“Adjusting my TimeClock.”

I still have not forwarded all of my clocks yet.  How about you?  Well, what is even more interesting about it was that not only did I wake up at 4:00 am. (spring forward time) this morning, I actually was awakened with a big ray of moonlight in my face.  No big deal you say?  Well, it was HOW it all happened that makes me wonder if the time shift is not more important than we think.

I remember I was dreaming about helping my friend get her things together for her wedding.  We were getting ready to get dressed and I was showing her how to put on something. (I can’t quite remember what it was.)  We were talking in the dream and then somewhere in my conscious mind, a ray of silver light blinded me in the dream and I felt/heard this strange noise.  (Almost like silver clanging of a sword). Then, I woke up with the moon entering my skylight like a bright flashlight.  Was that the transfer between the dream state and the waking state and why today?  I have never experienced such lucidness between the two worlds like that before.  In the past, I had talked to myself in my sleep and realized when I woke up, that it was a dream, but this was different.  It was more like, going somewhere in a space ship and coming back.

As a women, I talk about the influence of the moon and Her cycles ALL the time.  Some of you may think I am koo-ookie and could care less about if the moon is full, empty, dark or new but I highly encourage you to pay more attention to her power.  It is not about Worship or Religion or Gender, but in fact it is about Science, Truth and Mindfulness.  This I know.

If Springing Forward this season means a new energy and a new season for me to work in and follow my dreams with great passion then I accept.  Fresh insight to our dreams, destinies and hopeful outcomes should be a welcomed peace in this new hour.  Most of us complain about loosing and hour of sleep and getting up earlier, but for me, apparently, it is an exciting thing!  Works for me!


Moon Momma 🙂


“Don’t Rely on the Clicker to Save You If You Lack Social Intelligence.”

There certainly is something about a clicker.  Those helpful little clickers that we hold in our dear hands while giving a speech to a room full of onlookers .  Oh, the security that clicker brings when it is time to stand up in front of a crowd and give a presentation is only slightly comforting but what about when the speaker is devoid of any social intelligence?  Many of us have had horrible experiences with public speaking either by being unprepared ourselves or by being subject to someone speaking who is unprepared.  I myself have sang, preached and presented over 100 public speaking presentations and in the last 20 years I feel have improved my delivery only modestly.  Bring on the Intellectual methods!!

My first time in front of a real crowd was in 1999 when I marched up in front of a local church and sang a special song.  The song was called Born Again by Dorothy Love Coates.  My throat was so tight I thought I had swallowed a small car.   At that pivotal moment in my young life and with trembling fear, I tried to dig deep into my bravery and croon out that good ol’ gospel melody as planned.

The music started and I belted out the first line of the song.

Let me tell you about the comforter 
That the Bible said would lead you on……..

Well, guess what happened next? I forgot the next line.  Yes, I froze right on up and could not remember the words to the song.  I had practiced it for days.  I desperately looked at the minister and he just smiled at me as if to say “I don’t know what you are going to do but, let’s just stare at each other, awkwardly.”   I was mortified.  😦

By the time the main chorus rolled back around, I chimed back in with the lyrics and closed my eyes as tightly as I could to finish the song.  As I sat down, I was soaked in perspiration and I swore I would never do that again!  Well, I did.  Several times over may I add.  What I would not have given that day to have had a nice teleprompter and a clicker in my hand while taking the leap of faith to stand in front of that crowd during that first Sunday morning debut.  Enter, Preparation.

Fast forward sixteen years later and we have certainly improved in how we prepare ourselves to speak for a crowd, especially in the workplace.  Haven’t we?   Now-a-days, we spend hours creating fancy Powerpoint and Pretzi© presentations to present to detatched corporate executives who in many cases, are only listening to half of what is really being said.  Why is that?  It is not that our material is uninteresting.  It is that our social intelligences are rather dull. (and because we have a new appendage called a smart phone attached to our extremities).

Men especially are harder to keep focused than their female counterpart mostly due to their preoccupied personal agendas and the fact that they are not typically accustomed to multi-tasking.  It is the women in the Work Space that tend to personalize their role with more passion and when it comes to listening and teaching in most offices, women are the majority head count.  (Sorry guys.  I just call it like I see it.)

Social Intelligence is a new concept.  Briefly, may I add, that the social intelligence hypothesis states that social intelligence, that is, complex socialization such as politics, romance, family relationships, quarrels, collaboration, reciprocity, and altruism, (1) was the driving force in developing the size of human brains and (2) today provides our ability to use those large brains in complex social circumstances.  (*Cite Wikipedia for the italics).

What many presenters fail to realize is that unless you make a real sociable effort and notice what the audience is doing, saying, or feeling the moment you step up to the podeum, your presentation may fall a bit short of any hand claps and your efforts to educate are LOST.  And listen, for women in the work space, we get really irritated when we have spent hours staying late at work and making a nice presentation for all to enjoy, only to be ignored or snubbed by those parties that left the office at 3:45 during the week and brought nothing to the table by way of socialization in order to meet company goals.

In so many office settings today, our professional presentations consist of nothing more than less-than-thought-out red tape rhetoric and corporate vs. consumer driven propaganda and are stale in comparison to a good time.  And if you are one of the lucky ones who work in an ultra-controlled industry such as banking, staffing or healthcare, the last thing on the poor employees minds are what new standards the administration will drop on their already full plates.  This leaves presenters presenting to nothing more than to a room full of unhappy drones drying out in the desert sun seeking water from some crusty old well. Exit, the Dragon.

Presenters, use your keen sense of perception when trying to deliver material to others!  You are on stage to make connection with your fellow comrades and we all know that work spaces are in desperate need of lighter delivery of unpleasant rules and regulations.  Oh, and by the way, did the person who asked you to present the material take in consideration your social intelligence challenges before dumping their flat and misguided guidance into your lap to disseminate?  Are you sure your even cut out for this?  Make sure you have what it takes to read the audiences’ body language and you may just be able to turn boring reform material into fun and interactive progression.  It is as simple as adopting some of your own fantastic body language techniques, (along with some jokes) when delivering your communication.

Although I am still freezing up when it comes to any type of camera presentations, I am learning to find ways to increase my social intelligence.  I am taking classes to monitor my stage presence and better yet, to increase my brain size.  I enjoy standing in front of a live audience with lots of personal interaction but that is because I am a very energetic person and I love to see how people react to all sorts of spoken material.  But make no mistake.  I can still finding ways screwing up a very simple presentation because of my unwillingness to learn about social behaviors from the past.  I am merely human.  What I am learning, it is how you handle the embarrassing moments when you forget your line and there is not a clicker in site to save you.  Those moments are the ones that sets your prayer wheel in motion for the next big event.  People may not recall what was on slide number 13 but they will remember your sociable personality and that my friends, is another whole story.

(And next week we will discuss who has the bigger brain??  Men or Women.)

Jazzing up the Work Space for Women,

Holly Goodyear

“Can a Woman Honor a Jewish Holiday and Not be Judged?”

Hello and Happy Purim!  Yes, March 5th marks the celebration of Purim and we are blessed to honor this date with a full moon.   Purim, in general, is a celebration of one beloved Queen Esther’s efforts to save her people from annihilation by a treacherous man by the name of Haman.  The basic gestures of brotherhood and good will are presented to us during this time and a wise person would do themselves some good in learning a little bit about how other cultures honor our beloved Creation.

As a simple, (very simple) American woman, it may seem silly to you that I mention this Jewish Holiday since I am in no way considered Orthodox.  Yet I do have great appreciation and respect for the Jewish/Hebrew Culture so I am honored to meditate on the value of this day.  In fact, I think we Christians would be foolish to disregard the Hebrew standards and if we fail to learn from the symbology behind their traditions, we are lacking in Wisdom.  Jesus followers or not, you really should consider where all these celebrations originate from in order to have a full view of the mountain top!  Nothing gets my goat faster than crusty hateful Christians that say we cannot honor another persons belief system and share in the joy of the blessing when honoring these special days.  That is just plain ignorant and separates us from Unity……  (exit soapbox).

Studying very briefly this Purim Holiday, I am pressed to celebrate our most important American Privilege.  Monumental Freedom.  And just as in Queen Esther’s case, she beckoned to her King to save her people from the evil conspiracy conjured up by one very prejudice man.  Haman, was a racist extremist and may I say, “experienced his Karma in the most theatrical of forms.”

But it took courage and strength for Queen Esther to go before the King unannounced, begging him to Free her People from his deadly plan.  Her famous words before she walked that hall of shame……???  “IF I Perish, I Perish.”

And, what about the brave American Words by Patrick Henry which are similar to these of Queen Esther?  “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”  Prior to the Revolutionary War, he shouted these words to the provisional government. (The Virginian Conventionalist).  These men were trying to establish a system so that everyone could approach American soil within their safe harbor rights and Patrick Henry was a huge proponent for individualism and independence in the original American Colonies.

And well, what about this Lady?  (well, sort of a lady minus the concrete busts and all)……

Full Moon and Statue of Liberty

Is this not a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, our Lady Liberty shines bright for all to see?  Hands down, Lady Liberty is the most splendid of matriarchs. She is the symbol of Freedom in America.  (And she is not even from American really.  She is French for crying out loud!!  Is anyone scoffing at her for honoring our traditions)?  Nope.  Lady Liberty shines out and reminds us to let others enjoy what Patrick Henry and other American settlers worked so hard to establish.

The more I think about it, the less I feel overlooked when the World at large is my playground thanks to Freedom.  I do not worry about judgement from others any longer about why I do what I do.  You see, symbolic understanding is as plentiful as ever thanks to the internet, so we can take the time to learn about other cultures and participate in the beautiful energy that is created through these wonderful celebrations.  It blesses others just as much as it blesses you.

I am so thankful that I followed the direction of the Purim Holiday tradition and gave aid to those in need this week.  I also enjoyed my time doing some extra curricular baking in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, I will happily adorn a white feathery masquerade while I sing America the Beautiful (very loudly may I add) and drink some plum brandy.  (Weather permitting I can get out and get some……..)

If not, I have a wee little stash of Makers Mark in the cabinet and if all else fails, celebrating with one shot of Kentucky American made Bourbon works nicely too.  I am not prejudice against barley, corn or rye.  They are all really nice ingredients! 🙂 🙂

Cheers to Brother and Sisterhood.  May God teach all of us to put down our guns and celebrate life today here on planet Earth.


“The Power of Simply Asking. Finding Your Soul’s Voice.”

We have all seen it……  You know, when someone you know and love is facing some dreadful illness and you do not know EXACTLY what to do for them.  Prayer is the obvious thing and the best thing to do and we all tend to want to see the whole thing just go away so no one has to endure any pain.  If that is not in God’s plan then how do you react to someone else’s hardship and believe that through action miracles DO happen?

Asking what you can do is very important but in most cases, people are just too overwhelmed to tell you what they need and it leaves you guessing.  ASK ANYWAY!  There are greater powers at work here. There are natural ways of sending love and support to people around you who may be hurting or even happy for that matter.  Simply Asking will change the course of their thinking in positive ways and help encourage them to speak out.  I call this simple method of verbal interaction-talking.  We learned it starting around age 18 months.  And to think, what could happen if you called someone up in the phone when you know they are hurting and said real words to them.  Quite possibly the shift of cymatics could start a snowball effect for some much needed miraculous works.  James 4:3.

I have to ask you.  Do you ever pick up the phone anymore and say “Hello Gorgeous.  How can I help you today?” Or do you always just text people and move on?   Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to start a real live vocal conversation and inquire on how they are doing and if not why?   It is a proven fact that the vibration of your voice can change the emotional outcome of a situation.  When we are excited, others get excited.  When we yell, they tend to yell as well.  Our voice- commands are necessary to our continued evolution. Words determine what level of confidence you have in yourself.  It is proven that the tone of your voice that can alter the pattern of thoughts and brain activity not only in yourself but in others. It is the power of your voice that can shift lower frenquencies and set the stage for a more clear audience. (Clairaudience-clear hearing).

If you don’t believe me check out how these basic elements respond to music.  Watch this amazing video by Nigel Stanford. It is an awesome execution on the effect of vibrational frequencies surrounding water, salt, fire and the human body.

In our universe where all of the world is a playground, if we have to keep guessing on how to live our lives each day, we can try to do so with great measures of compassion and expression.  We can offer up our Soul’s Voice in order to help others to find healing, in turn, healing ourselves.

It is with your spoken words where God chimes in and orchestrates His best Masterpieces.  Through Music, Sound and Vibration, our mind envelops peace and finds true meaning right down to a molecular level.  Then, through Wisdom and Understanding we gain freedom to Speak our Truths for the best and highest good of everyone, harming none.  Never be intimidated to ask people if you can be of help.  It characterizes the true meaning of soul (molecular) support. 🙂

Namaste Today!

“Sustainable Marriage’s Should Have a Scoop of Support!”

I’ll have what she is having!  That is what real friends say to you when they see how happy you are that you have found that perfect someone to share your life with.   Being happy for each other is so important.  It keeps love circulating through the World and it is a real compliment when people notice how much in love you are.  I use the coined word “Sweet” to describe how I feel about my husband.  We have a decant match made in heaven and I just have to give Praise today!

So, let me ask you is your spouse the person who sees you in those times when the two of you are behind closed does and you are at the end of your rope because you cannot pay the light bill, or your mother has been diagnosed with an illness or your car is in the shop with no way to get it out?   Is your partner the one that spends those times with you sitting together in bed drinking cup after enormous cup of morning Joe, just wanting more for each other?  Do you share bonds so tight that you find wholeness in your marriage and will you both work to find a sense of peace even when you do not know what direction you are heading?  Do you know what makes all that sustainable?  You trust each other!

And if you are Ed and Holly, and after all of life’s unknown questions are answered for you, (psyche)…. well, you go out and get Hot Fudge Sundae’s!  Yep, when we are at a crossroads in life, we typically will dart out and drive thru Mc’s and get oooy-gooey Hot Fudge Sundae’s and sometimes with extra fudge.  (No nuts for me!  I am already Nuts! ) It’s in those moments he and I find peace and laughter knowing that our life will turn out perfectly fine.   We know through all of the unexpected challenges we have faced, we know our Love is Unbreakable and Sustainable.

A little more mush, mush you say?  OK!….

Well, to give shout out to this exceptional Man, I have to say specifically what I love most about my adorable husband. (insert selfie)….

My love

Ed is Kind, Gentle and Loving, period.  He is the most sensitive, yet, power packed person I know.  He creates magic in our house and then blames it on me. LOL!  You see, Ed thinks that I am the perpetrator of all this warm magic in our house with my home made goodies, silly chef goody videos and my superb talent in rearranging the entire house twice per year,  looking for that Feng Shui like illusion so it will feel new again.   But no, no, no!  It is Edward’s undying support for our marriage that causes me to be a complete women.  And what I mean by complete, is complete.  Without a strong man, you cannot have a strong women and likewise.

He always takes me at full face value and is the ONLY person I will ever show my true self to.  (I trust him that much).  That is very hard for an independent women to do.  Not one time has this man ever asked me to stop following my dreams.  He even nicknamed me Babs!  At first, when he called me that I said “Hey, You calling’ me dramatic?” Then I realized it was a genuine term of endearment that he had created for me because our happiness makes us both very happy!   And Babs is a fun nickname!

Not only does he encourage me to find my dreams, he is looking for his as well.  And for that alone, I support him!  The artistic ability of this man is incredible to say the least.  His artwork is amazing and puts Charles Wysocki to shame!  (Don’t know who that is?  Look it up!”)

Ed has worked diligently in the last 12 years to created a sustainable partnership with me and he always promises to be my guard me and be my strong tower.  You would think that would be God’s job to do that (and spiritually it is) but my fallible flesh needs a man of honor.  I have that in Ed.   I see Ed in the same way I see my Father in Heaven.  I see Ed as a complete replication of the Most High God and that he is becoming the best husband he can be just as Jesus asked him to be.

He is the spiritual male leader in our household.  I may be the loud one but he is the strong one and yes, he leads me as I lead him!  I may be the funny one but he is the perfectly balanced one.  I may be the Women, but he, is THE MAN and we both share equally the rights to be King and Queen in our Mansion.  It is what makes the Fairy Tale of Happily Ever After come true for us.

Had enough? Well, I will end today with all this goo’shee stuff by saying this…….  If you have a soul mate and you have not told them how important they to the center of your union, then do so right now.  You don’t have to blog it like me but find time to tell  them.  It promotes real relational healing.

And if you are someone seeking for that special person in your life, start praying to God  to bring you exactly what you need to “complete” you.  Take a trip to Mc’s and sit down and mindfully eat a Hot Fudge Sundae. (Just one of course!)…. It can’t hurt anything unless you have lactose intolerance.  Mr. or Mrs Right may just walk right up to you and you’ll know if they are an answer to a prayer.  You just may find God will plop them down right under your chocolate covered nose.  🙂


“A Bird Named Twitter!”

I woke up this morning thinking about my best friends bird.  His name is Twitter.   I don’t know why.  I suppose it is because I Tweeted last night.  You know, once you get the Twitter bug is is hard to stop.  Apparently, Twitter is where the real scoop is.  Right………?  Twitter is the most beautiful Parakeet I have ever seen!  Hands down, he is the deepest blue and has the most superb markings.  I never liked birds in the house.  It must have been all the slimy poop. 😦  But, Twitter is worth it!

Seriously now, Thinking of Twitter, I started to write down all the words that were popping in my head.  I conscious do that early in the morning so I can plan my day.  As I get moving each morning, I start looking for little peculiar connections from waking up. I wrote about Twitter and almost 20 other neat little topics.  I think God must have given me twenty catchy little titles for a bunch of short stories.  And, aren’t you all lucky!  You see, at 6a.m. on a Thursday, I am bombarded with great story titles and a stopped up toilette!  So, I just had grab my pencil!  (Insert Selfie that Looks Like A Pencil!)  LOL!


A few of the catchy phrases went like this.


To Market to Market.

Jesus Had To Leave His City.

Jesus Had To Take the Boat Out.

Jesus Wept Greatly In the Garden.

That’s enough.  I will spare you the others.  I know you are just way to busy to take a moment and read a good story.  Perhaps, if you change your mind, you can start to follow me on Twitter and on Youtube and Linked In for more great ideas, comedy and some much needed laughter in the World, especially at work.  You may even catch a “Poem or Two” by Eleanor Elaine Phoenix on Facebook too if you follow her!)

And in the event you become confused on what I am doing now, just remember these three words.  Living, the, Dream.  See Ya!  Bye!


“Narcissistic vs. Genuinely Passionate People”

I had to stop and take a moment of silence today.  Yup, I shut up and prayed.  I am working diligently to reign in some of my chaotic ways of thinking.  I am told sometimes my blogs seem a bit scattered.  Well, they are.

However, at this stage of the game,  I want my content to come across as more genuine and light hearted and I am committed to diffusing some of the cerebral discord.   I am left to wonder sometimes if people might be mistaking my personal blogs for nothing less than self-centered gripe sessions.  Trust me, that is not the intent.

The intent is to practice my writing skills, find an audience who cares about my material and practice expressing my emotions through our virtual sphere so that people will recognize similarities that they may be going through.   A.K.A Resonate.  

Blogging is a lot of fun.  Blogging is a lot of work.  Blogging is effective with the right technics.  Serious bloggers take criticism very seriously and a wise blogger will listen to the advice of others and make notes.  I do not have a college degree but I do have material from this crazy little thing that we call Life.

I hope to never come across as Narcissistic, Vain or Crude in my blogs.  Any one that truly knows me knows I am not tbecoming of those things.  A virtual audience may not take into consideration the me that I know to be true and take my blunt comments as antagonistic…..  I am zealous person.  I am a wise cracker.  And I am a class clown.  I know I tend to spat out a bit of crass humor from time to time but it is supposed to be humorous and never, ever judgmental.  Furthermore, I completely realize it is time to use a more technical approach to my writings in order to sustain an audience.  Right??

Highly energetic people tend to get lost with finite details and just want to see the final outcome.   I fall into that category.  I have a compassionate heart and I hope to help people who need a change in their life through some type of good humor.  God knows my poor family has had many changes lately and we can all laugh about that now…….  (Praise Jesus!)

Still, I want to encourage people to seek out a dynamic life of their own and to run from just living in a “box”. (Unless you just like cardboard dwellings.)   By offering my “unique” slice of creativity to the world, it adds a dramatic affect to life.  And that my friends is just what I do.  This would be an example of that humor…….  🙂


As would this……


Are you shocked?  When you see me posting insane self portraits on Facebook or shoot off silly Chefgoody72 videos to the world just like that, just know, it is meant to be instant “entertainment.”  At my expense of course.

There is some debate on whether or not Hollywood is filled with Narcissists.  As a consequence, constant selfies and social media feed posts are sometimes viewed as melodramatic.  I just think they are comic.

Alice Miller is quoted in her book “The Drama of The Gifted Child” as saying, “However, in my clinical descriptions,” she adds, “I shall speak occasionally of a healthy narcissism and depict the ideal case of a person who is genuinely alive, with free access to the true self and his authentic feelings. –See more at: http://theinneractor.com/100/are-performers-raging-narcissists/#sthash.t9ec9YFc.dpuf

Hum….I ordered a copy.

It is time to start living outside of my befuddled emotions and not to let their volatility defeat my drive for achievement.  And, NO, it is not all about me.  I am doing this for anyone that has been scared to perform.  I have very close family and friends cheering me on to find my wings and fly!  I am fully aware that my unique personality is a God Given Gift and in order to become the best entertainer i can be, I must give to Him all the Glory.  (And stop cussing so much.)  It just takes knowing the difference between narcissism, egotism and the genuine desire to be rising star inorder to earn your wings.



“Throwing the Spaghetti on the Wall!”

You will be happy to know that today was very enlightening.  I was able to take a few minutes for myself and dig into one of my books.  The book is by the one and only, Ellen Degenerates and it reminded me of what I am going through at this exact moment in life.  The book is titled “The Funny Thing Is” and I picked it up recently at a used book store.

Ellen has a remarkable way of showing aspiring artists just how insane you can be if you start stressing over what you are doing.  It is very scary to take new steps of faith and realize, that not only do you jumped right in, but that you usually leap with your eyes closed.  I really have no idea where I am going with all of this creative thinking stuff.  I just know I love to write!   What calms me most is knowing, that my grandmother would have cheered me on by saying, “Holly, just throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks!”  Yep, she really was a thrill seeker.  I specifically remember the noodles falling to the floor when she really did throw spaghetti on the wall.  She needed to see if it was done. 🙂

So, with this analogy, I can safely say that today I am reaching for my dream.  I am a big picture thinker.  Most of the time, I can skip right over the hairy details and see the grand outcome in my mind that if I keep pursuing what makes me happy, I will find it.  But I do admit, without those little hairy details, my dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.  Becoming a business is hard.  You have to stay focused at home big time. I get very distracted as you well know.  Like seeing all of the poop piles stacking up on the back porch from the arctic snow storm.  I mean, if I were working 9-5 there is NO WAY I would notice the doo-key.  I would be way too busy.  However, being self employed and responsible for organizing my new calendar requires quite the planning so staring out the kitchen window wondering what in the sam hill I am doing gives way to noticing the stuff.  It is challenging to weeding out good ideas not become a Narcissist.   My writing is now going to start coming under the eye of the microscope.  It is time to learn what it means to build an audience.  It is time to get technical.

I need to see if any form of stage life will be a viable option for me since sometimes I freeze up when faced with “hard things” to say.  So, I decided to enroll for a season at Actors Theatre as a student.  No, I won’t be doing anything publicly.  Not yet.  At 42, it is frightening to think a girl from Taylor and Berry Blvd. has a chance in Hades of making it to stardom or for crying out loud end up somewhere on the Oscars.  Although I do not put it past someone like me to Will It into existence especially after reading some of Ellen’s book today.  Jennifer Lawrence may be way younger and prettier than I am but she made it from Da’ Ville.  Jennifer landed the role of a lifetime.  The only true notable think I really have going for me is my Passionate Goofiness for Life but I can so see myself laughing so vulnerably at silly things that the audience becomes infected by laughter!

Which brings me too…..Laughter.    It really is the Elixir of Life.  I find myself laughing at myself a lot during the day.  I stare just enough to say to myself, “Are you seriously going to try and do this?”  Well, the answer is yes.  If my mimi could throw spaghetti on the wall with flair and confidence to know that dinner was done, I too, can throw myself to the market and see where I land.  It is my place in life right now.  And I know, God will allow a great movement to come from it!




Fighting Resistance!

What good could possibly come from Resistance?  Would anybody in their right mind be able to break through the creative blocks of resistance and win their inner battles without fighting for it?  I recently read some passages on Resistance that candidly pointed out to me that if I do not fight ifor the right to become a dynamic artist, it will to not come to pass.  Isaiah 7:7 shows us that there are opposing forces that are placed in our path to try and stop us from passing through to our greatest evolution.  One of these namely, is called Resistance.

Just like the famous words of Gandolf in The Lord of The Rings, “You Shall Not Pass!!” the statement reminds us that on both sides of the bridge, there is a war against us.  This particular enemy, Resistance, shadows itself in the form of Fear or Doubt, stopping us from doing things we want to do.

I realized recently in giving up my status as a corporate employee, that I was giving up SOME of my rights to a necessary cooperative.  My white collar years, gave me the security of a steady income.   However, it was the demise of my creative mind. I never could seem to pull past the Grips of corporate resistance in order to considered myself a success.

My peers and my past associates would always congratulate me on being a very energetic and inspirational person.   But with my heightened sense of intuition growning and not having the first clue on how to rein in my failed attempts at perfection for my past positions, I spiraled numerous times into a panic that I was not doing something right.

To compound my fight with resistance, my “person” experienced a large amount of distrust over the years when it came to corporate people so my role in the game of life had become very difficult for me to play.  I am not good at batting against another person’s will especially those that have a higher rank structure than me.   I have always tried to find diplomatic solutions to  business challenges only to be met with sore resistance almost every time I work for someone else and I typically backed down.  So, I think I will take a crack at working for Eleanor Elaine Phoenix for a hot minute and taking a stand for living the dream that I have inside of my head.  (Follow the Muse).

She thinks the best thing life has to offer is ready to come my way.  Resistance has the tactics to stop me from living my best life but I think I will push back now.  I know I can sell more books and marketing myself better than any one else could ever think about doing so I am going to use my new skill called Self Pursuasion!  My Natal Chart even says, it is best for me to be my own boss.   People will eventually learn to trust me with my services especially after they meet me.  The hardest thing that I have had to accept is that I have some great influence in the World but Resistance has tried to stop me from it…… I want to bring a hearty value to the world with my Encouraging Words!

My service to the World will consist of a complicated bucket of titles but I do not wish to keep resisting my dramatic calling.  So, what does Holly Goodyear want to be when she grows up?

1.  An Actress– I have wanted to be on stage in some form since I was three.

2.  Writer/Blogger/ Journalist– In High School I joined the Journalism Team only to quit because I needed a camera.  Our family was very tight on money so instead of burdening my mom with this high cost tool for school, I ran from the calling.  I joined the flag team instead.  That did not work either.  I was too fat in my opinion and was scared to shake my bass in front of others so I quit that too!

3. An Evangelist- Not the Legalistic Kind.  The kind that just spreads Good News!

4. A Public Speaker– I want to find a way to celebrate the struggles of women all over the world.  I see cultures and colors and layers of women who carry the title of Mother, Daughter, Sister and Wife.  (or partner).  More women resist their personal power to over compensate from a lack of confidence to speak up when they need to.  (At work, church, home or with their peers).

5. A Story Teller– I would live to sit in a hard back chair in some 200 year old library and be surrounded by a quiver of children who are captivated my way dramatic expression of Alice and Wonderland.

6. An Energy Teacher– My studies in Metaphysical Art have changed my life.  Through accepting alternative solutions to stress, diet and mental health wellness, I have been able to break out of the hold of resistance and start moving resistance back out of my way so I can at least attempt to understand Astrology, Reiki, Past Lives and start to set my Future Intent.

7. A Perfect Mother and Wife.…Just saying………..If it were not for my undying passion to leave my family a legacy of Love and Inspiration, I would not be writing this today.  I may fall a wee bit short on Perfect but I doubt my cherished family would admit it.  I am loved!!!

Resistance can be beaten!  If it were not true, there would be no Star Wars Movies or Hair Bands, no Twizzlers and no K-Cups.  There would not be any gadgets and microwavable meals and laundry soap and Mac Lipstick.   Resistance challenges the bravest of Creative Minds to find what they are good at and sell it.  My commodity is Laughter, Happiness and Hope.  The cost?  Just a Para-Dime Shift in my thinking toward Resistance.

Live the Dream!

Eleanor 🙂

The Best Teacher is Compassion!

Today I decided to be a bit more factual verses emotional.  I want to share with you something I do every day that empowers me as a women.  I read one Goddess per day.  In the book “Goddesses for Everyday”, Julie Loar gives us a Goddess entry for each day of the year.  What is extremely helpful about this book is that each set of Goddess’s are even broken down by the Zodiac.   This morning, we are entering into the Sun sign Pisces.  I have more Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn’s in my life than any other sign.  Aries, holds the next place.

I think you Pisceans would agree that your heighten sense of intuition is starting to kick up a notch?  One of the most intuitive and beautiful people are Pisceans.  You can also be some of the most challenging.  Like my sister for example.  She was NOT about to move from her place at the table because SHE was elbowing you in the ribs during dinner!  No way was she going to give up her place at the table.  But, that woman has turned out to be one of the best mom’s I have ever met.  And she breeds beautiful daughters too!  LOL!

Ok, I said I was going to teach you something so I digress.  The entry into the Piscean Goddess sector of our calendar translates into what we consider The Grail.  This is the time to begin dissolving the boundaries that the other signs created.  For instance, The grail holds the elixir of life in it’s precious grasp.  It contains all of all our emotions and our collective consciousness.  And, as God holds you in his Holy Grail, it is the time we are to trust in something higher.  It is the time to gather seed for a new germination.

Our daily read revolves around the aspect of Compassion.  THAT, my friends, is also the most important lesson we all must learn in order to co-exist.  If we are not seeking our compassion for our friends, our enemies, our parents, children and neighbors, then we are lacking in one of the scales we consider Justice.  Compassion liberates us.  Compassion calms us.  Compassion also consoles us when we hurt.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing compassion lately in great ways.  I hope to evaluate where I can release compassion towards others.  Sometimes, people do things that are not so easily forgiving of others but Compassion is available to the transgressor should the victim find the freedom in giving it.

Kwan Yin is the honorable mention today.  She is also known as the version of Mother Mary in the Chinese lore.  Mother of Mercy!  That is who we can learn from today.  As we experience the state of connection with others, Kwan Yin teaches us to use compassion toward the joys and sorrows toward others.

Some of us value the great gift of the Mercy Seat that Jesus sits upon.  And some of us honor The Grail that Mercy brings.  And some of us desire to teach about these lovely things so that you cannot say, “You Did Not Know.”  How will they hear without a teacher?

If this blog blessed you in the slightest bit, please click like for me.  I have no idea what audience needs to hear this ministering, but I would like to find out if you are in need of more compassion in your life.  I am.

Be blessed today………….I gotta run!