“Purple Slim! Truth Behind The Slime.”


Honestly, I am sensing there are a few things at work here.  One, that some people are SICK to death of my constant posting and have blocked my Facebook page because they just don’t want to here about The Reiki Station and Holly Goodyear, anymore!  I mean, I post constantly, I say some really off the wall stuff and I am just, to fucking real I guess.  Oh, and I say Fuck, a lot sorry….  (Mom doesn’t like it either but at least she agrees that there are monsters in our mental closet and sometimes, well, you just do what you gotta do to survive).

Or, is it that you do what you gotta do to survive because you are elated about being inspired by others and you know that you have been marked by God as a messenger no matter what it looks like.  You see, ya’ll think that I am inspiring you to push harder and be better and stand taller because I am doing it.  WRONGO!  I am inspired by YOU to make myself a model for the underdog!  Yup, I am an underdog.

Was Prince an underdog at one time?  I can safely say that PRINCE did not start out as Worldly Royaly.  In fact, according to Wikipedia (who I usually trust), this is a snapshot of Prince’s beginning……..Check this out!

“Early life”

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, the son of Mattie Della (Shaw) and John Lewis Nelson. His parents were both African American,[11] and his family ancestry is centered in Louisiana, with all four of his grandparents hailing from that state.[12][13] Prince’s father was a pianist and songwriter and his mother was a jazz singer. Prince was named after his father, whose stage name was Prince Rogers, and who performed with a jazz group called the Prince Rogers Trio. In a 1991 interview with A Current Affair, Prince’s father said, “I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do”.[14] Prince’s childhood nickname was Skipper.[15]

Prince said that he was “born epileptic” and “used to have seizures” when he was young. He also stated that “My mother told me one day I walked in to her and said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to be sick anymore,’ and she said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘Because an angel told me so’.”[16]

WOW!  I am speechless!  HE WAS VISITED BY AN ANGEL!  Interesting.

So what does that have to do with Me?  First of all, yes, I have had experiences with Angels and Demons.  Let’s be real here.  We all have but we may not have fully realized it.  And culturally, we may call them many different things or not anything at all, but at present day, we can be pretty confident in saying we ALL live in a world where energies align around each of us everyday and a prudent person will normally acknowledge the presence of a higher power regardless of personal interpretation.

This week, I was faced with some marvelous conversations that required me to test my faith, based on the “updated” belief system I have built. Since “walking” OUT of the church walls five years ago it has been most enlightening.  Just like I can sense when my Facebook posts are getting on someone’s nerves, I can also sense, when people condemn me for being different because they don’t see me supping with a church community.  What they fail to remember is that Jesus NEVER stayed put in the congregation and searched high and low for supernatural experiences outside in nature and in the home of the Underdog.

So, maybe you ask, how in the World do I consider using the letter’s F-U-C-K and Jesus in the same blog post?   Well, scholastically this IS an unacceptable Word, but it does have a true meaning.  It means, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.  (A title of a Van Halen Album from 1991.)   And without getting too graphic here, basically it means unlawful sex.  How in the World it got translated into a tantric scream when you drop a plate and break it is far removed from unlawful sex.  (tantric/Tantrum…see the correlation…….) Get my point?

And, I know that many of you find offense in my blatant disrespect for “the reader” here by saying “that word” especially when you are all my friends on Facebook and that I profess to live a holy and inspired life by non-denominational requirements.

Well, some of us “minsters” make the conscious choice to talk about the dark side of humanity so that the lighter side of humanity will shine in the End join us together as a whole.  I am not sold on the whole Hell concept anymore.   It’s too cruel in general.  I think we can deal with some of that fear now if we can dig out the bones in our closet so you can bury them not leave them stranded when you move into “the afterlife”…….  A world where you can always see the Son/Sun, Day or Night…………….

My deep personal dive into shadow work has scared the beejeezies (another slang for Jesus) out of a lot of you!  My therapist, and I quote, said “Holly, if your thoughts of fear were to manifest from your head then every 5 year old little girl in the world would have monster’s jumping out of her closet!”  Oh shit.  I might want to clean those thoughts up and channel them into finding solutions to my phobias.   Wouldn’t you agree?

Which brings me back too…..Fear, Purple Slime and the Underdog.  (Yep, I am making a point!).  Research this week has presented to me a common thread when it comes to highly gifted people and how they perceive life.  People with VERY HIGH IQ’s live on a different spectrum BUT they are excessively challenged when it comes to living up to the Worldly Standards of Today.   In the 4th grade, when I was 8 years old, my teachers advised my parents to have my IQ tested because I was different.  We DID NOT HAVE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPECTRUM back then and if we did, this poor south end girl was not really a role model for a higher intelligence commercial.  However, I remember the day I was tested and the shapes and numbers and symbols that just looked very foreign to me.  I remember being……scared…….  I did not know what was happening.  So, I was tested and was recommend to be advanced a grade.  My Great Grandmother Flossie King, said ABSOLUTELY NOT!   I have the memory of her face in my mind when she was “convincing” my mom to leave things as they were.   And, well, you did not argue with Flossie as nice as she was as she sat with her Bible in her lap all the days of her adult life.  🙂

So, yesterday I told my mother I needed to know what the results were because my intuitive vision is increasing and I am either going to find my channel in this world and experience life on life’s terms with awareness or, I may go crazy like Prince said.  She said, it was high.  98 is average.  It was quite a bit higher……I did my research on the actually score.  Yep.  I am a genius and dammit I want to test again!  LOL!

So now I am bragging right?  NO!  I am telling you that people need to understand where they are on the Spectrum as we now call it because I just sat in my chair and eavesdropped on 6 teachers eating breakfast next to me just now in the hotel lobby and all I can say is “Ugh”.  The challenges that these women (and men) are facing today trying to teach a worn out curriculum to a new breed of intelligence is cruel.  If it is going so well, then why do I hear story and story after story of disheartenment when it comes to our educational system.   And in my opinion, teaching these beautiful minds insane quantities of technology is NOT THE ANSWER for these children.  Oh my God!  Are we a country full of idiots?   Who is on the campaign trail again?…….:P

So, again, I say, yes I know I piss people off and that is fine.  Yes, I know that publicly being a big mouth blogger can hurt the chances of my former circle cheering me on to stay the course and support what The Reiki Station model really means to me when it comes to Stress Reduction and Truth Telling in our society but quite frankly, I want to see my business grow because of the amazing and exciting branding when it comes to massage therapy and when the client finally does comes to see me at my practice, I will be blessed to get the privilege of reminding them that yes, there are monsters in their mental closets but not to worry, it is all in their head.  Everything is ok!   Then, I will Purple Slime them.  I hope it helps!


Purple Life

Humbled and Excited! Massaging It All Out!

May I take 30 seconds, yes, 30 seconds and say I LOVE YOU!  I love each of you that clicked like on my post yesterday about passing my finals.  You know NO idea how important this is for me and I had almost 100 likes……WOW!  I had no idea I was being watched like that!  Really!  It is not about the numbers but you sure know how to make a girl blush! 🙂

I have 4 months left then I will be a Licensed Massage Therapist.   And trust me! I want to accentuate the word “therapist”.   Had it not been for people like “my” massage therapist and other “key” ladies in my life I would not be where I am today.  My shout out for the moment goes to all those trusting people that saw more in my INSANITY than I could ever see in myself.  But, all that insanity is turning into core INSPIRATION!!!!

Now that things are genuinely looking up for us, I am going to spend the next three weeks breaking down my plan, cooling my jet’s (just a tad), and I am going to really brush up on the clinical and emotional side of being an LMT.

I may be cray cray but I take my craft very seriously.  It is for a bigger purpose!  Thank you all for being so awesome to me!!!  I have some great friends!  GREAT FRANS I TELL YA!!!  And, better yet, I have an amazing husband and partner who treats me like a Queen!  Eddie, we are doing it!  We are doing it!

So, listen, if you know of anyone looking for a dynamic career change and has the gift of touch, have them consider Advanced Massage Therapeutics as a possible place to seek out some killer education.  This school rocks and I have learned 10 times more about life with these guys and gals than I ever have.   This stuff is the real deal baby!!   And the field of Massage is going to grow like crazy even in the world of Mental Health!  Mark my Words!

I cannot see a better way for us to combat stress and sickness and frustration and it all starts when following your heart and allowing yourself some rest on the table, massaging it all out…….

The Moral of the Story…..

Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something.  Never hold a grudge on those that did tell you that.  And never, ever stop believing that things won’t get better.   They will!  They will also change faster than you can imagine so hold on!  Listen, Mars is going Retrograde and you may need to fasten your seat belts the next few months…….I am going to but man, with this kind of support, it is hard to slow my roll!

If I had a wish today it would be that Massage Therapists become so busy that they need an assistant  (Should that be their wish as well)!


Everyone needs a Therapist.  We are all just that important!



Embarking!! The Countdown Begins!

Holly A3

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I love when April hits because that means spring is in full force and manifestion is in full swing.  I am really excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am excited because I am seeing real “fruit” from my transformative lifestyle. I am rolling down the tracks full steam ahead feeling happy and healthy.

This exciting shift shoots straight out from my Solar Plexus (Personal Will and Power) and is colliding with my Heart Chakra (Love, Compassion and Humanitarian Hopes) and makes me all giddy inside because everything I have worked so hard for is starting to blossom!  Basically, my personal healing is happening so fast now and I feel amazing!  But there is a but…….a big butt……………Uh oh.

The reason my healing is so intense is because I was willing (painfully willing) to address these marvelous spiritual experiences which were not always so pleasant.  I had to willingly look in the mirror, a REAL Mirror, and make myself “decide” to heal from the inside out and the process was initially grueling.

I had to address so many unpleasant things about my self that it was embarrassing at best.  I have had engaged in such nasty and deep shadow work over the last 3 or 4 years that it required me to figuratively “die” to what I thought I wanted in order to experience rebirth.  It was the only way to manifest the life that I know I really want.

In order to have what I have come to believe are my “predestined” opportunities while being human, I really had to challenge my old belief systems, my core upbringing as an average “kid” and even question my role and gender as a “typical” woman.  (Not a Witch.  cough, cough…….. A Woman!)     Smile….. 🙂

Now, when I say “predestined,” may I just add that I believe most people want to find a sense of purpose.  I have talked with so many people who are trying to find a formidable destiny to “do” or “be” something before their time on this Earth expires and I want you all to know that us “seekers” have a choice to change the course of action when unsatisfied.  You have a choice.  You Always Have A Choice.

But…….and here is the butt I spoke of……………“If you are not willing to accept the truth of painful and life changing actions that manifest YOUR truth, then you will NEVER live in your purest form.  When you eliminate all opportunities to be totally healed from whatever holds you back you will not experience euphoria during this incarnation.”

Translation, this is why people take drugs (legal or otherwise), drink too much and hide behind layers of masks when they waltz their butt out the door every day and pretend everything is fine!  It is true and you and I both know it.

So, as many of you know……(like a million of you)……I have talked about writing a book for a very long time.  But my fear (yes fear) has been that the book will be too intense for most of you.  At least those that I love and cherish as family.  And those it is not my intention to ever hurt or destroy anyone, it is by my Divine calling that I share the steps along my journey which required me to heal.  AGAIN, I say………………..this raw exposer of truth is meant to heal!!!

For instance, how the hell do you think I survived the morbidly painful experience of being a 19 year old single/divorced mom who woke up one day and found herself in a……………..here goes………….two year adulterous affair.

Yep.  I did that.  And three husbands later, there were a lot of messes to clean up by those who had to pay for the mistakes I made for an inexcusable relationship.  There was no such thing as an “open relationship” in Kentucky in the early 90’s.  California maybe.  Not in Kentucky. It took me almost, 25 years to realize that my insecurities and my choices vibrated well into my mid-life and now……oh yes………….NOW I can say, “Wow! That was intense!”  Then stamp a big “HEALED STICKER” on my Sacral Chakra.  The Chakra that governs how you are affected in your relationships, your emotions and your passions, your playtime and how you exchange energy with others.   Clog this chakra and your life will be a piss hole  until you heal it.  It can manifest as secret jealousy, self loathing, and will harbor the MOST destructive of emotions you could EVER imagine……I am sorry.  You can pray to Jesus all you want to save you but until you acknowledge the darkest place in the directory book, it ain’t gonna happen.

People, hear me.  This blog is not a joke and for three years I have been a sublime example of a woman fighting (yes, I internally fight) to gain her power back not to have power so I can over others.  But to Overcome The Resistance.   It is my signature scripture.  Revelations 12:11.  They Overcame By The Blood of The Lamb and The WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY!    You want to see how I inspire?  Look at my left calf.  It is tattooed right on my body.  Like some kind of Pagan Christian.  Or maybe I should say Christian Pagan.  Oh wait……Pagteg-costal?  Buddah-costal?  Bapti-costal?  Babti-cothlic?  Wicca-baptle?  Jesus Freak?

How about just being a Human?

In closing, I am going to really, really start on my book now.  It will provide solvency for my life and take me straight on into my final hours.  And yes…..yes….I know.  Jesus paid all.  But I have a willing hand in this all this karma too you know?……….:P

Not everyone is going to be happy with me and for that I am truly sorry.   But I VOW TO USE THE WISDOM of Solomon, where the sting may arise.

I am smart enough to avoid slanderous remarks about others and my experiences with them.

This book is NOT about tearing others down so that I look good. (Yoga helps me do that!)

It is about building a future so that others can heal too and stop making excuses.

There will be a little sci-fi in it for the purpose of marketing.  Why they hell do you think I changed my identity to Eleanor.   (However, Stephen King was originally born, Stephen King so WTF?)

People have no idea how badly they hurt you by what they do and unless you really forgive them and yourself, you are not going to experience your best life ever….(thanks for that sentence Joel Olsteen).  There are emotional scars that can only be healed by entering the burning core of darkness aka…your dirty closet.

This type of raw footage is not for everyone but if you really want total healing and to find your true destiny you don’t have a choice.  I promise however, when you do, you will be so HAPPY to have finally reached the other side!

Stay Tuned.


“The Sagittarian Moon Requires You Mix It Up!”

Yesterday, at 2:46am, the Moon made her transit into Sag.  Upon leaving my personal sign Scorpio, I must have been intrigued with other things because it was not until I woke up this morning that I realized, I am in a jumbled thought pattern.  I want to blog about everything.  I want to jump out of bed and start running fast and hard.  I want to get all of my daily chores out of the way so I can sit and meditate on great and mighty things.  So, as I calmed myself and decided that a simple (not so Simple) blog on this site would be more beneficial than trying to take the time to devote time to writing material in my “other” topic specific blogs.  (Emotional Intelligent Today, Eleanor Elaine Phoenix and Memoirs of Scorpio.)

All three of my writing platforms are very important to me but it is because of the person I when I start “emotionally speaking”,  that I become overwhelmed with a sense of “to much going on” internally, and these platforms give me an opportunity to put my heaviness out there, regardless of what others may think.  It’s my therapy.

But yesterday, when mystical Momma Moon entered Sagittarius, apparently I entered into a startling lucidity that comes with this intense Fire Energy.  (and we are in Aries Sun so as I mix up my thoughts on this “generic “Me” page”, I am sure my daily rant is going to go something like this.  Fire + Fire = An Emotional Inferno

So, what is with all the burn?  Well, Sag Moon brings in a very important key emotion layering deep within us and that emotion is called “intrigue.”  Intrigue by definition is arousal of curiosity and fascination.  It also killed the cat.

Sag moon energy opens your eyes to adventure, optimism, and exuberance.  Sag moon energy is an open-minded yet, rest-less energy.  (That s’plains it all!)  Sag Moon energy, however, is a bit careless and uncommitted when it comes to responsibility.  I guess that is why I am burning for a tattoo, a vacation and some space alone.  This energy is a daring concoction of thoughts like…”Hey look at me….. paired with…. don’t touch me I need space.”

To complicate the moment and the need for seclusion, water signs such as Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, get kind of strange during these Sagittarius Moon transitions and either lash out and become very irritable or extremely persistent in order to survive another day.

Water signs are typically affected by this highly sexual sign of Sagittarius with it’s alluring yet, fleeting energy.  And for us Scorpios, it can be hard to connect with others emotionally right now because if it ain’t deep and intrinsic, it most likely is destructive and unrepairable and as the Sag sign represents on it’s not so good side, can be irresponsible.  (I want to focus on the adventurous side of the moment myself!)

So, with this formidable lucidity this morning, I had to do some additional digging before dawn cracked her light on me, because, the last few days have been very heavy for me.  On the outside, it is business as usual, but on the inside, I am really seeking calculative measures when it comes to my actions and decisions during the next few months.  I want to see how things progress when I acknowledge all this Spiritual intensity, and then “let that shit go.”

For me, the best way for me to understand my own emotional journey is to seek out to define these layers of energy around me.  Whether it is people, places or things, (which I tend to become attached to), I have to stop myself and identify why I am attaching myself to anything, when it comes to my own personal emotional intelligence and learn to let go of attachment as a rule since nothing is forever.

In looking more closely for just another moment at the Moon in Sagittarius, it is not just this present energy that is affecting me so forcefully.  There are a total of 6 more lunar pairings happening today, all of which could allow me to react in different ways hour by hour so let’s blow your mind a little more…..

Think of the Moon being a Sommelier and each transit of the timeline is a taste of Heaven’s decantation depending on your palette.

  1.  8:56 a- Moon will be Trine Mercury. (Messenger)
  2. 9:55am-Moon will be Square Jupiter. (Fortune & Luck)
  3. 11:18am- Moon will be Conjunct Saturn.  (Discipline)
  4. 6:02pm- Moon will be Trine Uranus. (Forceful Freedoms)
  5. 9:55pm- Moon will be Square Venus (Love and Pleasure)
  6. 11:02pm- MERCURY will be Trine Saturn.  ( A Message in Discipline?)…..Yup….lucidity.

So, why do I care about all of this?  Well, as a beginner astrologer, it proves a point that feelings and emotions are connected to SO MANY FEATURES OF LIFE!  Hormones, Thoughts, Health and Energy.

Hear me when I say this.  We all have an off day sometimes.  We all have thoughts that challenge us to make choices on how we act, what we are going to do and we all have possibilities and opportunities that will present to us to a willingness to charge forward into the future with some skill and accuracy.   Just like the Man on the Horse riding the constellation of Sagittarius, we aim, shoot and fire.

The tug of war in your mind is completely affected by the stars and it is the wise soul that will look deeper into the events and conversations that take place during your earthy incarnation when you have been out of focus and need to take a step back and breath.

I hope this shows that we are not all crazy and you will find your universal channel today and in doing so, find your freedom.

Be Well.

Holly Goodyear

P.S.- If you would like to learn more about astrological readings, hit me up!  It brings me great pleasure to sit with people and look at all the amazing aspects of how we are designed and as a service to others, I make these charts very affordable and understandable.  Love……..


“The Path of Inspiration. When Air and Fire Collide!”

You know, it is an amazing day when you are able to spend a few moments studying seasonal energy.  And since we just entered the Spring Equinox and the 1st sign of the Zodiac (Aries), and……we are sitting in the fullness of the Full Moon in Libra, it begs us to challenge when Air and Fire Collide!    And, for those of you who are not familiar with astrology, Aries, is a Fire Sign and Libra is an Air Sign.

So what happens when these to dynamic energies present themselves to one another?  It is a “Match” made in Heaven!  Not even the dead can stay down!

Fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemicalprocess of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, inflames us to consume ourselves with vision.

Air, is but a mixture of gases in the atmosphere, (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water particles) and compels us to decide what is most efficient way to sustain life?

The two together create an all or nothing affect because without Air, Fire could not survive.  And without Heat or Light, the product of Fire, we humans, could not survive, nor could Air Move Around.  The Water Particles of Air would freeze without heat.

It is good to know that this energy affects us annually when the Spring Equinox rolls around.  When the Moon enters LIBRA, indicating judgement and decisions, and the Sun enters the new year of Aries, indicating Movement and Vision, your year has an open door to possibilities and opportunities like no other time of the year.    It is time to Spring Clean our Mental and Emotional rooms and start acting on the things we have dreamed about all Winter long!

For the last three years, I have progressively been active in my mental health by offering myself emotionally on the Great Alter of Life.  I have allowed circumstances to be followed up with some outrageous change.

Much of this journey has been hard but then, as I sit here today, in year three of the wheel’s acknowledgement, I realize how easy things are for me.  (I say that because I have been following the seasonal year more so than the calendar year and it has been so much more fun!)

Being a water sign, and the most complex there of, (Scorpios…………lol), it is when I consciously allowed my adaptability to manifest during each phase of the wheel, that I have made it through another new season, and have discovered many insights about my business, my family and my personal journey. Everything happens for a reason and in the right timing……….  For Example:

  1.  Health: If I do not listen to my body about my nutrition and use a bit of force when it comes to exercise, drinking and eating “rotting” type of foods, I pay an enormous price with my mental health, therefore, every single day I wake up now, I make a HUGE effort to do good things for myself.  It is not easy, and the cravings for the things that are not beneficial for me, will always be there, because I know that demon very well.  Gluttony has many faces.  But, as I rise each day, having ultimate truth at my fingertips, I usually win the battle of the bulge.  I will never be a size 2, nor do I plan to be.  I just want to have fun with fitness, have a ton of active energy to spare each day and encourage and inspire other women to never stop trying to be strong and healthy.  It is not about perfection.  It IS about self love and happiness and a size 8, 10 or 12 or 14 or even a 16 is darn sexy in my opinion!  (Anything more than that is still major sexy but I am greatly concerned about that size and up for health reasons ONLY…….)
  2. Family: It has taken me some time to realize my “choice for independence” after growing up in a large family has had some consequences.  For so long, I judged myself based on my childhood failures instead of my accomplishments.  I judged my looks, my lack of participation in the family unit, and my existential visionary differences.  I realize I have built a huge extended network of tribal sisterhood and not spent a lot of time with my core family.   Much of that was due to my lack of self esteem because the core family knew you when you did a lot of naughty things…………”the dark ages.”  However, I am letting that shit go because I love my core family and they know it.  I think about them often and send them a lot of light and love at speeds which they may not yet be ready for or even yet understand.  Even in my own created unit, daughter, son, husbandry, I want them all to know, my heart consistently vibrates love toward them, even when I am out doing things that I need to do in order to find solstice. Following Energy and Love in Big ways should never take away from the fact that I love all of my family, blood, marriage, or otherwise and I think sometimes my distance to learn more about myself may have looked like I was shutting out my core family.  This is not the case.  I love all of my soul contracts.  Even the difficult ones.
  3. Working:  This one has been very hard for me.  I love to work but I have to love what I am doing and be willing to get up everyday and go out into the world, be productive and not come home at the end of an 8 or 10 hour day, feeling as if I was always missing something.  By being a committed hard working person, I find that I do not do anything half ass.  In fact, I hold such high work standard that I forget quickly, that not everyone has the same view when it comes to working like a Viking!  Emotional people such as myself, get real weird when it comes to team work and unseen efforts by others always made me uncomfortable.  This is probably why, I have pissed off a lot of people by walking off the job, because, I am someone that not only gives my all at working, I give double and triple, but it can bite you in the butt, if you are not careful.   Although, quitting any job with “no notice” seem contradictory to my honest to God worth ethics, I was open enough to share with these people what I was going through and forgiveness was asked for every time.  Not everyone gave it to me, but I know, asking for forgiveness when you are struggling with something is all you can do.  Only, they can extend it to you if they are willing to, but you cannot control how they respond.


People are starting to notice that I genuinely love what I do as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Astology Teacher and “soon-to-be” Fitness Instructor.  (Aerobics and Yoga…….  I am still working on the curriculum for those certifications but we must get through LMT school first because that is where my heart is as well as a survivalist’s paycheck!).

It fuels me even more to present to you my journey as I follow the stars.   and it is because I want to teach people how to manifest!   For me, to see smiling people walk away from a great therapy session is nothing more than pure gold in my eyes.  The value of money does not compare to the value of happiness I see when they leave my care and when they leave, they have just a little more hope for manifesting what they want in life.  For most people, it is just to expereince true happiness…….. Ah, to be a light-worker.  Thank you Jesus!🌀

And during this Aries/Libra connection what is most exciting is that I get to choose what my practice will look like when I open an amazing space for my clients!!!!   Vision.  Vision.  Vision…………….Action.  Action.  Action.  The work of the real story bend all of this back and forth rah-rah, will start to really shine through.  Others will be inspired by the journey.    The Reiki Station’s “Grand Opening” may not initially manifest into the fullness if the vision I have for “Her” as soon as I open the door, but little by little, it will happen.   I believe, if you build it, they will come.  🗽

With today’s energy (Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra) direction, action and judgement are all critical in order to the start of the wheel of the year off in a positive manner.  All this intense “action blowing around” can either cause one to combust and fall apart at the seams because things are happening so swiftly or you can let this intense energy tip the scales in your favor.   I am totally taking advantage of the knowledge.

I hope that you are reading this and start to realize manifestation and inspiration are served when you listen to your gut and purge things that are not beneficial.  It is when you allow yourself to “be your own boss” (in anything) and find true bravery to step up and out Bravery is the first step in following the Path of Inspiration.  In doing so, there are things you need to know.

The Path of Inspiration is at it’s peak during this season.  We intentionally start to look for the blooms and blossoms that start to peek out from the seeds we planted months, sometimes years before.  As a “cultivator” we know that the warm air and welcomed heat of “sunshine” will give us just the right conditions to start layering the soil for the harvest.  This is an annual process that can be trusted.

The Path of Inspiration opens up your Solar Plexus and allows you to find out more about yourself.  Your personal power will begin to grow as the days grow longer and the willingness to succeed increases and forms tangible opportunity if you pay attention to the cycles.  

Aries is the right energy to inspire you and challenge you so be sure have formed some kind of plan for the year, even if it is not 100% accurate.  You have all year long to reevaluate your actions.   But by doing nothing to facilitate your inspiration, it will “die off ” like the chemistry of all things.  If Inspiration becomes a distant memory and winter rolls around again, you may just find yourself frustrated so be brave and go for something this week!

Libra’s Full Moon will be sure you honor your efforts and correct any unhelpful energy that you may be holding in fear of starting a new path.  As critical as LIBRA can be, it is only because Libra understands the true heart of justice.  Libra wants everyone to have a share in the prosperity.  Libra expects us to run a tight ship and be serious about our endeavors.  Libra will give you funding to go the extra mile if you are serious and have thought out the pros and cons of what you are considering.  And when you are weary and tired of trying, Libra will blow her gale force wind and reset the scales of balance in your favor one more time as long as  you do not stop trying.  

Aries Sun/Libra Moon what a powerful path they create.  They remind me of a story of a Man who rose from the grave and conquered death many moons ago.  And, if I am not mistaken, we can celebrate this Man’s story relishing in the power of resurrection and a conquest, never give up on what we believe is right action for our lives.

Jesus, that Man, was known to have entered the gates of hell during this season, and took back the knowledge to live our best life.  His journey into darkness is an example of an existential mystery and by rising to the occasion as a follower of the Light, he recovered what was due to us.  He took action.  He followed a plan.  He created a balance between light and dark.  And he conquered the fear of not knowing how things would turn out.

Sounds a lot like an Arian Liberator don’t you think??

Happy Easter!  May the Odds Ever Be in your Favor!



“The Moon And The Mentalist! The Aquarian!”


Do you know what drives me crazy?   Using GPS when I know FULL WELL where I am headed and when I decide to take a nice shortcut, I cringe to hear my navigational system  yell at me repeating, “Recalculate!”  I freak out.  I start yelling back at her to “Shut up! I know where I am!”  Why do we subject ourselves to such abuse?

Well, maybe it is because, we are in the car alone, and want some time to just zone out and not think while driving.  Now, before you say, this is such a dangerous thing to do, let me expose some truth here.  We all do it.  We have all been driving and find ourselves zoning out to the hum of the wheel, or a song on the radio or even enjoying a scenic drive down the highway, ignoring the GPS and her colorless tone.

And yesterday, while the moon entered Aquarius to enjoy her 36 hour “mindful” rendezvous, we probably just zoned right through the transition, not being aware of the drastic change in energy leaving tactical Capricorn.   Most humans are considerably unaware of the influence on the Moon’s transit each month.  Not to worry, I am here to help you see beyond the difficultly of your emotional habits and break the cycle of “living life in a mindless zone.”

Aquarius’ influence on us is priceless!  If you ever want to meet a person that can read your mind, an Aquarian would be the prime candidate to do so.  They are intimidating and soooooo hilarious.  An Aquarian is typically very funny, very aware and productivley challenging.  They are just like this colorful Rubix cube atop this blog post.  An Aquarian personality is full of sparkle, motivation and shine!  Look out!

But beware, beware, they can also see you coming a mile away.  Their natural GPS beckons us to be upfront and attentive while standing before them.  They are the Royal Kings of The Air Signs if you ask me. (A masculine energy to the world of astrology).  They can eliminate complacent people in a heartbeat and if you have every worked, or lived with an Aquarius, you must know, that the key to satisfying their insatiable thirst for knowledge and communication is to let them speak!

You will not find a more forward thinking, progressive sign in the Zodiac and when the great and powerful Moon makes her entrance into Aquarius, by all means, feel free to grab up all of the mind control and power you need to make it to the next phase.

And not to worry, large doses of personal knowledge will rarely have a negative social influence on you or turn you into a selfish bigot.  I doubt you will become too”heady” in your approach to connect with others, but try and seek out a little more sensitivity when it comes to verbal communication and general logic because the Moon in Aquarius gives you a great opportunity to impress others if humility is present.

This is much in part due to the planet Uranus ordination over Aquarius.   Uranus energy says, “You are Free to Discover”.  Uranus energy says, “You Can Let Go of the Old and Allow the New To Come On In” and, Uranus energy says “It is Time to Experiment and Be a Little Rebellious in Order to Locate Your Boundaries.”  Chances are, you may not be so sure how far you can go in life because  well, you have never tried!  Get out and Mentally Explore You Sexy Beast!  You got this!!  🙂

So, for today while the Moon is dancing and singing with the most liberating of Air signs, take a chance on learning something knew. Dig into a new book.  Try a New Look. Or better yet, ask yourself if you are brave enough to revive that old dream you once had of becoming ……………….fill in the blank?  (Because today’s energy says you are)!

Aquarius and the Moon are powerfully energies waiting on you to take your turn to shine.  Commit yourself to becoming more independent, if you are not.  And if you are isolated, commit yourself to getting to know people a lot better, because you can.  I assure you, once you do more to satisfy your questions about life, you will start to see the world for how it REALLY is.  Complex, like a insolvable Rubix cube, but marvelously Impressive!

Be Well!

Holly Goodyear




“A Forceful Awakening! The Moon In Capricorn.”

At precisely 5:01 am EST the Moon cycled into the star sign of Capricorn.  Ed and I were already awake discussing the challenges we face as American’s and Spiritual Beings.  And, since the BIG Move a few weeks ago, our 4am morning chat’s have been a little more conservative because we have lost our couple’s sunrise coffee hour.   We do not have as much time to solve world problems now.

But today, we both noticed the incredible energy available to us and just as the conversation climaxed, “du da lu”, my iluna app presented the Moon In Capricorn!  “Fast Pace, Slow Drag.” is what Ed calls it.   And I love this cute little mantra he coined around this moment, because I know exactly what he means.  Capricorn energy represents a stabilizing and restrictive effect on the moon cycle.  Capricorn’s immediate response to human dynamics says “I use.”  I am able to “use” the stored Spiritual energy I have funded to date since the last 28 day cycle of the month, and I am able to “release” this power for construction.  It is very similar to how our body expels ATP from our cellular mitochondria upon exercising.   You see, the Kreb’s Cycle says that we have enough stored energy in our cells to fund about 20-30 seconds of exercise!  What?  I thought you were going to say I was going to have a constructive Capricorn energetic day?  No, not really, you are about to have a burst of high powered charge with the Moon in Capricorn, but like any Kreb’s Cycle you are about to hit it hard and potentially fall straight down and get frustrated really fast if you do not listen to the next phase of the cycle.

Capricorn energy is the energy to raise one step higher.  Always.  Raise. One. Step. Higher. Capricorn energy is the push to make it through one more day.  Pay one more bill.  Or, survive one more moment within the mess you may (or may not yet) have on your hands.  Capricorn energy says, “I promise if you will just take one more step, you will eventually crest the top of this mountain only to see a new range to conquer”.  You will always be assured to face a new quest to endure.   Damn.  A never ending cycle.

But the most beautiful thing about the Moon’s entry in Capricorn, is that if you want to get some REAL movement out of your goals and aspirations today, now is the time to do it.  This is ON Point Energy!  Now, is the time to work very effectively by turning on the inner Light of Inspiration and deciding to conquer that mountain that has been standing in your way.  Just topple over it!  You have the power now.  Face those doubt and fears which rob your emotional being!  Snort your way right up the ridge of difficulty and PUSH!  (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS), is a nice way to describe what you should be doing during the next three day moon cycle.  Aim, and FIRE!

You see, over the last few days, the political garbage on TV has just irritated the heck out of me, and it got my GOAT!  However, I am happy to share, that I was raised by a Capricorn mother, and because her influence lately, it is helping me develop more of an understanding when it comes to SELF NEED.   It is how we monitor the relationship we have with “SELF,” that is WAY more important than any other relationship we experience.

Hail to the GOAT!



And so it is that Capricorns, have an advantage over others when it comes to viewing life.  Capricorns, typically will tell you something like “All is Well” or “Just for Today” and mean it!  They see further down the road than most other signs do because of their pointed energy, which is earth based and very wintry.  As a piercing representation of how we view money, security, stability and discipline.  Capricorn energy will bring to you self awareness and a need for corrective self involvement in the highest of form.

Need to get organized?  Now is the time.

Need to learn to focus on one thing at a time?  Now is the time.

Need to reallocate commitment to another party?  Now is the time.

Need to release the bullshit (Taurus Energy) live throws your way-lol?  Now is the time.  (To my Taurus peeps, I am just trying to be funny now…..  so, Don’t get pissy with me!  You know you like to live life on some very unserious terms!)        🙂

Allow yourself to experience the next three days with the Moon in Capricorn and see if you don’t find that you are feeling a bit more responsible and have a need to isolate, recalculate, and conquer.  Don’t be afraid to assign tasks to others so you can raise higher.  Free yourself from surpressed emotions, negative words and stay away from the TV today for God’s sakes!  You will feel so much better!

I thoroughly hope you have enjoyed this post today!  It was when the moon entered Capricorn today that I just KNEW, everything was going to be alright!

And this my friends, is how I learn drive thru my life! 🙂

Be well!

Holly Goodyear.




“The Pros and Cons of Being Random While Fighting Bullying In The Work.”

Sometimes I think my morning rants and raves during my “bloggy” time are random.  Then I realize, duh, they absolutley are.  Topically, I think about everything each day and as an over analytical person, I categorize my life.  And my style.  My life is full of important moments of which I tend to catalog in the recesses of my mind as memories.  And, now that I am in a new place, with a new style and new energy, the one thing I can count on is randomness.  🙂

As Americans, I think we fail to realize that being random has both pros and cons.  The Pros FAR outweigh the Cons so long as you are able to release judgment of what you thought should have went as expected and be gentle with, what has not met your expectations.  Random blogging gives me an opportunity to just ponder and think.  Kind of like private journaling. So why then, do I publicly, share my random thoughts about living out here on social media?  I mean, really, who cares what Holly Goodyear is doing on a given day?  You have way more shit to be concerned about than Me.  But truly, it’s good practice for becoming a published writer one day and I am just going to practice away.  And that IS my final answer.

To be quite honest, I really don’t have that much social media traffic on my blog anyway because no one hardly ever comments and no one shares the randomness I type. I got really mad about that once recently and blew up on my besties. Sorry about that girls!!  You see, I can tell how many people read this stuff because my blog spot has a statistics bar and I barely get 10 to 20 clicks in a given day if I am lucky and I got really mad recently that my peers didn’t share my stuff.  Bad bad bad!!!!  I was an idiot on that given day.

But you know what?  Blowing shit out of proportion because you have a good idea and no one replies is not the end of the world.  Not too many people care what I have to say and if I am talking about you and fussing over what you may or may not have done on my behalf by making my blog famous not to worry.  Your privacy is still HIPPA protected and I promise I won’t intentionally defame your sweet goodness ever because I am pissed off at randomly mean people in general.  If I need to rattle about some negative aspect of how life has treated me I will change the names to protect the not so innocent.  Trust me, the people out there know if any of the medicine I write about pertains to them but most of them don’t read me anyway.  But if you do, just remember, my objective is to make the world a better place so that no one has to experience the hateful domination and control and power playing manipulation by bad bosses.  Two wrongs very well could make a right but someone is still going to come out smelling like cat poop regardless. Besides, life is all subject to an individuals perception anyway.  I think sometimes I get pushed around a bit because I am too nice to say something that needs to be said.  Writing gives me just the right place do say what I need to because, well, randomly I need too.  LOL!

You see I randomly used to think….. “OMG, I am a complete failure for not have a bazillion followers on my two year old blog.”  Because I thought, (MY EGO…….thought), everything I was thinking was in alignment with other ALL the other parties on the planet.  I mean, who would not want to share about great accomplishments like, not having a meltdown because the toothpaste is out of the tube again.  Or realizing that you have done everything right and still shit be going wrong and you want to drop your “f’ing” basket every time things don’t to your way.   WHAAAAAAAAHHHH!

But you know, after you surmise that you are still loved and cherished by a Higher Power, Holier than Holly, starts to accept that stupid just happen to even the most “aware” of peoples and I am only partly responsible for my path. So I am told. 😛

Shit like, randomly having the opportunity to repair my money pit car.  Like, randomly, I falling down on the ice because of a slight mis-stepped over the curb or randomly you step in dog shit on the way to a job interview.  Or randomly you get into a job that sucks!!  And on a more public note, randomly, someone like Donald Trump comes along and runs for President which blows our little “mediocratic” brains and provides for us a platform to bitch, moan and complain (or compliment if you love him), and randomly, someone like him wins.  Randomly.

But for today, I am randomly deciding to compare the good aspects of randomness and the not-so-sure-if-that-was-right randomness in my life and randomly while I blog and stare out in the parking lot of this  mid-grade hotel parking lot, I randomly can hope one day, I will become ……………………fill-in -the-blanks and become a true motivation for others to live out their own dreams regardless of the resistence they face.  (Hey, I am randomly still figuring all this out so don’t expect too much!)

You see, it was random that Ed was called back into the field last week because we had decided that to be married and live apart, no matter how much money we made was stupid.  It is not good for married men or women to live alone.  PERIOD!  So, upon deciding what is best for us for the moment, Ed randomly took a chance to move his entire family to another city RIGHT when things seemed to be falling into place, for me.  But it is NOT about ME alone now is it?  (although this blog is and that is why I named it “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear”.)  But, all this does pose a positive for me to randomly ramble on about random subjects until the doors around me for authorship open up.

And boy, wouldn’t you know, when that random phone call came for a new job, and we looked at each other and said “Damn!”we both knew, to not take a chance on this project would be foolish.  Ed was invited by the universe to trust BIG so off we went!

And if you will be allow me one more moment to bitch about how we treat each other in the workforce, nothing pleases me more than to hope that one day there will be laws against bullying in the workplace.  So, let’s recap a moment because a lot of my random thoughts come from my random adulting experiences being a grown up and all, so evaluating the pros and cons of working for someone or not, makes more sense for me when I spell it out……..

When company “A” hires a highly skilled person and they pay them a “low” wage, then try and over control on a personal level  by moving the employee/employer relational bar every week, you feel very manipulated and engrossed in a losing battle so you cut your losses, quickly.  VERY Quickly before the toxicity settles in your bones!

Not everyone working in an office setting want to hear all of your constant drama and be forcefully compelled to experience your aimless tyrannical skills.  That kind of fruitless environment wastes time time for the hard working person and wastes necessary energy it takes to be a dynamic team.  That kind of dictatorship is really poor management if you ask me and when middle managers take it upon themselves to discriminate, debate and throw around their “power”, then most ethical people find they are in a war they cannot win without serious corporate intervention.  Well, that takes effort and some personal responsibility on behalf of the higher ups.  Um, Hello.  From the Outside!  Do you hear us!  We quit!

Like This!  Exit stage right.


Hey, I am all about being social and having fun at work but there is a line between telling someone THEY WILL PICK UP THE TRASH ON THEIR OFF DAY and THEY WILL REPORT TO THE OFFICE EVERY TIME THEY HAVE TO PEE or CLOCK OUT AT 4:00 verses 4:01 and SEND YOU INAPPROPRIATE TEXT MESSAGES ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT, well then listen, it is time you can tell this low paying employer who wants your soul, to piss the hell off!

I mean where do these middle grade managers NOT realize that asking nicely of someone to do something at work, within the company needs gets much more honey?  Because if not, their are some issues that need to be addressed, you treat people with kindness not manipulation. THIS KIND OF ALLOWABLE TREATMENT OF PEOPLE FRIES ME ME TO THE BONE!   And we think PETA has a point?  What about the ethical treatment of people in the workforce.  Let’s call it ETPW.

It seems that the more we hard working honest people, stand up in an ethical ways and set very simple and respectful boundaries for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, as an employee, we start to see the true colors of humans and their role as a power players in the workforce.  It continues to give me a whole new perspective on how we treat each other in our everyday lives and coming from a past of hurts and wounds myself, it seems I may never get over the way it works.  But I can, randomly make my opinions known.  Yes I can!  🙂  And one day, that book I write about Women in the Workforce is GOING to make a difference!  You can take that to the bank!

So, part of the last 100 day journey for us as a married couple, had been full of hope that even though, I am a still student in school, was trying to help pay our way by working part time as I try to establish  myself as an honorable business owner, I knew we would be “ok”.

But who just wants to live an “ok” life and then deal with the stress of not being able to afford food much less this mandatory health insurance plan?  Life is expensive people! And we left this path to no-where because My husband and I both knew that the road of working for less than an acceptable wage would always be challenging and most people do not ever take the little people seriously.  The platforms are full of spectators if you have a nice house, a nice car and can afford to throw million dollar parties, (like our politicians or CEO’s) then of course you are typically taken VERY seriously and everyone seems stops to hear what you have to say.  Randomly that is.  Somebody give me a MIC!!!!  LOL!

You see, it is very important to me that as a married couple, we learn to live without the fear of having and having not.  And, our #1 lesson is that we need to understand the impact surrounding the emotion of money and certain working principles.  Edward and I are really trying to be conscious of how and where we spend our money while ALSO understanding that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10) and we should not live in fear or lack.  It is no secret that we are being saturated with social fear and that we are being poisoned by bad people who are in turn poisoned with how they decided to handily life’s challenging experiences.  It is Random that you will see a huge global push for elimination of bullying in the workplace when you turn on the 6:30 news of the world because they are too busy showing us death and destruction.  I have a feeling the random acts of kinds far outweigh the unkindnesses but for some reason the TV decided to show us BAD stuff!  You see, the scales of justice are always moving.  And that my friends is LIBRA always in motion and she is currently resting her starts in the moon as we speak!  ( Or the Moon is in Her.  More on that lesson laters!!) 🙂

To concluded this rant and rave so you can get back to your life and I can continue with the rest of my day, hear me out!I have randomly decided that I will use what is available to me for the good of all beings but there are a TON of people who do not agree with me writing about my life in order to turn it into a saga of sorts.  But, why not?  If really good things come from my obedience to my desires and I harm no one EVEN when I call those out who are doing not so nice things, then the pros and cons of my writings will continue to move mountains.  (Matthew 17:20).  For I believe it will be THOSE PEOPLE, that are willing to take off the masks and live the life they they are called to in honestly and integrity, regardless of random challenges and opportunities of which they face, that will inherit not only the Kingdom of God and Goddess but will have a peace that passes all understanding even when they go to work.  If, I am given an opportunity to open my own space one day, I promise to treat my employees with such respect, they will never want to leave.  And if they do, I will do everything I can to help them find the keys to their dreams and unlock time so they have all that they desire, HARMING NONE!  (A Celtic Wiccan Reed). 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday Peeps and respect those in authority to you that deserve it but don’t be a doormat!  Take a stand with me and let’s support ETPW!  Ethical Treatment of People in the Workplace!


Holly G.

aka-“random writer. not so random woman.”

“It Begins. Again.”

Well, here we are.  A new town.  A new home and a new routine.  How in the world did we get here?  Oh, yes, because we just trusted God to show us the way, and I trusted in the expertise of my loving husband to choose a new job (for a very good reason mind you) and because my 2002 Audi named Matilda decided to sputter her way all the way town Interstate 64 to my new destination, so here we am.  And as I sit, here, in a hotel lobby, watching the sunrise sipping on my 4th cup of coffee (since I have been up since 4:05 a.m), I acquiesce with a smile all the while the hotel lobby team asks me five times how I am doing today.  LOL!  But of course, the oatmeal is really tasty and the coffee is free so that is a perk, right?!     And I love their happy time customer service efforts!  Keep it up!

Oh, and never mind the infinite details of how I was lifted out of my life, my new job, and a huge circle of friends and family with a very short notice because those details are painfully messy and that I now travel 65 miles to finish massage therapy school each Monday so I can stick to the plan.  (Funny, this plan of mine has been challenged so many times I have finally realized that nothing I am doing has anything to do with me wanting to lead an happy and normal life.)…….Hell, I just now consider the idea of settling in to any home as completely absurd at this point, however, I am overjoyed that this temporary  season of change is going to be exciting and in no way shape or form, normal. 

What the fuck is normal anyway?  Normal is a overrated term used by people who just want to conform to a standard and live under conditions which look like right angles.  (Look up the word and see what Google has to say about it!).  Normal, becomes usual, average and has the fragrance of a typical “boring” state of mind that requires no real thought, no real experience and quite frankly no real living.  Now, do you want to be normal?  Not me.  No thank you!

Now, happy on the other hand, we have determined IS a state of mind.  And first and foremost, if you cannot find a place of happiness in ANYTHING that you are doing, then do something else!  And if you are extremely happy in what you are doing, then don’t be fooled to think, resistance will never come along and rock your oars off!  Somewhere, someone is going to come along and challenge  your “happy” whether it be the asshole that cut you off at the light or the sign at the entrance of a close minded church that states “Obama Osama. Hummm.  Are they Brothers?”  Really!  Now that is just hateful!!!

Ok, no, I am not going to set off on a tangent today just because I have 12 hours before my man gets home from the field and I have no where to be except right here………………Hey don’t be fooled.  I have a million things to get to.  All those round tuit coins I have put off for the last two years personally need some serious attention.  Like, filing my 2015 taxes, and learning how to all of a sudden home school a half.man teenager so he doesn’t flunk out of school or better yet, how to stop the madness of binge eating and drinking because there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need to be done and I get some overwhelmed at times I just drop and stare off into space searching for well meaning symbols of my existence.  It’s time to take care of me!

Oh, and the joys of fiction writing have certainly become null and void in my life and my muse Eleanor, has been PISSED OFF lately as she has not had a voice to speak!!!  Poems, and novels and daring satire lay dormant in the recesses of my mind, being thrown in the parking lot every time I get a new idea or a new storyline.  I mean really???  Have you not seen how yellow Trump’s hair looks on high definition television?  Even the Pleiadian’s are comparing him to a lemon head while they puff on the happy dragon token of affairs we call the New World Order .  Now, that shit IS funny!

So, again, here I am, sitting and blogging, trying to figure out what to do next and how to recreate my new life, again, and I just think that the last few years have allowed me such a dawning of a new age that I am at the point, today, that I am just going to go with the flow and see where all this takes me.  🙂  I am going to have a ton fun with this one!!!

Whether it be my dreams of opening The Reiki Station one day, or just moving to a far away land with nothing more than a simple flush toilette and a blender, I don’t care to stress over any of it anymore.  We will always have mean people blowing their horns at us when we don’t go fast enough to make the yellow light and we will always have political debates over religion, oil, money, and welfare and taxes and how low cut is too low cut for J.Lo’s green dresses.  We will most likely always have bureaucratic messages aboard our 65 inch squawk box telling us how bad the world is.   And People will most likely always judge musical talents like Beyonce and David Bowie which come across some HOT alluring fantasy to those who wish to live vicariously through them.  (Yes, I would dress like the black panthers and shake my ass too if I had her body and I am not technically black but my spirt guide is a black panthers so that counts, right?!)  Let’s stop being so damn touchy! 🙂   And I think, all teen age boys will most likely secretly want to dress like Boy George at some point during their brave earthly evolutions, all the while they grow curly man hair in their nether parts and become resistant to their mothers’ direction.  (Not that my son did or does…..I am just saying!)  😛

So long as we are still discovering star made nebulas in the night sky and chaco-taco milky way’s gallop along the universal light’s path, NASA will continual create conversations about where we are in time and space.   AND OF COURSE…….. WE…….HARD WORKING PEOPLES……… WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE AROUND MEAN BOSSES AND HATEFUL COWORKERS BUT THE CHOICE TO STAY AROUND THEM IS SOLEY YOURS!  Are you Happy Yet?  I hope you are laughing and peeing in your pants by now!

Hey listen all you money makin’ people.  If the watering hole is poisoned then MOVE!  It is just that simple.  We did.  And people think we are just tromping around, trying to figure out life erratically and that we are not content with living like the natives but let me tell you a little secret.  Changing jobs has a REAL purpose when you are surrounded by ………….(you____ fill____ in____ the___ blanks______!!!). 😦

And may I finished this blog up now by saying this?…..(because I need more oatmeal before they close down the bar……..) IF I EVER HAVE EMPLOYEES OF MY OWN ONE DAY AS THE OWNER AND CREATOR OF THE REIKI STATION, I WILL NEVER TREAT THEM IN THE MANNER THAT I HAVE SEEN OTHERS BEING TREATED.   PERIOD!  I am coming against the normal way we earn our way and I am giving a serious shout out to those who have experienced bullying in the workplace.  When it comes to the welfare of our workforce this normal way of doing it needs a serious overhaul in my opinion but I am thankful for grace and the open doors that have come my way and I am thankful for the aide that comes to those that are true to themselves.  Hail, middle class America! Hail to your dignity and hail to your efforts.  I see you.  I hear you.  I feel you!  I hope you enjoy your day!




“Momentary Blogs!”

Yes, I am off, to another busy day.  Details?  Nah.  Not necessary.  But I just had to take a moment and sit down with myself, to say, “Self, You’ve been through a lot and you have caused a lot of disruption to this planet.  You have shimmied here and shimmied there, like a smear of purple energy going from moment to moment, wondering if the vision ahead is a true stop or will it continue to be a fleeting dream?”  But, hear me out!  It’s is not a fleeting vision for me to look at my future and have high hopes, exotic dreams and own counter clockwise intuitive gifts when you are as happy as I am.  With every challenge, melt-down and loss, the universe turns a corner, awakens to another full moon and comes full circle in my life to show me that everything has a reason, everything happens in perfect timing, and all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  (or on the fem side, Mother/Father/Son’s purpose), then I know I am on the right track.  Hey, and just like the Awesomeness of my God Divinity Creator’s, I have the same energetic lay lines of powers just as all those accociated with God’s Kingdom can allow me to have, so may my purpose be for the Good of All Those That Love.  Hearts to all those Thoser’s out there.

And, I don’t have to make sense when I blog about my moments.  They are my moments, and as a seeker of happiness, I know exactly what I mean.  And as my friend of the planet Mars, tells me to “STOP SAYING BRING IT”,  Um, I don’t think I can!  I love to watch the universe challenge me to live higher and brighter, lighting up my Star Power as if I was some women of Wonder.  These next few months are going to be a whopper!  So, look the F*ck out Burger Kingdom, because my next transition is going to be experiential, intense and it is going to be a great time of growth!  May the odds, EVER be in MY Favor.



Holly G. “Master Corner Happy Happierness Happy Person”