“Morning Dew. We all Will Die.”

There is something about a dark balcony, facing the woods and some lit candles in the morning dew.  It gives me a sense of balance.  Actually, it gives me a sense of Hope.  I was afforded another day so I may as well rise to the occasion.  The last two weeks have been taxing.  However, I am surprisingly ok, just tired.

But it is in these moments as Allison Krauss sings “Down To The River To Pray,” that the choir sings “come on brothers, let’s go down”, which has such a nice ring to it, it soothes my mind.  I am blessed to know in the moments of heart ache and despair that I can call on my Father.   It is right at the moment when my heart chakra feels like it is going to break open.  My chest hurts but it hurts down to my naval.  It’s an emotional pain that makes me swallow hard.  If I am wise enough to take a deep inhaling breath in my nose and think “Prana” this good feeling drops into my scrap beam and shoots back into Mother Earth, to be recycled for another round.  Yep, the round and round emotional living…….

I don’t know what is next but I do know this.  Today, I live.  I live another day to prove to myself I can do it.  Some of us have an exceptional way of seeing life and know that it is harder to stay in our bodies than to only hope for a new existence.  I was blessed to come across a charity that honors the path of thinking. You should check out Glenn Close’s charity for Robin Wiliiams and others.   Thinking too much will ensue some hard moments.  But when we create a carefree to look through our Real Eyes, verses that invisible super power we call the Third Chakra, it is then we can start to appreciate life on Life’s terms.  Life, means to live.  Life means to hope to love.  And Life means one day we will die.  We will pass away into an unknown existence so why not be brave and happy NOW and create an alternative future for your soul.  And if you are lucky enough to find some of your soul group while living on Earth, it makes things so much more flavorful.

You do know you are sitting smack dab in the third quarter of 2015 right?  We need to start shaking the fruit of the giving tree.  That in doing so, you can hope to have abundance so, you can give some away.  Seed Time and Harvest.  I think to is time to give away something.  It was in this journey through the Sun in Leo that I think I finally gave up my Lion’s Pride.  What emotional thing can you give to God?  We are in no way perfect but we are forgiven only if we Will it.



When Things Get Real We Find Loyal Love.

What do you do when things get real?  Meaning, you are faced with a serious situation in life and you have to keep going.  I cry.  Yes, and sometimes I cry a lot.  Even sometimes for a days.  However, REAL doesn’t go away with real tears.  What does come your way is a lot of prayer and willingness from others to help YOU.  Sometimes when we are forced (and I do mean forced) to set foot on another unforeseen journey, and sometimes the path you are walking on becomes not only rocky, but laced with hot coals, shards of glass and large cliffs.  To get even more real, when the journey you are taking belongs to someone else as much as it does YOU, it is then, that you realize what the true power of Love is.

Love, in this sense is complete loyalty in tragedy.  No questions asked, just faithful people start to surround you as they love you through  your struggles.   Your new path is also their new path.  Those paths when it’s real when someone you love dies.  Or when it’s real when your kids are at a place in life where they don’t see anyway out of the messes they made and you have to watch them hurt.  And it’s real when someone you love is diagnosed with a sickness.  Or it is real when you lose a 15 year old pet. And, it is real when you lose your job.  All these things are just flipping REAL.

But, Loyal Love emerges when you are hurting and it emerges in ways that you would never imagine.  And more so, there are people that are willing to rise to the occasion out of no where and it will just knock your socks off.  Just the sound of their voice and the confidence they have in helping you out, amazes even me.  It it true, we are never alone.  That is, unless you choose to be.

In terrible heartache a lot of times we wish to just be left alone. That is generally the first course of action for people including myself.  But not for me today.  I need people NOW more than I think I ever have.  And I can even tell you exactly what I need so I don’t keep you guessing.  I need prayer but I need to hear a voice.  I need to talk.  I need to realize that this thing that got just real, and it just caused my heart to grow bigger and stronger than I could ever image but man it hurts.  It is like someone has a crow bar to my chest.  But this personal journey WILL teach me to love others with a compassion that I knew could be forged with some hard work but had no idea what Loyal Love truly felt like until great compassion was shown to me yesterday.  God dropped people in my life over the last 48 hours that were wearing Holy parachutes as they descended from Heaven.  And, of course they were real people and all.

My friends, please hear me.  This blog was never meant to become a pity party for Holly Goodyear, it was meant to become a light for people who live in darkness.  And it is.  I assure you if you read this today, you will wonder what my REAL thing is but it does not really matter now does it?  If you intimately know me, then you know.  And for those true loyal friends, because you are there praying for me, I will make it on the other side.

Today, I am getting ready to face another sunrise with an ache in my heart But praise be to MY JESUS that he is on my left foot guiding me through this. LOL!   And he has sent me a support group of people who know I love them and know they love me back.  (To the moon, generally. 🙂 )  And I only write to you at this moment because one day, your life will get Real.

As much as I don’t want this blog to sound like a pity party for ME, it is still my blog and I am using it to ask for prayers this week.  Strong people who get knocked off their feet in an instant need strong people to pick them back up.  I am finally surrounded by strong people now, and it was a life choice I chose to make.  Any other time in my life, I would have fled the scene.  Just remember, when things get real for you, you can reach out to me too.  I may not be able to fix it but I can send you Loyal Love.  It does truly still exist.

Thank you.  Namaste.


Power Struggles and the Solar Plexus Here in Louisville.


What a beautiful morning.  My birds have accepted my little blue bird feeder and a pair of Cardinals now reside in the back of our complex.  She is mighty fat.  Maybe carrying eggs.  I wonder if she needs a Doula? LOL!  Which brings me too…………Power.  That’s right.  Power as in power struggles.  I am slowly, but surely recognizing people that may be having power struggles.  I, being one of them, have opened up a part of my heart called discernment and I have realized that what I do is NOT for everyone.  I had a very hard time accepting this truth but it is what it is and that is FOR SURE!  And what is it that I do?  I write some hard sh*t sometimes.  And I want to talk about Power Struggles. :/

My Solar Plexus (my yellow light) is starting to turn brightly and shine outward so that the people I meet each day see the real me and it is during that energetic exchange we meet power to power.  If you have a strong and healthy Energy and Vitality then your interaction with someone will be positive and probably destined as well.  But if you are stuck in a Power struggle particularly with Self, then you are facing an uphill battle to gather up your emotional health and give it a thumbs up.   If you asked 10 people how their emotional health was I bet that 7 of them would not know.  The other three would say “I’m Fine.” Blatantly.

The other type of Power Struggle is one with another person.  Be it a spouse, a boss or a friend, really ask yourself today, how do I feel when I am around them?  Do I clinch my teeth?  Do I really listen to what they are saying? Is my monkey mind taking over talking bad about that person behind my back?  If so, then chances are you just need to realize you are in a Power Struggle with that person and either take charge of your own energy or disconnect from the relationship.  I have been in intellectual power struggles before and quite frankly it happens all the time, everyday.

When you read this today, ask yourself, is my energy and vitality at the top of my game? Is there anyone out there taking your Will Power and using it for ill gain? Do you feel balanced when you are in the World?  I really like the motto at the BNI meetings I visit from time to time.  It’s called “Giver’s Gain.”  And in my energetic being I have to ask myself, am I giving my power away willingly or is someone just taking it?  There is a difference.  Our world of commerce requires that we interact on an intimate business level.  Buying, selling and trading.  I am also buying selling and trading my services as a Light Worker.  It is called Holly’s Medicine.  (as in Medicine Man)…I am no clinician of course.

So are my weekly random blogs a part of my Power Struggle?  You bet.  I write some pretty straight dope sometimes and it may offend some people but really there is so much of my own truth wrapped up in these words but I tell you, my spiritual person just sees some sh*t in the World.  And by the way, Jesus did turn over the tables as cuss one time so don’t judge me.  “Rockma!!” Jesus said it.  Look it up!

My Medicine is Not For Everyone but if you want to learn more about the energy of a person, then contact me.  My work is a good work here in Louisville and I teach fun facts about Human Life even if I say Sh*t sometimes. 🙂  Louisville has the Power to be a top city in this Nation but has Power Struggles with other city’s.  Power Struggles are multi-faceted.  But here me, if we will start to open our eyes, our hearts and our Solar Plexus fighting the good fight of faith toward one another, at least your personal Power Struggle can be won!  It is up to you!



I Want a Better, Fair, More Noble, Sweeter Life.

Well, the first thought here is that life is not fair.  When I want a fair life and a more noble way, is it because I am sick of the challenges that unfairness poses?  What about wanting a sweeter life.  What does that mean?  A sweet life to one person will mean something totally different to another person.  And the sweet life can be treacherous if you have not prepared for when unfairness comes back around in your life.

And how about a better life?  That seems more reasonable to say.  By having a better life we are comprising ourselves to another.  Better than what?  If you use the term better life then there is only one truth and that means you are comparing your life to something, or someone else.

Me?  I am two full years in into a transitionary change in my life and now I find I have to climb even higher over the next two years.  Things will change for us again.  I put continued faith into the changing things as the four winds of direction call me to do.  As does God.  And since I know that the next two years of change will cause me to streak into a higher evolution I need to decide what areas of life are better suited to help me reach my goal of wanting a better, sweeter more fairer life.   Oh, and don’t forget Noble.  What self-inflicting narcissist who desires to follow a path of happiness almost any cost, would ever expect that the universe provide for my dreams?  I mean, when was the last time I posted a selfie and why wouldn’t Jesus want me to fight for my happiness?

So, as I pray…..Thank you Jesus for giving me Reiki.  Thank you Jesus for giving me friends.  Thank you Jesus for showing me what friends are not.  Thank you Jesus for allowing me ten minutes to blog.  Thank you Jesus for shining your Son down on my face today.  Thank you for my family which really never needs to be said because it just is but I say it anyway…….

And thank you Jesus for all the grace and mercy you have bestowed upon me, a lowly sinner gal saved by grace and transformed into an enlightened being for young ladies futures to come.  May I be real.  May I be real.  May I be real.

Namaste and Happy Sunday!


“I am not about to quit! Not Today!”

Holly A3

Pictures.  They say a lot don’t they?  And yes, this is me.  Holly Goodyear.  So what about it?  After right about 200 blogs and a new annual membership to Word Press.com, it is apparent that this is what I do when I need to release.  I do other things.  But writing is one of those things that just makes me feel better.

At first I blogged out of anger.  To find validation for all the horrible things that life had served me.  Oh, but wait.  There is more.  I blogged out of loneliness.   I missed my church families, my work families and my comfort level with status quo.  I had left the Pentacostal church after a decade of hard core service and I left my broker/service/slave health insurance career because I was not emotionally stable enough to raise a white flag and call out “uncle” when too much pressure had landed on me to perform.

You see, all of the lessons we learn about life have to do with performing for one audience or another.  When we are children we perform for teachers and parents.  When we are teenagers we perform for our friends.  And when we are adults we perform for money and status.  We perform for our children and our spouse.  Acting all the while under whatever emotional condition stood present to us at the time.   But today, my performance is becoming real.  You see, somewhere out there their is a big Eye of God in the sky searching too and fro to find “us.”  II Chronicles says New Living Translation The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war.” 

I think we only remember the first part of the scripture and we say “God, look at me!  I need, I want, I hurt, I say thank you.”  But what is this part about being foolish?  Do you even know a man or women that has not been foolish at one time or another?  And when we are foolish, well, we are at war.  I suffice it to say we are at War with Ourselves!  And nobody wants to talk about it.  We blame Satan for way too much.  We, have a personal responsibility to accept the changes that our spiritual society is experiencing and we need trustworthy people who are real and can “Act” like they have some sense.  I think, I have finally found some sense.  (At least I hope so).

My holistic Reiki Practice is about helping people (and myself) to find as many skeletons in our closets’ as we can so we cab throw those mothers out with the bath water.  People are so afraid to deal with their hurts and their demons and they wish to protect themselves by protecting there hurtful experience and pretending they are F-I-N-E.  But I can say after the last two weeks, two months and two years, I feel like the war with self is starting to die down.  This only comes because I have had to trust God to help me be better.   Last week, once again, my husband lost his job one day after I paid ‘the second time” to go to massage school really made me think. It was so scyronistic!  I now have to decide if I am willing to fight for what truly want to do.  Well, You see me typing this don’t you.  I AM willing to keep pressing on and I am not quitting!!

I have to admit to my fondest readers, there have been many times I have been put off by some of the personal criticism that I have faced since changing my life just as much as my old friends have been put off with my ‘uber liberal changes.  But here is the deal.  This is my life.  I call Myself a minister of the Spirit not a classical traditionalist and that my friends, looks way different than it did to me 20 years ago.  At age 7 I gave my life to Jesus and again, I did it at age 17.  I was baptized in water three times and I speak in tongues when I pray.  That is when I really get down to it!  If you have never seen someone in the Spirit of Warfare over self and fighting for the betterment of others praying in tongues, then you may not fully understand.   But some people really challenge what I am doing because it scares them spiritually.  “Your messing with energy!!!”  Well Duh!  And beside, what profit has ever been accepted in his own town?

You see, I very much love the heart of humanity as a whole but there are some really mean people out there.  There are people who are turning a blind eye from the truth of today and our evolution as humans is just as compromised today as it was 10 million years ago when the dinosaur wanted to eat us.  And why are those that fight the hardest for justice, and humanity get the shaft at times?  Is someone jealous?  I know all about that jealousy shit.  it will bite you!  I didn’t throw a $900 TV against the wall for no reason…………:/  (Honestly, it really isn’t the shaft.  I am happy that my life is cray cray! Twists and turns on every road!)

My point is this………….I love who I am now.  I love what I do in very spiritual ways.  I love being around so many new people that totally get me.  And I love that I am not ashamed to blow a little blog “o” truth at you so you can hear me think.  If you are tired of living in the deep of your sadness then find your center.  Get some Reiki or something!  Find your Channel to Your Maker, and Find some Freedom!

That is all!  I feel better now……:)


“What Did We Learn In All Of This?” Fact or Fiction Story?”

I met a girl named Sally and this was what she told me……

“Well, here goes.  It has already been one powerfully interesting week. I just found out my mother -in-law had to lay dog down and my husband lost his job.  My best friend broke her precious oil from Switzerland and my sister broke her ankle.  I spent $40,000 to wine and dine President Forresster and my right foot has a fungus.  Do you think it will get worse?”

My wonderment to her question was challenged by a pause and I said, “Sally, it is plausible that another event of misfortune could present to you at any time.  However, the karma and effect of what may happen next gives a momentary pause for you to consider, “What Have I Learned From This?”

Sally replied, “Nothing.”

The End. 🙂

What Did I Learn During My New Moon In Cancer Fast?


My three day fast is coming to a close.  I am sad about it really.  The last three days of quiet without Facebook and without any solid foods, only juice and protein shakes, gave me a sense of clarity for the upcoming season and I lost three pounds!  “Bye’Bye Gut Rot!”

When I woke up today, I knew I needed to re-emerge and concentrate on becoming an A-Game Reiki Master. Successful and Confident!  And as I come outside onto the balcony, I lite my candles, coffee in hand and commence to writing in my journal.

The question to myself was:  “What Have You Learned From These Three Days of Downtime?”

*I want to go to LMT School.

*I have a large circle of sisters and it is growing and I am blessed by that, truly.  Some people come and some people go but there are ones that never leave! LOL!  I am happy about that.

*My Best Friends are Priceless. #bestfrans

*Eleanor will be my forevermore Muse.  I need to listen to her more. She writes Daring Satire!  #Loveherrr  #museinme

*I will organize successful Women’s Christian Circles.

*I want The Goodyear’s to be known as the happiest married couple in the World!

*I have the best children God could have ever sent to me.  Or did they pick me?  Who cares!  I love them soooooooo much!

And yes, I love my momma and daddies.  All of them.

So what does life look like today?  Well, it means, I have MORE work and Education to do.  And In order to do all this professionally and successfully, the decision to try massage school again, seems difficult but not impossible.  I mean, it was my main goal two years ago.  It just took a detour on the bucket list, that’s all. 🙂

So I state in confidence today, I WILL work my way through school and when the time is right, I will see more and more people on my warm, refreshing massage table.  And, because I am including a strong and confident Reiki Practice with a talented and Intuitive Massage Practice, I believe my clients will see more clearly and rebook!  Heck, In my practice of Reiki I am thinking of adding a foot washing ceremony before your session.  Nothing elaborate.  Just a simple art of honoring ones steps on earth, like Jesus did.

Romans 10:15 says: And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” That is what I do.  I bring Good News!  The Good News is that you can keep healing your Mind, Body and Spiritual journey and be anything you want to be.   Even when the horizon looks bleak and you think you are a little fish, in the big ocean, you just may realize the opposite is as such and you become the big fish in the little pond. Success will come if you are just nice to everyone.  And everyone will come to you if you believe in the Power of Success.

So, do you see how personal this fast from society and the digital human race was for me?  It helped me believe in myself.  It helped me cope with current stress.  It helped me cleanse my organs for optimal use and it gave me peace and direction on what my next year could bring.  I set the intention, now, let’s journey the course! ⚓️



“Eleanor Elaine Phoenix and Her Posse”.

Well, hellllllo America and her peoples!  I have made it!  I have made it through much transition and I am 24 hours from going dark so that I can finalize some of the spiritual work I have been planning over the last two years.  Yesterday, I almost let my subscription to this blog go because we all know, blogging is for wimps and nothing can come from a consistent blog full of madness and chaos.  Right?  WRONG!

I felt very strongly that I should keep the momentum of this blog going and start to kick back up the other blogs I set up as passionate and legendary documents for a future day.   When I started this blog, about “me” Holly Goodyear, at first I did it in anger and out of a place of frustration because I was being “pushed” beyond limits I was willing to engage in.  But, two years later, my eyes have been opened and I can now see that the paths I have taken have placed me right here in transition and I have so many happy things before me.

I am opening up to my writing in amazing ways.  Eleanor is full of supernatural truth and is amazing part of who I am becoming and I am going to continue to allow her to work through me while I do other things as Holly.  Does that freak you out?   Well, don’t let it.  Stephen King’s birth name may have been Stephen King but he originally worked under a pen name as Richard Bachman.   Judy Blume’s Real name was Judy Sussman and Ann Landers was really started by Ruth Crowley, who adopted it because she was already writing a newspaper column about child care and didn’t want readers confusing the two. She borrowed the name from a friend of her family, Bill Landers, and made an effort to keep her real identity a secret.  It is such great fun to find a muse inside of who you are and realize that Spiritual work comes in many different shapes, forms and names.

So, what I (and Eleanor) have decided over the next few days is to try another detox.  I will be going dark on Facebook and other social media sites from 4pm on July 12th to 8:00 am on July 16th and emerging with fresh new ideas and fresh new concepts to be all I can be. (Army or not)…I am going to do a deep dive into my body and ask it what kind of foods does it want in order to best serve my health.  I am going to ask my mind, where does it find the best place to meditate now that I am starting a new routine in a new place and a new area.  I am going to ask my Spirit how do I best become a servant of women, my family and my friends without losing the true nature of who I am and who I was born to be.  And I am going to take time to get a massage, a new tattoo and organize the last few boxes of my new place so I can feel free and liberated in knowing we are out of debt!!!  I am going to give a ton of gratitude for my new opportunities https://hollygoodyear.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/eleanor-elaine-phoenix-and-her-posse/?preview=true&preview_id=2437&preview_nonce=b12bb433d6and get down on my knees seeking out for guidance on how to be a Powerful Women in today’s world.

My deepest and most exciting dreams are those that challenge me to be the Spiritual Warrior I proclaim to to be and it has not come with an easy price.  There are times I feel that most of my friends think I am nuts.  There are times my own family may look at me as an outcast.  And there are times I fail to trust in my own truths which remind me that I was born to be loyal, complex, intense and passionate and not all people will understand the role I play in this great big game of life.  Eleanor’s stories help to soften the shock of musling and therefore, I am going to use her to the best of my ability to write, compose and massage your mind so that you see beyond the veil of time and space.

I am standing (sitting) here before you, listening to the crickets chirp, smelling the neighbor’s grill on the next balcony grill her meat (of which is illegal because we live in an apartment) and I am getting ready to go to bed hoping for sweet dreams while I churn over a new leaf in my life, letting go of extremes in order to make room for other extremes, all the while, accepting the fact that I, Holly Goodyear, have made the conscious effort to keep my blog posting in tact and in no way shape or form will apologize for the next few weeks of intentional change that will come in my life. Eleanor is bringing her mental posse onboard with my life and I welcome this amazing women (muse) into my life with open arms.  May she be creative, daring and quite the writer.  May she bring my family thought provoking material when it comes to societal issues and may she also find a face and a name across this land of opportunity regardless of the challenges the common world of compliant minds had potentially set before her.

Running the Race With Faith in Christ and Creativity!


Just One!

Here it is! MY FIRST BLOG! And on the even of the 2 year anniversary of starting “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear.” I can say, yesterday I almost let my annual subscription lapse. I mean, who wants to spend $99 on something no one is following right? Wrong, I do. I can safely say that my ups and downs in writing have been safely monitored here by the changing evolution of me as a person. And in all of the changes of life, this one thing rings true. I am still me, Holly Goodyear, although I am ready to legally change my name. And I really think I may just do that. At least at some point. Eleanor has patiently been waiting to state her peace. So, instead of saying fare thee well on the even of the 2 year birth day of this blog, I renewed it. Too bad to those who don’t like what I have to say and hooray to those that do. I always mean well and I always mean truth. My daily truth is established right at that moment, I hit Post! Namaste!

it's me! holly elaine king

When we think of drive thru’s we think of biggy shakes and french fries.  Mind you, I love a hot Micky D’s french fry as much as the rest of us American hard working peeps.  But at what point does not slowing down and giving our body, mind and spirit what it craves excuse us from doing the EVERYDAY ron de’ vu’s (Spelling) of stress eating and allow us the right to cram ourselves with processed, fried, gluten filled, foods that are killing us much less our kids.

So, no, this first post is NOT about the Golden Arch’s (or Arch for that matter since lately I have noticed the maintenance around the McD’s has lessened and most of the Arch lights are out reflecting a single arch in the night sky…lol!).  But, my crucial point is that I too, have fallen prey to living life so fast, so MINDLESS…

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Happy Summer Solstice and Welcome the Sun Sign Cancer!!! Adopting Change With Each Season.


Finally!  I feel like I have a moment to really sit for a minute and cherish the moment at hand!  My recent days have been FULL of hard core activity but this morning, even though I still have work to do, I am taking some time on my new balcony to enjoy the pouring rain, some great tunes, and I hot cup of coffee!  It is June 20th, the sun enters the watery sign of Cancer and Summer Solstice is here.  Even with the pouring rain, the celebration in my heart begins.

Times are a’ changing!  The ebbs and flows of my life are slowly steadying into the rhythms of life as I intended years ago.  My primal nature to protect, provide and show passion in all things, is evident.  I am unafraid to make hard choices that may not please others, but I also am finding that others really do not care so much about what I am doing unless it directly affects them.   I am unapologetic for the evolution I am involved in and I use grace to step aside when lesser energies try to impede my calling.

I consider my last two years of “schooling” quite refreshing.  They have been the hardest of all, so far.  My evolution has required me to face uncontrolled emotions over “my view of right and wrong” and I have been shown that limited thinking is always a choice.  As a holistic energy worker, there are no limits to what God can do in my life.  If God (or his Female voice Goddess or Sophia) decides to show me ideas, concepts and possibilities as a Healer, then that is the road I choose regardless of our human failure to define it.  Some moments are undefinable. You just know, when you know something feels right!

I have been quite gifted with much grace and mercy to be presented with options as a Reiki Master, a Birth Doula and Minister. I also have been graced with having a fun job as a front desk coordinator at another salon.   Yes, it sounds like I may be doing too much but actually, my job allows me the opportunity to have fun at work, earn a little money to recycle back into my passionate and just get to be myself.  How fun is that?

And make no mistake, under no circumstances do I not test the Spirits which bring me all this crazy talent while learning to communicate effectively.  I test the Spirits of God moment by moment and they show me why my work is beneficial.  I use my intuition (gut and third eye) to join these loving concepts along with my heart.  Then I ask Lord Jesus, “Oh Beloved King, is that your voice?”  You bet, I have learned to know the difference.  I am blessed in that my holistic experiences have provided me a plethora of fun little lessons on the human design!  (and now, I get it!)

So, do not think for a moment that acknowledging the power of all this change is not thrilling and exciting!  Even today, as the Sun leaves Airy Gemini and enters Watery Cancer, I am tuned into the frequency of the Holy Spirit to try my best to treat mankind with grace and ease and to be sure to separate myself from unhealthy people, places or things, as required.  If they want my help, they will ask of it.   I believe all of these awesome philosophies about God’s time piece called “the Wheel of the Year” are just as basic as the words of the Bible.  And it is just as honorable to honor them as Torah and The 10 Commandments.

If you are nervous about Astrology, then I sincerely have compassion for you and compel you to ask yourself why?  Fear is the opposite of love.  Why would God design it if it was wrong to know it? God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind.  The Sun, Moon and Stars have such great things to teach us.  The Angels stand guard at the 4 corners of the Earth waiting for you to faction your own relationship with them.  They are here to serve you.  They are considered Heavenly Birth Doulas!  And today, we birth the Summer of 2015!

So what does this baby bring to us?  The return of summer and the sign of Cancer is a time for nurturing.  Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and the return of emotional intelligence that was partnered by the wind, which came in with her partner, Gemini is clearly available!  Farmers will intelligently nurture our tender farms to make sure the plants we have planted are cared for.   Mothers will emotionally nurture their children during summer while they find time to play and swim and picnic in the part.  Mothers will intelligently encourage their children to find “that inner child” while they still can and work protectively to guard their home and hearth seeking fullness of Joy.  Fathers will plan hearty vacations for their families so that the hard work of the previous season is enjoyed and the family will celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, thanking Dad for all he has done!

To Everything There is A Season and A Purpose Under Heaven.  You have a great opportunity this season to find the seat of emotional intelligence.  Will you engage?  I am, regardless of what has been in my life.  It is what will be, that fuels my passion to keep searching!

Enjoying Summer,

Holly G.