5.25.15 Memorial Day Memories. (Rules, Rules Rules…or Grace? Someone needs to speak up!)

Well, yes, I should start out by saying Happy Memorial Day.  So, I will.  I hope it is what you make of it today.  The rain is a pleasant surprise to me but for those wanting to BBQ outside, it may not be as welcoming.  I have to start out my day by saying, last night, I was a bit perturbed.  You know, the kind of perturbed where you really don’t care at that moment what effect your actions have because you know deep down inside, you are right.  Being “Right” is not something I try to be ALL the time because I value, very deeply, other’s feelings, emotions and opinions.  But last night, when I saw a mother’s Facebook post on how her Son was denied “a bowl” by a local restaurant, it really ticked me off to no end.  You can read the whole issue if you want to go to my post feed but the moral of the story is that a mom asked every so politely for a bowl at a local for chain so her special needs son could eat his taco meat.  The employee, at best, argued with her and her husband and refused them the bowl.

Yes, they left but not after pleading with this guy to just work with them since they had gotten a bowl before.  He continued to refuse and just so they did not have to experience the embarrassment and awkwardness of leaving and going somewhere else.  Granted, as we speak this local chain is doing their best to remedy this “insanity” called rule following, so that they can make the poor decision of their employee, right, but for me, it just triggered several things about the World in general and I am trying to use Grace, in my aftermath of emailing them and publicly posting my distaste for this ridiculous situation.

Now, for the part of Grace.  Let’s say this employee, (who I know nothing about) is also a rule follower.  And maybe, just maybe he was really afraid for his job if he “broke” the rules and gave this mom a bowl for her son to eat out of.  Did he worry that in doing so, he would lose his job?  In fact, he was so against giving them the bowl, he wanted to know the name of the employee, which DID give them a bowl last time they were there.  The flavor of the story tells me, he did not worry so much about his own job but was insistent on getting someone else in trouble so he could say, he followed the rules.  Was he a manager?  Was he completive or was he just looking out for the employee before him that used some grace and wisdom when it came to protocol?

This whole situation irritated me for several reasons but mostly because I spend my days and nights, really evaluating my emotional health so that I do NOT offend, hurt, or live my life in irrational terms.   My immediate family was upset about this as well, but it was after I reposted this “craziness” and it in turn, ticked off my husband and he posted about it.  I have family who raise special needs children and it is not easy but it is a beautiful thing.  I do not expect everyone on the planet to do things perfect and without flaw.  I know we are all not perfect.  But what I do expect is that we are all born with some level of compassion and when you “choose” not to be compassionate towards others when it is fitting, I think something else is going on.  Some people may even read this and say I need to stay out of it since it is not my concern, but as a humanitarian, it is my concern.  In fact, it is my biggest concern.  Society is really a mess sometimes and I am here to help clean it up God willing me…..

I understand Rules are not meant to be broken, but rules are also not meant to lock us in under controlled circumstances to navigate us away from humanity.  There are no steadfast rules in living except that you harm none.  If I would have been the mom at the restaurant pleading for grace and understanding just in asking for a .15 cent plastic bowl so that her son could eat with dignity and grace, I am not sure if I would have been so understanding.  There is a trigger point in a mother that can be set off in an instant and Christian or not, if that employee was being a “fart” then I would have possibly made a big scene.  Rare to my loving personality, but I may have just been the avenger.  Now, it would have certainly been prudent to say, I would have looked at his energy to see if he was really scared to give me the bowl and maybe, I would have asked for a manager for help and reason but here is what upsets me MORE than just him not giving her the bowl.  WE ARE FLOODED WITH SITUATIONS THAT LACK SIMPLE GRACE!!!   When I step away from my circle and surround myself with people who lack dignity and grace it does two things to me:

1.  It makes me very sad to wonder why they do not see the power of grace in life and it makes me wonder if they have even know what Grace is?  Maybe it is not their fault and I know there are people out there that don’t know how to practice grace, because they have never been given any.  I mean, if that employee had a manager overpowering him to say, if you give away that bowl, you are fired!  If he had two kids to feed at home and desperately needed his job, then give him some grace.

2. Or, are people just that mean?  If the employee was just a punk kid with no responsibility and hated life on life’s terms, then he could give a crap about grace.  These are the people I have NO tolerance for.  And outside of Harming None, I am perfectly fine with blogging my two cents about how pissed off I get when people hurt others with no shame.

We all make mistakes and it is the wise person who will “ask” the questions to make life better.  It is the Wise Person who will say something about an injustice and even when all the facts are not present, make a case for both sides to try and find a solution.  It is the wise person, who will say, Yes, I shared that post last night but in all fairness, so did the mom and I do not blame her.  She, needed loved on for sure!  She needed to know that the world in general does NOT accept this kind of behavior and we mom’s feel her and hold space for her even if we have to give out a virtual spanking sometimes!  If I am wrong in doing so, it will come back to me three times I am sure.  But I am to the point in my walk on this planet, that I spend day and night thinking of ways to make the world a better place with MY ENERGY but when people mess with other people on purpose, my niceness turns into vengeance and I am perfectly happy to say a warrior Spirit rises up in me and I have no shame to call it out.  Yin and Yang.  Good and Bad.  Right OR Wrong.

So, if you read my blog today and see that I need to chill about this issue and let it go since it is not by monkey or my circus, then I accept that.  But if that were your baby needing a .15 bowl to eat out of and that employee was being a punk, you know you would have let him have it.  If he was NOT being a punk and was too timid to “break the rules” when it would have been perfectly acceptable to do so, then I feel that whomever he has been controlled by in the past, needs a virtual spanking too.

Treat Others as You WOULD be Treated.  And somebody help me fight the fight of injustice in our world!!  Our youth are getting a very mixed message about the positive POWER OF GRACE verses the negative energy surrounding POWER OF RULES and are not able to find Wisdom in very simple situations and we parents need to speak up!



“More or Less?” Entry From My Book of Shadows. May 23. 2015

I debated on typing this.  But the temptation of not sharing was too great.  So, I am sharing with you today the entry, in pencil, of my morning journal.  Enjoy:)

“More Or Less?”

Realization or Acceptance? Today, I realize how important my Book of Shadows is to me.  I accept that their is not enough energetic privacy to sustain me at present from information overload but, behold, I pick up my lead pencil to scribe anyway.  

In an overtaken world of electronic media and psychic frequency, the vibrational pathway is now jammed up more than ever.  Even us Reiki Masters who say we understand the necessary modality of energy, do not fully understand how much is coming our way.  

I, myself, fall prey, minute my minute to the deception of more.  But, More, is not always so good.  More apps, more emails, more contacts, more health consciousness, more money, more conversations, more ideas, more blogs, more prayer, more meetings, more classes, more students, more teachers, more clients, more, more more.  But the truth is, less may be better.

Less, gives us time to evaluate the need.  Less, awakens us to find precious moments so we can fully understand what our bodies are saying to us.  Less, gives us time to reply to the numerous computer inquires with understanding and so that we may evaluate and fully answer the “questions.”  Less, gives our mind a moment to rest and find rejuvenation so we can continue on.  Less, gives us the feeling of being present in all things.  Less, is simply more acceptable when it comes to true friendships who may bond beyond the shadow of death and stay connected for eternity.

More or Less, I hope for complete openness.  More or Less, I hope for a journey with my eyes wide open.  More or Less, I hope Father Time is Patient with me.  More or Less, I hope I can continue my journey with a Mind of Christ.  And, finally, More or Less, I hope whatever I do today, I do it awake and in excellence.  


After 175 Posts and 53 Comments, It’s Time To Say “Goodbye” to “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear” and Hello to A New Perspective.


A little over two years ago, I decided that the only way to survive my emotional confusion was to start writing.  And my bruised ego drove me to start a public blog as a way to share my “intense” thoughts so that somewhere, out there, I would be able to find people that “got” what I was trying to say.  I was seeking validation for my emotional wounds and felt at the time my outburst of keystrokes would soothe the savage beast I now know as my Shadow Side.

May 2nd. Happy Derby Day My Loves! It’s Time to RUN The Race and Open The Doors To Business!

The horses are in the gates.  The jockey’s are wearing their silks and the bell will sound, just long enough to “spark” that glorious animal to Go, Baby Go.  They will run, and only one, will make it to the finish line as “The Winner.” They will receive the annual garland of red roses.  Yes, it’s The Kentucky Derby.   And when all is said and done, the other horses, will be lead off, exhausted and spent, until another day comes when they will either race again, or retire to a land of plenty with……hay bails, sunshine and rest.

This is how I feel I have spent my last few years.  Running hard, racing fast and missing this illusional marker called success just by an inch or two.  I would be lying to you all if I said, inside my mind and my deep emotional being, it has been just as exciting, disappointing and creative to watch my life continue to unfold.  And as FAST the Kentucky Derby.

Many times I have been sent back to “the barn”, to retrain, reevaluate and rejuvenate my broken heart so that I can once again, be placed into the gates and run.  And like any bright and sunny Kentucky Derby Day, the glory of the silks, the sounds of the people and the anticipatory chances that you just may “win” keeps me coming back for more.  🙂

I hope this time, I have prepared myself for the road ahead.  For two years solid, hour upon hour, I have read, studied and concentrated on helpful resources that cultivated richly, my emotional energy.  And as I Publically and Privately put myself on the “proverbial alter,” I have scarified my feminine heart, only to hold myself accountable to find happiness and peace.

Not everyone has understood, nor did they agree in what I was doing?  How does a woman who is so good at her job, walk away from making almost six figures, have the conscious to put the responsibility to provide on everyone else?  I mean where is the cut off after 20 years of being the sacrifical bread winner as “the mom” have it’s tipping point?  My saving grace is that I am married to someone who “get’s” it and through all the possibilities of change, supports this insanity 100% and without shame.  Praise Jesus.

Well it is because we both knew it was not my highest best to work 60 hours a week for people who appreciated nothing you did in Spiritual or Ethical terms, it can destroy the very being God has called you to be.  It was not my highest best to inherit other people’s irresponsible messes and try as I may to haved stay “positive” in it all so I could be “paid” well, I came home drained, hurt and empathetically a wreck serving none of my family as a good wife, mother and daughter should.  All I really ever wanted to do was send light, bring love to everything and like Jesus, work miracles everywhere I went.  Year after year people would say how awesome I was, when really I wasn’t.  I would preach and teach at church and lead women’s ministries around and around in circles based on one form of thinking.

When we deny what we are called to do but don’t quite make the finish line, it frustrates you.  But much time has passed and when we stop denying ourselves certain “truths” we can then choose to do things that we are called to do, and without fear for money, social status and materialist gain.  We need money, we need to pay our bills and we need to get our kids to a place where they are able to make it on their own but we also need to follow OUR OWN path.

It is purposed in my natal chart that I hold a different path when it comes to supporting people.  It is when I began to use my Reiki knowledge and turn myself back to my Minister’s Heart, that I felt whole, complete and genuine.  The acting classes I am taking and the job I had at the salon (and the other small side jobs I had) were extremely purposeful for my by been merely “educationing” myself about other peoples energy and it all taught me to learn live authentically.   And today, I get it.  I really do!  I really can sit here and say, my emotional flip flops have produced medicinal benefits so that I could obtaining rites to teach other “ladies” to relinquish their PRIDE and do the same.

I am grateful that all of that happened because through the uneasiness in my decisions, it brought me to the place where I know what I REALLY want to do, and open my doors to offer healing services as we work within Divine Energy.   And if LG& E can charge me for their energy, then there is nothing wrong with charging people for mine.  You see, really, you are not paying an “energy worker” for the healing or the outcome, you are paying them for their time and their education just AS THEY WORK TO HELP YOU.

So many people think you are a bad “witch” or a swindler or traitor to offer to read cards for them or offer to minister to them in song or theater or comedy.   Or what about when you assist them with events like weddings, or births or funerals?  Should you NEVER charge for your services as an Healer?  Then why do we pay PREACHERS, TEACHERS, PROFESSORS, CAB DRIVERS and SOCIAL WORKERS to serve us?  Why do we pay POLITICIANS and NANNY’S and STREET CLEANERS and BEAUTICIANS?  We pay them for their service to us, the people and for their expertise and time.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

PROVIDE and PROMOTE and SECURE and ESTABLISH.  Sound’s A LOT like Marketing to me.  🙂

So, where am I today?

  • I am finalizing my space to offer individual Reiki Treatments to Woman in Louisville and Southern Indiana.  I am not currently offering my services to Men for several reasons, as what I am channelling may not exactly geared toward their primal nature.  I can refer men to other practicers who wish to do so.  The Website is almost done, the rates are set and the business cards are on order.
  • I am also enrolling in educational classes to become a Doula.  What is a Doula you ask?  A Doula is an assistant to a Mid-Wife, Nurse or Doctor during and sometimes after birth.  Doula’s bring powerful support to mothers and like the days of old, are there to provide the family physical and emotional support. I am VERY excited about this practice because the moment that child takes their first breath, the light of this life turns on and blessings should magically abound around this little one for THEIR highest good.  Just as a minister may baptize and anoint a child into a certain spiritual path, my Doula service intends to do the same.  The moment that baby takes in the great Violet Breath of Life, there will be a gatekeeper of love, holding their life in sacred space, and the life of the mother and that is going to make me VERY HAPPY!
  • I am now ordained in ministry by the ULC and I will be offering services as a NON-DEMONINATIONAL Clery.  Weddings, Births, Funerals, whatever is needed.  I am not doing this to be “exalted” but so that I can “exalt” my brothers and sisters in times of need, celebration and change.  So services have fees and some do not and as a true minister, it really does not matter to me either way.  Serventhood is first, eating is second.  It is pretty obvious don’t you think.
  • I am working to hold powerful Women’s Workshops in order to talk about how we can Celebrate Rites of Passage, Celebrate the Cycles of our lives as it pertains to nature and learn how we can lean on one another by building relationships with Art, Reading, Nature and Idea Sharing.  I am going to teach about Emotions and Chakras and Astrology and the Potential that we have been here before and we may return again.  I want to be an open guidepost for Women’s Empowerment and that term  is highly misunderstood.   You see, there is a deep cry from Mother Earth to speak her voice so that MEN and CHILDREN are surrounded by Strong Mothers, Sisters and Wives.  Men need us to be strong and balanced.  They do!!   NEVER has my marriage been so strong.  NEVER have I been able to open up and connect with my husband, and partner as I have before now that I OWN my rites as a women.  It is my “MOTHER” cycle time in the here and now and the triple Goddess KNOWS her place on earth when her eyes are open to the changes and transformations afforded to a Woman.
  • I am working with a group of ladies who want to reach deep into our underprivideged teen ages girls and we are brainstorming on how to build a NFP here in the city.  We believe our Public Education system is NOT incorporating the values of Womanhood into our teen age girls’s lives, so we will.  It is a mentorship program and we hope to launch this in the fall.  (NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!)
  • I am finishing up my acting classes and I am looking for creative ways to present these creative arts to the World just by saying I can.  The world of entertainment saturates our emotional being and it is fun, challenging and promoting.  I am auditioning for a play in October and I am looking to do stand up comedy this summer at The Laughing Derby.
  • I am planning on obtaining a Yoga Certification in late 2016.
  • I am drafting books for future release and I will keep on blogging so that you can follow along.
  • And I am volunteering when I can as needs arise because this is JUST WHAT I DO.

So, I am hopeful that you see where I am coming from as a POWERFUL WOMAN and the race is on.  Everyone knows I shoot straight on these blogs.  I choose to shoot straight.  And, I pray for God to send me great support so that as I walk in the realism of what I am chancing to do, it will come to pass.  I will not fail because there are no failures.  I will not apologize anymore because it has all already been said.  I will continue to look for ways to release this passionate, creative, life force energy regardless of the obstacles that materialism brings us and I will live the rest of my life KNOWING, I will leave a Legacy for my Daughter, Emily.  I love my Son and I love my Husband but truly, so much of what I want to pass on is for woman and she is my heritage.   If I can pass these mysteries on with my services, then I have what I consider my moment of success.

Place your bet’s people.  The Reiki Station® is on it’s way!

Holly Goodyear

“The Last Day in Charleston.”

Our vacation has been spectacular.  It is the one vacation that we planned, just the two of us, to call our dream vacation.  It has been on the bucket list for 4 years.  Our family tried to move here several years ago by transplanting from work and we were very close to the dream.  We did everything we were supposed to in all earnest to make our way to Charleston permanently and I just knew I would be the best Account Manager in the city and life would be “happily ever after”.  However, it did not work out because universe shut the door on us.  I was angry, bitter and felt very used when “others” manipulated their way into controlling me and took measures in my hands for mental revenge.  But, and I say but very loudly, because it really was not in the cards.  So, thank you to those folks that stepped in the way to stop me from living here.  Vacationing in Charleston has been much nicer than expected but I am now ready to make my way back home. 🙂

My dream vacation has given me time away from my kids, my responsibilities and my fight for survival.  It has given me much needed time alone with my husband.  And I would NOT be who I am today without his love, support and his cheerleading to find out who I really am as a woman, a mother and a friend.   I am a doer.  I wear myself out.  I am a great seeker of mystery and I am problem solver but I am not omnipotent.  And, after the last four years of kicking against the pricks, trying hard to learn about my Mind, my body and my Spirituality, I have learned to let life take it’s course.

During it is “coursing, ” I am gaining new forms of patience, new forms of communicating and new forms of trusting.  I am learning to trust that some “universal family” across the veil is cheering me on to be a Light Bearer and a Mystery Seeker!  Spirit is teaching me to be aggressive in all things good but to not forget to keep my eyes wide open so that I do not infringe on other people’s Will’s.  I cannot control everyone and I cannot stop them from experiencing pain, suffering and challenges.  It is hard to see people hurting, but if I had the ability to take away all their pain and angst, how would THEY experience life just as powerfully as I have?  Just like the ocean, you cannot control the tides, the waves or the winds, and sometimes you have to just let things be, for ourselves and others.

This week, I have embraced my rest from “reality”.  The dishes, dogs and dirty laundry.  I have embraced the fact that I have NO IDEA what is next for us and driving thru this life blind, is actually driving thru with a massive amount of Faith.   Faith comes by hearing and hearing, by the Word of God.  I hear God’s Spirit speak to me in many forms.  In the books I read.  In the energy work I do, and in the cycles of the seasons, the moon and the 24 hour day.  If God tells me to Zig, I am going to Zig.  If Goddess shares with me the need to Zag, then I will Zag.  And when I return home to retrieve my children, my dogs and my dirty “drawls” I will do so with Grace and Ease.

So, thank you Charleston for a great visit.  I am glad I did not move here since I have much work to do at home.  But, just like Jesus was not received in His own city, I expect to have the desire to want to move again when I feel like no one close to me takes me serious about my true calling.  (That is the Resistance we have to fight).  It is when we think we know what people think about us, than can be very toxic.  False Mind chatter can wreak havoc our plans if we let it and it can cause us great distress.  I have learned this lesson well.  So, when I get home next week and I start my motion up again to fight against the lies that Resistance brings, I am going to remind myself, that I am called to do the things I am doing and if and when, the Universe does not agree with my Will and my Plans, He and She, will close the doors.  If my intention remains pure, then a new door will be there to replace the old one that slammed in my face!



“We Are All Stardust!”-Higher Learning for Adults who want to be Stars.


This photo has got to be one of my very favorites yet.  I snagged it from a friend on Facebook who snagged it from Elephant Journal’s Facebook page so I have to give credit where credit is due!  The tag line was a quote from Carl Sagan which said, ““The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

I spend countless hours looking at the stars especially early in the morning before the busy day begins.  It is my way of communicating with the universe and my way of evaluating my daily expectations.  It is my moment of wonderment.  It is my moment of intention and it is my moment, to dream.  I think at times, my personal reflections become so important to me because I see the value in higher learner.   Over the last three months, having had the time to make sacred space, having had the time decide for myself what truly makes me happy and having had the time to check in with myself, regardless of my emotional reactions toward person challenges, has proven successful.   This past winter, I took the TIME and SPACE I needed to evaluate ME.  The me I want to become.  And can I tell you, it’s working.

It has been during these early morning meditation under the stars where I was able to let go of the resentment of leaving my career as a supportive business woman.  I was able to let go of the fear that I could not become my own boss.  My career identified me as a “productive and useful” person and I was the type of person that would come unglued if I was not busy doing something.  I think in my old jobs, if I stopped too long to think about all that I WAS doing, it freaked me out emotionally.  I always ended up being the one trying to fix, manage and control everything and everybody.  Being my own boss will allow me to control myself and my workload.

It has also been during these early morning meditations, that I looked genuniely over any disagreements with family, friends, or other persons of interest.  I was able to play back the situation in my mind, and look equally at the actions of each person, and ask myself,  was I living my best highest good so I could be that example for others?  Not always, but I tired!  Others do make me quite erratic at times but deep thinkers such as myself, always wonder why people do what they do.  I probably should not worry so much about it anymore because when we can keep our own feelings in tact, the reason people do what THEY do is irrelevant.  I Thessalonians 4: 11-12 says:

11and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you,12so that you will behave properly toward outsiders and not be in any need.


Now, if you think I am going to be “completely quiet” like this lil’ mime, then you are mistaken. 🙂  I am just going to be more mindful of my own thoughts and emotions before I share information and I am going to take the path to work with my hands just as I have been called to do.   What other people need is entirely up to them but I cannot help but observe others around me.  I have been called not only to practice Reiki and Minister to people in general, I have been called to speak, act and pray for positive outcomes in my own life as well as the lives of others.

Well, what about all this publicity and selfies and all these networking meetings over the last few months?  That IS a part of who I am.  My Stardust contains million of particles (called emotions) and those particles are connected to my intuitive receptors and my intuitive receptors tell me that I need to go to the next level.  And before my Christian friends say, “Well, with every new level their is a new devil.”  Posh, I say to that! I don’t dance with devils, I dance with the Stars!  And for the next 6 weeks I will be in school continuing my higher learning as an adult by taking classes at Actors Theatre and finishing my studies as a Reiki Mater Teacher so I can start my public practice (again) and I can open workshops for those who want to find a better way healing.

And so we say, Break A Leg Holly Go-Lightly!  May I enjoy this time of learning and growing with my family and I will see you all when I see you all!


“The Spices That They Prepared.- Luke 24. Unique Women.”


I just adore this picture.  And the scripture, Luke 24 was the passage from the pastor at the Easter Celebration.  The first few sentences of the chapter were about the Women!  Mary, and Mary Mother of James and Joanna and, well other women.  All the special women who were a kin to Jesus either by blood or by virtue.  And upon his untimely death, they knew that in three days, his body would stink so they wanted to send him into the afterlife freshly marked with herbs and spices and ointments that contained the secrets to heal the world.

Fast forward to 2015.  Women have populated the Earth.  Women have bore millions of children since the day that Jesus was born to his Mother Mary.  We have had to fight for equal rights just in the last century alone, but al’as, we still remain.

Women that spend time together sharing the secrets of personal success on how to rear happy and healthy children, how to provide love and support for their partner and how to control their raging emotions when they are enforced by Mother Nature to bleed, clean and in today’s society, provide.

In the last three years I went from having a very strong circle of women in the workforce to being very alone when it came to female support for the “big” things with the exception of a few true friends that believed I had more guts in me than to just sit back and execute haphazardly thought out Written Service Timelines and serve up insidious health plan renews to people who otherwise did not care how we lowered the rates. I spend 15 years trying to crunched premiums until I was  blue in the face.  I struggled sorely that we were not dealing the the root of the issues which were why people were doing what they were doing, not how they were doing it.  (Eating Too Much, Working Too Much and Drinking Too Much.)  I knew their just had to be a more organic war to to get to the root of the major problems in the World, so I surrendered my license and changed paths.

So, why am I obsessed with the role of Women? Well, they make fantastic sounding boards as HR managers, wives, moms and “other.”  They make wonderful Sunday School Teachers and Wednesday night administrators, and pastry chefs but what about their Divine Order to Speak the Truth, or Direct the Global Leaders on the Real Issues and why do we NOT have the opportunity to Gather Together in Higher Places of Authority in order to bring in a collective of solutions to our global problems?  How many of us are in the House and Senate every day asking does this process make sense?  Where ARE your ROI results sir?

What if the orders decided that they would allow women to come in and restructure the entire countries Laws and Orders of America?  Just once.  We can still vote on it of course.  🙂

We have not been given a fair opportunity to bring in holistic and natural ideas and solutions to the table when it comes to our education system, our diverse culture challenges and our failing health system.  Most women, but not all women, are right brain thinkers and most of my observation of the leadership here in America is Left Brained.  (No disrespect of course because we are both equal, just different.)

I push for more positively constructed Circles of Women. Those that have proven growth and prosperity by encouraging other women to trust their guts and use their emotion like a wave of the ocean and “think” am I Waxing or Waning with the moon and with my cycle.  Hell, Let a guy sit in.  He may learn something.






Flying Saucers!

Ok, it has been a minute since I have been able to release my emotions on my personal blog so bear with me……..  The last three weeks I have concentrated on becoming much more professional and business oriented once again and I have finally concentrated on what career path I would consider perfect for me.     I feel like the last three years I have been chasing Flying Saucers but before you judge, let me explain:

A few weeks ago I got really sick and was in bed for four days straight.  It was one of those flu virus’ that made you wonder why in the world am I even alive and kept you as close to the bathroom as possible.  As I slept, I asked for God to help me now and please respect all of the intentions that I had placed under His Sun in the last three years.  I was getting very tired at this point not knowing what avenue would lie next for me after leaving yet another job.   I begged God to show me what I am to do and if He did not, I would be apt to take drastic measures to figure life’s purpose out all by myself, without His valuable input. (My emotions kicked right in)!  I said to God,  ‘I have done all the right things and said all the right things and prayed all the right things, according to everything I have ever been taught, so please help me!  I have used your blessed “Word”, your Energetic Cycles and I have committed myself to coming up higher everyday, regardless of what I think or feel!”.

Well, alas’, my Spirit connected with the Holy Spirit and God showed me the next year of my life in a split second.  Though flu and illness remained, He reminded me that everything, EVERYTHING, I have been trying to do has been surrounded by nothing but a sea of great emotion and it is my God given gift, to pick up the torch and start my journey to help others by teaching on Emotions.  How did I respond to God on this answer?  “Duh.”

Emotionally Intelligent Today was birthed from that week I had the Flu.  And God said to me, “If you will take the time to increase your EQ over the next few months and work only toward this goal, not only would He allow me to connect with new surroundings and new people, He would allow me to obtain my Usui® Reiki Master/Teacher Certification and be taken very serious in my profession as a Master Teacher”.

God is very aware that I need to offer my Universal Woman’s Ministry as Street Evangelism and EI Today is just the path!   I need to begin to teach classes and workshops to people who wanted to be free from emotional bondage and still keep their priorities in order as not to tip the scales of “Liberia” balance outside of their favor.  Yep, “teach on emotions and offer my Reiki services to others”, God said.  And so I shall!

I can say with great confidence that God has now given me the tools and the resources to let go of the past in great and mighty ways and is sending me out into my future!  I have spent the last two months running around the city of Louisville trying to collect my childhood history and by doing so, it has allowed me great healing from this deep connection into my heritage.

God set me up with a deep desire to pray for constantly the children and grandchildren which now run the streets of which I used to run.  The South End of Louisville KY has been on my heart for weeks.  Now, before I proclaim to be the savior of the South End and save it from the infestation of drugs and other ugly messes, let me just say that I recall a day when those neighborhoods were the “Creme de’ la’ Creme” for us kids.  Taylor and Berry Blvd. had it going on and we were the 70’s and 80’s kids who understood freedom and release.

We did not worry about color, race or religion, but just connected and chilled with one another as “Kids in America”. Check out this video from Kim Wilde.  Need I say more?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hWZqllm3mQ

I am on a currently on a quest to make this world a better place and I know, in due time, the footprint I am designing will just get bigger and bigger as we leave east to head west (possibly one day!)

I cannot tell you how much gratitude I have that God is allowing me to reconnect with so many of my childhood sisters which is priceless to me.  And I am making connections with so many “new sisters” of which will serve a great and mighty purpose for the Mother Head Mind of God to help us find ways to provide emotional health for our children and grandchildren.  I hope what we do here in Da’Ville can be replicated all over the USA and that the mission to get kids off the streets and off dope and other negative things!

My prayer today is that the primal heart of Mother Earth will prevail against the wiles of this American Devil, called poverty and sickness. Mother Earth is not one to be toyed with.  She is going to make waves across the lands to take back the health and wellbeing of our children and with mom’s like us on the warpath for feminine power, we will take back our streets.  American Devil, you have been served notice.  I have sisters on my side who love their babies, their grand babies and their husbands (or significants) and we women will allow our kids to be deceived by your tricky ways.  Love and Compassion come first!

Long Live the Queen of EI 🙂


It’s Me! Holly Goodyear. Raising Awareness on the White Flags!

I finally did it.  I got out of my bed and got dressed and “went” out.  I have been confined to my house for three days with a virus.  I knew this past Tuesday I was not feeling well but I did not get hit with the brunt of it until I woke up Friday.  Down for the Count I went, sick, dizzy and S-I-C-K!  I am not sure what “kind” of bug this was and I doubt he would have told me is name but I just knew I was infected!

And, a side note prayer——- I pray over each person that attended my friends wedding with me on Thursday and ask that no one catch it!.  They say timing is everything, and had I been confined to my house on the most important day of her life, I may have just kicked and screamed at God, yelling….”Why!?!”  Thank you God for grace, now please, watch over their health.  Amen.

Which brings me too………….

Today.  Right here, right now.  At the coffee shop where I cleaned myself up, put red lipstick on, and decided to start my day anew with much, much gratitude.  And, Wa’ La!  Guess What?  I did it!  During my illness, I found the core of what I have been trying to say all along during these last 120+ blogs!  I JUST want to be Emotionally Intelligent, TODAY!  And everyday.  

And because I had not been fully introduced to this marvelous new concept of living, I failed to see the primal origination of all the road blocks that have peppered my quest for ultimate Clarity.  It was my emotions all along that twisted me up in spiritual bondage, but the meaning more clear to me now.  It logically makes sense that my personal experiences were for a grand purpose and I can talk about what I am doing freely in order to help others to find emotional intelligence.   “You can have an EQ that reaches farther and deeper than your IQ and change the world!  *Decision-making, Ambition, Empathy, Stress Tolerance, you name it… is determined by your EQ”.

I think we are all born with a general range of IQ and it is similar to owning a car.  You are given a model to go by (environment, socioeconomic and/or biological status) and then you, (the spiritual you) get behind the wheel and determine the course.  You control the locks, the peddles, the brakes and when to refuel.  We are provided signs and road blocks to intelligently guide us to our next possible movements.  And if, and only if, you can work synchronistically, with your EQ and your IQ, every area of your life will flourish!  Your Business will Grow.  Your Kids will Love you More.  Your spouse will find you most attractive and you will begin to Love Yourself just as God Loves you.  (In the cases where the last sentence is not applicable to you, then you really need to take a look at your EQ and the EQ of your relationships).

Scientifically, I have been trying to find a way to bottle up and qualify my emotions through some very deep and painful expression.  While fighting the battle of my emotions, I was  haphazardly looking for a way to validate what was happening to me so I could determine if the experience was useful or futile.

Meaning that, my Spirit Man was testing my Logical Man to determine whether or not my Mental Man and his/her reactions to my Emotional energy (personal energy), was worth it.  I was weighing out these dramatic experiences called “the aftermath” looking for ways to put the reason behind my pain.  And here are some new results of the test as of March 15. 2015.  “I was born to to communicate to the world a clear and safe understanding on how we can increase our Emotional Intelligence.  (No Judgements; Political’ish Religion’ish or Gender’ish)”.

If you want to follow along, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under the community page names Emotionally Intelligent Today! #emotionallyintelligenttoday  You will know me by the white flag logo.  In fact, I am just short of saying directly to my personal family and friends, if you don’t share the messages, you may be missing out on helping someone you love very much.  We can help stop painful tears at night when no one else is looking and everyone does it.  It’s when it becomes uncontrolled that we face our darkest fears.   When we fail to raise awareness about the great benefit of emotional intelligence, we fail to throw someone a life line.

White Flag

Thank you and Happy Worshipping Today!


“Resistance Only Lasts for a Few Moments.”

For years, I have wanted to write and everyday, I feel like I am facing BIG road blocks in my work.  I have been in executive office jobs for the last 16 years and they have brought me nothing but heartache even if it was a nice paycheck.  The heartache, was not because of the work itself, but because of the negativity of the people who I was surrounded by.  It was degrading.  I started blogging as a creative outlet to release my pent up emotions.  I am always asking myself, “Why do people do what they do?”

Now, I am addicted to writing and find all sorts of subject matter attractive and thought-provoking.  I am an information addict and I need information to make my world a better place.

Information Sign

From humanitarian agendas, to simple subject matters such as raising children (is that simple???) or how to become a great goat farmer, I feel a certificate in Freelance Writing is a good place for me to start drilling down core the technicalities of becoming a writer.  I have lofty goals set for myself in order to become a great novelist, an energetic public speaker and above all, a peacemaker, even if it hurts others just a little. (and myself) but I am starting on my online courses today (write now….) lol…. in spite of all this resistance.  Wish me luck!