Earth, Air, Water Fire, Metal and Spirit.

Know some symbology whether it is Stoic or Modern.

Know when you have had a Spiritual Vision and from where they are Speaking to You.

Have some favorite Scripture.

Have an accountability for turning to the Master’s Garage and find the tool you need for the day.

Build your Way out of Sadness and Fear!!!!!!

When Jesus came and went, he left us instructions on how to handle the building of this life which are pretty clear so let’s stop complicating it.   I felt shitty when I woke up.  I took control and used tools to bring me back to awareness.  Simple.

And I don’t just leave it up to one method of construction when it comes to building a unique and inspiring life.  Even if I am weeping for a moment or two….It will pass..  I decided to share my moment in the greatest hope someone else needs this vision of Jesus Christ, Master Carpenter as well.

And for those people who think crying is stupid and if looks a little different than how you woke up this morning, don’t judge it.  People who live in glass build houses should never throw stones.




“Ok, I spent the money!”


It is 4am and I am up.  Pacing the floor and holding space for my life and my future.  Am I freaking out?  Hardly.  I am thoughtfully contemplating.

Last week, I contemplated terminating my blog because, well, quite frankly I did not want to spend the $99.  But today, I decided that it was not about the money and I am tired of living my life worried about money.  The one thing I have learned is a fear of lack is one of the most demonic (or negative) connotations of humanity that I have ever seen.  Our country’s foundation was not built on a foundation of lack, so where in the Sam Hill did all this money fear come from?

You see, I had to remind myself that my blogs were as much for myself as they were for anyone that read them.  When I started my blog, it was a way to open up my voice and learn to speak my truth, in love and harming none.  In 2013 I left my daily grind and set sail on a new journey to “find” my center.  “Find my channel and find myself.”  And egotistic or esoteric as that may sound, it is the truth.  And blogging gave me a sense of belong to a society that cared enough about themselves as much as I did to invest a little something into the Power of Return.

Carnally, Money and Sex have been the two most difficult experience most human beings face.  There are other frustrations in life and abuse or severe poverty is a terrible thing but so is mental health and the fact that our lack of awareness when it comes to our patterns and thought processes can be healed.  And I may not be the most educated of people, but I think I am pretty safe in saying I have learned A LOT in the last three years and my opening my practice as a therapist comes from raw and genuine life experiences.   By adding the gift and service of massage to my table is just the icing on the cake.  By helping healers heal the World, I in turn heal.  And though most of my healing has been facilitated by a lot of crazy exercise, some hard core corrective eating habits and learning to lean in for support when support is needed, has earned me the title I will post on business (and heart’s) door.  Therapist.  It’s a big deal.

But truly, with out the opportunity to share my journey online (which is where much of our World lives) I do no think I would have made it this far up the path.  Writing has been a life saver for me.  I LOVE to write as much as I love massage and learning.  Without my “pen” I feel as if my purpose is missing something.  I am addicted to dictionaries, encyclopedia and wikipedia!  I am obsessed with vernacular and learning new language so apparently God knew that when he threw me into the crash course of Sign Language.

Which brings me too….the blog renewal.  Yesterday’s visit clearly indicates that Ed could have permanent damage to the nerves in his ear and is not only clinical difficult to reverse but can progress with more damage later so how to treat.  My first indication as a wife is to break out my tambourine, my Bible, smack him over the head and start praying like a mad woman with all kinds of fervor.  And thought the last part of that statement is actually true, I have also decided to share my story, as I have in the past, and help others realize they are not alone in their journey and somewhere, someone is going through something similar to you.  We are not alone.

Therefore, for those that read and follow my blogs, thank you.  I love you.  And I hope I never offend you with my words but by golly, we need some hard core truth up in this country.  I seek out the truth and the righteousness of man-kind because all this hate and suffrage is ugly and needs to be corralled.

I love you.  Thank you for your prayers.  Now go have a rock star kind of day!